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Law Firm Overview

Summit Defense in Northern California helps clients fight criminal charges levied against them. The law firm has a team of former prosecutors and police officers working for its clients. Because of this experience, the lawyers understand how to create a defense against prosecution.

When talking with a client and looking at his or her case, the attorneys draw on 25 years of courtroom experience. The firm has proven successful for their clients because of this knowledge. Attorneys have been able to get dismissals before going to trial, rehabilitation instead of prison and not guilty verdicts.

For every client, the legal team pushes to get a complete dismissal of the charges, but when necessary, it will negotiate other options allowing clients to stay out of prison. Summit Defense is available to discuss cases with their clients during business hours and in evenings if necessary.

Year this Office was Established: 2006

Languages: Spanish, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Juvenile DUI; Aggravated DUI; Driving on a Suspended License; Prescription Fraud; Trafficking; Bank Fraud; Bankruptcy Fraud; Health Care Fraud; Internet Fraud; Investment Fraud; Securities Fraud; Tax Evasion / Tax Fraud; Telemarketing Fraud; Grand Theft; Commercial Burglary; Computer Hacking; Counterfeiting; Cyber Crime; Email Interception; Extortion; Forgery; Pandering; Pyramid Schemes; Racketeering; Mayhem; Terrorism; Larceny; False Identification; Graffiti; Property Crimes; Trespass; Truancy; Vandalism; Violating Curfew; Probation Violations; Hate Crimes; Lewd Conduct; Molestation; Indecent Exposure; Violent Crimes.

Areas of Law Description

Summit Defense Attorneys serves clients in the following areas of practice:


Our seasoned DUI/DWI defense attorneys represent individuals facing charges involving: juvenile DUI; aggravated DUI; and driving on a suspended license. While we don't condone drunk driving, we understand our job as San Jose DUI Lawyers is to assert our clients' rights in court and during the DMV hearing.

- Drug Offenses

Our firm has a strong record of providing aggressive defense to clients charged with drug crimes including: cultivation; distribution; manufacturing; possession; possession of paraphernalia; possession for sale; prescription fraud; and trafficking. If this is your first time being in this type of situation, you may not realize how important finding the right drug lawyer can be.

- Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can happen to any person regardless of age, race or gender. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction are severe. The California District Attorney has a dedicated department whose sole purpose is to seek conviction, either felony or misdemeanor, in each case where charges have been filed even when the accuser does not wish to prosecute.

- Embezzlement

Being accused of embezzlement can be an overwhelming and frightening. Do not make the mistake of believing that an investigation will just go away. You do not want to be caught off guard and struggling to catch up with the case against you. A San Jose embezzlement lawyer will have the knowledge and experience to help you with your case.

- Fraud

Our attorneys defend clients accused of Fraud crimes including: bank fraud; bankruptcy fraud; credit card fraud; health care fraud; insurance fraud ; internet fraud; investment fraud; securities fraud; tax evasion/tax fraud; telemarketing fraud; wire fraud.

- Sex Offenses

Our sex crimes practice includes: sex registration opt out strategies; staff includes former sex crime unit lead DA; probationary therapy to avoid jail; respected psychological and medical experts; false memory and suggestive interview experts; and computer forensics specialists.

- Petty Theft

We have worked with clients accused of shoplifting, petty theft and grand theft from many major Bay Area retail establishments. Most of our clients are honest professional people who hire us to keep their record clean. We've found that some loss prevention personnel are overly aggressive; often misunderstanding what may be an innocent mistake.

- White Collar Crimes

We represent clients facing charges such as: bribery; computer hacking; counterfeiting; cybercrime; email interception; extortion; forgery; identity theft; money laundering; pandering; pyramid schemes; and racketeering / RICO.

- Violent Crimes

Our violent crime attorneys can help you in the following types of charges: aggravated assault; arson; assault and battery; domestic violence; hate crimes; homicide; manslaughter; mayhem; murder; terrorism; and theft/larceny.


Mario Andrews Mr. Mario Andrews
Criminal Defense

Steve Davidson Mr. Steve Davidson
Criminal Defense

Ryan McHugh Mr. Ryan McHugh
Criminal Defense, Criminal Law

Rabin Nabizadeh Mr. Rabin Nabizadeh
Domestic Violence, DUI, DWI, Murder, Sex Crimes

Robert Preskill Mr. Robert Preskill
Criminal Defense

James Reilly Mr. James Reilly
Criminal Defense, Criminal Law

Richard Weese Mr. Richard Weese
Criminal Defense, Criminal Law, White Collar Crime



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  • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

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