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 Moratorium on Ukrainian Land Not a Problem

Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe. It borders with Russia, Belorussia, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland. It has on area of 603,700 km2 which is approximately equal to 5.7%territory of Europe or 0.44%of globe.

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 How to Take Your Child Abroad Without Consent of the Other Parent

Marriage between a man and a woman from different countries is no longer a novelty. Such unions are sometimes even very successful if families live in perfect harmony entire life and enjoyed every minute being together.

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 How to Prevent Seizure of Properties Raiders?

The press increasingly writes about the decline of investment attractiveness of Ukraine, reducing the amount of investment, including investment in infrastructure projects.

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 Ukraine for Foreign Investors: High Risk - High Profit?

Recently, the press increasingly writes about the decrease of investment attractiveness of Ukraine. This is indicated by both politicians, experts, and international rankings.

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 Online Love - Ukraine

Every day, we deal with complains where foreigners deceived by Ukrainian women. They meet Ukrainian women online; send them a certain amount of money in the hope to see them in real life.

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