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Law Firm Overview

The Advocates is a leading Dubai based law firm specializing in a wide spectrum of legal services within the UAE. The Advocates was established based on the philosophy of delivering at the highest level of personalized legal services at cost-effective rates. The Advocates is a licensed law firm practicing legal representation before courts in the UAE. The Advocates consist of a group of advocates and legal consultants who thrives to achieve deliverables within a set timeframe through proper understanding of the client’s legal requirements, and providing optimal solutions through adopting measured methodology and profound legal knowledge.

Founded in 2005, The Advocates had witnessed continued steady growth in its portfolio of clientele and workforce through the years and have continuously maintained harmonious and fecund business relationships with organizations and individuals.

The Advocates had recorded a high level of success rate leading to the constant sustainability of the firm. In The Advocates, we place the highest level of importance to meet client’s expectations through outlining key milestones and expected success rate.

Languages: English, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, Filipino

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Free Zone Registration, Vocational Liability, Power of Attorney; Debt Collection; Personal Status Law.

Areas of Law Description

The Advocates provides a wide range of activities meeting the needs of the legal market. Our areas of practice includes:

- Debt Collection

We provide debt collection services through application of effective pressure tools and procedures available to us through law or equity.
- Company Incorporation

We provide incorporation and renewal services of companies in onshore and offshore territories within effective timeframes and at cost effective rates. We provide company incorporation services to the following jurisdiction: Department of Economic Development (DED) & Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA)

- Reviewing & Drafting Of Legal Documents

We provide the following reviewing and drafting services:
• Trust & Sponsorship Agreement
• MOUs
• Sale Share Agreement
• Divorce Settlement Agreements/Separation Agreements & Prenuptial Agreements
• Employment Contract
• Wills
• Tenancy Contract
• Franchise Contract
• Distribution Contracts/ Franchise Agreements.
• Affidavit
• Power of Attorney (Specific & General)
• Reservation Contract
• Sale and Purchase Agreement
• Joint Venture Agreement
• Settlement Contract
• Confidentiality Agreement
• Brokerage Agreement
• Partnership Agreement
• Representation Agreement
• Investment Agreement
• Commission Agreement
• Tenancy Agreements.
• Addendum Agreement

- Admiralty & Maritime

We provide extensive services relating to marine commerce, navigation, shipping, transportation, and vessel arrests, and violations based on know-how of national and international laws.

- Arbitration Services

We provide representation services before the International Arbitration Centers (IAC) in the UAE for a wide range of cases attend to claims and demands and attend all meetings including expert meetings, apply the passed ruling before the execution department at the local courts.

- Banking and Finance Law

We provide extensive legal services on banking & finance matters, property financing, loan agreements, Islamic banking, and legal representations on banking related disputes before the central bank, courts, and arbitration centers.

- Civil & Commercial Law

We provide comprehensive services based on in-depth knowledge of general fields of law, and thus attending to the requirements of national and international clients on matters relating to implementation of contracts, execution of court judgments, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, trading, and all issues relating to commercial transactions & delineation of private rights and remedies.

- Criminal Law

We provide consultation and representation services relating to use and abuse of narcotics & alcohol, bounced cheques, murder, theft, swindling, threats, and all other matters criminal in nature before the public prosecutions and courts in the UAE.

- Insurance Law

We provide pre-litigation and litigation services relating to damages, claims, compensations, insurance fraud, extent of liability, unlawful termination of insurance policies, and underpaying or nonpayment.

- Intellectual Property (IP) Law

We provide (IP) registration services before the concerned ministries and governmental bodies. We also provide advice towards (IP) infringement and provide clients with pre-litigation and litigation services.

- Labor Law

We provide services related to employment through providing our expert opinion derived from extensive knowhow about Labor laws & its amendments, and conducting necessary representation before labor offices and courts.

- Family Law

We provide counseling, and representation services relating to all personal related matters before governmental bodies including but not limited to divorce, child custody, domestic violence, alimony claims, inheritance, and wills.

- Property Law
We provide counseling, and representation services relating to property disputes before courts, arbitration centers, and special tribunals.

- Tenancy Law
We provide legal advice and representation services before rents committees in the UAE until issuance of a ruling.

- Traffic & Transportation Law
We provide advice and representation services on all matters relating to traffic violations and offenses before the concerned authorities including public prosecutions and courts.


Khalid Al Sheezawi Mr. Khalid Al Sheezawi
Senior Lawyer
Admiralty and Maritime, Adoption, Alimony, Business Law, Child Custody and Visitation

Abdelhamid Ibrahim Mr. Abdelhamid Ibrahim
Senior Legal Consultant
Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Insurance, Procedural

Marina Moskalyova Ms. Marina Moskalyova
Senior Legal Consultant
Business Formation, Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, Property Law, Traffic Ticket



  • Dubai Courts
  • Dubai International Arbitration Centre
  • Dubai Public Prosecution
  • Dubai Economic Development Department

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