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Law Firm Overview

The Dua Law Firm, PLLC is a criminal defense and traffic law firm Fairfax, Virginia that defends clients throughout Fairfax and nearby counties. The firm's skilled legal team has years of experience constructing effective defense strategies for clients facing various charges.

The firm's practical application of defense techniques is based in a solid knowledge of how the prosecution operates. Its compassionate team appreciates the challenging and frightening nature of facing criminal charges, and they work to allow clients to relax and be confident that their cases are in the right hands. The firm is fully aware of the potential impact of a criminal conviction, especially for serious crimes, and its personable lawyers foster positive but realistic expectations in their clients while aiming for the absolute best result possible.

The Dua Law Firm, PLLC realizes the critical nature of keeping clients up to date on their cases, and the firm's helpful team gives clients regular updates so that they can stop wondering and relax, knowing that they are as informed as possible. The firm crafts compelling cases on behalf of its clients, carefully chooses expert consultants and provides friendly service while working with determination to produce a favorable verdict.

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Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Malicious Wounding; Petit Larceny; DUI Defenses; Felony DUI; First DUI; License Suspension; Open Container; Second DUI; Third or Subsequent DUI; Reckless Driving; Felony Reckless Driving; Out of State Drivers; Racing; Reckless by Accident; Reckless by Speed; Reckless Driving Defenses; Serious Traffic Offenses; Driving With a Suspended License; Driving Without a License; Eluding; Hit and Run; Traffic Violations; Speeding; Texting While Driving; Traffic Defenses.

Areas of Law Description

- Traffic Violations

Most people think of traffic violations as no big deal. The Commonwealth of Virginia takes traffic violations more seriously, however. For the more severe traffic crimes like drunk driving and hit-and-run, you could be accused of a felony and given jail time. Even the less severe infractions with repeated violations can result in the loss of your driver's license and heavy fines.


A drunk driving conviction can have a devastating effect on your life. On top of the potential fines, jail time and driver's license revocation, your reputation will be tarnished as you carry the DUI conviction on your record. You need a Fairfax DUI/DWI attorney to fight for your defense.

- Reckless Driving

Street racing is one of the biggest reckless driving charges, but there are many types of reckless driving charges that are all serious in nature. A reckless driving conviction can have terrible consequences. Contact a Fairfax reckless driving attorney.

- Assault and Battery

Virginia takes violent crimes very seriously. If you are charged with a violent crime like assault and battery or sexual assault, you are facing serious penalties including fines and possible jail time. A conviction can also destroy your reputation, hindering your future job prospects.

- Drug Charges

Drug use, especially a simple drug like marijuana, is commonplace in the United States. The Commonwealth of Virginia and most other states, however, still take a tough stance against possession and use of illegal drugs.

- Theft

A theft crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia carries significant consequences. If you have been charged with a theft crime, you could be facing fines and possible jail time. A conviction for a theft crime will stay on your record, potentially ruining your credibility for future employers and landlords.

- Juvenile Crime

Kids make mistakes. Your attorney's job is not to judge you or your child who got into legal trouble; your attorney's job is to provide the best legal representation possible, whether that entails keeping your child out of jail or getting the most lenient sentence possible.

- College Student Crimes

College is a very exciting time for young adults, and at times, students overestimate their boundaries, and are charged with crimes. Raj Due has defended many Virginia area college students from underage drinking, false identification, drug crimes and violent crimes. He will sit down with his clients, talk through the process, and give the knowledge needed to alleviate fears.


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