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Esther C. Wang is an attorney who has been providing quality legal services since 1991. Esther is an Accredited Attorney accredited by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to represent veterans and their spouses to apply for VA benefits.

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 Understanding the Veterans Benefits

Understanding Veterans benefits can be difficult. Not only do forms need completed, you must choose a plan. There are also many legal considerations. Find out what information you need for application, what benefit suits your individual needs, and how pension is calculated.

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 Digital Assets are Tangible Assets for Estate Planning

When you first meet with an estate planning attorney, you are asked to create a list of your assets. One of the biggest categories that people tend to leave off their lists is their digital assets In fact, recent surveys have shown that over half of individuals over the age of 45 neglect to include their digital assets in their estate plans.

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 Estate Tax: How Much is too Much

Taxes are a controversial subject, but most people would probably agree that a tax that takes more of the assets in question than it leaves behind to the rightful owners is questionable. However, this is the situation those in the estate planning community are faced with in 2013 with regard to the federal estate tax.

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 Many Choose to Avoid Probate

The document known as the Last Will is what may come to mind when you think about estate planning without really looking into the subject very deeply. Of course you can indeed use a Last Will to direct the transfer of assets to your heirs, but is this the right choice for you?

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 Are You Aware of Coming Tax Increases?

There are some tax increases on the way at the end of this year and a lot of people may not be aware of them. Given the implications of these pending tax hikes cut it is absolutely necessary to sit down and discuss your situation with a licensed and experienced San Bernardino estate planning lawyer because there is a lot of money in the balance.

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 Social Security: A Safety Net, Not a Cure All

When you are young time seems to pass slowly as you anxiously await certain benchmarks. For example young people will look forward to the day when they can start high school and then get a driver's license and it can seem to take forever. On the other hand, many people will tell you that as you age time starts to pass by very quickly.

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 A Fair Assessment of Payable on Death Accounts

You may have heard about payable on death or transfer on death accounts when you have discussed the topic of estate planning with someone. These accounts provide for the direct transfer of assets to your loved ones after you pass away outside of the process of probate, and this is part of the appeal.

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 For Many Seniors Staying at Home is Possible

The cost of long-term care has become truly exorbitant, and this is a subject of great concern within the elder law community and there is no relief in sight. Industry analysts tell us that the cost of long-term care is going to increase into the foreseeable future.

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 Why You Shouldn’t Name Your Attorney as Your Executor or Trustee

Oftentimes, clients will ask their attorneys to serve as executors of their Wills or trustees of their trusts

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 A Revocable Living Trust vs. a Last Will

There is more than one way to arrange for the transfer of assets to your loved ones after you pass away. Because a last Will is the most well understood estate planning document a lot of people simply assume that they will utilize this document to record their wishes.

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 Estate Tax Parameters in Flux

2012 is going to be an interesting year in the field of estate planning because there are significant changes looming. Due to provisions that were contained within the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010 the estate tax exclusion is $5,120,000 this year and the maximum rate of the tax is 35%.

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 Assisted Living Costs Trending Upward

When you are anticipating the eventualities of aging long-term budget projections are necessary. To estimate your future expenses accurately you have to be fully aware of the facts, and with this in mind you would do well to know a few things about long-term care and the costs involved.

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 Durable Powers of Attorney and Incapacity Planning

If you are not apprised of current elder law statistics you may be somewhat surprised to hear about the facts regarding incapacity among those who reach an advanced age. According to the Alzheimer's Association, some 13% of senior citizens are afflicted by the disease. Alzheimer’s causes dementia, which can rob its victims of the ability to make sound personal, financial and medical decisions.

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 Estate Tax: An Instance of Double Taxation?

Nobody wants to pay their taxes twice, and this is why a lot of people take umbrage with the federal estate tax. The estate tax can be logically called an instance of double taxation, and we will explain by way of example. Let's say that you work for a company and receive direct deposits every two weeks throughout your forty-year career. When that money gets to your account it is going to be markedly less than your gross income, right?

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 Advance Directives Should Be in Place

The wise course of action when you're planning for the future is to take every eventuality into account. A lot of people hear about estate planning and immediately flash on the financial aspects. Yes, making sure that your loved ones are provided for financially is one of the major goals. But there are some other things to take into consideration as well, including medical contingencies.

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 What is Probate and Why is it Sometimes Avoided?

Everyone is aware of what a last will is in a general sense and what it is used for, but there are those who think that it is a document that is only read by family members.

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 The Tax Advantages of Gift Giving

Some people are surprised when they hear about the details of the federal estate tax. They are under the impression that this tax does not apply to them because it is only imposed on the super-wealthy.

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