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 Understanding Short Sales

A short sale is when a lender accepts a discount on a mortgage to avoid a possible foreclosure auction or bankruptcy. Instead of buying from a seller, you are purchasing the property directly from the lender for a discount.

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 How Does the Litigation Process Work

The litigation process is divided into four phases.

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 What is Litigation

Litigation is a legal process where parties argue their case against each other through the usage of discovery and court room procedures. Parties involved are called litigants. Each party assembles its argument supported by findings and facts.

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 The Foreclosure Process

Foreclosure Defined. A foreclosure occurs when a property owner cannot make principal and/or interest payments on his/her loan, typically leading to the property being seized and sold.

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 Credit after Bankruptcy

The Number One Rule: Donít incur any bad credit after the bankruptcy! Be scrupulous in making timely payments in the future.

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 Loan Modification Steps

When faced with foreclosure, a loan modification is usually the best and last hope for keeping your home (and credit) safe. The application process can be complex and daunting and the way you file the paperwork can be the determining factor in the lender accepting the terms of the modification.

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 How Does a Chapter 13 Work?

The court expects you to change your lifestyle. With trustee monitoring your financial attitudes, your case can be reopened to enlarge the payment, or dismiss it, opening the way for creditors to pursue you in a court of law with each creditor filing a separate lawsuit. This will translate into larger legal fees.

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