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Law Firm Overview

The Higgins Firm is an employment law firm in Nashville, Tennessee that serves clients throughout the region.
The firm's attorneys understand that workers are an underrepresented group, given that employers are usually considerably more powerful and possess more resources with which to achieve their aims. That is the basis of the firm's dedication to securing fair arrangements, settlements and verdicts for its clients.

Employers try many things in an effort to cut corners and save costs, some of which are illegal. When a worker's rights have been violated through a lack of payment, unmet minimum wage, unpaid overtime or discrimination of any kind, the attorneys of The Higgins Firm are devoted to their clients' causes, their livelihoods and to justice. The firm's attorneys assist whistleblowers in confidentially and skillfully exposing corruption within a company, and they are often able to secure a whistle blower reward. A strong philosophy of ethical practice and honesty in law, plus a sincere reverence for justice and fairness, set the lawyers apart for clients in the Nashville area who are on the receiving end of unfair treatment as employees.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Minimum Wage; Family Medical Leave Act; Maternity Leave Act/Pregnancy Discrimination; Retaliation; Prevailing Wage; Tip Pooling; Americans with Disabilities Act; Overtime Pay; Wage and Hour; WARN Act; Negotiating Severance Packages in Tennessee.


Mr. Jim Higgins
Discrimination, Employment, Sexual Harassment, Whistleblower, Workers Compensation



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