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The Law Firm of Mohamed Al-Sharif

The Law Firm of Mohamed Al-Sharif
Tower 2, 5th Floor, Office No. 259
Main Olaya Street

Riyadh 11423
Saudi Arabia

Phone+966 (1) 462-5925
Fax +966 (1) 464-4898

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Law Firm Overview

Mohammed Al-Shareef Law Firm, located in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, includes sophisticated attorneys in the most important law
practices regarding business in Saudi Arabia and offers legal services to corporate and individuals.

Our business clients include national & international companies, family owned businesses, we representing many companies before all level of Saudi courts and judicial committees, providing Saudis & non-Saudis business men and companies with legal opinions and surveys on the legal system and laws in Saudi Arabia to assist them in launching their business in Saudi Arabia. Our values are based on:

Excellence in everyone and everything:
• always strive to be the best
• encourage everyone who works with us - our people, our clients, our business partners - to excel
• ensure that the work we do, our processes and service delivery are consistently of the highest quality
• are open to constructive criticism and to suggestions for improvement

Dedication to our clients:
• are totally committed to serving our clients and are intelligent in the way we manage our relationships and work with them
• understand and care about our clients' business and help them to develop and succeed
• are proactive with our clients, anticipating their needs and providing solutions which are timely, clear and pragmatic
• enjoy working with our clients and want them to enjoy working with us
• have a relationship with our clients based on openness, trust, mutual respect and integrity

Respecting and including every individual:
• treat everyone with courtesy and respect
• value people's opinions
• care about people's well-being and respect the need for life outside work
• encourage in everyone a strong sense of belonging

Entrepreneurial spirit and energy:
• build the legal practice on the energy and enterprise of individuals and teams
• expect and encourage everyone to show initiative and take responsibility
• are innovative and forward-thinking
• enjoy our achievements, but always strive to go further

Our office's vision is to be the best representative for our customers throughout, providing them with local and international experiences. Therefore, we care about establishing good and long relationships with our customers to make us the best of providing many legal services for them, also, present high quality standards for our clients. Our major aim is our devotion in providing to our clients the highest standards in legal services with affordable fees.

Year this Office was Established: 2005

Languages: Arabic, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Corporate Structuring & Transactions; Construction Contracts; Consulting Agreement; Information & Communications Technology.

Areas of Law Description

Mohammed Al-Sharif Law Firm does its best to provide quality and typical services by using best and fastest methods. In addition, we supply legal services according to international standards to be excellent and pioneer masterworks in quality to satisfy customers' needs. Our strategy is not unique. We differentiate ourselves in our ability to deliver on our strategy and by doing so, to provide a service to our clients which is demonstrably superior to our competitors.

Our practice includes providing advice to foreign investors on all laws concerning foreign investment in Saudi Arabia, the majority of these laws are foreign investments, employment, residency & work permit regulations and companies. Therefore our experience can form strong protective shield for new investment in Saudi Arabia. Our practice includes but is not limited to:

- Pleading Before Judicial Authorities

Mohammed Al Sharif Law Firm represents customer through pursuing actions, appearing in sessions and resulted pleadings before judicial authorities, commissions, arbitration councils, trade, administrative, labor, insurance law suits and banking disputes, etc.

- Saudi Arabia and Foreign Company Incorporations, Registrations and Liquidations

Our firm provides excellent customer services in this field represented in appearing in meetings and incorporators negotiations, providing reasonable views, preparing letters of intent, formatting contracts, all companies’ incorporation documents, agreements and companies’ resolutions. We further issue licenses and incorporate all companies’ branches and liquidate the companies. Founding & registering companies, advising on which type of companies is suitable with founder’s aims and purposes.

- Intellectual Property

Our Department of Intellectual Property is concerned with providing advice in intellectual property, trademarks and agencies, patents, industrial samples, utility models, copyright registration. It represents customers before Ministry of Commerce, and Industry, Diwan Al-Mathlim in trademarks disputes. Generally, the firm provides all intellectual property legal services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• Trademark Registration

The firm provides the trade mark registration service for customers of companies and sole establishments in order to register trade marks at Ministry of Commerce to keep rights.

- Foreign Investments

Engaging in all process of foreign investment, preparing a comprehensive legal survey on the prospective foreign investment activity to avoid inconsistency with local laws & legal risks.

- Formatting and Auditing of Contracts

Through professional, experienced and high competence consultants, the firm formats all companies and individuals contracts and agreements. It audits contracts and assures the correctness of their terms and conditions and highlights mistakes before singing. Drafting of all legal documents such as releases, declarations, undertakings guarantees, guardianship, delegations…. etc.

- Commercial Arbitration

The firm concludes arbitration between individuals and commercial and civil issues. It prepares arbitration documents and rebuts there against, chooses arbitration councils & number and the applicable law.

- Employment and Labor Law

Through the firm legal consultants, it provides all legal consults eligible to keep workman or employers right. We format employment contracts, pursue all labor actions, liquidate workman’s rights, calculate dues and service termination rewards. We draft and review labor contracts according to Saudi laws, preparing internal work regulations, involving in labor disputes

- Debt Recovery

We engage in all process of debt recovery including legal notices, negotiations, tracking, and litigation.

- International Corporate Transactions

Our practice in this area includes negotiating & drafting international commercial contract with its all concerning aspects (international commercial terms (incoterms), and shipment).

- Litigation and Arbitration

We provide litigation and arbitration services in contractual & commercial disputes, real estate, tort liability, family and criminal law.


Mr. Mohamed Al-Sharif
Business and Industry, Litigation


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