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 Pet Trusts Are an Important Part of Estate Planning

A pet trust should be included as part of any good estate plan, just as a will, POS, HCP, and LW are the minimums everyone should have. The Helmsley debacle outlined some problems in her Pet Trust and will. Good drafting goes a long way.

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 Animal Abuse is a Predictor of other Crimes, Including Domestic Abuse, Murder, Rape & More

Stats on animal abuse show a sharp correlation between animal abuse & other crimes, including rape, robbery, murder, sexual homicide, domestic abuse and more. E.G.: studies show 100% of sexual homicide perps (like Jeffrey Dahmer) started by abusing animals. Even cops, prosecutors & social workers say show me an animal abuser and I'll show you someone with a long rap sheet. Thus, we all need to get behind toughening laws for animal abuse to keep these violent perps locked up longer.

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