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Law Firm Overview

The Law Office of Wilfred Ward Yeargan is the legal practice of criminal defense attorney Wilfred Ward Yeargan based in Fairfax, Virginia providing legal representation to clients throughout the surrounding cities and counties of Virginia. Mr. Yeargan has nearly 20 years of legal experience and in that time he has steadily established a reputation for his exemplary service to his clients and his legal expertise which has enabled him to build a highly successful track record of getting positive outcomes for clients facing criminal charges.

Facing legal charges can be a harrowing experience, but Mr. Yeargan has the credentials to help you secure the best possible outcome, and will not back down in court. Mr. Laher has represented clients in all manner of criminal cases from simple misdemeanor offenses and DUI/DWI charges to more serious offenses like drug charges, and violent crimes. Mr. Yeargan is adept at handling cases involving malicious wounding, which is classified as any attempt to maliciously cause bodily harm to someone with the intent to maim, disfigure, disable, or kill. Malicious wounding is a serious, Class 3 offense in Virginia with sentencing ranging from 5 to 20 years imprisonment.

If you are facing criminal charges, it is advised that you get a skilled, experienced attorney who will aggressively advocate for you in court and get your charges dropped or mitigated. Clients may rest assured that their case will always be personally handled by Mr. Yeargan himself, and he will fight to ensure that your rights are protected and the consequences to your liberty are as minimal as possible.

Year this Office was Established: 1999

Languages: English, Spanish

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Possession of Marijuana; Assault and Battery of Family or Household Member; Possession of Cocaine and/or Heroin; Possession of a Concealed Weapon; Felony Eluding of Police; Petit (Petty) Larceny and Grand Larceny; Disorderly Conduct, Destruction of Property; Felony Child Abuse; Traffic Violations; Reckless Driving; Driving on Suspended/Revoked License; Property Disputes.

Areas of Law Description

The Law Office of Wilfred Ward Yeargan, III provides legal representation and services in the following areas of practice:

- Criminal Defense

Mr. Yeargan has handled hundreds of criminal cases in the Commonwealth of Virginia as defense counsel. It is important to retain competent counsel early in the criminal trial process, especially in felony cases. Attorney Yeargan encourages prospective clients to talk to him early before trial in misdemeanor cases and before the preliminary hearing in felony cases. Some of the common types of criminal offenses seen in his practice are:

* Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement is the wrongful taking, concealment or fraudulent use of money, personal property or goods of another. The items must be taken by one in a position of trust or fiduciary duty. Typical examples include money taken by an employee of a corporation, or funds converted from a bailer. As with any criminal charge, the government bears the burden to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Attorney Yeargan aggressively defends those charged with Embezzlement and other crimes.

* Assault and Battery

The criminal offense of Assault and Battery is a Class One Misdemeanor in Virginia. The Virginia Code further states that Assault and Battery is a felony when the defendant intentionally selects the person assaulted based on their race, religious conviction, color or national origin and the individual sustains bodily injury. Our firm represents clients throughout Northern Virginia and is well known as a tough and aggressive advocate.

* Juvenile Criminal and Traffic Defense

Juvenile Criminal and Traffic charges present special concerns for parents and their children. Persons under eighteen years of age may be charged with serious criminal offenses that carry significant penalties. Attorney Yeargan works closely with parents and their children in juvenile criminal matters. He explains the nature of all charges brought against the minor and the best possible strategies for defense. He will develop a thorough knowledge of the prosecutionís case by investigating the facts and filing a motion for discovery and inspection with the court.

* Expungement of Criminal and Traffic Charges

The Law Office of Wilfred W. Yeargan can file a Petition for Expungement of your criminal or traffic charge in the jurisdiction where it was heard. ß19.2-392.2 of the Virginia Code specifies the conditions when expungement is appropriate. Expungement of a criminal or traffic offense removes the charge existing on the defendantís record. A Petition for Expungement can be successfully filed when a criminal or traffic charge is nolle prosequi, dismissed, or a defendant was acquitted.

* Traffic Cases

Mr. Yeargan handles traffic cases in Virginia General District Courts, Circuit Courts and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts. Typical types of traffic cases include reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving after being declared a habitual offender, and driving after forfeiture of license. Many people do not realize that the Commonwealth of Virginia often prosecutes individuals who drive over eighty (80) miles an hour or speed twenty (20) miles or more over the limit with reckless driving. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol is also a serious offense and may result in a jail sentence, loss of license, enrollment in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program and/or fines. It is important to have competent counsel to avoid the pitfalls of the traffic court system.

* Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

DUI is a serious criminal offense and stays on a Virginia driving record for eleven (11) years. The DMV assesses six points as a demerit deduction for this conviction. DUI convictions may impact insurance rates, employment opportunities, and applications for security clearances. There are many technical defenses to the charge of DUI. Depending on the facts of the case and your driving record, Attorney Yeargan may be able to negotiate dismissal of the charge or reduction to a lesser offense.

- Landlord-Tenant Disputes

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the majority of residential landlord-tenant cases are filed for failure to pay rent. The landlord initiates a case by serving the pay or quit notice upon the tenant. This notice gives the tenant five days (or longer, depending on the terms of the lease) to pay back rent and associated late fees or risk termination of the lease agreement. If the sums are not paid, the landlord may file a court action called a Summons for Unlawful Detainer.

- Personal Injury

This law office assists clients with personal injury claims stemming from motor vehicle accidents or intentional harm resulting from assault and battery. Mr. Yeargan assists clients with assessing the extent of physical injury and determining the strength of each claim. In addition, he explains the law in Virginia applicable to personal injury claims and the defenses commonly asserted in those actions (such as contributory negligence and consent).

- Business Formation and Litigation

This law firm also assists clients in the formation of their chosen business entity. Mr. Yeargan assists clients with the establishment of Corporations and Limited Liability Companies. He serves as a registered agent with the State Corporation Commission for such entities. In addition, he drafts contracts and business documents for clients and assists them with Internet domain operation. In the event litigation is necessary, he is available to negotiate and prosecute civil claims including, but not limited to, Breach of Contract.


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