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Law Firm Overview

The Lawyers & Jurists is a multi-faceted law firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh providing a variety of legal services to clients throughout the neighboring regions of Bangladesh. The firmís staff of over 40 lawyers and legal professionals combines well over a century of legal experience between them, and their extensive legal knowledge spans the length and breadth of the law. The firm is founded on the bold ideals of not acknowledging any limits or boundaries to what can be achieved through dedication and hard work.

The highly skilled attorneys at The Lawyers & Jurists have assisted countless clients with a highly diverse range of legal issues. The firm has a comprehensive, almost A-Z list of practice areas, going all the way from alternative dispute resolution and antitrust and trade regulation to transnational litigation and taxation law. The firm also handles matters of class action litigation and entertainment and media law, as well as sports law. They are also well equipped to deal with contracts and transactions involving government bodies.

The attorneys at The Lawyers & Jurists have a vast reserve of experience to draw upon, and have the knowledge and expertise to handles all types of cases regardless of complexity. The firmís diversity also allows them to combine their knowledge to find the most comprehensive solutions to your legal needs. The firm takes pride in bringing a unique approach to each case, and working closely with their clients to create a strong partnership for success.

Languages: English, Bengali

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Bonds Law; Charitable Organizations; Children Abduction; Children Rights; Confidentiality Agreement; Conflicts of Interest; Counterfeiting; Cyberspace Crimes Law; Death Penalty; Economic Deregulation; Economics and Law; Election and Political Law; Electricity Law; Enforcement of Judgments; Equal Protection; Equal Rights; Firearms; Free Speech; Gifts; Government Affairs; Government Benefits; Immigration Amnesty; Information Services; Job Safety; Land Transport; Leasing Personal Property; Leasing Real Property; Legal Theory; Mail Fraud; Marriage; Medicine and Law; Migration Law; Mutual Funds; Negotiable Instruments; Newspapers; Pension; Politics and Law; Price Control; Printed Media; Procurement by Government; Profit Sharing; False Claims; Radio/TV; Religious Freedom; Remedies; Sales of Goods and Services; Sea Law; Secured Transactions; Securities Fraud; Shopping Centers; Social Welfare; Special Needs Trust; Syndications; Urban Planning; Water; Welfare; Women; Workplace Safety Law.

Areas of Law Description

Our areas of practice include:

- Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The Lawyers & Jurists has an envious success rate in ADR. Our experience and expertise have established our chamber as a significant one in this tactical field of ADR. We have conducted significant number of Arbitration and Conciliation with great success. Moreover, while the Bank agreed to any Mediation or conciliation, when any case is pending in Artha Rin Adalat, we observed that most of the steps have achieved success. Nevertheless, our ADR application is currently broading its horizon as we are conduction a number of foreign arbitration. Our chamber has excellent success rate in executing the Arbitration Award.

- Antitrust and Trade Regulation

Our firm has broad experience in dealing with the complex legal and economic issues that antitrust can present. We offer clients significant litigation and counseling experience in virtually all aspects of antitrust and trade regulation litigation. We have successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in major civil antitrust matters throughout the Country.

- Assistance for Administrative Tribunal

The branch of Administrative law is practiced by limited figures in the country since it is of recent origin, more or less. As a note, this law relates to the control of governmental power, being the body of general principles which govern the exercise of powers and duties by public authorities. This piece of law results from the constitutional mandate as enshrined in Article 27 of the Constitution of our country.

- Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Our Bankruptcy and Restructuring practice is active in the largest and most complex bankruptcy cases and corporate restructurings in Bangladesh . Our attorneys have represented stakeholders at every level of the capital structure, including secured and unsecured lenders, bondholders, trade creditors, equity holders, as well as statutory.

- Class Action Litigation

Our class-action practice has covered a wide variety of representations across the Country, involving claims for securities fraud, antitrust violations, consumer fraud, product liability, unfair competition, false advertising, toxic tort, and wage-and-hour violations. We have successfully represented class-action clients in almost every major industry, including high-tech electronics, banking and financial services, oil and gas, entertainment, telecommunications, medical services, defense contracting, insurance, and toy and game manufacturing. Our lawyers have litigated class actions involving everything from racing, home-equity loans to bullet-proof vests, and credit cards.

- Company Matter

From incorporation of a company to its winding up, we can say, a large number of companies have relied on our services. Our documentation wing is, we claim, the strongest documentation wing amongst the other corporate chambers. The expertise of our documentation wings are recognized by their experience and name. Their reputation is envious and they have a huge number of junior followed by their experience. Such a team of documentation expert deals with every paper work of a company. We do not follow the Memorandum of Association in a casual mode. We focus on every clause of the memorandum. The reason behind such fastidiousness of scrutiny of Memorandum is, once the MOA is accepted, our client might not be a position to alter or amend the same except by virtue of permission to be delivered by the Honíbl e High Court Division of Supreme ort of Bangladesh. We also offer search facility in such a sector of practice.

- Criminal Law

Our chamber has expertise of Criminal Law who in course of time is identified as some of the brilliant performer in Criminal Cases. In recent time, we have conducted some of criminal cases which has stunning discovery and vibrate the introspection of the nation. Our practice in Criminal Law extends to Criminal Conspiracy, offence against state, offence against public tranquility, offence relating to public servants, offence relating to Election, Contempt of the lawful authority of public servants, offence against public justice, offence relating to coins and Government stamp, offence relating to Weights and measurement, offence affecting public health, safety, convenience, Decency and Morals, offence relating to Religion, Offence affecting Human Body (which includes, amongst other, offence affecting life, criminal force and assault, Kidnapping, Abduction, Slavery and forced Labour, rape), offence against property, offence of Extortion, Criminal misappropriation of property, Criminal Breach of Trust, Receiving of Stolen Property, Cheating, Fraudulent Deeds and Deposition of Property, Mischief, Criminal Trespass, Loss of property of Banking Company, offence relating to documents and to trade or property marks, offence relating to currency note and bankĖnote, offence relating to marriage, Defamation, Criminal intimidation, insult prejudicial act, etc.

- Construction Litigation

Bangladesh has a huge market of construction and the land development business. Scarcity of land has been the main factor for huge numbers of litigations evolving the construction and land development business. Our construction practice focuses upon complex construction, engineering, and architectural disputes that have every characteristic necessary to make a legal proceeding complicated, expensive and frustratingóthousands of documents, numerous fact witnesses, technical issues that are hard to simplify and explain, multiple parties and an array of lay and expert witnesses grappling with it all. Our success in such cases is due in large part to our ability to bring order to the morass of complex construction litigation.

- Domestic and International Arbitration & Mediation

Our lawyers have over 25 years of experience in arbitrating complex international and domestic cases in virtually every area of business endeavor and under virtually all institutional rules that apply to domestic and international arbitration. Furthermore, our lawyers regularly serve as arbitrators in major arbitration proceedings, both international and domestic, and some occupy key positions with major arbitral institutions.

- Family Disputes

We have brilliant lawyers who have noticeable reputation in the field of Family law, especially when the dispute is regarding Dower, Divorce, Maintenance, restitution of conjugal life and of course about custody of child. In a case of Dower, divorce or maintenance or custody of child, we take every case with utmost confidentiality. We do not unnecessarily disclose the identity of our clients in this regard. Because, we value your social standing as well as the consequences it may invite.

- Government Contracts Litigation

Dispute resolution of government contract controversies depends on specialized forums and a particularized body of law; yet success depends on litigation strategies used in commercial litigation. In other words, winning government contracts litigation should involve a felicitous blending of special knowledge and general litigation expertise. Our firm is expert in both skills. Our representations of government contractors have involved virtually all the substantive issues arising out of doing business with the government. Such issues come into play both in lawsuits involving government agencies directly and in disputes between commercial parties, such as subcontractors and prime contractors, in which the relationship derives from a government contract and its use of "flow-down" provisions.

- Insurance and Reinsurance Litigation

Our lawyers have extensive experience litigating and arbitrating on behalf of insurers, managing general agents, and reinsurers in complex, high-stakes disputes. We offer our clients sophisticated industry knowledge as well as the trial and arbitration talent that built our firmís reputation as the countryís premier business litigation firm. As a result, we have quickly amassed a portfolio of high-stakes insurance litigation matters that rivals virtually any other firm. Our insurance client list includes most prominent insurance companies of Bangladesh. Through some significant victories and retentions, we have rapidly built a reputation as one of the top firms in the market for the most complex and high value insurance litigation matters.

- Insurance Recovery

We have represented large corporate policyholders, as well as smaller insuredís in actions against their insurers in all types of insurance coverage claims and matters, including most recently, the firm achieved a nine figure settlement after obtaining a verdict finding liability on the part of the insurer for business interruption losses. In many cases, we have obtained favorable resolutions for our clients before the commencement of litigation.

- Intellectual Property Litigation

In todayís global marketplace, identifying, developing and protecting intellectual property (IP) rights is crucial in establishing and growing a successful business. We provide all kind of IP related legal solutions to our clients with trademark, copyright, patent and trade secret legal issues. From the inception of an idea to the global marketing of products, our lawyers seek to partner with clients to anticipate and minimize future conflicts while maximizing present opportunities. We employ a team approach to each transaction, so the same lawyers that performed a trademark search are also the ones who defend its proprietary rights.

- Investment Fund and Fund Advisor Litigation

Investment banking is getting momentum in Bangladesh thanks to the recent policy of Bangladesh Bank and the active participations from the commercial banks and FIs in Bangladesh. We provide efficient legal service regarding investment banking. Our practice of representing hedge funds, private equity firms, venture funds, mutual funds, investment advisors, and fund managers in high stakes litigation is world class. We regularly represent funds, fund investors, and fund managers involved in litigation arising from activist investment strategies, distressed investment scenarios, including insolvency and restructuring, allegations of improper fund management, inadequate disclosures, alleged securities laws violations, market manipulation, and other complex financial disputes.

- Employment Litigation and Counseling

We are one of the premier employment litigation defense firms in Bangladesh. We have represented employers and employees in many employment cases including sexual harassment, race discrimination and retaliation unlawful discharge, termination, compensation for injury caused by accident, wage & payment issues and also the labor strike, labor dispute and employee retaining related cases. Although we are proud of our trial record, our primary goal is to dispose of cases by dispositive motion. We also recognize that sometimes our clients' best interests are served by settling cases. Our track record of consistently obtaining defense verdicts is well-known among members of the plaintiffs' bar, which we believe substantially reduces the amounts of money our clients pay in settlement.

- Entertainment and Media Litigation

We have a wealth of experience litigating and trying cases to verdict involving every aspect of the entertainment and media industries. The firm has represented networks, studios, production companies, financiers, distributors, publishers, talent and talent agencies in a wide variety of contract, commercial and intellectual property disputes.

- Real Estate Litigation

The firmís attorneys have successfully tried and arbitrated all types of real estate disputes and have deep experience in class actions involving real estate and mortgage-backed securities, in disputes over syndications of major projects, in disputes over guarantees (including completion guarantees) on major projects, and in disputes between partners with respect to duties arising under the most complex of development and purchase and sale agreements. We represent and have represented companies involved in all phases of the real estate business, including owners, sellers, purchasers, developers, lenders, borrowers, joint venture partners, commercial landlords and tenants, homeowners' associations, syndicates, investors and brokers.

- Search For The Genuineness Of The Documents Relating To Land

For the first time ever, our chamber has introduced a new practice to facilitate the demands of our clients. The practice is to provide our client with the genuineness of any landed propertyís documents. From the British colonial period, it has been observed that the land distribution system is a complicated process which has a direct attachment to transferability. A land has been transferred several times. Someone bought a landed property, and then sold it out to another and then he sold it to another and then he gifted the property to another, and then his inheritors got the property and this process is continuing and it will. In such a long journey of transferability the documents relating to a landed property often seems or found to be forged at the interest of a vested quarter. Though several attempts have been taken to update the record of the landed property but failed to meet the expectation. In fact, there has been a few changes in the proceeding. But in literal sense no improvement has been explored in the distribution system, precisely, in recording system of the landed property.

- Securities Litigation

In recent years, the firm has been involved in many of the most high-profile securities cases in the nation, including the barrage of stock option and executive compensation investigations. We have litigated virtually every type of securities case, including fraud and non-disclosure cases under blue-sky laws, merger and proxy disputes, "all holders/best price" rule litigation, corporate governance litigation, and insider trading and option disputes, including numerous derivative and class action claims in these areas. We are currently handling over a dozen cases arising out of the meltdown of the auction rate securities and mortgage-backed securities markets. We have represented about 500 companies, investment banks, accountants, directors, officers, institutional investors, hedge funds, indemnities, financial advisors, special committees, and broker-dealers in federal and state courts throughout the country, in industries ranging from securities, defense, banking and insurance to entertainment, pharmaceuticals, software and computing.

- Sports Litigation

Our firm has comprehensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of litigation involving the sports industry. We have a remarkable track record in state court trials and appeals, as well as before various domestic and international arbitration tribunals and government agencies. Although proud of our litigation record, we also understand the importance of exploring alternatives to litigation, and we have achieved outstanding levels of success in the earliest phases of legal disputes.

- Taxation

Our firm has experts in Taxation Litigation especially in Corporate Taxation matters. The firm is consultant to a number of companies in Bangladesh for tax matters. Our Tax attorneys represent taxpayers in Tax Court and help them understand the complicated and confusing aspects of tax law. They represent taxpayers at all stages of tax controversies.

- Labour Law

The Lawyers & Jurist is blessed with some of lawyers who are fortunate to practice with the precursory lawyer in labor law practice in Bangladesh. While our chamber has crossed a long tenure of practice we have been enriched in dealing with disputes regulated by Labor laws of bangladesh-2006. The Bangladesh Labor Code-2006. Our chamber has a remarkable presence in Labor Court as well as Labor Appellate Tribunal. The issues we deal with mostly cover every segment of labor law, including, Health and safety, Anti-discrimination, Unfair dismissal, Child labor, Trade unions, Strikes, Lay-out, Service Benefit, Termination, Dismissal and misconduct, Wages and compensation, etc.


Mr. A. M. Masum
Head of the Chamber
Admiralty and Maritime, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Aviation Law, Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy



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