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 5 Ways to Help Maintain ’34 Act Reporting Compliance

In tough economic times there are things smaller public companies can do to help ensure they maintain their ’34 Act reporting compliance.

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 How to Choose a Corporate Securities Attorney

Finding a qualified securities law attorney is not difficult, if you know where, and how, to look.

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 How to Raise Money for Your Company

For many private and public companies raising funds is essential to get over the hump and on the road to revenues and eventual profits. There are several things companies can do to increase their chances of successfully raising money on favorable terms.

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 What if One of my Service Providers is Under SEC Investigation?

It eventually happens to all of us in the securities business, particularly those of us who provide services to public companies. One of the other service providers to the company comes under investigation by the SEC, or FINRA, or a state regulatory agency. It might be the company’s lawyer, auditor, public relations firm, investment banker, or a consultant. What should the company do?

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 Is $92 Billion a Year in Stock Trading an “Established Public Market”?

In 1964 the SEC published its policy regarding registration of securities without an “established trading market.” From that policy came the conclusion that a stock traded only on the Pink Sheets does not have an established trading market. That policy is essentially still in place today, despite the fact that $92 billion worth of securities traded on the Pink Sheets in 20091.

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