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The Perecman Firm P.L.L.C, handles cases related to premises accidents, wrongful death, construction accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and workers' compensation. Apart from this the firm also handles cases pertaining to medical malpractice including failure to diagnose a medical condition, improper treatment of an illness or disease, delay in diagnosis, anesthesia error, and the like. The lawyer of the firm has about three decades of experience in the area of law.

When you are searching for a lawyer to represent you after you have been injured in an accident, it is important to know what your lawyer brings to the table and what results that law firm has gotten in the past for previous clients. While there are thousands of attorneys in New York saying many of the same things, few of them can back up that talk with results.

Since founding The Perecman Law Firm in 1983, attorney David Perecman, along with the rest of our lawyers and staff, has helped victims of accidents and negligence in New York City recover over $200 million in verdicts and settlements. We handle more construction accidents cases every year than many personal injury lawyers have handled in their entire careers and continue to provide skilled and compassionate representation in every case.

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Articles Published by The Perecman Firm, PLLC

 Senator Thompsonís Personal Injury Legislation: The Real Story

New York State Senator Antoine Thompson recently introduced legislation designed to widen the scope of what is considered a "serious injury" for purposes of bringing a personal injury claim. The law would be somewhat retroactive in nature, covering not just future claims, but any suits pending at the time of its passage. The timing of his proposal has been criticized by some, however, since it comes on the heels of his own personal injury lawsuit.

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 St. Vincentís Closure Leaves Medical Malpractice Victims in a Bad Spot

In April 2010, board members for St. Vincent's Manhattan Hospital voted to shut the facility down, leaving many residents on the Lower West Side without a local emergency room. For those with indelible memories of September 11 th, St. Vincent's absence is a scary proposition.

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 Congress Passes Law to Increase Safety on Commercial Flights

This August, President Obama signed the Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act of 2010 (P.L. 111-216) into law. The Act is the first piece of major federal legislation aimed at strengthening airline safety standards passed in the last 20 years.

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 What Justice Is

In the movies, justice is a masked man in a cape locking up bad guys. In reality, justice is much different: it's having money to pay a physical therapist to help you after you fell off a ladder at the job site. Perhaps justice is a wheelchair access ramp. Sometimes justice is having the money to pay for ongoing medical treatment.

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 Hazards of Hard Work: Common Construction Accidents

Every year, the construction industry ranks as one of the most dangerous in which to work. Construction workers stand on top of buildings and go underground; they operate heavy machinery and handheld power tools; they work with electricity and they work with water; they work on inclines, slants and slopes; they dig holes and fill them in; and construction workers perform many other dangerous tasks on a day-to-day basis.

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 Positive News for New York Drivers: Insurance Surcharge Goes from $1,000 to $2,000

Automobile accidents in New York may not be as costly for insurance policy holders, thanks to recent legislation signed by Governor David Patterson. The new law amends Section 2335 of the Insurance Law, which limits insurance companies from levying surcharges on a policyholder after an auto accident involving property damage.

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 The Overburdened Health Care System in New York

A renowned New York medical institution, the 160-year-old St. Vincent's Medical Center, treated its final patient in April of this year.

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 A Call to Require an Approved Boater Safety Course

New York State offers a wide variety of spectacular waterways. For families and outdoor enthusiasts, it's a virtual paradise; however, in recent times New Yorkers have witnessed tragedy on the waters, and the incidents are causing some citizens to call for more stringent boater safety regulations.

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