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Law Firm Overview

At The Welby Law Firm, LLC, our St. Louis criminal lawyers are dedicated in helping clients with drunk driving and DWI violations, drug crimes, and other criminal defense charges.

Part of what has made The Welby Law Firm, LLC successful over the years is our ability to build trust and confidence with our clients. We handle each client's case in a compassionate and personal manner. Our passion is for helping people resolve their criminal matters so they can lead productive, enjoyable lives. The first step to getting help for your criminal defense matters is setting up an initial consultation with an attorney at our criminal law firm in St. Louis. Once you speak with us, we can begin to construct the best plan to put your legal troubles behind you so you can get on with your life.

It goes without saying that facing criminal charges is a bad situation. We are not here to misrepresent your options or make unrealistic promises. We are here to provide you with the best representation possible. Having handled over 500 federal cases, countless state and municipal cases, and bringing over 20 years of combined experienced to the table, the attorneys at the St. Louis criminal law firm of The Welby Law Firm, LLC are competent and effective professionals. We will cut straight to the facts, be honest with you about the nature of your case, and plan a pursuable course of action. Our clients receive very favorable results.

We fight zealously in the courtroom because we care about the outcome of our cases and the lives of our clients. It is aggressive and informed litigation skills that have led us to many successes in the past.

However, when dealing with our clients, we are patient and understanding. We know you are in a stressful situation. Our criminal defense attorneys are with you during every step of the process: pre-indictment investigation, grand jury, arraignment, bail hearing, pre-trial litigation and motions, trial, sentencing, and appeals.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Antitrust Violations; Banking Fraud; Securities Fraud; Insider Trading; Investment Fraud; Mail and Wire Fraud; Economic Espionage; Kickbacks; Computer Hacking; Blackmail; Forgery; Telemarketing Fraud; Counterfeiting; Cell Phone Fraud; Health Care Fraud; Extortion; Forgery; Trespassing; Nuisance Crimes; Probation; Parole; Making a False Statement.

Areas of Law Description

- Criminal Defense

If you or a family member has been arrested or accused of any crime, we can help. Our law firm provides the unique mix of experience and skills to ensure our clients receive the highest level of criminal defense.

- Drug Crime

If you are charged with a drug crime, we can help. Our law firm has successfully handled many drug cases from simple possession to much more complicated and serious charges involving trafficking, fraud and conspiracy.

- Criminal Law

If you are arrested and charged with any crime, you need a criminal defense attorney. Our law office handles a wide range of criminal law charges, including matters related to child abuse, neglect and exploitation as well as computer-related crimes like identity theft and credit card fraud.


Stephen R. Welby Mr. Stephen R. Welby
Founding Attorney
Criminal Defense, Criminal Law, Drug Crime, DUI, DWI



  • The Missouri Bar
  • Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

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