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Dispute Resolution, Litigation and Arbitration Lawyer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thomas Philip Advocates & Solicitors

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Law Firm Overview

Thomas Philip Advocates & Solicitors is one of Malaysia’s largest and most respected law firms. From our offices in Kuala Lumpur, we serve clients in a wide range of personal and business-related legal matters. Our areas of practice include family law, bankruptcy, estate and probate claims, negligence, shareholder disputes, arbitration in both domestic and international conflicts, and more.

Our dedicated attorneys and mediators are the key to our success. We pride ourselves on having a deep commitment to our clients and their well being, and we have the knowledge and experience to make sure your needs are met. Our history of success also includes many high-profile cases; we have the determination and skill to handle even the largest and most complex cases.

As a firm, we also have a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, committing a portion of our time and resources to pro-bono work and supporting charitable organizations. At Thomas Philip, our goal is to always stay centered on what matters most: our team of talented people, and the individuals we are privileged to serve and support.

Languages: Malay, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Family Mediation; Division of Property and Debt; Land Acquisition; Breach of Confidentiality; Public Interest Litigation.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice includes:

- Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Bankruptcy and insolvency matters present a fertile environment for litigation. Thomas Philip lawyers work closely with our clients in an endeavor to achieve the best possible results for them in this difficult area. We will advise secured and unsecured creditors, companies and individuals in respect of their exposure, and the consequences this may have, either for their organization or personally. Irrespective of what your circumstances are, we may be able to assist in protecting you from the harshest aspects of bankruptcy or insolvency or if you are a creditor, to assist you in recovering monies from debtors or company directors as appropriate.

- Contractual Disputes

Thomas Philip provides legal services in the preparation, trial and appeal of complex contractual and commercial cases including:

• advising on prospects and procedural options
• drafting demands and claims
• conducting negotiations, where appropriate
• instituting and conducting recovery proceedings
• providing representation in litigation, arbitration and appellate proceedings.

- Corporate and Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes and boardroom disputes can be disruptive to a company because they divert attention from the running of the business to the agendas of the individuals involved in the disputes. We assist clients with complex legal matters that frequently arise in corporate shareholder disputes, to skillfully advocate our clients' positions and where needed, protect minority shareholder rights.

- Defamation

Thomas Philip has acted in a wide range of cases representing both plaintiffs and defendant individuals and corporations reputations of corporations, brands and individuals. Defamation is a broad term used to describe libel (written) and slander (spoken). A person is defamed if someone makes a statement about them that would cause someone else who heard or read the statement to think worse of that person.

- Estate and Probate Claims

Contentious probate claims are typically complex, emotionally charged and can arise for a number of different reasons. Expert handling and sound advice is thus crucial. The Thomas Philip team is comprised of experienced lawyers who will guide you through the complex legal processes involved in contested wills, inheritance claims as well as contentious probate claims.

- Family Mediation Unit

Mediation is a confidential, practical way to resolve problems with the help of an impartial third party. It is a non-adversarial approach to conflict resolution, where the parties communicate directly. The role of the mediator is to facilitate communication between the parties, assist them in focusing on the real issues of the dispute and generate options for settlement. Mediation, particularly in a family disputes, provides a viable option for those who prefer to stay out of court.

- Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence is an area of professional negligence that deals specifically with the legal problems arising between patients and their health care providers: their doctors, hospitals and their staff. This area of law provides patients and/or their next-of-kin an avenue to seek compensation or other appropriate redress in respect of the malpractice or negligence of their health care providers. We understand that the injury suffered as a result of medical negligence is often traumatic and painful for patients as well as family members. We have the expertise and experience to advise and handle cases in highly specialized medical areas including neurosurgery, obstetrics & gynecology as well as orthopedic surgery.

- Professional Negligence

Making a claim against a professional adviser can be awkward. Clients feel let down when the advice they received falls short of acceptable standards. Our experience in advising on professional negligence claims is extensive which means that we can quickly grasp the crux of the matter and advise on appropriate routes to resolve the dispute. If you are a professional who has been sued, OR, if you feel that you have suffered a loss as a result of negligence on the part of an accountant, architect, lawyer, surveyor, valuer or other professional, please consult us to see how our team of experienced lawyers may help.

- Public Interest Litigation

The Thomas Philip team has acted in a number of major public interest cases, assisting clients in numerous matters including:; Public inquests; Discrimination on grounds of race, religion, disability and gender in employment and provision of services; Disadvantaged clients facing loss of their homes due to land acquisition; Native "Orang Asli" communities or individuals in heritage, contractual and property-related matters.

- Family Law

Our approach to family law is therefore one that is necessarily sensitive, constructive and interest-based, so that we may be part of the solution rather than the problem. We believe that the structuring and termination of personal relationships should really be a matter of private decision, with certain exceptions. Couples should be actively involved in making the choices that would shape their own future and those of their children, instead of leaving it to a Judge. The services that we provide, depending on their individual needs, are as follows: Divorce and Marital Mediation; Joint Petitions for Divorce; Adoption.

- Arbitration

Thomas Philip provides legal representation in arbitration to clients with both domestic and foreign interests.


  • Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln's Inn, UK
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Malaysia


Attorney's Picture Ms. Lavinia Kumaraendran
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate Practice, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation

Attorney's Picture Mr. Balan Nair
Appellate Practice, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Construction Law

Attorney's Picture Mr. Mathew Thomas Philip
Managing Lawyer
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate Practice, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation


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