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Law Firm Overview

Thukral Law Associates provides Legal Services to both Indian as well as Foreign Clients.
In addition to the personal attention, we work with the local Indian authorities and your Indian associates to study your case from various legal aspects and aggressively represent you, assuring you the peace much needed.

NRI's / Non Resident Indians and other individuals residing in foreign countries looking out for Legal Services often find themselves in middle of a complex web of Legal situations, sometimes affecting their overseas immigration status/career or even their ability to visit India. Unlike Indian residents, legal cases involving NRIs may engage multiple areas of law and dealing with Indian authorities. Many NRIs struggle to even obtain the basic information about the Indian legal system, applicable laws, or lawyers.

Most of our clients do not even require a visit to India to file a case or defend a case. We invite you to take advantage of my trustworthy service and flexible consultation hours, all at a fraction of overseas legal fees.

We further offer services for NRI's to file cases related to property matters, divorce proceedings, land-lord tenant dispute, writ petitions, surrogacy, passport services, immigration and citizenship issues, wills, child custody matters etc. and all other matters pertaining to NRI's and foreign residing individuals.

At present we are providing Legal Services to both Indian residing Clients and NRI's.

Year this Office was Established: 2001

Languages: British English, Hindi, Punjabi, African English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: NRI Legal Services; International Adoption; NRI Adoption; Foreign Adoption; Hindu Adoption; Child Protection; Surrogacy Law; Child Guardianship; Property Succession; Family Property Disputes; Property Finance; Property Investment; Property Development; Investment Property Management; Banking Security and Advisory Work; Matrimonial Criminal Proceeding; Dowry Harassment; Matrimonial Disputes; Maintenance; Annulment Of Marriage; Restitution Of Conjugal Rights; Bail/Anticipatory Bail; Civil Law; Writ Petitions in High Court & SC; Recovery Suits & Civil Matters.

Areas of Law Description

Thukral Law Associates has given over 10 years of service to the citizens of India, both those within the country and those living abroad, with a full spectrum of legal services to meet all possible needs. Lawyer Karan S. Thukral's expertise and considerable skill has made his firm a valuable advocate for Indians facing trouble around the world in more than fifteen countries, and his years of successful work within India's legal system itself has earned him many thousands of thankful clients, each a testament to the diligence and care with which Thukral and his trusted team approach each case.

Karan Thukral founded his firm on the desire to help all Indians, particularly those facing impossible legal battles across the globe and an often myriad and agonizing series of legal requirements when coming home to India. Thukral's knowledge of India's procedures and jurisdictions has helped clients in over 15 separate countries, and his expertise in everything from criminal and civil law to tenant disputes has ably served citizens within the country and abroad in all manner of adoptions, estate plans, and real estate purchases. The firm's office in New Delhi prides itself on a high level of client accessibility, offering after-hours consultations and services in four languages, each put to use in helping one of the many distinct people groups in need of legal aid in India.

Indian law and procedure is as complex as the many peoples within the country, and those wishing to navigate it need an experienced and local guide. Lawyer Karan S. Thukral and his dedicated team have devoted their firm to serving Indians at home and around the world, bringing to each the necessary expertise to secure their rights, responsibilities, and futures within their country.

We provide an extensive range of Legal Services to the NRI's (Non Resident Indians), keeping in mind the difficulties faced by them in search of a proper and efficient lawyer. Some specific categories of Legal Services culled out with regard to the NRI's are given below. Apart from the below given categories, we also provide Legal services in many other branches of Law.

- Adoptions

I and my attorneys are specialized in family Law, Child custody Law, Family adoption, Inter-country adoption, in-country adoption, international adoption, NRI adoption, Foreign Adoption, Hindu adoption and others, we also provides online consultancy in adoption and child custody matters. If you are looking out for any of the following, you have reached the right place. My attorney's are going to visit with you to all the concerned departments and will help you out to complete all the documentation formalities in a much easier and economic way.

- Property Succession / Inheritance / Family Property Disputes

Due to many kinds of developments, there is increase in legal issues in real estate sector whether it is acquisition, Wills, Trusts, Shared Ownership and Property Dispute. We provide legal services for real estate issues / disputes in India. Over the years we have maintained network of lawyers / advocates who assist in property related matter all over in India. We understand the needs of people on the intricacies of today's property industry. Not every person has the same requirements or understanding of the Indian legal process.

- Divorce

We undertake all kinds of litigation pertaining to the divorce. In India, there are various Laws which govern the principle of Divorce like Hindu Marriage Act-1955, Special Marriage Act-1956, Indian Divorce Act, Christian Marriage Act, etc. These laws basically deals with various aspects of divorce and most importantly laid down the grounds on which divorce can be sought by the spouses against each other. " Under Indian Laws, divorce is generally divided in to two parts: Mutual Consent Divorce; & Contested Divorce.

* Child Custody

In divorce proceedings, the most complex and emotionally drenching issue is that of child custody. Children, young and at times infant have to bear the pain for no fault of theirs. Due to the extreme emotional attachment, both parents want to keep the custody of the children. In Indian set-up, such question is decided by the court of Guardian and Wards. Welfare of the children is the paramount consideration before the Court while deciding the question as to who is entitled to have the custody of children. Custody of children can be divided in to three parts: Permanent Custody; Interim Custody; and Visitation Rights.

* Maintenance

This is an integral part of all matrimonial proceedings. Application for maintenance can be moved by either of the spouse who does not have the sufficient means to maintain him/her self. Maintenance can also be classified in to two parts: Interim Maintenance; and Permanent Maintenance.

* Annulment of Marriage

A petition for the annulment of marriage is moved on certain grounds specified in various matrimonial laws. Once a petitioner is successful in proving its case, marriage is declared null and void. Resultant, the court considers that the marriage has not taken place at all and the tag of the 'divorcee' is not attached. Annulment of marriage is very important in the scheme of matrimonial laws as there is no point in carrying the burden of divorce in cases where marriage has been solemnized on the strength of fraud or where the marriage is solemnized despite the fact that the responding spouse was already married.

* Restitution of Conjugal Rights

It is another important remedy provided by law to the spouses. In cases, where one party leave the company and society of the other spouse, then a case for restitution of conjugal rights can be filed in the Court. The Court directs the defaulting spouse to join the company of the other spouse unless there is a strong reason justifying such withdrawal. This remedy is often used strategically in fighting matrimonial cases.

- Criminal Law

Criminal law deals with the penal consequences that arise from criminal offences in violation of the penal code of the country. As a result in contrast to civil laws where private parties bring claim against each other, in criminal law it is mostly the State which brings about an action against the offending party. An expert criminal lawyer is aware not only of the legal provisions of criminal law but also the peculiarities that go hand in hand with this field of law such as right to speedy trial of the accused, prohibition against double jeopardy, prohibition against self incrimination, prohibition against unreasonable search and seizures, also as opposed to civil law where the standard of proof is preponderance of probability, the standard of proof in criminal law is proof beyond reasonable doubt.

- Civil Law

The most important field of Indian civil law services in India is injunction in civil laws. The scope of injunction is very wide and injunction suits are filed before the courts seeking the restraint against a party from doing any apprehended act which may cause loss or damage to the person approaching the court who is called Plaintiff. Injunction can also be filed against any party for performing any kind of act which he is under obligation to do but has failed to perform. The main types of Injunctions filed in the Indian civil courts are Mandatory Injunction, Permanent Injunction. We provide all kinds of services related to filing, defending and contesting civil injunctions before all courts at all levels with full confidence. Our legal services related to filing and contesting of injunctions is precise, accurate and simple.


H.S. Thukral Mr. H.S. Thukral
Founding Lawyer
Asset Protection, Banking Law, Business Formation, Business Law, Constitutional Law


Karan Thukral Mr. Karan S. Thukral
Senior Lawyer
Administrative Law, Adoption, Agricultural Law, Alimony, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Geetanjali Thukral Mrs. Geetanjali Thukral
Senior Partner
Adoption, Domestic Violence, Extradition, Family Law, Green Cards


Ravinder Dabas Mr. Ravinder Dabas
Banking and Finance, Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Divorce, Estate Planning

Kaushal Sharma Mr. Kaushal K. Sharma
Admiralty and Maritime, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Aviation Law, Banking and Finance, Business and Industry

Of Counsel

P. Khetarpal Mr. P. S. Khetarpal
Admiralty and Maritime, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Aviation Law, Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy


T Manes Mr. T S Manes
Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate

G.D. Mehta Mr. G.D. Mehta
Admiralty and Maritime, Bankruptcy, Business and Industry, Communication, Education Law

Pawan Pareekh Mr. Pawan Pareekh
Adoption, Alimony, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business and Industry, Child Custody and Visitation

Bani Thukral Miss Bani Thukral
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Consumer Law, Criminal Law, Education Law


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  • Bar Council of India
  • Delhi High Court Bar Association
  • Delhi Bar Council

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