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Law Firm Overview

At Trojan Law Offices, our mission is to provide protection for advancing science and technologies in the legal arena. In the ever changing and often controversial work of cutting-edge science, the value of expert legal representation cannot be overstated. Our firm is here to provide the legal protection and guidance you need for the security of your work.

From our offices in Los Angeles we partner with large corporations as well as small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, with special expertise in nanotechnology, GMOs, biologics, and other work involving living matter. Our attorneys are trained and experience in a range of scientific fields, with an awareness of all the latest advances. We are strongly poised to provide the knowledgeable counsel and representation you and your work need.

As an intellectual property firm, we are capable of assisting with all matters relating to patents, trademarks, and licensing agreements, specifically in pharmaceuticals, biologics, and biomedicine. This includes cases of patent infringement, ownership disputes, and all other types of litigation. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you have the security and protection to carry out your valuable work free of legal concerns.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Biomedical Patents; Intellectual Property Due Diligence; Intellectual Property Ownership Disputes; International Patent & Trademark Rights; Licensing Agreements; Patent Applications; Patent Infringement; Patent Litigation; Pharmaceutical and Biologic Patents; Trade Secrets and Employment Agreements; Trademark and Trade Dress Infringement; Trademark Applications; Trademark Litigation.

Areas of Law Description

We provide legal assistance on the following Intellectual Property issues:

- Patent Applications

We handle all aspects of the application process. Before we file for your patent, we can conduct a patent search to determine if your invention is patentable. A patent search will reveal whether similar inventions have already been patented.

- Patent Infringement

A U.S. patent provides the holder with the right to exclude others from profiting from an invention in the United States. The basic benefit of this right is freedom from unfair competition in the marketplace. A competitor’s product that falls within the scope of patent claims is akin to a trespass. Should such an invasion occur, TLO® is ready to assert the patentee’s rights in federal court.

- Patent Litigation

Our attorneys represent clients in patent litigation matters involving prior art issues, filing dates, provisional patents, patent infringement, and international patents.

- Biomedical Patents

TLO®’s experienced lawyers include registered patent attorneys with mechanical engineering and biological sciences experience who can effectively address the unique issues raised by patents for medical devices.

- Pharmaceutical and Biologics Patents

Our firm represents drug and biologic manufacturers in applying for pharmaceutical and biologic patents. We review and address issues related to bioequivalence and biosimilarity and what must be disclosed in patent applications.

- Trademark Applications

A trademark availability search costs $450, which includes a complete search of all federal and state registrations and pending applications, a search of common law rights, and an oral opinion concerning the availability of the proposed mark.

- Trademark and Trade Dress Infringement

The attorneys of TLO® have extensive experience protecting and enforcing copyright, trademark, and trade dress rights before state and federal courts and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. We have successfully represented clients from a wide variety of industries in adversary proceedings up to and including trial.

- Trademark Litigation

When negotiations or demand letters fail to resolve trademark disputes, our attorneys are prepared to enter into trademark litigation for our clients. We have represented clients in cases involving domestic and international trademark infringement and are familiar with the unique requirements of both.

- International Patent and Trademark Rights

TLO® can help you obtain patent and trademark protections outside the U.S., and we can quickly estimate the cost for this process in each country. You can obtain additional trademark rights if you file overseas within six months of your U.S. filing date, but you can also file overseas after that date.

- Licensing Agreements

Our attorneys’ understanding of manufacturing and accounting enhances TLO®’s ability to protect the interests of licensors while facilitating solid licensing agreements.

- Intellectual Property Ownership Disputes

Intellectual property disputes sometimes arise over who invented a particular product. Under U.S. law, ownership is granted to the actual inventor, not the first party to file for a patent. Our lawyers have tried cases involving intellectual property ownership disputes to juries. We have represented plaintiffs in cases involving business partners who disagreed on IP ownership when the business dissolved.

- Trade Secrets and Employment Agreements

Our comprehensive approach to intellectual property protection includes advice about trade dress with respect to the shape and/or appearance of the product, trade dress for packaging or services, service marks, copyrights, trade secrets, invention records, recommendations concerning the proper corporate structure to protect patent rights, proper use of international treaties, and use of intellectual property contracts.

- Intellectual Property Due Diligence

Mergers and acquisitions require a thorough review of intellectual property portfolios. Our attorneys evaluate the value of an intellectual property portfolio and whether any inventions contained in it merit patenting. We also review existing patents and trademarks to protect the acquiring company from allegations of patent or trademark infringement.


R. Joseph Trojan Mr. R. Joseph Trojan
Intellectual Property, Litigation



  • California State Bar Association
  • Federal Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • American Intellectual Property Law Association

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