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Tumi Law Firm

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Law Firm Overview

Tumi Law Firm is committed to providing high-quality professional services designed to meet all our clients changing legal and business requirements in both the private and commercial sectors.

At Tumi Law Firm we make sure that our clients’ requirements are attended to as quickly as possible and with the benefit of a full understanding of all business opportunities and potential hazards, whilst offering reassurance when necessary.

Our target is to develop Expertise, Efficiency and Effectiveness in a diversity of practice areas in order to be able to provide our clients with the best legal solution from the most accurate point of direction.

Tumi Law Firm was established in 1990 by Dr. Mohamed A. Tumi Ph.D, the Managing Director, upon the liberalization of the laws relating to private legal practice. Since then, the Firm has grown to become the largest law firm in Libya and has built a national and international reputation in providing professional legal services.

This reputation is a result of the Firm’s continued commitment to excellence. Our policy is to provide the highest standard of client care whilst ensuring full awareness of the realities of the commercial and corporate world. Our philosophy is that the Firm will work hard to make sure that your business finds success and prosperity in Libya. We will, therefore, strive to deliver a comprehensive service to all our clients by providing your business with full legal support as well as any administrative and logistical assistance that you may require. Over the years, the Firm’s policy and philosophy have proved to be successful and we are proud to claim some of the biggest corporate names in the world among our clients.

Our clients’ confidence in our abilities is a result of our commitment. Tumi Law Firm is engaged in several, diverse practice areas that ensure that the Firm is fully involved in all aspects of commercial and corporate activity in Libya. We attach the same importance and commitment to all our practice areas regardless of the size of the sector.

As part of our commitment to excellence, Tumi Law Firm retains the services of the most highly qualified and experienced attorneys in Libya. Presently, our team is made up of eight lawyers, three of whom have obtained postgraduate degrees from universities in the UK and USA and who are fluent in Arabic and English. They are supported by a dedicated secretarial team, an accountant, an IT specialist and an in-house public relations officer, as well as a well-stocked library that ensures that they can fully focus on the task at hand. The Firm also retains renowned Professors on a part-time basis in order to fully support our attorneys.

Year this Office was Established: 1990

Languages: English Arabic

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Debt Collection

Areas of Law Description

Tumi Law Firm is a leader in every area that we practice, be it private or commercial. Our commitment to finding the best legal solution from the most accurate point of direction has contributed to our success.

We attach the same importance to all our practice areas regardless of the size of the sector. Hereunder are the specialist areas which we service.

- Corporate Law and Business Start-Up
General corporate counseling regarding preferences and information about business entities, including partnerships, joint stock companies and limited liability companies, besides shareholder agreements and disputes. Experienced in incorporating all types of companies as well as registering Representative Offices and Branch Offices.

- Intellectual Property
Counsel on the protection of ideas, concepts, business operation plans and information, know-how, product or service information and advertising, trademarks and patents, trade names and copyright along with a service in Trademark Registration that is complemented by the Firm’s excellent relations with the concerned bodies.
Assistance during litigation arising from the infringement of clients’ proprietary interests.

- Investment Law
Giving advice to investors, gathering information and obtaining documents required to evaluate the investment opportunity.
Providing investors with full knowledge of laws, regulations and conditions that may affect their prospective projects.
Carrying out all the formalities needed to obtain the required permits and approvals to carry out investment activities in Libya.

- Insurance Law
Representation concerning all matters arising from contracts of insurance, including policy coverage or cancellation and claim disputes, as well as advice on the new Insurance Law of 2005.

- Oil and Gas (Petroleum Industry)
Assisting and advising clients on Libyan Petroleum Law and the regulations thereof.
Providing interpretation of clauses related to the EPSA contract (Exploration and Production Sharing Agreements) along with advice on the financing of oil rigs and dealings with the NOC (National Oil Corporation) as well as assistance with joint venture agreements in this field.

- Immigration Law
Counsel on regulations relating to entry and exit visas, residency, work permits and the practicalities thereof.

- Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration (Local and International)
Representation before all courts of law in Libya including the Supreme Court. Representation at various arbitration tribunal sittings as well as mediation services.

- Aviation and Maritime Law
Advice on both contentious and non-contentious issues along with advice on bills of lading, demurrage, accidents, as well as charter party issues. Furthermore, advice on the Civil Aviation Authority Regulations including assistance with the new Civil Aviation Law, which has been drafted by two members of Tumi Law Firm.

- Labor Law
Counsel on all types of employment contracts including employer/employee rights and obligations, as well as assistance in drafting of employment and training contracts together with mediation services for the resolution of disputes with employees.

- Commercial Law
Advice on and drafting of agency agreements, joint venture agreements, memoranda of understanding and letters of intent. Assistance with the Libyan distribution law as well as shipping contracts, services contracts, commercial disputes and customs law.

- Banking & Finance Law
Advice on the new banking and stock exchange laws as well as credit, debt and security laws. Substantial experience in banking litigation including letters of credit, letters of guarantee, fraud, cheques and loan agreements.

- Property Law
Counsel on the acquisition and disposal of all forms of property, drafting of and assistance with Usufruct contracts as well as reviewing deeds of title and inheritors’ rights and claims.

- Debt Collection
Successfully recovered debts owed by private individuals, companies and state authorities to German heavy vehicles company, leading international banks as well as small-medium sized enterprises. The Firm has considerable experience in the amicable settlement of debts as well as the formal court system involving court judgments and seizure of assets.


  • Al-Koun for Commercial Registration Company


Attorney's Picture Dr. Mohamed Tumi
Managing Partner
Administrative Law, Agency and Distributorship, Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Banking Law

Attorney's Picture Mr. Mazen Tumi
Admiralty and Maritime, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Civil Rights


Attorney's Picture Mr. Islam Elmasry
Senior Associate
Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Civil Rights, Communication, Debtor and Creditor

Attorney's Picture Mr. Ahmed Emara
Legal Counsel
Business and Industry, Employment, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Trademark

Attorney's Picture Mr. Ibrahim Maher
Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Aviation Law, Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Civil Rights

Miss Amina Muftah
Legal Counsel
Business Law, Commercial Law, Discrimination, Employee Benefits, Employees Rights

Attorney's Picture Miss Fairuz Smew
Administrative Law, Agency and Distributorship, Banking Law, Business and Industry, Business Formation


Attorney's Picture Mr. Mohamed A. Najjar
Senior Attorney
Admiralty and Maritime, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Aviation Law, Banking and Finance, Business and Industry

Attorney's Picture Mr. Khaled Al Zaitoni
Appellate Practice, Business and Industry, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation

Attorney's Picture Mrs. Fatima Al-Shukri
Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Litigation, Employee Benefits

Attorney's Picture Mr. Daw Emdakom
Appellate Practice, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Class Actions, Commercial Litigation

Attorney's Picture Mr. Thoumama Hadidi
Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Business Law, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation


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