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Law Firm Overview

Villagran Lara is a law firm with offices in Guayaquil and Quito, Ecuador. The firm was established in Ecuador in 1960 by Dr. Hector Villagran Lara, a prominent law professor and lawyer, an expert in civil law and litigation.

We are a professional organization of lawyers in Ecuador mainly aimed at business. Our members are professionals with experience and academic knowledge of first line.

The firm aims to help its clients with effective legal solutions to their needs, under a scheme of quality and personalized services.

Our Main Operations Center is in Guayaquil, Ecuador and we also operate in the city of Quito as well as other cities through our correspondents.

Year this Office was Established: 1960

Languages: Spanish, English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: P&I Assistance; Maritime Litigation; Corporate Divisions; Conflict Prevention and Resolution; Arrest and Release of Ships; Pollution Complaints; Liability of Port and Terminal Operators; Crisis Management

Areas of Law Description

We provide legal assistance on the following areas of practice:

- Conflict Resolution

We are experts in solving and preventing conflicts. We have successfully handled dialogue process in crisis situations to prevent conflicts and to resolve lawsuits. We have represented individuals, national and international companies, including insurance companies, in conflict management by third party claims.

- International Claims

Under continuing professional collaboration with law firms in the United States and Panama, we offer the service of judicial and extrajudicial defense in cases that resemble the following:

• Damage to persons or entities arising from international companies, either by accident aviation, marine, industrial or other damages.
• Situations that have generated negligence damages to companies, organizations or corporations
• Claims are developed with international insurers, reinsurers or North American or Panamanian Courts

- Maritime

We offer a variety of services in the Area of Maritime Law.

Services available include in particular:

• Litigation on charters and bills of lading
• Arrest and Release of Ships
• Pollution Complaints
• Liability of Port and Terminal Operators
• Accident Claims Management
• Research (theft, fraud, etc). Claims handling.
• Litigation Management Captain of the Port and Civil Courts

We assess the process of acquisition of ships and legal structuring. For technical purposes we work with our strategic allies Maritime Power C. Ltd.

- Trademarks and Franchising

We advise and support in the Trademark Registration in Ecuador (including any Intellectual Property and Licensing regarding the use of trademarks in Ecuador. We support your development project franchise system. Advise on the legal steps to acquire a national or international franchise. We are specialized in this topic.

The formation of a franchise and the acquisition of an already formed is not a process that should be left to chance. There are several key factors that the parties should consider, for purposes of being able to replicate the success in a business format.
Our support may be limited to the integrity of the legal process of developing a franchise system, which includes consideration of commercial issues, corporate, labor, etc. We can also support on specific issues such as the preparation of the Franchise Agreement to fit their reality, and for the registration of trademarks and other intellectual property.

- Criminal Defense

Firm Studies, advises and sponsors issues where criminal, whether in matters arising from business or personal issues. In this respect, our scope is linked to the premises of the Prosecutor and the respective Courts the Country.

- Corporate

Within an appropriate legal planning, we offer a range of corporate alternatives for their business.

We support them in legal solutions, since the constitution of a company or the capital increase, to more complex corporate actions such as holding facilities, branches of foreign companies, transformation, merger or division.

We also take care of keeping the corporate books of the Companies, as well as compliance with corporate bonds, and if necessary, to represent the members in General Meetings and / or manage all the documentation of the Boards.

- Labor Issues

Strategic planning legal. Verification and risk prevention. Formulation and processing of internal regulations. Advice and participation in labor disputes, whether individual or collective. Sponsorship judicial authorities to Labor or to the courts or tribunals of the country.

- Personal Injury

In relation to personal injury, including damage to property, relating to aviation accidents, maritime, among others, our firm support to victims and their families to properly route these claims.


Hector Villagran-Lara Dr. Hector Villagran-Lara
Civil Rights, General Practice, International Law, Litigation


Jessica Cisneros Mrs. Jessica Cisneros
Co Managing Partner
Admiralty and Maritime, Aviation Accidents, Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation

Leonidas Villagran Dr. Leonidas Villagran
Administrative Law, Admiralty and Maritime, Agency and Distributorship, Business and Industry, Franchising

Hector Villagran Mr. Hector Villagran
Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Business and Industry, Communication, Government, Intellectual Property

Jose Villagran-Lara Mr. Jose Villagran-Lara
Criminal Law, Debtor and Creditor, Litigation


Hugo Cisneros Mr. Hugo Cisneros
Admiralty and Maritime, Criminal Law, Litigation, Conflict Prevention, Conflict Resolution

Of Counsel

Antonio Angulo Antonio Angulo
Esmeraldas Port - Correspondent
Admiralty and Maritime, Criminal Law, Employment, Government, Litigation



  • Guayaquil Bar Association
  • Pichincha Bar Association
  • Ecuador Franchise Association
  • The Franchise Center (Network of Franchise Specialists)

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