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Villagran Lara is a law firm with offices in Guayaquil and Quito, Ecuador. The firm was established in Ecuador in 1960 by Dr. Hector Villagran Lara, a prominent law professor and lawyer, an expert in civil law and litigation.

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Articles Published by Villagran Lara, Attorneys

 Documentary Credit in International Trade

Documentary credits law depends on the principle of autonomy or independence of the credit and the doctrine of strict compliance. The principle of autonomy protects the beneficiary (exporter) while the doctrine of strict compliance protects the issuing bank and the applicant (importer).

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 Commercial Dispute Resolution: The International Approach

Considering some facts regarding disputes in the International Trade arena. Most of the time parties in international trade develop all kind of businesses without primary concern of a potential conflict between them.

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 Freedom of Contract in International Carriage Contracts - Ecuador

The Doctrine of Freedom of Contract also known as “Laissez Faire” is the basis for international carriage contracts, according to Common Law.

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 Goods on Deck - Ecuador

An article related to the Hague Visby Rules and goods on deck.

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 Causation in Maritime Insurance: The Cendor MOPU

The Cendor MOPU case law brings a new scenario to insurance law.

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 International Sales: Standard Forms and Incoterms

The author explains about the advantages of contracting on standard form contracts and using shipping terms, including Incoterms.

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 Civil Law and Common Law

The author writes about the differences between English Law and the Civil Law. Ecuador is under the Civil Law System.

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 Resident Visas - Ecuador

General information regarding requirements in order to obtain a resident visa in Ecuador.

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