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Law Firm Overview

Villela & Villela Law Firm was founded in 1999 by Attorney Alex Villela F. to serve the legal needs of foreign businessmen especially North Americans, Canadians & Europeans wanting to invest and or live in the Honduran Caribbean mainly in the Bay Islands of Honduras investing in the Real Estate Market, Hotel & Tourism Industry and various other business enterprises as well as to supply the immigration legal services and relocation legal counseling for the foreigners that decide to retire and live in the paradisiacal beach front of the Honduran Atlantic & Pacific coast and the blessed Caribbean Roatan Bay Island.

Villela & Villela’s personnel is completely bilingual English/Spanish and its success is due in large part because of its founder's belief in the principles of integrity and honesty and because Villela & Villela was the first Law Firm in the Bay Islands to have a web page through Internet which has been an enormous technology facilitation to clients worldwide and have physical offices as well.

Alex Villela F. was born to a family of several generations of prestigious lawyers, diplomats and politicians that have worked to improve the lives of their fellow-countryman. Attorney Alex Villela F. is legal and political adviser to the Honduran National Political Party, one of the major democratic political parties of the country, he is regularly called to serve as International Political Observer in Latin American Presidential Elections by the Organization of American States O.A.S. based in Washington D.C. U.S.A. His older sister and the firm's other partner Attorney Miss. Marlene Villela F., International Law Specialist, is former adviser to the Honduran Embassy to the White House in W.D.C. (U.S.A.), former Ambassador of Honduras to the O.A.S. in W.D.C. (U.S.A.), former Ambassador of Honduras to Taiwan and current Ambassador of Honduras to Japan.

Languages: English, Spanish.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Extrajudicial Settlements; Merchant Marine Law; ZOLITUR (Free Zone Law); Real Estate Fraud Law; Civil Law; Aeronautic (Air Transportation Law) and Airplane Registration.

Areas of Law Description

Villela & Villela has a complete staff off assistant attorneys specializing in all areas of the law, including but not limited to the following:

- Corporate Services

"Villela & Villela" in its corporate department has a selection of business services that it provides to the companies it forms and to clients that need assistance in a variety of fields.

- Real Estate

Let our years of experience in Honduras assist you in investing, buying or selling property. Our service focuses on an attention to detail and we will able to assist you in whatever your requirements are.


Marlene de Talbott Ms. Marlene Villela de Talbott
International Law

Alex Villela Franco Mr. Alex Vidal Villela Franco
Administrative Law, Corporate Law, Immigration, International Law


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