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William H. Lawson, Attorney at Law

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Law Firm Overview

William H. Lawson, Attorney at Law is a personal injury attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii who handles claims of all kinds including maritime and work-related incidents. Attorney Lawson personally works with each client to go over the situation at hand, what the options are and what needs to be done to get started. He understands that his clients are often in the midst of turmoil when they arrive at him, and he works not only to provide outstanding legal care but a warm and welcoming atmosphere that gives clients a reprieve from the stressful situation at hand.

Mr. Lawson is devoted to his clients' well-being and is willing to take whatever action is necessary in order to secure favorable results that are properly proportioned to the incident in question. His years of experience have given him an exceptional level of knowledge regarding what needs to be done in order for a claim to be taken seriously and given the attention it deserves so that progress can be made and money can change hands in a favorable way.

Year this Office was Established: 1979

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Recreation and Recreational Accidents; Electrical, Electrocution Accidents; Elevator, Escalator Accidents; Explosion, Demolition & Blasting Accidents; Swimming Pool Accidents; Drowning, Diving or Swimming Accidents; Underinsured Motorist Coverage; Automobile Liability Insurance; Collision Insurance.

Areas of Law Description

- Truck and Bus Accidents

Hawaii is a "no fault" state. That means that all drivers of motor vehicles are required by law to maintain minimum insurance coverage applicable to their vehicle under Hawaii law. The minimums for a truck or bus are generally the same as for an automobile.

- Moped and Pedestrian Accidents

Hence, at present if you are on a moped or you are a pedestrian and you are injured in a motor vehicle accident with another vehicle, there are generally supposed to be minimum coverages on the other vehicle and these minimums are supposed to be available to help to protect you from your losses.

- Motorcycle, Motorbike and Motor Scooter Accidents

After a motorcycle, motorbike or motor scooter accident, there are several immediate steps which should be considered. Many accidents are fortunately quite minor in nature and are easily dealt with. An attorney is not generally needed in the aftermath of a minor accident. However there are certain procedures that should always be considered after an accident has occurred.

- Brain Injuries

A brain injury is often the result of a vehicle crash, a serious fall, a medical error or a sports injury. It has been said that every 21 seconds someone suffers a brain injury. The impact of a brain injury can be devastating, but a brain injury attorney can help lessen the impact that the brain injury has on the lifestyle of the patient and his or her family, by helping to reduce the financial strain caused by the brain injury.

- Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI)

Paraplegia is a form of spinal cord injury that usually results from an injury to the lower part of the spinal cord- such as the thoracic or lumbar region. The paralysis that results from paraplegia generally affects just the legs and/or lower parts of the body. On the other hand quadriplegia is a form of spinal cord injury that usually results from an injury to the upper part of the spinal cord- such as the cervical region (the neck).

- Catastrophic Injury

All potential catastrophic injury victims should seek proper medical evaluation from an experienced and qualified doctor as promptly as possible. The residual effects of a catastrophic injury on the individual's cognitive functioning, activities, emotions, personality and other basic functions can be overwhelming.

- Wrongful Death

Wrongful death suits can recover the expenses associated with the wrongful death itself, in addition to the economic loss of salary and benefits and increased household expenses, and the general damages, such as limitations, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and other factors that will increase burden on the family already suffering a grave loss.

- Medical Malpractice / Professional Negligence Claims

Generally, a medical malpractice claim arises when a medical practitioner has negligently caused injury. Medical treatment is negligent if it fails to meet the standard of care generally provided to patients. A physician must also obtain "informed consent" to any medical treatment which he provides to a patient.

- Premises Liability

In Hawaii, a claim arising out of a serious fall, a slip-and-fall, a trip-and-fall or other accident resulting from a dangerous condition on property is generally subject to a two-year statute of limitations. The owner or occupant of real property is required to take reasonable steps to eliminate any unreasonable risk of harm posed by the property to people who may come onto it.

- Defective Products

Some examples of dangerous products which have been led to successful products liability claims include: Accident Lawyer Hawaii- Equipment dangerous products - like aerosol cans- which explode or otherwise injure users and/or bystanders, an appliance or other electrical device which gives an electrical shock or which ignites or causes nearby materials to catch on fire, asbestos, medical devices which fail or which otherwise cause serious injury, medications with serious undisclosed side effects.


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