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Law Firm Overview

William Hough & Partners is an international law firm, established in 1995, that provides legal counsel and advice to legal entities and individuals interested in transacting business or obtaining legal representation in the Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; and in Ukraine, Russia and Poland. William Hough & Partners, with branch office located in Kiev, Ukraine, helping clients in resolving their legal matters.

William Hough & Partners has long experience in providing representation and assistance with respect to matters involving inheritance. The firm is also able to assist its clients with services including accounting and bookkeeping; sale of real property; and general investment advice.

William Hough & Partners is also able to assist its clients with services including accounting and bookkeeping; tax preparation; management of buildings or real estate restitution after nationalization; appraisal and sale of real property; preparation of customs forms and documents; and debt collection matters.

Languages: Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Polish, Estonian, German, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Corporate Advisory; Competition; Industry and Regulatory Matters.

Areas of Law Description

William Hough & Partners represents clients in the following areas of practice:

- Administrative

The interpretation and analysis of laws and regulations which serve to regulate business activity may often require legal advice. The Firm can assist and advise clients in Central and Eastern Europe with respect to a wide range of legal issues regarding governmental regulation of business that may arise from time.

- Banking and Finance, Insurance

The Firm is able to assist and advise its clients with respect to the negotiation, documentation and closing of loan agreements and commercial real estate and asset-based loan transactions. Our attorneys are also able to advise clients with respect to the restructuring, or work-out, of non-performing loans, as well as providing other services related to foreclosure, liquidation or bankruptcy.

- Commercial and Business

The Firmís attorneys who specialize in the areas of corporate and general business law represent corporations, partnerships and other forms of business entities engaged in a variety of operations, including manufacturing, real estate sale and development, international trade, and financial services.

- Corporate Advisory

The Firm offers its clients advice and representation with respect to the evolving regulation of company laws and business regulations in Central and East Europe. The Firm also provides advice with respect to mergers and acquisitions, securities laws, intellectual property law, employee benefits and employment law-related matters.

- Competition

The Firm can advise its clients with respect to a range of anti-monopoly and competition matters including acquisitions and joint ventures subject to national merger control regulatory frameworks and with respect to competitive and anti-competitive agreements and practices.

- Employment and Labor

The Firm advises its corporate clients in regard to all aspects of national labor and employment law in Central and East Europe, including trade union matters, the negotiation and administration of collective agreements, employment standards in the work place, harassment and discrimination issues, executive compensation matters, business immigration visas and etc.

- Environmental

The Firmís lawyers advise and represent clients at local, municipal and national levels with regard to hazardous waste disposal requirements, environmental issues connected with the development and location of a new plant or facility, obtaining necessary permits and assessments for development rights and clean-up of contaminated property in the case of purchase of an existing Central or Eastern European plant or factory.

- Inheritance

The Firm assists its clients with representation and advice concerning inheritance matters including probate of last wills and testaments, filing of foreign wills and testaments with notaries, and preparing probate applications to courts so as to provide for the inheritance of property by the heirs of an estate.

- International

Succeeding in international markets has become an integral part of the business strategies of both emerging and established companies in Eastern and Central Europe. Our presence in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Poland allows us to assist our clients across the region with respect to a multitude of highly diverse matters and transactions.

- Intellectual Property

The Firm is able to assist its clients with all legal aspects of intellectual property matters, including patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, trade secrets and unfair competition. The Firm is able to assist our clients in obtaining and maintaining trademark and patent registrations in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, the European Union and the United States.

- Litigation and Arbitration

The Firmís cooperates with leading attorneys (barristers) in Central and Eastern Europe who are able to undertake commercial and business litigation on behalf of the Firmís clients. These attorneys have considerable experience in a wide range of litigation matters, ranging from customary commercial practice associated with general representation of corporations.

- Maritime and Transport

The Firm and its associated attorneys advise and represent clients throughout the East and Central European region with respect to shipping, maritime and transport law matters. The Firm has assisted and represented clients with respect to arrests of vessels in Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine.

- Privatization

The Firm builds its privatization law capabilities upon its expertise in this sector developed during the origins of the privatization process in Poland, Estonia, Russia and Lithuania. The Firm can assist clients with the privatization of State companies and enterprises and municipal holdings of assets and real estate, including all necessary legal, financial and environmental due diligence.

- Real Estate

The Firmís lawyers are able to assist and provide legal advice and representation to local and foreign developers, owners or prospective purchasers of apartments and homes, owners and tenants of commercial and industrial properties, and owners or developers of shopping centers and condominiums.

- Securities and Capital Markets

The Firm advises its clients with respect to regional or national laws and regulations governing capital markets; on the issuance of shares and debt instruments; with respect to mergers and acquisitions of public companies; with private placement transactions and with respect to public offerings and listings on Central and Eastern European stock exchanges.


Ms. Oksana Borodavko
Commercial Law, Transportation

Ms. Nataliya Korchak
Administrative Law, Competition Law, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions


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