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Law Firm Overview

Wolff Law Office is situated in San Francisco, California. The attorneys have a diverse background, which allows them to specialize in many practice areas including construction litigation, real estate, business law, and more. For over 30 years, they have assisted businesses move forward and expand. They are dedicated to helping your company succeed. The attorneys understand that businesses need to take many legal actions throughout a course of their history. You need their expertise and skills to get everything done correctly. The attorneys will use technology and resources to avoid problems in the future. Founder George Wolff has advanced degrees in civil engineering, so he understands construction issues. His viewpoint will aid you to achieve your objectives successfully.

Wolff Law Office has experience helping companies, professionals, and individuals with construction contracts, government contracts and claims, and real estate contracts. They will assist you with any disputes, construction defects, public works, disciplinary proceedings, and professional and business licensing laws. With over 50 years of collective legal experience, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Year this Office was Established: 1983

Languages: Mandarin, Korean, French, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Copyright Infringement Law'; AB32 Carbon Offsets and California Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cap and Trade Law; Professional Licensing and License Disciplinary Proceedings and Hearings; Condominium Law; Mechanics Lien Law; Public Construction Contract Law; Bid Protest Law; Copyright Infringement Law re Architect's Construction Plans and Drawings; Construction Defect Law; Noise Pollution and Nuisance Law; Planning Code Law; Civil Appeals in State and Federal Courts of Appeal.

Areas of Law Description

- Business Counseling, Contracts and Litigates

We represent business, corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, Limited Liability Companies, licensed professionals, and individuals on business formation, operations, contracts, and dispute resolution of all types, including shareholder, partnership issues and dispute contract drafting and enforcement, collections, and professional licensing and disciplinary proceedings.

- Professional Licensing Laws and Accusations, Subpoenas, and Proceeding for Suspension or Revocation of Professional Licenses

We represent individuals and businesses, such as Real Estate and Insurance Brokers, Contractors, Design Professionals and others who are seeking or who hold California Professional Licenses to require and do fraud those licenses in government agency hearing and in court.


George Wolff Mr. George W. Wolff
Principal Attorney
Administrative Law, Agency and Distributorship, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate Practice, Arbitration



  • State Bar of California
  • American Bar Association
  • California Association of Realtors
  • American Society of Civil Engineers

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Articles Published by Wolff Law Office

 Legal Obligations and Liabilities of Condominium Homeowners’ Associations for the Common Areas in California Law

Legal obligations and liabilities of condominium homeowners’ associations under the Davis-Stirling Act under California law for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the common areas of the condominium property.

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 Due Process of Law Rights of Government Contractors who are Denied Work or Public Contract Bidding Rights

Due process of law rights of government contractors who are denied work or public bidding rights due to “de facto debarment“ from federal, state or local government bidding or public contracting for alleged unethical conduct or due to bid or bidder non-responsibility determinations by a public agency on a government contract.

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 Substitution of Subcontractors Listed by Mistake in Bidding on a California Public Works Construction Contract

Correction of subcontractor listing errors and substitution of subcontractors listed by mistake in bidding on a California public works construction contract, per public contract code sec. 4107.5.

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 Architectural Contracts, Disputes Architects, Design Professional Liens, Mechanics Liens and Copyrights

Contracts with Architects are different from many other construction industry contracts. First of all, the contracts are usually form contracts drafted by the American Institute of Architects (“A.I.A.”), and are typically more favorable to the architects, and not the property owner or client.

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 How to Create a Partnership or Joint Venture under California Law

Considered in comparison to a Corporation or Limitied Liability Company (“LLC”“), a general partnership or joint venture are the easiest business entities to create, and can be done very informally, although doing it that way has some distinct disadvantages for the partners if a future dispute arises.

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 False Claims Act Liability for Treble Damages on Government Contracts under California Law

Federal, State, and local public agencies have a powerful club to beat back or recover for fraudulent or exaggerated contractor and subcontractor claims against them, in the form of State and Federal False Claims laws.

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 California Contractors’ Licensing Law Requirements, and Risks for Unlicensed Contractors and Property Owners

California Contractors’ Licensing Law Requirements, and the Adverse Effects to Unlicensed Contractors and Property Owners From the Failure of a Builder to be “Duly Licensed” as Required By the California Contractor’s License Law.

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 Delay Claims, Changed Conditions Claims and Extra Work Claims in California Public Contract Law

As is the case on private construction projects or contracts, there are many events on public works projects which make it necessary for a contractor or subcontractor to file claims for extra compensation or extra time to complete a project.

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 Whistleblower Lawsuits and Rewards under California False Claims Act Law

Qui Tam or Whistleblower Lawsuits for Fraud on Government Contracts or Public Contracts under the California False Claims Act, and California Law on the Statute of Limitations.

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 California Whistleblower Qui Tam False Claims Act Lawsuits for Treble Damages on Government Contracts

The California and Federal Laws on False Claims on Government Contracts and Public Works Contracts create the risk of Liability for Treble damages, Civil Penalties and disbarment in WhistleBlower Qui Tam Lawsuits for all government contractors which could effectively wipe out any possible profits on public contracts.

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 California AB 32 Cap and Trade Law and Foreign Offset Credit Programs under Air Resources Board Regulations

Foreign Carbon Offsets under California’s AB 32 Cap and Trade Law by Memorandum of Understanding with Developing Countries and Least Developed Countries under Proposed Regulations from California's Air Resources Board.

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 California Construction Contracts, Subcontracts, Arbitration Agreements, & Mechanics Liens in California Law

Construction Contracts on private construction projects - including AIA A-201 General Conditions, and other form construction contracts - quite commonly include a clause or provision requiring “binding arbitration” of disputes between the Property Owner and the Prime or General Contractor.

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 Qui Tam Whistleblower Lawsuits and Recoveries under the California False Claims Act Law

The California False Claims Act, like the Federal False Claims Act, allows governmental entities - or private whistle-blowers or “Qui Tam” plaintiffs - to bring an action to recover treble damages and civil penalties against persons contracting with State and local government agencies who have defrauded or cheated the government out of “money, property or services”...

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 Requirements for Home Remodeling Contracts and Home Improvement Contracts in California Law

Requirements for Home Remodeling Contracts, "Home Improvement Contracts”, “Home Solicitation Contracts” and Residential Swimming Pool Contracts under California Law, and Homeowners Cancellation Rights and other Legal Protections.

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 Determing Who to Serve 20 day Preliminary Notices Upon on a Construction Project per California Law

Who is the owner, construction lender, or payment bond surety for purposes of serving, recording and pursuing preliminary notices, mechanics liens, and payment bond claims in California law?

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 Prompt Payment Laws, Laibilities & Legal Rights on Public and Private Construction Projects in California Law

California prompt payment laws, rights and liabilities for progress and retention payments for owners, contractors and subcontractors on private and public works construction projects.

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 Uses and Misuses of California Mechanics Lien Release and Lien Waiver Forms under California Law

California law on conditional and unconditional statutory mechanics lien release forms for property owners, prime contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers.

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 How to Record a valid Mechanics Lien; How to Maintain, Perfect & Enforce a Mechanics Lien per California Law.

Time Deadlines, Procedures and Traps for Contractors and Subcontractors on Mechanics Liens under California Laws

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 California Law on What Types of Construction Claims and Costs May Be Included in a Mechanics Lien

Calculation of the Amount of and What Costs May be Included in a Mechanics Lien under California Laws.

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 Requests for Proposals and Bid Protests for Proposals on California Government Contract and Services Contracts

Requests for proposals and bid protests on state of California Public services contracts and Government purchasing contracts under California Law and Public Contract Code sec.13044 & 10345.

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 How to Substitute Listed Subcontractors On California Public Contracts under the Fair Practices Act Law

How to substitute or remove listed subcontractors on California public works government construction jobs under the Subletting and Subcontracting Fair Practices Act, Public Contract Code sec. 4104, 4106 & 4107.5 substitution procedures and hearing procedures, lawsuits by substituted subcontractors for lost profits, and other concerns for listed subcontractors and substitute subcontractors.

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 Disclosure Duties in Real Estate Sales, and Liability for Real Estate Fraud and Undisclosed Defects

Disclosure duties in the sale of real estate, and liability and damages for fraud, misrepresentation or the failure of sellers to disclose material facts affecting the value or desirability of real estate under California Law.

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 Bid Protests on California Government Contracts and Public Works Contacts in California Law

This Article describes general grounds for Bid Protests on City, County, Local Agency and State Government Public Contracts in the State of California and stresses the urgency to file a Bid Protest very, very quickly after bids are opened to avoid losing your rights to file a successful Bid Protest. Protest procedures vary so check the project manual, local statutes or ordinances on deadlines and procedures, and - immediately - consult a competent and experienced government contract attorney.

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 Statutes of Limitations on Construction Defect and Condominium Defect Lawsuits in California Law

Deadlines, issues and warnings on filing lawsuits for California construction defect damage cases for private and residential construction jobs

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 How to File a Mechanics Liens under California Law within Legal Time Limits and Lien Enforcement Procedures

There are strict and very very short deadlines for recording and filing suit on a mechanics lien (or a stop notice) on a private construction project in California that run from "completion" of a construction project, or from the owner's recording of a "notice of completion" or "notice of cessation of labor" on a project. Failure to meet these deadlines for recording and filing suit can result in the complete loss of your lien rights and your ability to collect what is owed.

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 California Law on Using Unlicensed Construction Contractors, their Hiring, Non-Payment, and Liability Risks.

While the laws might seem to some to create an opportunity for an owner or general contractor to hire an unlicensed person at a discount very cheap to what an experienced licensed contractor might charge for the same job, and then still be able to avoid paying the unlicensed builder and even sue him or her to get back the money you paid them, this is not a good idea.

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