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Law Firm in Dominican Republic: Vega Imbert & Asociados

Vega Imbert & Asociados

Santiago, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Corporate, Commercial, Civil, Labor and Intellectual Property Lawyers

Phone+809 582-8146

Vega Imbert & Associates is one of the leading law firms in the Dominican Republic and its practice is well-known in corporate law, commercial, civil, labor, intellectual property, corporate and financial.
The firm is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce of Santiago,...
Other Offices: Santo Domingo
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Law Firm in Dominican Republic: WDA International Law Firm

WDA International Law Firm

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Divorce, Intellectual Property and Corporate Law Firm

Phone+809 540-8001

WDA International Law Firm is an experienced international law firm with offices in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and Miami, Florida USA.
At WDA International Law Firm we are devoted to serving our clients from around the world in our practice of Intellectual Property Lawyers, Civil and criminal...
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  • Angeles & Lugo Lovaton

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Corporate And Intellectual Property Practice In The Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 95 412040

    Angeles & Lugo Lovatón is a “compact” full service commercial law firm in the Dominican Republic. The firm is experienced handling litigation and arbitration in national and multi-jurisdiction disputes involving, for example, distribution and corporate contracts, consumer protection, unfair...

  • BDS Asesores

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Corporate Labor Law Firm in Central America

    Phone +809 472-4202

    BDS Asesores is the leader legal firm, specialists in Labor Law, both in Costa Rica as well as in the Central American area. Our team is made up of eleven lawyers and specializes in offering preventive and corrective counsel on individual and collective labor conflicts of multiple organizations,...

  • Beltran & Taveras, Abogados

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Civil Law Attorneys In The Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 92 386004

    BELTRAN & TAVERAS is a law firm characterized by offering an extraordinary service of legal assistance in civil matters, intellectual property law, corporate law, labor matters, real estate law, as well as any other high demand area of law.
    Following similar just in time criterials,...

  • Berges Dreyfous

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Full-Service Law Firm In Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 93 812780

    The quality of service in BERGES DREYFOUS - ABOGADOS is based on the profound responsibility and dedication of our professionals for the purpose of obtaining the greatest satisfaction of our customers to consolidate relations with them. Our professional services consist of advice and conduct of...

  • Cáceres Torres, S.R.L.

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Full-Service Law Firm In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 95 422012

    Cáceres Torres is a firm of general practice with an emphasis on corporate and business law, commercial law and banking, family law, litigation and arbitration. Our attorneys have extensive practice and experience required to advise local and foreign clients in their legal and business needs and...

  • Caribbean Legal Services - Lic. Ramon Armando Alburquerque Mora

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Immigration Services & Legal Advice in Dominican Republic

    Phone +1 829 6531492

    Complete provision of permanent residence and work permit (immigration), emigration, naturalization (citizenship), the business company with bank account, legal advice in the Dominican Republic.
    We are a group of professionals living in the Dominican Republic for over ten years, working closely...

  • Central Law

    Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

    IP, Banking, Corporate & Business Law, Investment and Real State Law Firm

    Phone +1 809 3202224

    Central Law is the only regional law firm in Central America and the Caribbean, with eleven offices in seven countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Dominican Republic.
    The distinctive characteristic of Central Law is multinational organization that allows...

    Other Offices: Santo Domingo
  • Dickson Morales

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    International Law Firm In The Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 95 471602

    DMAC is a proactive law firm with global vision, committed in providing effective and innovative solutions on time, which allow preventing their clients’ legal and strategic risks. DMAC develops a close relationship of trust and understanding of their clients’ needs as if they were our own, to...

  • Esquea & Valenzuela

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Full-Service Law Firm In The Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 95 656714

    We have more than 28 years providing the highest quality legal services to a broad spectrum of clients in a wide range of industries, such as: banking and insurance, consumer products, real estate, advertising and media, oil and byproducts, industrial manufacturing, among others; all of different...

  • Estrella & Tupete

    Santiago, Dominican Republic

    Criminal, Commercial & Investment Legal Consultants In Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 97 240000

    Estrella & Tupete its a law firm bring services in all the areas: commercial, civil, criminal, property intellectually, telecommunications, foreign investments, family, free zone.
    Our firm is pleased to assist in the matters to serve our clients with respect, confidence and security of...

  • Ferrand & Oviedo Abogados

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Full Service Law Firm in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Phone +1 809 238-5061

    Ferrand & Oviedo Abogados was founded by Dr. Juan A. Ferrand Barba in 1977. A graduate from the most prestigious universities of the Dominican Republic and Europe, Dr. Ferrand started offering legal services in Santo Domingo to satisfy the most intricate and demanding legal needs in the...

  • Figueroa Güilamo & Associates

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Business, Corporate & Real Estate Law Firm In Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 95 404122

    Founded in 1982 in the city of Santo Domingo, Figueroa Güilamo & Associates is a law firm specialized in Business, Corporate Law, Quick Divorce and Real Estate Investments in the Dominican Republic. With a trained staff, extensive knowledge of law and a vision based on customer service,...

  • Hernandez Contreras, Herrera & Asoc

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Employment And Labor Law, Pensions And Employee Benefits In The Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 95 650072

    Hernández Contreras, Herrera & Associates was founded on April 21, 1992 by Dr. Carlos Hernández Contreras and César Herrera Díaz, among other associate lawyers. Dr. Hernández Contreras started his career in Dr. Lupo Hernández Rueda (1990/1992) Law Office and Mr. Herrera Díaz started his carreer...

  • Hoepelman & Rivera

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Civil, Corporate, Commercial And Intellectual Property Law Firm In The Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 97 051989

    Hoepelman & Rivera is a general practice law firm where our clients can find a solutions to their corporate and personal issues in one place.

  • International Law Office Dominicana

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    Phone 809-535-4688

    The International Law Office Dominicana, S.A., formerly known as the Bufete Juridico Comercial C. por A. was established in 1971.
    Our office has been in the same location in the business center section of the Hotel El Embajador since that date.
    Our firm specializes in Dominican divorce in...

  • Jorge Mera & Villegas

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Law Firm Specializing In Intellectual Property In Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 92 277001

    JORGE MERA & VILLEGAS was created as the result of the merger of the firm R.O. SENIOR, specialized in the area of Intellectual Property, with professional experience since 1942, and the Law Office ORLANDO CRUZ FRANCO, specialized in general legal services, with professional experience since...

  • Jottin Cury, Abogados

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 96 877747

    Established in 1949 by doctor Jottin Cury, after being governor of the provinces of Azua and Elías Piña, decided to devote himself to the legal practice. The Trujillo´s dictatorship marks the beginning of an accelerated process of transformations, that prepares necessities and expositions that...

  • Law Offices of Radhafil Rodriguez, P.A.

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Dominican Republic Corporate Attorneys

    Phone 809-533-1080

    The Law Offices of RADHAFIL RODRIGUEZ, P.A., is a Dominican Law Firm established in Miami Florida Area. The firm provides legal solutions to individuals and corporations in matters involving the Dominican Republic Laws, The firm has offices in Dominican Republic and Florida.

  • Matos Mateo & Associates

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Family Law And Corporate Law Firm In the Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 94 827636

    Matos Mateo & Associates is a law firm establish in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic specialized in family law for national and international customers, also we have a team of expert in the areas of company incorporation and debt collection in the Dominican Republic. We also can provide...

  • MDRC Ltd.

    Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

    Corporate & Immigration Law Firm In Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 97 059906

    Practice Areas:
    Corporate Law
    Immigration Law
    Real Estate Law
    Civil Law
    Penal Law
    Family Law
    Investment Law
    Off Shore Companies
    Planning and Developing
    New Projects

  • Mesa & Mesa Law FirmArticles

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Full Service Law Firm In Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 93 380444

    Mesa & Mesa is a well-know law firm in Dominican Republic. We focus on advising public and private sector organizations in the insurance, aviation, maritime, telecommunications, trademark, patent, immigration and foreign investment sectors.
    The firm’s 10 lawyers represent a wide range of...

  • Moreno Gautreau Law Firm

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Business Litigation Law Firm In the Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 92 235962

    Moreno Gautreau Law provides professional legal services in areas of business in the Dominican Republic. We have a local approach to your international inquires. An extensive experience in business litigation and legal transactions is the key of our success. We provide smart strategies that will...

  • Oficina Bisonó

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Corporate And Business Law Firm In the Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 95 493323

    The firm counts with a team of professionals with international knowledge and expertise in various branches of law and fluency in Spanish, English and French. Our practice concentrates in civil and commercial law, incorporation of local and overseas companies, heritage organization, contracts,...

  • Oficina J.M. Cabral Y Baez

    Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

    Civil Law, Foreclosures, Business and Corporate Law Attorneys In Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 95 837211

    The firm’s main goal is to produce excellent results and the most effective solutions to their clients´ legal needs. For this purpose, Oficina J.M. Cabral & Baez uses innovative and pragmatic strategies when working on each case. Knowing that its success is dependent upon close coordination...

  • Oficina Marranzini

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Litigation, Corporate and Business Law Attorneys In Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 98 296866162

    During our history, we have focused on serving the highest delivery commitment and professionalism in the services provided to our customers, allowing us to stand as one of the most prestigious firms at home. It was founded in 1987 and is composed of lawyers with vast experience and training,...

  • Perez & Gonzalez (P&G LAW)

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    General Practice Law Office In Santo Domingo

    Phone +80 94 825783

    Since P&G has been established, we have offered legal services in diverse areas of law like traditional Civil, Penal and Commercial laws as well as in Foreign Investment, Migratory Law and Real Estate Law. We bring together experience and high quality, giving our customers efficient and...

    Other Offices: Bavaro
  • Rivas & Asociados

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Full Service Law Firm In The Dominican Republic

    Phone +80 94 735641

    Officium Lex - Rafael Rivas & Associates is a law firm in the Dominican Republic with 40 years of experience reaching national and international prestige as a result of our hard work, always abiding by the highest level of quality and work ethics; displaying effort and dedication which has...

  • Villar Sánchez Poindexter

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, and Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +1 809 6202882

    Villar Sánchez Poindexter is a Dominican law firm located in the nation’s capital, but servicing all major metropolitan areas and tourist zones throughout the Republic. The firm is made up of licensed attorneys and business professionals, and employs a talented paralegal staff. V.S.P. is a general...

  • Wilson A. Rood Y Asociados

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Real Estate, Immigration, Commercial Law, & Intellectual Property Attorneys In The Dominican Republi

    Phone +82 99 627017

    We are a small law firm with the ability to provide personal attention to each of our clients specific needs. We have
    ample experience dealing with real estate, immigration, commercial and intellectual property law in
    the Dominican Republic.

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