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  • Akgun law office

    Gaziantep, Turkey
    Gaziantep Phone +903422321644
  • Akinci Attorneys-at-Law

    Antalya, Turkey

    Foreign Investments, Real Estate, Corporate Transactions, Contracts

    Phone +90 24 22470824

    AKINCI Attorneys-at- Law is dedicated to provide high quality legal consultancy and attorneyship services both for domestic and foreign real/legal persons those who wish to conduct business, invest in Turkey or abroad.
    Having solid co-operation and alliances with a number of law firms and legal...

  • Akkaya & Akkaya Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    International Debt Collection, Commercial and Corporate Law Firm in Turkey

    Phone 90 212 2513881

    Our Firm was founded by Huseyin Akkaya in 1987, in Istanbul. The Firm became Ekin Law Firm with three more partners in 1988. In those years, an active role has been taken in legal procedure of foundation of the first Turkish Government Employee Unions, beside its services in private and public law...

  • Aktif Law Office

    Ankara, Turkey

    Domestic & International Law Practice

    Phone +90 312 287 95 55

    Because of the presence of complicated business operations and going through a more professional world, the requisite of assist by connoisseurs and accurate orientation have been clearly understood. Based on its experience and prosperous enterprise Aktif Law Office wants to provide full legal...

  • Akturk AB

    Antalya, Turkey

    International Law Firm

    Phone +90 242 3220120

    Akturk AB is a full-service international law firm renders permanent or project based consulting and representation services focusing on business law both for multinational and Turkish clients.
    With experienced lawyers and counsels located at the headquarters in Antalya and the affiliated office...

    Other Offices: Istanbul
  • Akyildiz Law Firm

    Izmir, Turkey

    Commercial, Corporate, Real Estate, Capital Market & Contract Law Firm in Turkey

    Phone +90 232 4630616

    We are providing legal services and assistance to local and international clients in Turkey and also relieve the clients in foreign jurisdictions. The firm is a general service law office focusing on commercial law, corporate law, real-estate law, foreign capital law, penal law subjects with ...

  • Alcan Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Leading International Law Firm in Turkey

    Phone +90 212 219 3646

    Alcan Law Firm was founded in 1973, during the course of its 36 years history, the firm has become one of the leading law firms and a point of reference in the legal field in Turkey. We provide comprehensive legal services to companies, institutions and govermental authorities, whether Turkish or...

  • Alf

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone 902 16 1111112

    Our practice as described in headings below may be explained under three main service groups, consisting of consultancy services, litigation and debt recovery services depending on the needs of our clients.

  • Ali Yuksel & Hilmi Ozalp Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Intellectual Property, Debt Collection , Corporate , and Tax Law Firm

    Phone +90 212 2666565

    Ali Yüksel & Hilmi Özalp is a reputable full service law firm which provides the best legal services to its clients. Our firm's main practice areas are patent law, debt collection , corporate law , trademark law and tax law. Our lawyers have distinguishable international experience in all kind...

  • Alimoglu Oruc Law Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey Business, IP, Technology, Foreign Investments, Competition and Contract Attorneys

    Senel Cd. No: 73 A - 4 D: 37 Umraniye Phone +90 216 3134636
  • Alsulu Law Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Business and Investment Law,Family Law,Company Law,Contract Law,Debt Recovery,Maritime Law

    Osmanaga Mah. Ali Suavi Sok. No:23 D: 7 Kadikoy Phone + 90 216 449 06 63
  • AMK Patent Consultation Co., Ltd.

    Ankara, Turkey

    Full-Service Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Adakale Sokak No.32/14 Kızılay Phone +90312 433 52 34
  • Anka Patent

    Istanbul, Turkey
    Bankalar Cd. Goldag Is Merkezi Karakoy Phone +90 (212) 243 44 70
  • Antroya Legal Consulting & Advocacy Services

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Firm with Expertise in Commercial Law & Debt Recovery

    Phone +90 212 2403440

    Antroya is a legal consulting and advocacy service provider based in Istanbul, with its branches in Ankara and Istanbul.
    Our strong commercial and corporate teams support businesses through some of their most significant milestones, including mergers and acquisitions, commercial law practices,...

  • Anwaltskanzlei

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Türkisches Recht, litigation,dispute resolution, real estate, business law

    Phone +90 212 6606535

    Deutschsprachige Anwaltskanlei in Istanbul. We are a full service law firm in Istanbul

  • Aranci & Öz Law Office

    Ankara, Turkey

    Defense Industry in Turkey

    Günes Sokak No: 23/6 ÇAnkara Phone +90 312 4662888
  • Argun Law Office

    Izmir, Turkey

    Securities, Corporate Finance & Business Law

    Phone +902324467671

    Argun Law office was founded in 1971 by Mr Yucel Argun. Our offive's practice is mainly concentrated on law of contracts, business law, corporate law, labor law, intellectual property law areas. Through the past 35 years we have been the legal counsel of the most considerable firms in Izmir City.

  • Arihan & Arihan

    Ankara, Turkey
    Illkiz Sokak 5/10, Sihhiye Phone 903122318393
  • Arikan Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey
    SAIR NEDIM C. NO:110/9 BESİKTAS Phone +90.212.2361504
  • Arkun Law Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Turkey

    Phone +90 216 5452890

    Arkun Law Office established in 1990, in Istanbul by Att. Coskun ARKUN, provides legal consulting and litigation services to domestic, international and multi-national industrial and commercial companies as well as financial corporations.
    Arkun Law Office has rendered wide-ranging services in...

  • Armark Trademark & Law Office

    Ankara, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Firm in Ankara, Turkey

    Barbaros Mh. Tunali Hilmi Caddesi Kugulu Ishani A Blok No:123/56
    Kavaklidere/Cankaya/ANKARA Phone +90 533 3723689
  • Asiif Law Services Department

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Specialized International Law Services in Turkey and Eastern Europe

    Turkish Representation, Gulden Sk No 24/2
    Ciftehavuzlar Kadikoy Phone +90 216 478 1913
  • Askan Law Office

    Izmir, Turkey

    Administrative Law, Execution & Enforcement Law, Corporate, Intellectual Property, Tax Law

    Phone +90 232 4450886

    Askan Law Office was established in Izmir by Att. At Law Filiz Askan and Att. At Law Beykan Askan in 1986. The office has been serving as legal consultant and counsel for both corparates and individuals for 23 years. With its experienced staff and consulting academicians, it focuses on special...

  • Aslan & VanArsdale

    Istanbul, Turkey
    Tunel Meydani, Tunel Gecidi Ishani C Blok 432
    Beyoglu Phone +90 2122933336
  • Asli Ongur Law & Consulting Office

    Antalya, Turkey

    International Law & Litigation Law Firm

    Phone +90 242 5137886

    Attorney Asli ONGUR, who is registered in Antalya Bar Association with registry no. 2904, provides legal and consultancy services to local and foreign real persons and companies in Alanya, Antalya and Ankara. She mainly aims to provide an inclusive due diligence litigation in cases, disputes and...

  • Asya Patent & Trademark Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey Patent and Trademark Attorneys

    Phone 212 6409039

    Asya Patent provides services in trademark registration, opposition against a trademark application, and trademark infringement law suits for a wide range of companies.

  • Atakan Yesil

    Ankara, Turkey
    Tunali Hilmi Caddesi 85/34 Phone (312) 466 0515
  • Atalay & Ozsan Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Law Firm Specializing in Trademark, Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 212 2741106 / 07

    The firm is a commercial and corporate law firm based in Istanbul .It was founded on the premise that efficient and effective representation for domestic and foreign corporations require high level of expertise in addition to legal experience. The firm strives to provide its clients with responsive...

  • Atamer & Karaman

    Istanbul, Turkey
    Cumhuriyet Caddesi 6A Pak Apt. D.4 Phone 90-212-219 18 18
  • Atli & Atli Law Office

    Izmir, Turkey

    National and Internationally Legal Support

    Phone +90 5322211849

    Atli & Atli Law Office has been in operation incessantly since 1974 under the guidance of the principle of respect for the person and the law; with adherence to career ethics, rules of law, and the rights of the person; with care for career integrity; closely following contemporary rules of...

    Other Offices: Istanbul
  • Attorney Cihan Orhan

    Ankara, Turkey

    Universal Law Firm

    Atatürk Bulvari no: 151/501 Bakanliklar Phone +90 312 4251566
  • Attorneys Kucukyilmaz & Marhan

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone + 90 212 2931194

    Kucukyilmaz & Marhan Attorneys at Law has been established on May 2009 as a partnership between Atty. Sedat Kucukyilmaz, Atty. Serhat Emre Marhan and Atty. Ozgur Kucukyilmaz.
    Kucukyilmaz Law Office was established by Atty. Vasfi Sedat Kucukyilmaz in the year 1980. The office has provided...

  • Av. Tülin Nadir Akgünes

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Administrative Law, Commercial and Competition Law Attorney

    Bagdat Caddesi Tekül Apt.
    181-11 Çiftehavuzlar Phone +90 5324749680
  • Avukat Erol Kiritoglu

    Mersin, Turkey

    Turkish Law Attorney

    Istiklal Cad.Borsa Sarayi A Blok 7, Kat No 25 Phone +90 5065003464
  • Avukat Kemal Sener

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Turkish Intellectual Property, Finance & Business Law Office

    Phone +90 212 3260615

    Established by Mr Kemal Sener in 2002, Kemal Sener Law and Consultancy Office ("Kemal Sener") is one of the leading, boutique-style law offices in Turkey. Providing its individual and corporate clients with bespoke and tailor made solutions, Kemal Sener concentrates all its attention and efforts on...

  • Avukat Muammer Yilancioblu

    Adana, Turkey
    Reşatbey Mah. 6 Sk. Bozdoğan Apt. B
    Blok Kat: 1/5-Seyhan Phone +903224581988
  • Avukat Mustafa Kemal Batur

    Ankara, Turkey

    IT and Criminal Law, Turkiye

    Phone 905326277473

    We serve the penalty in Turkey and IT law. Five lawyers working with IT experts in the field.

  • Avukat Ruya Beril

    Istanbul, Turkey

    International Family Law Attorneys

    Phone 90 212 236 33 63

    Att. Ruya Beril Çetintaş and colleagues work for foreigners who needs residency and working permit in Turkey or other countries.

  • Aybay & Aybay

    Istanbul, Turkey
    Phone +90 212 293 67 44

    AYBAY & AYBAY appeared on the Turkish legal scene in the early 1980s as the leading firm in shipping law and international commercial law. In a market until then dominated by private practitioners, AYBAY & AYBAY was the first example of a legal services organization modelled after the...

  • Aydin & Aydin Law Partnership

    Istanbul, Turkey

    International Law, Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Baglarbasi Mah. Sahin Sk. No :12 Maltepe Phone +90 216 4598555
  • Aydin Avukatlik

    Adana, Turkey

    Foreign Direct Investments & Legal Consultancy Services For Companies

    Phone +90 322 458 84 42

    As Aydin Law Office, we provide wide range and the highest level of legal service, both to our national and international clients.

  • Aydin Orhan Law FirmArticles

    Istanbul, Turkey

    International Transport, Corporate and Business Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 216 4257725

    Aydın Orhan Law Firm was established in February 1982. Being one of the leading law firms in Turkey, it combines experience and dynamism. The lawyers of Aydin Orhan Law Firm possess comprehensive knowledge in every field of legal practice. The firm's lawyers, tax advisers, translators, and...

  • Aydinlioglu

    Istanbul, Turkey

    International Corporate, Finance, IP Law Firm

    Phone +90 216 405 1715

    Seckin is an internationally oriented law firm located in both Istanbul, financial capital of Turkey, and Izmir. Having unique affiliations with law firms, international law organizations and international associations across the world, we are boutique law firm that has a rapid and an effective...

  • Aydogdu Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Business Law, Contract Law, Commercial Law, Maritime Law, Company Law, Condominium Law, Family Law

    Phone +90 212 8812090

    AYDOGDU LAW FIRM, with two main offices and seven specialized advocates, is providing legal consultancy service in the areas of Commercial Law, Maritime Law, Company Law, Competition Law, Business Law, Contract Law, Condominium Law, Health Law, Inheritance Law, Family Law, Criminal Law and Finance...

  • Azim Cigil Law Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm

    Phone +902122692577

    The main principals of our firm are experience, intelligence, reliance, allegiance, stability, focus on results and honesty. This leads to the knowledge that we provide a reputable management, not just legal consultancy.

  • B.B.S Law Firm

    Izmir, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm

    Adalet Mahallesi Manas Bulvari No 24 Daire 8 Gundogan Ishani Phone +90 5324689849
  • B.R.N. Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Admiralty & Maritime Law, Corporate, Construction and Energy Law Firm

    Phone +90 (216) 428 04 50

    b.r.n Law Firm is a boutique law firm based in Istanbul – Turkey, with a practice highly attuned to the ever changing domestic and international landscape. We are noted for our commitment to client service and our ability to assist clients with their most complex and demanding legal and business...

  • Bahar & Uysal Law Firm

    Antalya, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Antalya Turkey

    Phone +90 242-244-0367

    Bahar & Uysal Law Firm is providing full legal services to international and local clients.

  • Bahri Arda Adak Law Office

    Izmir, Turkey

    Real Estate Law in Turkey

    857 St. 1715 Phone +90 232 4410944
  • Balin & Balin Law Firm

    Izmir, Turkey

    Highly Experienced Real Estate & Property and International Investment Attorneys in Turkey

    Phone +90 232 4644101

    Balin & Balin Law Firm, based in Izmir having contact offices in Istanbul, Bodrum, Didim, Marmaris and Antakya(Hatay).

    The firm acts in Action & Execution & Consultancy system and provides mainly independent professional property legal support for oversea property buyers in...

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