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  • Nikos Voutsas Law Office

    Athens, Greece
    Phone +30 210 6400544

    The firm was established in 1985 and through the years, it has steadily grown, while maintaining its relatively moderate size and high standards. Primary emphasis is placed on reaching the client's goals and not on litigation for the sake of litigation. Our significant experience in private as well...

  • Nomos Law Firm

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Full Service Corporate Law, Labor Law, Debt Recovery and Real Estate Law Firm in Greece

    Phone 30 2310 263665

    NOMOS Law Firm was established in 1995 in Thessaloniki and today is ranked among the most reputable law firms in Greece. NOMOS is a business oriented law firm which is mainly specialised in company law. Among its national and international clients NOMOS counts mandates from medium-sized and large...

  • P.N. Karydakis & Partners Law Offices

    Piraeus, Greece

    Admiralty and Maritime Law

    Phone +30 210 4525323

    P.N.Karydakis & Partners, is a highly respected Greek law firm located in Piraeus, with large part of activities devoted to the shipping industry, dealing with most of its aspects. New building and Ship repair, Ships’ Sale and Purchase, Ships’ Finance and Registration as well as Corporate Law,...

  • Paleologos and Associates

    Athens, Greece

    Full Service Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 694 6914521

    We at Paleologou & Associates offer expert legal services since 1954. We have a staff of experts in many diverse areas of law. We are fluent in both English, French and Greek. The offices of Paleologou & Associates covers all areas of Hellenic & EU business law, including corporate, commercial,...

  • Pandora Manolidi Law OfficeArticles

    Egion, Greece

    Real Estate and Estate Planning Mediation Law Firm in Egion, Greece

    Phone +30 26910 28163

    We keep our clients constantly and entirely apprised on the development of their Greek estate case making sure that they fully understand the Greek, legal and procedural issues.
    The fact that we work more than 10 hours a day, enables us to respond to our clients' inquiries. We have structured a...

  • Pantazis & Associates

    Athens, Greece

    Corporate & Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Real Estate, Finance Lawyers in Greece

    Phone +30 21 03633694

    Pantazis and Associates is an Athens based law firm operating with international standards.
    Pantazis & Associates was founded by Stefanos Pantazis, who reverted to private legal practice after several years of service as a Judge where he handled a variety of civil and commercial cases.

  • Pantelidis Law Offices

    Athens, Greece

    Civil and Commercial Law Firm in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 21 03611376

    “PD Law Offices” was established in 1941 by Emmanouel Pantelidis. It was initially founded in Volos with specialization in the fields of commercial and criminal law.
    In 1967 its base is being transferred in Athens, while in 1979 “PD Law Offices” evolves and expands its services.
    Nowadays, the...

  • Papapolitis & Papapolitis

    Athens, Greece

    Corporate & Commercial Law Office in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 210 361 5544

    Papapolitis & Papapolitis is a full service, client orientated business law firm offering inclusive legal services in Banking, Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate Governance & Regulatory Compliance, Corporate, M&A, Dispute Resolution, Energy, Funds, Real Estate, Restructuring & Insolvency and...

  • Pappas IP

    Marousi, Greece

    Intellectual Property, US and European Patent Law Attorneys in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30-210-33-88-505

    PAPPAS IP is an international patent law firm. Pappas IP partners and associates have over 100 years of cumulative experience protecting clients' inventions in the United States, Greece and abroad. We are specifically devoted to serving the needs of our high technology clients across the globe from...

  • Pappas Ip Law Office

    Athens, Greece

    Intellectual Property, US and European Patent Law Attorneys in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 210 3388505

    PAPPAS IP is an international patent law firm operating out of Athens Greece. PAPPAS IP partners have over 100 years of cumulative experience protecting clients' inventions in the United States, Greece and abroad. PAPPAS IP is specifically devoted to serving the needs of its high technology clients...

  • Pavlos K. Sarakis

    Athens, Greece

    Criminal and Civil Rights Law Firm in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 210 3841400

    Pavlos K. Sarakis & Associates Law Firm provides a high level of legal services at a wide range of Law, at all instances of the Greek justice, as well as in the European Court of Human Rights.
    It is staffed with strictly evaluated Lawyers, who are well known for their legal erudition,...

  • Peppas Law Firm

    Athens, Greece

    Estate Planning Lawyers in Greece

    Phone 30-210-645-0506

    Peppas law firm is a boutique law firm specializing in real estate, inheritances, business, immigration, criminal and family law matters. If you live outside Greece but have a Greek legal affairs, or if you are a foreigner living in Greece in need of legal matter, or if you have legal services both...

  • Petalas & Partners Law Firm

    Piraeus, Greece

    Full-Service Law Firm in Piraeus, Greece

    Phone +30 210 4111263

    Serving clients internationally from its offices situated in Piraeus, Petalas & Partners Law Firm is consistently recognized as one of the leading law firms in Greece. Established by its senior partner Mr. Constantinos Petalas in 1966 ( President of Piraeus Bar until 2008), Petalas & Partners Law...

  • PFG Panagos - Gouzoulis Law Firm

    Athens, Greece

    International, Energy, and Corporate Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 21 3614974

    PFG Panagos - Gouzoulis Law Firm offers a full range of legal services that includes: Energy, Corporate, Tax, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Administrative Law, Domestic and International Litigation and Arbitration.

  • Philippa Attorneys

    Athens, Greece

    Family Law, Equity and Trusts, Real Estate/Land Law, Corporate/Commercial Law-Athens. Greece

    Phone +30 6945088741

    Our commitment to efficiency, our experience and our excellent track record, both in and out of court, ensure that our clients are well protected every step of the way.

  • Politis & Partners

    Athens, Greece

    Banking and Corporate Finance, M&A, Energy and IT and Litigation Law Firm

    Phone +30 210 7297252

    Politis & Partners is a Greek Law Firm established pursuant to the Presidential Decree 81/2005. All of our Lawyers have acquired postgraduate diplomas from prominent American and European universities.
    In Politis & Partners we are committed to providing efficient, valuable and cost-conscious...

  • Ragatsis-Zichnalis and Partners

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Domestic and International Law

    Phone +30 2310 270671

    The firm "Ragkatsis Chris-Zichnalis George & Associates" , featuring asset as the high scientific training, continuous and uninterrupted informing executives of the constantly changing and evolving science and discipline of legal science, and ongoing engagement of office the cases assigned,...

  • Risvas & Associates Law Firm

    Athens, Greece

    Civil Law and Corporate & Commercial Law

    Phone (+30) 210 6462352

    N. Risvas & Associates established as a Law Office in 1982 in Athens Greece. Since its first years of operation the Law Office has been quickly developed and then been introduced as one of the most skilled Law Offices in Greece.
    We are acknowledged leaders in advising in civil and criminal law...

  • Rita Daskalaki & Partners

    Crete, Greece

    Real Estate Law Firm in Chania, Crete

    Phone 30 28210 27275

    Our Crete law firm is based in Chania town and represents clients all over Greece at Court cases or Contracts. We are English and French speaking solicitors with a specialization in real estate law, but we have experience in almost all fields of Greek law and have been operating in Chania for over...

  • Rokas Law Firm

    Athens, Greece

    International Legal Firm in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 210 3616816

    Established in 1977, Rokas has grown substantially to develop an international network of independent law and business consulting firms which spread across Central and SE European countries.
    Through this broad network, Rokas has managed to provide its local and international clients with full...

    Other Offices: Thessaloniki
  • Salichou & Associates

    Piraeus, Greece

    Litigation, Corporate, Shipping Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 210 49 21 786

    Salichou & Associates is a law firm with dynamic lawyers specialising in litigation (civil & criminal), corporate and commercial law, shipping, aviation, tax law and insurance. The firm advises corporate clients, public institutions and private individuals aiming to provide expert legal advice...

  • SDH & Partners

    Athens, Greece

    Full-Service Law Firm in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 21 07258988

    With a global understanding of changing business environments as they intersect with law, public policy and technology, SDH and Partners is ideally positioned and suited to protect its clients' business and private interests in today’s increasingly sophisticated world.
    The firm brings a...

  • Sioufas & Associates Law Firm

    Athens, Greece

    Full Service Law Firm in Athens,Greece

    Phone +(30)2130175600

    Sioufas & Associates Law Firm is a Greek leading law provide which provides exceptional and reliable legal services in a wide range of industry sectors.Since 1999,the law firm has been committed to providing its clients with legal services of the highest quality with a personal individualized...

  • Spiros Tassis Law Firm

    Athens, Greece

    Full Service Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 210 3643103

    Spiros Tassis is an independent legal consultant, and founder partner of the KLMBT Law Firm. He is admitted at the Bar of Athens (Supreme Court) and specialized in IT and Telecommunications Law since 1999. He holds an LLB (Hons, Law School of Athens-1996) and an LLM (IT and Telecommunications, Law...

  • Spyropoulos Law Offices

    Athens, Greece

    Full-Service Law Firm in Greece

    Phone 2110135653

    Spyropoulos Law Offices have represented before the Greek and European Courts energy, media, commercial and construction companies in Greece6.

  • Stamoulos-Katsios-Goridaris and Partners

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Corporate, Intellectual Property, Family, Labor, Immigration and Criminal Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 2310 276740

    The Law Office "Stamoulos-Katsios-Goridaris and Partners" or "SKG Lawyers" was founded in 1980 by Thessaloniki lawyers Alexandros Stamoulos, Socrates Goridaris and George Gavrilakis, who were fellow students at the Law School of Thessaloniki. Having completed their studies and after taking...

  • Stefanos A. Akritidis Law Office

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Representing Foreign Individuals and Businesses in Greece

    Phone +30 2310 530993

    The law office of Stefanos A. Akritidis was founded by the Greek lawyer Stefanos A. Akritidis, born in 1966, in May 1992 and has been operating uninterruptedly ever since. The lawyer was firstly appointed to the Court of First Instance in Thessaloniki on February 14th, 1991 and up to May 1992 he...

  • Stefanos Economou & PartnersArticles

    Athens, Greece

    Franchising, Divorce, Corporate, Tax & White Collar Crime Law Firm in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 (210) 7231630

    Stefanos Economou & Partners is located in Athens, Greece. The attorneys have an extensive, diverse background, which allows them to have experience in a number of practice areas. When the law firm first opened in 1952, it specialized in civil and commercial litigation. Attorney Stefanos Economou...

  • Stelios Gregoriou Law Offices & Associates

    Athens, Greece

    Commercial and Corporate Law Offices in Greece

    Phone +30 21 08221411

    Stelios Gregoriou Law Offices & Associates was established in 1986 by its Senior Partner and Managing Director Dr. Stelios Gregoriou, attorney-at-law with LLM Degree, graduate of the London School of Economics, economist specialized in the antitrust economics. Our firm provides a broad range of...

  • Stephenson Harwood

    Piraeus, Greece

    Specialized in Financial Services, Transportation, Real Estate and Energy Law

    1st and 2nd Floor
    Filellinon 2 & Akti Miaouli Phone +30 210 4295160
  • Stratos Paradias & Partners

    Athens, Greece

    Property Law, Homeowners Association, Landlord & Tenant Law Firm in Athens

    Phone +30 21 03216141

    The Law Office of Stratos Paradias and Partners is exclusively specializing for decades on all items related to real estate property: acquisition, sale and development transactions, commercial and house rentals and generally with all the spectrum of possesion and management of immovable property of...

  • Stylopoulos & Associates

    Athens, Greece

    Full-Service Corporate Law Firm Based in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 210 3832518

    Stylopoulos & Associates was founded in 1972 and since its foundation, it keeps attracting talented and committed lawyers specialized in Commercial, Corporate, Civil, Tax, and Trademarks delivering the best services and results to our clients for the most areas of the legal spectrum. Our vision and...

  • T & B Greek Lawyers

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Comprehensive Legal Services in Greece

    Phone +30 2310 548.883

    T & B Greek Lawyers and partners was established in Thessaloniki in 1996 by the lawyers Elsa Tastsidou and Emily Brouzou and, since then, has been operating continuously with a well respected Greek and international clientele. The firm offers comprehensive legal services in Greece and abroad.

  • Taliaki & Co Law Offices

    Athens, Greece

    Corporate, Contracts and Tax Planning Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 210 7230766

    Taliaki & Co Law Offices was founded fifteen years ago by Mrs. Julie Taliaki in Athens (Kolonaki), Greece and has been operating continuously since then with a well respected Greek and International clientele.
    The law firm consists of highly experienced legal practitioners combined with an...

  • Tazedakis Law

    Athens, Greece

    Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Administrative, Real Estate, Internet, Intellectual Property

    Phone +30 210 362 5011

    The Tazedakis Law Firm in Athens Greece since 1881 provides legal services. Our lawyers represent multi-national corporations and private individuals for over 130 years in Greece and Europe. Tazedakis Law provides services as a certified mediator.

  • The Greek Law Firm of John M. Tripidakis

    Athens, Greece

    Inheritances, Estates and Real Estate Law Firm in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 210 8949037

    The Greek Law Firm of John M. Tripidakis with over 100 years of combined legal experience in handling Greek Estate cases for foreign citizens, especially Greek Americans and Greek Australians, established in Athens, remains strongly committed to extraordinary client service, operating strictly...

  • Triadafillia D. Vourou & Athanasios N. Papageorgiou

    Athens, Greece

    Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +30 210 7228600

    Our Law Office specializes in the handling of Industrial and Intellectual Property issues including Patent and Trademark cases, Designs, Utility Models, as well as related litigation.
    Throughout the years of our operation, we have recognized that maintaining high standard of quality in every...

  • Tsamichas Law Offices

    Athens, Greece

    Wordwide Corporate Services Lawyers, Tsamichas Law Office in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 210 3638590

    Our law firm was founded in 1988, providing legal services in all fields of law. Due to our knowledge of Greek as well as Italian and German Law, we attended to and concluded major cases and international agreements from the very beginning of our practice.
    Today, owing to our personal and...

  • Tsiotsikas & Partners Law Office

    Attica, Greece

    IT Lawyers in Attica, Greece

    Phone +30 210 8076318

    Information Technology (IT) based societies favour knowledge. Our IT lawyers are members of the Athens Law Bar and have expertise knowledge on technology related legal disputes.
    Our office composes of practitioners which have extensive legal background on drafting IT contracts and provide legal...

  • Tsoumita Law Office/Anwaltskanzlei

    Athens, Greece

    Trademarks, Copyright & Unfair Competition

    Phone + 30 210 3636228

    Tsoumita Law Office / Anwaltskanzlei was established in 2011 by Mania Tsoumita, a graduate of Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki (LL.B) and Karl-Franzens Universität, Graz/Austria (Erasmus-Socrates programme) with postgraduate studies at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

    Before the...

  • V&A Law Firm

    Athens, Greece

    Commercial & Corporate Law Office

    Phone +30 210 36 16 583

    V&A specializes in the areas of commercial and corporate law, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring and white collar crime, tax, investment management with a focus on establishment foreign companies in EU.
    The Firm maintains a dynamic presence with offices at the centre...

  • Vardikos & Vardikos

    Athens, Greece

    Immigration & Tax Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 210 3611505

    Vardikos & Vardikos is an international law firm whose involvement in the practice of law spans five generations. Though we specialize in Patents and Trademarks and the Establishment of Foreign Shipping and Commercial and Industrial Companies we offer a full range of legal services.On the premise...

  • Vgenopoulos and Partners

    Athens, Greece

    Domestic and Foreign Comprehensive Legal Services in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 210 7206900

    For over 25 years we have worked in close cooperation with our
    clients in various business sectors and powered by their success, we
    have grown from 3 to more than 40 lawyers and nowadays are one
    of the largest law firms in Greece.
    Our clients include commercial companies in all...

  • Vosemberg-Vretos

    Athens, Greece

    Intellectual Property Law Firm in Greece

    Aegialias 30, Paradisos Amarousiou, 151 25 Athens, Greece Phone +30 210 6858904
  • Vrysopoulos Law FirmArticles

    Athens, Greece

    Commercial, Banking, Shipping and Business Law Firm in Greece

    Phone +30 210 4223447

    In February 2006, Socrates Vrysopoulos, one of the co-founders of our law firm, established his law office in Piraeus (Pasalimani area) offering his services and legal advice in the fields of commercial law and more specifically in shipping law, banking law, sports law & company law.

  • Yiannatsis & Psarakis

    Athens, Greece

    Commercial Litigation - Financial Crime Law Firm in Athens, Greece

    Phone 0030210 7231076

    Yiannatsis & Psarakis Law Firm is based in Athens and provides a multi-faceted and practical driven approach to legal practice in the area of commercial litigation and white-collar crime. The firm was established in 1983 by its current managing partner Thodoris Yiannatsis. The firm is staffed with...

  • Yiannis Papazacharia LLC

    Athens, Greece

    Shipping, Litigation, Real Estate, Company Registration and Consumer Protection Law Firm

    Baltou 29 Phone +30 210 4293003
    Other Offices: Piraeus
  • Zepos & Yannopoulos

    Athens, Greece

    Comprehensive Legal and Tax Services in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 210 6967000

    Zepos & Yannopoulos is an independent Greek law firm with a unique international orientation. The vast majority of the clients of the firm are foreign based. Zepos & Yannopoulos is the Greek member of numerous non - exclusive associations of leading law firms. For example, Zepos & Yannopoulos is...

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