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  • Debt Collection Proceedings in Spain under Civil Law and Employment/Labor Law
       Provided by Mariscal & Associates

    Although debt collection proceedings in civil and employment labor law in Spain are proceedings with the same purpose they have some differences.

  • The Most Awaited Third Pillar Pension Scheme
       Provided by CSB Advocates

    In light of the launch of a regulatory structure for private pensions forwarded by the MFSA the Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna recently launched the Third Pillar pension scheme, also referred to as the Personal Retirement Scheme which is accompanied by another scheme called the Individual Savings Account.

  • General Overview of Russian Copyright Law
       Provided by Egorov, Mazavina, Petrov And Partners

    In Russia, copyright issues are governed by Part IV of the Russian Civil Code ("CC") that became effective on January 1, 2008. It replaced the 1993 copyright law which, in turn, drew heavily upon provisions of the conventions of Berne and Rome regarding copyright and neighboring rights and the model laws of World Intellectual Property Organization ("WIPO").

  • Last Call for Non Resident Tax in Spain
       Provided by Abad & Asociados Abogados Y Economistas

    If you own a property in Spain and you are non resident at tax purposes here, you are obliged to present and pay the Non Resident Tax Return, which must be filed and presented before the 31st of December each year.

  • If Your Debtor is a Resident of the Ukraine
       Provided by Kydalov & Partners

    Debt collection is a complicated juridical procedure, especially if your debtor is in the other country. Along with the already familiar problems there are some additional aspects (like linguistic barrier, country’s specific legislation). It seems nearly impossible, but it can be solved easily. To solve the problem, a foreign businessman needs Ukrainian lawyers’ help.

  • What Do You Do if There is a Nil Rate Band Trusts in a British Will?
       Provided by Purely Probate

    Nil Rate Band trusts were often included in British Wills made before October 2007. Now they are no longer needed for inheritance tax planning. This article contains advice about what you should do if you are the executor or beneficiary of a Will which contains a nil rate band trust

  • Patentability of Business Methods in Ukraine
       Provided by IPStyle

    In different countries Patentability of business methods has always been the subject of controversy. Ukraine is not exception of this rule.

  • Work Permits Under Wet Lease Agreements for Oil Exploration Operations in Turkey
       Provided by Herdem Attorneys at Law

    As part of exploration operations of multinational companies, wet lease agreements are gaining more importance especially in oil and gas industry and foreign carriers who takes part in such operations are still not clear about either their employees require work permit or not, in cases where they entered into a subcontractor and wet lease agreement with Turkish air carriers for air transport works to be conducted under exploration operations.

  • Can Incidents of Medical Negligence be Reduced if NHS Trusts Shared More Data on Medical Errors?
       Provided by Wright Hassall

    It would be a truth universally acknowledged among sensible people that the sharing of information on best practice, and the identification of meaningful trends gleaned from data, can only be a bonus for all organisations regardless of operation - and none more so than the NHS.

  • Inheritance Law in Turkey
       Provided by Ongur Ergan Law & Consulting Office

    The rising number of marriages between Turkish citizens and foreigners brings in issues related to marriages of this type. From a legal point of view, the two important issues as regards to this may be the distribution of matrimonial property and inheritance. Under this topic we will basically address the issue of inheritance in Turkey, in line with the growing number of demands of legal assistance from our office.

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