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  • Disputes Over Copyright Law Can Take Bizarre Forms
       Provided by GRP Rainer LLP

    Disputes over copyright law can sometimes take bizarre forms. For example, a case involving an ape that took pictures of itself has made headlines. Does it also own the copyright?

  • New Legislation in Crimea - What Will Happen with IP in Russia?
       Provided by IPStyle

    Today there are a lot of unsolved problems in Crimea. Especially in law system. Because of the Crimea annexation, the population is forced to accept Russian citizenship. Likewise, legal entities must pass to the Russian legislation. Misunderstanding is also in IP questions.

  • The Procurement Principles in Turkish Defense Industry
       Provided by Herdem Attorneys at Law

    In Turkey, many of the governmental authorities shall apply to procurement of goods, services or works under Public Procurement Law #4734 (PPL). In the same manner, the contracts in public purchase of goods, services and works refer to this law’s “contract principles” indicated in the Public Procurement Contract Law (#4735) (PPCL). But it had better to lay emphasis on an exception for defense issues under law#4734.

  • Malta Financial Services Authority Issues a Consultation Document on the Proposals for Securitisation Cell Companies Regulations
       Provided by CSB Advocates

    Cell companies have been an established feature of Maltese legislation since 2004, following the enactment of the Companies Act (Cell Companies carrying on business of insurance) Regulations, 2004 (the “PCC Regulations”). Since then the cell company concept in Malta has not only taken root among market operators and practitioners but has also influenced the development of other legal frameworks in the insurance and funds sector.

  • How Much is Medical Negligence Costing the NHS?
       Provided by Specter Partnership Solicitors

    In the UK Medical Negligence cost the NHS £1.2 billion during 2013/2014 – but why are mistakes within the medical world on the increase? There were over 3,000 claims made within 2011/2012, compared to just 250 in 1981/1982 – have we become a compensation hungry nation, or is medical care really going downhill? We take a look at the issues surrounding medical negligence claims and take you through whether you should make a claim against the NHS.

  • Choice of German Inheritance Law for German Real Estate Only Until August 16, 2015
       Provided by DR. HOSSER Rechtsanwalt

    Owners of real estate in Germany, who are not German citizens, may choose German inheritance law for that real estate only up to and including August 16, 2015, pursuant to German law.

  • Doing Business in Germany
       Provided by WINHELLER Attorneys at Law & Tax Advisors

    Germany is a good starting point for introducing a business to the European market. It is not only one of Europe’s largest national economies, but also geographically in the center of Europe, with an excellent infrastructure and good transportation connections to major European cities.

  • Employment in Belgium with an Employer Established in Another Country
       Provided by Lorenz

    This article discusses the question which is frequently posed wether a forein company can employ workers in Belgius.

  • Ukraine: The Freedom in Choosing a Segment of the Market
       Provided by Kydalov & Partners

    Doing business in Ukraine, especially for a non-resident, is difficult, and there are a lot of formalities that are not inherent in the developed countries. That specificity and peculiarities of the Ukrainian market constrain, and sometimes repel the potential investors and businessmen from entering to the Ukrainian market. And these causes are the reason of lackluster performance of Ukraine in the field of competitiveness and ease doing business.

  • Foreigners Buying Property in Italy
       Provided by De Tullio Law Firm

    Italy remains without a doubt one of the most alluring countries to live in. From cities to countryside, mountains to the sea, Italy can offer a location to suit all tastes and property for every budget, in fact, to date Italy still remains a buyer’s market.

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