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  • Grounds for Challenging a Will
       Provided by GRP Rainer LLP

    Heirs who are disappointed with the content of a will may under certain circumstances be able to challenge the will if they have good cause to do so.

  • New Tax on Dividends Starting in January 2016 in Romania
       Provided by Pavel, Margarit & Associates

    For individuals receiving dividends from a Romanian legal entity, starting in January 2016 it is maintained the 5% percentage of the gross dividend paid. But, since January 2016, the persons who obtain income from dividends do not owe social health insurance contribution for that income in case they obtain income from wages, pensions, independent activities, association with a legal person, etc., except the earnings from intellectual property rights.

  • Buying Property in Berlin, Germany
       Provided by AP & Generalis

    For the past decade cities such as Berlin, Leipzig, Munich and Bremen became and remain the focal point of interest of foreign investors who in the German real estate market are primarily looking for security and stability and secondarily high returns. Purchasing property in Germany though has its own rules which should be taken onto consideration before taking the step.

  • Amendment of section 151 in Seychelles Law Decriminalizes Homosexuality
       Provided by Giambrone Law

    The Seychelles may become a popular holiday destination for the LGBT community, as its Parliament passes Penal Code (Amendment) Bill, 2016. decriminalizing homosexuality.

  • Inheritance of Company Shares in Bulgaria
       Provided by Valova & Angelova Law Firm

    Aiming to clarify the main points of the procedure for inheritance of company shares under the Bulgarian Commercial law

  • Albanian Mining Legislation
       Provided by LPA Law Firm

    According to the Albanian law, reconnaissance is not treated as a separate activity. Reconnaissance and exploration rights are granted by the same permit, i.e. a reconnaissance and exploration permit. Such permit is granted for a three-year period, extendable for one additional year, for metallic, non-metallic, bitumen, coal, and radioactive minerals, while for construction minerals such permit is granted for a one-year period.

  • Hungary - The Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Is Alive Again
       Provided by KCG Partners Law Firm

    An Innovative and Cost-Efficient Tool for the Motivation of Employees.

  • Domain Name Dispute Resolution
       Provided by Krasimira Kadieva

    The administrative procedure for domain name dispute resolution, which procedure is an alternative to the long and expensive judicial procedure before the court.

  • Ukraine “Green” Energy Tax Benefits
       Provided by DLF Attorneys at Law

    Starting from April 2009 Ukraine makes efforts to financially stimulate generation of electricity from alternative sources of energy. Such stimulation results in, first of all, legislative provision for feed-in tariff, i.e. the guaranteed obligation of the state to purchase generated “green” energy from producers, and also in establishment of a significant number of tax benefits for producers of alternative energy.

  • General Aspects of Investment Climate in Ukraine
       Provided by APC Law Firm

    The investment climate is a general description of the complex of social, economic, institutional, legal, political, social and cultural backgrounds, which leads to the attractiveness and feasibility of investing in a particular economic system (the economy, the region and corporation).

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