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  • Claims for damages for unfair detention in Italy
       Provided by Arnone & Sicomo

    Compensation for the damages caused by unfair detention in Italy is governed by Articles 314 and 315 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

  • Application of Hague Convention on Children in Romania
       Provided by Hammond, Minciu and Associates

    There have been many articles written concerning the implementation of The Hague Convention on child abduction. All countries have come into some criticism and Romania has not been immune. The 1980 Hague Convention is applicable in all European Union member states and covers children under 16 years of age who are moved from their regular country of domicile to another country, or remain in this second country.

  • Competition Law in Germany: Goods On Display Must Feature Total Price on Label
       Provided by GRP Rainer LLP

    The final cost of goods on display needs to be readily apparent to customers. According to a recent ruling of the Oberlandesgericht (OLG) Hamm [Higher Regional Court of Hamm], quoting only part of the price constitutes a violation of competition law.

  • Legal Mechanism of Extradition of Corruption Criminals
       Provided by Noshadha Law Firm

    To create a legal mechanism of criminals’ extradition, first of all, we need to know some definitions as corruption, criminals and offender to tailor the best legal plan before any actions.

  • Solar Power in Turkey in Light of Recent Developments
       Provided by Ketenci & Ketenci

    With a rapidly growing economy, Turkey has become one of the fastest-growing energy markets in the world. Over the last decade, Turkey has been the second country after China, in terms of natural gas and electricity demand increase. Turkey is expected to become one of the most dynamic energy economies of the world in this respect.

  • ESOP (Employee Share Ownership Programme): The Latest Craze in Hungary
       Provided by Jalsovszky Law Firm

    ESOP (Employee Share Ownership Programme) entities have been springing up like mushrooms in Hungary since last year, and the acronym itself has become something of a buzzword. And this is hardly surprising, as ESOP entities can be a tax efficient vehicle for paying out work incomes. Caution is advised, however: alongside the many advantages, the regulations also conceal a number of pitfalls.

  • Politicians' Promises of Improving the Working Conditions and Rights of Employees Comes at a Cost in the UK
       Provided by Giambrone Law

    The forthcoming election in the UK is provoking both the major parties to make declarations within their respective manifestos which will have far reaching effects for business if they are implemented. In an attempt to court voters each party is promising to introduce measures which will enhance the working lives of many employees, the financial impact of which will have to be funded by businesses.

  • M&A in Germany - Initial Guidance for Foreign Investors
       Provided by Rose & Partner LLP

    Germany is a premier destination for foreign investments. There are almost no regulatory restrictions for the acquisition of domestic companies, be it by way of an asset or a share deal. The vast number of small and medium sized companies (“Mittelstand”) makes for attractive investment targets. Consequently, the following article focuses on small and mid-cap M&A deals and gives initial guidance for the interested foreign investor.

  • Acquiring Turkish Citizenship Through Investment
       Provided by Ongur & Partners International Law Firm

    Turkish Citizenship Law numbered 5901, indicates the procedures regarding the regulation of principles relating to the acquisition and loss of Turkish citizenship and the implementation of citizenship services. Turkish citizenship can be acquired both by birth or after birth. One of the alternatives in which Turkish citizenship is acquired after birth is through investment/buying a certain type of property.

  • Termination of Employment Contracts in Turkey
       Provided by DAB Law Firm

    The Labour Code numbered 4857 (“Labour Code”) regulates the working conditions and also rights and obligations of the employees and employers.

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