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Alan Hirsch

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Alan Hirsch

59 Longview Terrace
Williamstown, Massachusetts 01267

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Alan Hirsch provides consultation and/or testimony in cases where the defendant has recanted a confession.


Alan Hirsch can assist attorneys if a client confessed, and they are challenging the confession in a suppression hearing and/or at trial. False Confessions Expert can assist in any of the following ways:

* Reviewing the case file and providing a thorough written evaluation of the case (or, if you prefer, phone consultation), including: 1) background information about false confessions; 2) an assessment of the reliability of the confession; and 3) suggestions for challenging it, e.g., lines of cross-examination of the detectives who interrogated your client.

* Testifying at the suppression hearing and/or trial

* Assisting in the drafting of motions related to the confession, e.g., suppression motions and motions pertaining to the admissibility of my testimony.

* In appropriate cases, assisting in all other aspects of the case, e.g., jury selection, and opening and closing statements.

Litigation Support Services

Alan Hirsch provides consultation and/or testimony in cases where the defendant has recanted a confession.

Areas of Expertise


False Confessions Expert Alan Hirsch is an attorney, professor, writer, and trial consultant who has spent nearly three decades doing work related to the justice system. During the last seven years, much of that work has involved false confessions and criminal interrogations - studying it, writing about it, starting and operating the first website devoted to it, and serving as an expert consultant and witness.

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Professional Experience

Law Clerk for Judge Edward Becker, U.S. Court of Appeals in the 3rd Circuit

Senior Writer/Attorney, Federal Judicial Center

Professor, Williams College; Bennington College; Hartwick College

Trial consultant and expert witness


Member of D.C. Bar

Legal Experience & Services

Retained in more than 80 cases as expert in interrogations and false confessions

Testified in Kentucky, Montana, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Colorado


Williams College (professor of Legal Studies)


"Going to the Source: The 'New' Reid Method and False Confessions" Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law (2014)

“Not Coming Clean: Common Police Practices Won’t Cure Tainted Terrorist Confessions” Legal Times (February 18, 2008)

“Confessions and Harmless Error: A New Argument for the Old Approach” Boalt Journal of Criminal Law (Spring 2007)

“Why the Innocent Confess” Los Angeles Times (April 25, 2006)

“Threats, Promises, and False Confessions: Lessons of Slavery” Howard Law Journal (Winter 2005)

“The Tragedy of False Confessions (and a Modest Proposal)” North Dakota Law Review (Fall 2005)

Professional References

Available Upon Request


B.A., Amherst College, 1981

J.D., Yale Law School, 1985

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