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Law Firm in Argentina: García Menéndez - Attorneys at Law

García Menéndez - Attorneys at Law

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Full-Service Law Firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone+54 (11) 5252-3386

García Menéndez, Attorneys at Law is a multifaceted law firm based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The firm is associated with many prestigious local and international professional organizations and represents clients of all types in an extremely diverse range of legal matters. The firm has a reputation...

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Law Firm in Argentina: B&R Latin America IP LLC

B&R Latin America IP LLC

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Trademarks & Patents Management in Latin America

Phone[+57 1] 323 02 33

B&R Latina is a legal services firm with an exclusive international practice in Intellectual Property. We handle Trademark, Patent, Designs and Copyright cases in several countries in Latin America with a business perspective. We have the best tools, attorneys and software to make things easy for you.

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Law Firm in Argentina: Dreon IP

Dreon IP

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Trademarks, Patents, and Intellectual Property Law Firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone+54 (11) 4701-7056

Dreon IP is an intellectual property, trademark and patent law firm providing high quality legal services in Argentina for the last two decades. We provide our clients a seamless process in managing and protecting their intellectual property assets.

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Law Firm in Argentina: Diaz Reus, LLP

Diaz Reus, LLP

Buenos Aires, Argentina

International Law Firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone+54 (11) 4334-0033

Diaz Reus LLP in Miami is a law firm that specializes in international law. Attorneys at the firm use their multilingual and multicultural skills to be able to help clients facing issues in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. The attorneys have the skills and knowledge...

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Law Firm in Argentina: Baach Robinson & Lewis PLLC

Baach Robinson & Lewis PLLC

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Litigation Law Firm

Phone+54 11 48501220

Baach Robinson & Lewis PLLC is an experienced law firm with a track-record of success to provide unexcelled service.
When leading corporations, financial institutions, insurers, and professionals face the most complex, high-stakes problems—liability claims, insolvency, insurance or reinsurance disputes,...

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Law Firm in Argentina: Baker & McKenzie

Baker & McKenzie

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Global Full Service Law Firm

Phone+54 11 43102200

Baker & McKenzie is one of the largest international law firms in Buenos Aires and ranks among the leading. For more than 30 years we have delivered a wide range of legal services for domestic companies doing business abroad and international clients doing business in Argentina. We represent some of...

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Law Firm in Argentina: Cleary Gottlieb

Cleary Gottlieb

Buenos Aires, Argentina

International Full-Service Law Firm

Phone+54 11 5556 8900

The Buenos Aires office works with the firm’s New York-based Latin America practice, which includes more than 100 lawyers. We advise public and private sector clients in Argentina and throughout Latin America on cross-border and domestic corporate and financing transactions, including capital markets,...

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Law Firm in Argentina: Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP

Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Full Service International Law Firm

Phone+5411 5196 8300

The Curtis Buenos Aires office has an active and highly regarded full-service practice for clients doing business in Argentina. Located in the heart of Buenos Aires’ financial center, the office also acts as an integral part of the firm’s Latin America practice, advising clients throughout the region.

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Law Firm in Argentina: Estudio Beccar Varela

Estudio Beccar Varela

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Full-Service Legal Firm


Estudio Beccar Varela, founded by late Horacio Beccar Varela, Esq. in 1897, is a Law Firm of acknowledged expertise both in Argentina and abroad. For over a century, the Firm has been closely counseling and advising a vast range of clients in all aspects of law, in matters concerning their organization...

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Law Firm in Argentina: Squire Sanders

Squire Sanders

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Legal Counsel Worldwide

Phone+54 11 52816000

Squire Sanders is one of the most geographically diverse legal practices in the world; the firm's global breadth and local depth serve their clients across the globe. They also have strong working relationships with independent firms in Europe and the Middle East as well as in the Squire Sanders Legal...

Other Offices: Buenos Aires

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  • Abeledo Gottheil Abogados

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Inter-Jurisdictional Lawsuits, International Arbitration and Multinational Business Transactions

    Av. Eduardo Madero 1020, 5th Floor Phone +54 11 4 312 7526
  • Alchouron, Beriso, Brady Alet, Fernandez Pelayo & Balconi

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Corporate Law and Financial Matters

    Maipu 267 11th Floor Phone +54 11 43262340
  • Alemanno & Mazzaferri Attorneys at Law

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Domestic and International Business Practice, Distribution Agreements

    Phone +54 11 45150355

    Alemanno & Mazzaferri Attorneys at Law was created to add value to our clients. We offer an excellent service and personalized attention at low market rates. Our objective is to offer our clients the broad experience achieved in the analysis, drafting and negotiation...

  • Alfaro-Abogados

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Full Corporate Service, International Organization

    Phone +54 11 4 393 3003

    Alfaro-Abogados is a full corporate services law firm with a strong practice, among other areas, in government relations, compliance, corporate governance, regulatory issues, oil and gas, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust, corporate and commercial transactions, trade finance, banking, protection...

  • Allende & Brea

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Practical Business Solutions

    Phone +54 11 4 318 9900

    ALLENDE & BREA is one of the largest and most prestigious full-service law firms in Argentina, focusing primarily on the business community.
    The firm has specialists in all branches of law, qualified to provide its clients with practical business solutions that are viable, often innovative,...

  • Arcagni & Asociados

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Specialized in Different Areas of National Law

    Talcahuano 736 3er.Piso Phone +54 11 4 371 7028
  • Armagnague & Asociados

    Mendoza, Argentina

    Corporate Law, Contracts, Litigation and Dispute Resolution Law Firm in Argentina

    Phone +54 261 4296191

    Our boutique law firm focuses in national and international litigation. On top of that, our lawyers are qualified to handle complex legal matters within the Argentine and regional jurisdiction.
    Our practice is encouraged to help and assist foreigners and locals in its everyday business and...

  • Asorey & Navarrine

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Business Law Firm Dedicated to General Corporate Counseling

    Cerrito 1136 10th Floor Phone +54 11 48136983
  • AVOA Abogados

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Buenos Aires Technology Law Firm

    Phone +54 11 5917-2600

    AVOA - Abogados is a Law Firm focused on Technology Law and business. The areas of practice cover Computer Crime, Telecommunications, Computer Law, Data Protection & Privacy, Internet Contracts, Labor Law, Software Licencing, General Content Licensing, Intellectual Property, Labor Law, Tax Law...

  • Barila

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Contracts, Corporate & Administrative Law

    Phone +54 11 49635550

    Corporate generalist firm with experience in international and domestic contracts, acquisitions, concessions and infrastructure projects.
    Extensive experience in airport privatization processes.
    Representing major global reinsurers before the Argentine Insurance Superintendency.

  • Basílico, Santurio & Andrada

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Full Service Law Firm Managed by Highly Qualified Professionals

    Marcelo T de Alvear 684, Piso 2 Phone +54 11 43103902
  • Bazan Cambre & Orts

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Effective High Quality General Corporate and Litigation Counsel

    Tte.Gral Juan Domingo Peron 555, piso 5 Phone +54 11 43267777
  • Beretta Kahale Godoy

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Sarmiento 580, 4th and 5th floors Phone 54 11 4326 7386
  • Berken IP

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Intellectual Property, Patents, Technology & Business

    868 Avenida Callao
    1st Floor, Suite A Phone +54 11 52522452
  • Bertossi & Asociados

    Rosario, Argentina

    Legal Consultant Since 1969

    Santa Fe 849 - 7º Phone +54 341 4246146
  • Biscardi & Asociados

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Excellence in Legal Advisory Services

    Av. Corrientes 330 piso 6° Phone +54 11 43268881
  • Bisero Paratz & Giménez Riili Abogados

    Mendoza, Argentina

    Full Ccorporate Law firm in Cuyo Region, Argentina

    Phone +54 261 424 7473

    BPGR Abogados is a full corporate law firm located in the Province of Mendoza that can advise legal issues in Mendoza and San Juan. Our team includes expirienced English speakers proffessionals.

  • Bonini Echeverria Abogados

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Business Law and Intellectual Property Lawyers

    Av. Belgrano N°687 Piso 8 Phone +54 11 46581839
  • Botteri Abogados

    Mar Del Plata, Argentina

    Legal Consultant

    Hipólito Yrigoyen 2537 Phone +54 223 4930953
  • Brillo & Pujante - BP Abogados

    Neuquen, Argentina

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Patagonia Argentina (Neuquen, Rio Negro, La Pampa)

    Rivadavia 670 Phone +54 299 447 8003
  • Brons & Salas

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Committed to Furnish Responsive and Creative Legal Assitance

    Maipu 1210 5 piso Phone +54 11 48912700
  • BRSV

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Experience in Domestic and International Trade Regulations

    Rodolfo Rivola 140 piso 4 of 7 y 8 Phone +54 11 43721253
  • Bruchou, Fernandez Madero & Lombardi

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Leader in Legal Services, The Firms Provides a Broad Range of Complex Services

    Ing. Enrique Butty 275 12 piso Phone +54 11 52882300
  • Bullo-Tassi- Estebenet- Lipera- Torassa

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Expertise in All Areas of Modern Law

    avda. Juana Manso 205 2nd Floor
    Puerto Madero Phone +54 11 43209600
  • Cabanellas, Etchebarne, Kelly & Dell´ Oro Maini

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    high Quality and Cost-Effective Legal Advice

    San Martín 323, piso 17 Phone +54 11 41145500
  • Candioti Gatto Bicain & Ocantos

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Focused on Information Technology, Oil and Gas, Mining, Pharmaceuticals and Retail

    Libertad 860, 2nd floor Phone +54 11 52369000
  • Canosa AbogadosArticles

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Specialized in Business Law

    Av. Corrientes 1257 7th Phone +54 11 52522462
  • Carballo & Asociados

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Legal Advise in Different Matters,Specially Oriented to The Businnes and Financial sector

    Esmeralda 130, 4rd Floor Phone +54 11 43223757
  • Cárdenas, Di Ció, Romero, Tarsitano & Lucero

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Profesionals with an Extensive and Known Practice of Argentine Law and International Law

    Reconquista 360
    6th Floor Phone +54 11 43218000
  • Cassagne Abogados

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Public Law and Economic Regulation

    Av E Madero 942 15th Floor Phone +54 11 51677000
  • Castro Sammartino & Pierini, Attorneys & Counselors at LawArticles

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Full-Service Law Firm in Argentina

    Phone +54 11 43265868

    Castro Sammartino & Pierini is a comprehensive and wide-ranging law firm, serving clients throughout Argentina and globally by means of its broad network of corresponding law firms in major cities all over Argentina and worldwide.
    Clients who turn to us for advice or representation...

  • Consuelo García Law Firm

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Private International Law in Argentina

    Phone (5411) 4773-4582

    Lawyer specialized in Private International Law

    Ms. Consuelo Garcia has an extensive professional track record backed by 27 years of practice in various areas of private international law and civil law. Her academic background includes having served as Professor of Private International Law...

  • Consultoria Coll Areco

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Full Service IP, Filing, Prosecution and Litigation Law Firm

    Alsina 971, 1st. Floor, Office 10 Phone +54 11 43438946
  • Eckell & Asociados

    Santa Fe, Argentina

    Patent and Trademark Experts

    Mitre 3536 Phone +54 342 4559727
  • Edye, Roche, De la Vega & Ray

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Legal Services to National and International Clients

    25 de Mayo, 489, 5 Piso Phone +54 11 43113011
  • EnterPricingArticles

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Transfer Pricing, Customs Valuation, Expert Witness, Arbitration and Mediation

    Phone +54 11 47768200

    Leading Latin American transfer pricing and customs valuation firm. Focus on planning, implementation, documentation and controversy management. Expert Witness. Arbitration. Mediation

  • Esetudio Ferreria & Asociados

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Criminal Law Attorney in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Cordoba 904 10 ° A Phone +54 11 43266071
  • Estrella Pedrini & Asociados

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Business Law Firm

    Ing. Butty 250 5 Piso Phone +54 9 11 67989479
  • Estudio Alegria, Buey Fernandez, Fissore & Montemerlo

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Recognized for its Distinguished Tradition of Excellence and Innovation in Providing Services

    Av. Santa Fe 1621, pisos 4-5 y 6 Phone +54 11 4811-6060
  • Estudio Bec

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Comprehensive Environmental Legal Services to Multinational and Local Companies

    Tte. Gral. Juan D. Perón 725 7th floor Phone +54 11 43271978

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