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Law Firm in Bulgaria: Vladimirov Kiskinov

Vladimirov Kiskinov

Sofia, Bulgaria

Litigation, Debt Collection, Commercial, Company and Real Estate Law Office in Bulgaria

Phone+359 2 9881828

Vladimirov Kiskinov law firm is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Vladimirov Kiskinov is a recently established law firm, which continues the tradition of Desislav Vladimirov and Partners in providing highest quality of legal services to both companies and individuals.
Our practice is entirely inspired...

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Law Firm in Bulgaria: Dinova Rusev & Partners

Dinova Rusev & Partners

Sofia, Bulgaria

Full Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone+359 (2) 943-4350

Dinova Rusev & Partners is a full service law firm, based in Sofia and serving clients across Bulgaria in the areas of banking and finance. We represent banks, corporations, lending institutions, investment funds, and private and institutional borrowers. Our firm is proud to serve some of the country’s...

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Law Firm in Bulgaria: Stoeva, Kuyumdjieva & Vitliemov Law Firm

Stoeva, Kuyumdjieva & Vitliemov Law Firm

Sofia, Bulgaria

Full-Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone+359 (2) 954-2610

Stoeva, Kuyumdjieva & Vitliemov was founded in 2004 by dynamic and diligent lawyers, dedicated to developing a modern and business oriented legal practice. We provide practical problem-solving, legal advice in all areas of Bulgarian corporate and commercial law. We have expertise in insurance law and...

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Law Firm in Bulgaria: Delchev & Partners

Delchev & Partners

Sofia, Bulgaria

Full-Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone+359 (2) 933-0979

Delchev & Partners is a Sofia-based independent Bulgarian law firm founded in November 2001. Delchev & Partners offers a full range of commercial law services with a specific focus upon corporate/commercial law, mergers & acquisitions, real estate, taxation. This intense focus enables Delchev & Partners...

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Law Firm in Bulgaria: Borissov & Partners

Borissov & Partners

Sofia, Bulgaria

Business & Corporate Lawyers in Bulgaria

Phone+359 2 8117751

Borissov & Partners is a business and corporate law firm located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The firm was established to meet the unique needs of a country in transition to democracy and market economy. The firm follows the best practice principles and abides by professional ethics of high standard.
In order...

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Law Firm in Bulgaria: Belcheva & Associates Law Office

Belcheva & Associates Law Office

Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

Business, Company and Commercial Law Firm in Bulgaria

Phone+359 87 666 7487

We, at Belcheva & Associates Law Office are committed to our customer's success and understand that customer satisfaction is still the name of the game.
Our head office is based in the city of Pazardzhik, Central Bulgaria. It is very near to Plovdiv - the second largest town in the country and the...

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Law Firm in Bulgaria: Borislav Boyanov & Co.

Borislav Boyanov & Co.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Since its establishment in 1990 Borislav Boyanov & Co. has earned worldwide recognition as a stepping stone for many international businesses in Bulgaria and in recent years - in the region. The firm has developed a modern, dynamic and business oriented practice, dominating the market by providing the...

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Law Firm in Bulgaria: Coeler Legal & Tax Attorneys-at-Law

Coeler Legal & Tax Attorneys-at-Law

Sofia, Bulgaria

One of the Leading International Law Firms in Bulgaria

Phone(+359-2) 489 08 67

Coeler Legal Consulting EOOD is a full service law firm offering advice on all areas of Bulgarian commercial, civil and administrative law.
Coeler has been established in 1991 shortly after the political change in Bulgaria as the first in international law office in the country. The firm advised...

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Law Firm in Bulgaria: Lesichkova & Ilieva Law Firm

Lesichkova & Ilieva Law Firm

Sofia, Bulgaria

Corporate, Commercial Law, Dispute Resolution, Litigation, Labour Law, Real Estate

Phone359 876 86 58 50

Lesichkova & Ilieva Law Firm provides a wide range of legal services for assistance and protection of the rights and legal interests of persons, commercial companies and other legal entities.
The Law Firm has and applies significant experience in the Bulgarian contract, property, corporate, commercial...

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Law Firm in Bulgaria: Martinez-Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers

Martinez-Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers

Burgas, Bulgaria

Full Service Law Firm in Spain

Phone+359 56 859444

Martinez - Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers is, since its establishment, in 1983, an office whose bet for quality and professional excellence have made up the pillars on where the company is known in all the locations where it has seats - national and international - because of its marked engagement...

Other Offices: Sofia

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Law Firm in Bulgaria: Penkov, Markov & Partners

Penkov, Markov & Partners

Sofia, Bulgaria

Legal Advice and Representation

Phone+359 2 9713935

Penkov, Markov & Partners is one of the leading law firms providing the highest quality legal advice and representation to clients in the Republic of Bulgaria. Established in 1990, immediately after the commencement of the democratic and economic changes in Bulgaria, we were the first Bulgarian law...

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  • AK Vladimirov Law Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service International Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 888426040

    Vladimirov Law Office (“VLO”) is a full-service international law firm with offices in Sofia, Varna and Washington DC, USA. From its beginnings in 1992 as a single lawyer operation to its status as one of the top international law firms in Bulgaria, VLO carries on a tradition of excellence...

    Other Offices: Varna
  • Alfa et Omega

    Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Law Company based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Graf Ignatiev Street 14, Apartment 22 Phone +359 898 336389
  • Alkarin,Inc.

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Mladost-1 Phone +359 88 750746
  • Altra Consulting House

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Phone +359 2 9812044

    Altra Consulting House (ACH) is organized as a partnership of qualified lawyers based in Sofia, Bulgaria. ACH was established in 1991. Backed by its own multilingual staff of experienced professionals and supported by sophisticated information technology systems ACH provides a diverse range of...

  • Apostolova & Slavov Law Partnership

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Business Law and Real Estate

    19 Rusalijski Prohod Str., 2nd Floor, Office 2 Phone +359 888 461323
  • Arsov Natchev Ganeva

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    36, Shipka Str. Phone + 359 2 946 33 49
  • Att. Valentin Varchev

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Property Law & Corporate consulting

    Phone 359 888 20 58 64

    My activities covering all stages of a relationship, starting from negotiating with third parties, contracts, resolving disputes out of court and the achievement of any kind and reach agreements in the absence of alternative to litigation to protect violated rights before the competent court.

  • Attorneys-at-law Guide

    Varna, Bulgaria

    Corporate Finance, Business Law, Real Estate Law, Family and Succession Law

    “Lyuben Karavelov” Str. No79 Phone +359 52 600930
  • Bansko Lawyer

    Razlog, Bulgaria

    Legal Services

    Phone +359 886 797795

    Bansko lawyer is offering legal services and advices concerning investments in Bansko and Razlog Bulgaria. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced experts in Bulgarian law.

  • Bazlyankov, Stanoev and Tashev Law office

    Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Commercial, Real estate Law in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 32 620 503

    Bazlyankov, Stanoev and Tashev law office has established traditions in Bulgarian jurisprudence. It was established in 1994 in Plovdiv. Today "Bazlyankov, Stanoev & Tashev" law office is one of the biggest and most dynamically developing law firms in Bulgaria.
    The law office is specialized...

  • Bojinov & Bojinov Law Offices

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    European Trademark and Patent Attorneys

    Phone +359 2 9862974

    Bojinov&Bojinov has established itself as a boutique law firm in the heart of Sofia aiming to provide first rate IP counselling. Our heritage dates back to 1935 when the Bojionv Law Office was established for the first time. Since then we have experienced numerous changes but managed to...

  • Borislav Dimitrov Law Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Intellectual Property, Corporate and Commercial Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Complex “Lagera”, Building 11, Entrance B, Suite 12 Phone +359 2 0886410389
  • Buchkov & Kostov Law Consultancy

    Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Civil Law, Trade Law, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, & Copyright Law Firm

    Phone +359 32 631703

    1.1 Civil law
    - General civil law “Buchkov and Kostow” provides legal assistance in all spheres of civil law, including arranging questions connected with the legal status of legal subjects, and the registration of juristic persons, associations and foundations.
    The firm deals with all legal...

    Other Offices: Plovdiv
  • Bulgaria Legal Law Firm

    Varna, Bulgaria

    Full Service Law Firm in Varna, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 52 604422

    GS Georgieva & Partners Solicitors inc. Bulgaria LEGAL has a team of Legal and Financial Professionals who can provide quality advice and assistance on any legal or tax planning problem you may encounter. Our Law Office covers the whole territory of Bulgaria we will offer you lawyers...

  • Bulgarian Consulting Group Ltd.

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Corporate, Business, Foreign Investments and Immigration Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 280 57322

    The Bulgarian Consulting Group™ is a legal and management consultancy practice. We are aiming and investing our efforts to be trusted adviser to the Bulgarian and European business.
    We support leaders and managers to take distinctive decisions and to achieve sustainable performance of their...

  • Bulhome

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    91, Evlogi Georgiev Blvd. Phone +3599814474
  • Burns and Schwartz

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    San Stefano 17 Phone 359-2 9441 608
  • Chernev, Kimitova & Partners

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    51 Parensov str., 2nd Floor Phone 35929802733
  • Concordia Legal Ltd.

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    13 Dunav St. Phone +359 2 980 16 28
  • Consultores Ltd.

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 2 4831871

    Consultores Ltd. is a law firm based in Sofia, Bulgaria, that offers to their clients high-quality legal and accounting services. The company handles all aspects of litigation actions, from mediated dispute settlements to trial representation. We also offer assistance in asset administration and...

  • Damyanov Law Firm

    Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Plovdiv, Bulgaria Civil Litigation, Real Estate, Property and Investment Law Firm

    63 Rayko Daskalov Street, Floor 1 Phone +359 878 473745
  • Danailova, Todorov & Partners Law Firm

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full Service Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone 359 888 787738

    Danailova, Todorov & Partners law firm provides first class business law services to international and local companies. We offer strong legal expertise and practical business solutions. Our team of legal and tax experts, and accountants support throughout the whole business cycle.

  • Darakev Law Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Intellectual Property, Commercial ,Contract and Real Estate Law in Bulgaria

    Phone 359.2.9531354

    Darakev Law Office was founded in 1993 by Rumen D. Darakev, a Bulgarian registered Attorney at Law [Reg. No.1600259210–Sofia Bar Association], National Trademark & Design Attorney [Reg. No.108– Bulgarian Patent Office] and European (EU) Professional Industrial Property Representative [Reg....

  • Degree Consulting Ltd.

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    23 Hristo Smirnenski Str. Phone 359 2 65 03 01
  • Deloitte & Touche

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Phone (2) 980 8500

    The firm was established in June 1992 with the opening of its Sofia office. In May 1996 Deloitte & Touche - Bulgaria also opened an office in the port city of Varna. It is well known for its government consulting and advisory work, privatisation negotiation and support, foreign investment...

  • Despotov, Gicheva and Partners

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Commercial, Corporate, Contract and Real Estate Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 887 445825

    The lawyers from DESPOTOV, GICHEVA & PARTNERS provide highly qualified legal and consultant assistance and co-operates in various kinds of cases. Our team guarantees maximum contentment for every client by means of individual approach, rapidity and professional attitude.
    Aiming this we...

  • DI Law Firm

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Commercial Law; Business & Corporate Law; Property & Real Estate Law.

    18-20, Trayanovi Vrata Street, Apt. 12 Phone +359 88 578 5139
  • DIA Consult Legal Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Phone +359 2 9803287

    DIA Consult is one of the leading Bulgarian law firms which main offices are based in Sofia. The firm specializes in business law, in particular company law, privatization, M&A, retail and project finance, taxation, capital markets, contract and real estate law, insurance and pension assurance....

  • Dimitrov and Partners

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service Law Firm, Sofia, Bulgaria

    65, Evlogi Georgiev Blvd, fl.3, apt.7 Phone + 359 2 9876151
  • Dimitrov Ivanov & Partners, Attorneys at law

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Business Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 889325272

    Dimitrov Ivanov & Partners (DIP) is a lawfirm which strives to be one of the leading legal practices in Bulgaria. We provide legal assistance only in areas in which we have appropriate qualification and experience, including corporate law, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), real estate &...

  • Dimitrov, Tchompalov & Todorova Ltd.

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    74a Buzludza Str. Phone 3592 851 08 25
  • Dimov & Tashev Law Firm

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full Service Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone 359 2 9503800

    Dimov & Tashev Law Firm is a legal partnership incorporated and existing under the Bar Act of the Republic of Bulgaria. It is registered with the law firms register at Sofia Bar Association and is regulated by the Supreme Bar Council. At Dimov & Tashev Law Firm, our guiding principle is...

  • Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov & Velichkov

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    International and Domestic Corporate Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 2 9321100

    Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov & Velichkov provides first-class legal services to international and domestic corporate clients and is one of the largest and most prominent business law firms in Bulgaria.
    We advise publicly and privately owned companies investing in Bulgaria, major...

  • DK Consultants

    Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Business Law Ofiice in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    2 Sofronii Vrachanski Str. Phone +359 32 626377
  • Dobrev, Kinkin & Lyutskanov Law Firm

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Bulgaria Corporate, M&A, Investments and Finance Law Firm

    Phone +359 2 9803876

    Dobrev, Kinkin & Lyutskanov Law Firm was founded in 1989. The company is constituted and operates in accordance with the Bar Act. Its office is located in Sofia and it has a network of associate firms in the main cities of Bulgaria.
    Being one of the leading law firms in Bulgaria, it sees its...

  • Dr. Maya Neidenowa

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Nikolai Gogol 28 Phone +3592 9486940
  • Dr. P. Sarafov & Partners Law Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service Legal Firm

    Phone +359 2 866 94 16

    Our office was established in 1998. We have been rendering services to our clients since then in the area of civil law, law of estate, commercial and financial law, and since 1999 we have started to attend clients in relation to administrative and criminal proceedings. The defence of our clients'...

  • Dyankov & Dyankova Law Firm

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 893 490515

    Dyankov &Dyankova law firm over 20 years serving the legal Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and individuals.
    Civil, commercial, administrative and criminal lawresolution of judicial and extrajudicial disputes, evaluation, purchase and reorganization of businesses, comprehensive legal...

  • Dynamic Solutions Lawyers

    Varna, Bulgaria

    Litigation, Real Estate Law and Conveyance Services in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 52 655667

    The law firm operates for 10 years and offers legal representation of foreign investors in Bulgaria. We work on the whole territory of the country and we have legal experience in almost every province of Bulgaria.

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