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Law Firm in Cameroon: Isis Attorneys

Isis Attorneys

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Intellectual Property Law Firm in Africa

Phone+237 222 20 79 98

Isis Attorneys in Yaounde, Cameroon, helps companies protect their intellectual property throughout the African continent. The firm provides general commercial legal services for companies in Africa and elsewhere. The firm has grown into a well-known African practice, fighting for companies' rights...

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Law Firm in Cameroon: Muluh & Partners

Muluh & Partners

Douala, Cameroon

Full-Service Law Firm in Douala, Cameroon

Phone+237 233 42 95 75

Muluh & Partners is a full service law firm based in Douala, Cameroon providing a multitude of legal services to clients throughout the surrounding areas of Cameroon. The firm’s attorneys comprise of some of the most brilliant legal minds in the nation and have a wealth of expertise and experience between...

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Forchak IP & Legal Advisory

Limbe, Cameroon

Intellectual Property, Banking, Finance, Corporate & Commercial Law, Arbitration & ADR

Phone+237 77 57 25 75

FORCHAK LAW FIRM is a firm of Barristers, Solicitors & Notaries Public with principal office in Limbe in the South West Province of the Republic of Cameroon. It is a bi-jural Law Firm within the context of the country’s constitution, which is traceable from its cultural background having two legal systems...

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Law Firm in Cameroon: Ngouana & Partners Law Firm

Ngouana & Partners Law Firm

Douala, Cameroon

Full-Service Law Firm in Douala, Cameroon

Phone+237 7739-2508

Ngouana and Partners Law in Cameroon help clients who have immigration issues, mining issues or banking issues in that country. The firm provides high-quality representation regardless of the issue individuals or companies face. The firm is quick and effective when it comes to resolving issues clients...

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Law Firm in Cameroon: Legal Power Law Firm

Legal Power Law Firm

Douala, Cameroon

Full-Service Law Firm in Cameroon

Phone+237 (77)680-766

Legal Power Law Firm was founded by the Senior Managing Partner, Barrister Angoh Angoh Jacob. The firm offers to its clients a level of expertise and standards of professional services of exceptional quality. Our style of practice is a model, which encourages a vigorous team spirit and accentuates the...

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Law Firm in Cameroon: GAD Consultants Law Firm

GAD Consultants Law Firm

Yaounde, Cameroon

Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Copyright, Utility Models, IP Agreements, IP Due Diligence Law Firm

Phone+237 76 21 84 02

GAD Consultants in Cameroon helps companies do business in that country. The firm protects intellectual property and file registrations or trademark applications. The firm lets international businesses that do not understand Cameroon laws to proceed with their plans.
Attorneys at the firm explain...

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Law Firm in Cameroon: SCP Global Africa IP

SCP Global Africa IP

Yaounde, Cameroon

Douala, Cameroon Lawyers in OAPI Trademark Matters

Phone+237 9993-3447

SCP Global Africa IP, abridged of Société Civile Professionelle Global Africa Intellectual Property Business Consulting, is an Intellectual Property business only consulting firm. While a majority of its team of experienced IP experts is specialized in Industrial Property practice, some work only on...

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Law Firm in Cameroon: Henry, Samuelson & Co.

Henry, Samuelson & Co.

Douala, Cameroon

Full-Service Law Firm in Douala, Cameroon

Phone+237 (74) 989-351

Henry, Samuelson & Co. has all the forensic skills required at its disposal.
We offer a full range of legal services with expertise and experience as we engage in litigation proceedings before the courts of common law (courts with ordinary jurisdiction and courts with special jurisdiction) and the...

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Law Firm in Cameroon: Legal Power Law Firm IP - Barrister Angoh Angoh Jacob

Legal Power Law Firm IP - Barrister Angoh Angoh Jacob

Yaounde, Cameroon

Trademarks, Patent, Industrial Designs and Intellectual Property Law Firm in Cameroon

Phone+237 77680766

Legal Power Law Firm IP is an intellectual property firm based in Douala, Cameroon. Founded by Managing Partner Barrister Jacob Angoh Angoh, the firm handles handles a variety of intellectual property matters for both individual clients and businesses worldwide.
Above all, the firm strives to achieve...

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  • Abalu-Bobga & Co. Law Firm

    Bamenda, Cameroon

    Commercial Practice (OHADA), Real Property, Human Rights and Immigration

    Daiga-Lima Esate, Che Street, Ntarinkon Phone 00 237 9404 5760
  • Akkum, Akkum & Associates LLP

    Douala, Cameroon

    Leading Corporate, Commercial and Intellectual Property Firm in Cameroon and OAPI

    Phone +237 33 43 76 70

    Akkum, Akkum & Associates LLP, as a modern innovative and leading-edge legal services business, has set its policies and working practices to meet modern international standards, challenges and the needs of its extensive clientele, with focus on the African, European and International market...

  • Ashukem and Co Law Firm

    Douala, Cameroon

    Arbitration, Corporate Law, Business Law, Energy, Contracts, Aviation Law, etc

    Phone +237 99980935

    Our law firm has both the mastery and know how to do the job and we have proven our worth in various areas of the law and have offered services to both corporate entities and individuals.
    We have served companies throughout the CEMAC region which comprises of Cameroon, Gabon, Central African...

  • Bamekang & Co

    Douala, Cameroon

    Corporate, Tax and Business Law Firm in Cameroon

    Phone 237 3 3076482

    Bame Kang & Co is a vigorous and integrated corporate, tax and business law firm oriented to domestic as well as international clients establishing business activity in Cameroon and the Central African Sub-region.
    Our team of lawyers is professional legal practitioners with established...

  • Cabinet Balemaken & Associes SCP

    Yaounde, Cameroon

    OAPI Accredited Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Rue 1810, descente vallée Bastos, Yaounde-Nlongkak Phone +237 22 210444
  • Cabinet ISIS Conseils (SCP)

    Yaounde, Cameroon

    Corporate and Business Law Firm in Yaounde, Cameroon

    Fouda Quarter, Besides Oapi Phone +237 200 27 52
  • Cara Chambers & Associates

    Akwa, Cameroon

    Banking, Project Finance Securities & Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +237 7564460

    Cara Chambers & Associates is a leading corporate and commercial law firm in Cameroon and most especially in the English & French Speaking Regions of Cameroon. Established in 2000 and made up of four Associates, two consultants, three supporting para-legal administrative personnel and a...

  • Honesty Chambers

    Douala, Cameroon

    International Corporate, Finance, Intellectual Property, ADR, Business and Investment Law Firm

    Phone +237 33 420254 / 99 546061

    Honesty Chambers attorneys are internationally recognized as legal experts in the areas of international commercial transactions, maritime law, environmental law, insurance and reinsurance law; energy/petroleum law, and defense of liabilities, including personal injury defense and product...

  • Jing & Partners

    Douala, Cameroon

    Corporate Finance, Securities, & Intellectual Property Law Firm

    537, Rue AFCODI, Off Texaco Njo-Njo Bonapriso Phone +237 33433671
  • Ndikum Law Offices

    Douala, Cameroon

    Full-Service Law Firm in Cameroon

    Phone +237 3347 1537

    Ndikum Law Offices serve clients worldwide from our main
    office in Douala, Cameroon and our correspondents in Alderney (Channel
    Islands), France and England, United Kingdom at the same time working in
    association with major law firms globally to meet clients’ needs. The
    Offices conduct...

  • Ngu & Co Law Firm

    Douala, Cameroon

    Business Law and OAPI IP Law Specialists

    Phone + (237) 330-48-649

    Established in 1994, we are registered Patent and Trademark Agents of the OAPI (African Patent and Trademark Organization) undertaking Intellectual Property practice coverying all the 16 Member Countries of the OAPI:Cameroon, Benin, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Central African...

  • Nico Halle & Co. Law Firm

    Douala, Cameroon

    Intellectual Property, Banking and Finance Law Firm in Douala, Cameroon

    Phone +237 33 426479

    The Nico Halle & Co. Law Firm has an enviable list of well-trained and experienced Attorneys who have always given total satisfaction to both its National and Foreign clients. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for justice, the Firm is composed of outstanding trial Attorneys with...

  • Obenofunde and Co Law Firm

    Douala, Cameroon

    Cameroon Corporate and Commercial, Oil and Gas, Maritime and Shipping Law

    Phone +237 33 10 76 21

    obenofunde and co law firm is a multinational firm base in douala cameroon,with three aprtners and one is a bijural firm both the common and civil law.we represent foreign clients in a wide range os businesses be it in corporate law,oil and gas,maritime and shipping,investment...

  • Tanyi_mbi & Partners

    Buea, Cameroon

    Project Finance, Corporate, Domestic and International Business Practice

    Buea - Bonduma Phone +237 33 322548 or 33 020732
  • Tatang, Tayuka & Co. Law Offices

    Douala, Cameroon
    66 Rue, Dika Akwa Palace, P.O Box 8771 Douala
    Littoral Province, Cameroon Phone +237 996 0393
  • The Abeng Law Firm - Cameroon

    Douala, Cameroon

    Gateway to Legal Solutions in Cameroon and Central Africa

    Phone +237 33 42 73 20

    The Abeng Law Firm and Roland Abeng supported by a team of lawyers and consultants from diverse backgrounds caters to the areas of private client work, commerce and industry for more than 10 years the Abeng Law Firm has been successfully providing legal services and advice to both French and...

  • Worldwide Intellectual Property Network (WIPNET Global)

    Douala, Cameroon

    Intellectual Property Law Firm in Douala, Cameroon and the OAPI Jurisdiction

    Phone +237 33426479

    The Worldwide Intellectual Property Network (WIPNET Global) is a Department of the Nico Halle & Co. Law Firm which has been established in a bid to meeting up with clients’ increasing demands as far as Intellectual Property matters are concerned. The satisfaction of our clients remains our...

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