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Law Firm in Cyprus: Antonis Paschalides & Co LLC

Antonis Paschalides & Co LLC

Nicosia, Cyprus

Full-Service Law Firm in Cyprus

Phone+357 22661661

Antonis Paschalides & Co.LLC is a boutique , medium-size Cyprus law firm based in Nicosia-Cyprus that has provided legal services on a local and international level for over 35 years. The Firm was initially founded by Mr Antonis Paschalides under a different setup back in 1980 as a general practice...

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Law Firm in Cyprus: Christos Paraskevas LLC

Christos Paraskevas LLC

Nicosia, Cyprus

Full-Service Law Firm in Cyprus

Phone+357 22 432 800

Christos Paraskevas LLC is a multi service law firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus, dedicated to providing its clients with professional, highly personalized legal and consulting services.
Our Firm serves a vast range of clients both in Cyprus and at an international level including multinational and national...

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Law Firm in Cyprus: CA Advocates - Pourgoura & Aspri LLC

CA Advocates - Pourgoura & Aspri LLC

Nicosia, Cyprus

Commercial Law Firm in Nicosia, Cyprus

Phone+357 (22) 460831

CA Advocates - Pourgoura & Aspri LLC, located in Nicosia, Cyprus, is a progressive commercial law firm, comprising of a team of dynamic and highly specialized lawyers with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Our paramount objective is to offer the highest level of professional and personalized...

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Law Firm in Cyprus: AMG Mylonas & Associates, LLC

AMG Mylonas & Associates, LLC

Limassol, Cyprus

Full-Service Boutique Law Firm in Limassol, Cyprus

Phone+357 (25) 101080

AMG Mylonas & Associates, LLC, a Cyprus law firm, offers its clientele the rich professional experience and combined legal skills of its qualified lawyers and highly qualified support employers. As a full-service law firm, we provide a comprehensive range of superior quality legal services covering...

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Law Firm in Cyprus: Andreas Danos Law Firm

Andreas Danos Law Firm

Nicosia, Cyprus

Full-Service Law Firm in Nicosia, Cyprus

Phone+357 (22) 664-433

Danos Law Firm is an experienced, dedicated law firm located in Cyprus. Our firm was founded by Andreas Danos in 1968. The law firm has grown rapidly and is today one of the most well-known law firms of Cyprus, offering a range of services to a large clientele. The founder, an established lawyer, has...

Other Offices: Limassol

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Law Firm in Cyprus: Dr. K. Chrysostomides & Co LLC

Dr. K. Chrysostomides & Co LLC

Nicosia, Cyprus

Business Advocates and Legal Consultants in Cyprus

Phone+357 (22) 777000

Dr. K. Chrysostomides & Co LLC is a full service law firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus. The firmís practice areas encompass banking and secured financing, capital markets, competition law, constitutional law, cross border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, restructures, public and administrative law,...

Other Offices: Limassol, Limassol

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Law Firm in Cyprus: Kinanis LLC

Kinanis LLC

Nicosia, Cyprus

Corporate, Accounting, Litigation and Property Law Firm in Cyprus

Phone+357 (22) 558888

Kinanis LLC, a law and consulting firm located in Nicosia, Cyprus, advises corporate and private clients on law, tax, and accounting matters. Practice areas include accounting and VAT, aviation and shipping, corporate law and liquidation, mergers and acquisitions, financial services and funds, immigration...

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Law Firm in Cyprus: Soteris Pittas & Co LLC

Soteris Pittas & Co LLC

Limassol, Cyprus

Cyprus International Corporate and Commercial Law Firm

Phone+357 (25) 028460

Soteris Pittas & Co L.L.C., located in Limassol, Cyprus, is a boutique law firm, in size only, focusing on the areas of law related to business activity. Our practices include corporate and commercial litigation, admiralty and maritime law, international and domestic arbitration, international business...

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Law Firm in Cyprus: Typographos & Co Lawyers

Typographos & Co Lawyers

Nicosia, Cyprus

Full-Service Law Firm in Nicosia, Cyprus

Phone+357 (22) 755-648

Typographos & Co Lawyers is a full service law firm located in Nicosia, Cyprus. Our practice areas and services encompass corporate and commercial law, incorporation, restructuring and dissolutions, due diligence, agreements, tax law and investment funds, trusts, mergers and acquisitions, property and...

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Law Firm in Cyprus: Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Limassol, Cyprus

Cyprus EU Law and International Law Firm

Phone+357 2511-0110

We are the largest law firm in Cyprus by a considerable margin and are generally recognised as the leading law firm in the South-East Mediterranean region. We have more than 140 fee-earners operating out of three offices in Cyprus and an international network of offices in the main destinations for...

Other Offices: Nicosia, Paphos

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Law Firm in Cyprus: Soteris Flourentzos & Associates LLC

Soteris Flourentzos & Associates LLC

Limassol, Cyprus

Corporate & Financial Law Firm in Cyprus

Phone+357 (25) 107-242

Soteris Flourentzos & Associates LLC, located in Limassol, Cyprus, is a corporate and financial law firm dedicated to and designed for international equity firms, entrepreneurs, and family offices. Our practice areas include corporate and commercial litigation and transactions, tax law, liquidations,...

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Law Firm in Cyprus: Danos & Associates LLC

Danos & Associates LLC

Full-Service Law Firm in Nicosia, Cyprus

Phone+357 (22) 872-276

Danos & Associates is a full service law firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus, with affiliated offices in China, Russia, Ukraine, and Greece. We provide legal services in matters of real estate, company incorporation and management, shipping, wills and succession, immigration law, intellectual property, debt...

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Law Firm in Cyprus: E R Team Global Consultants Ltd.

E R Team Global Consultants Ltd.

Larnaca, Cyprus Company Formation Law Firm

Phone+357 (24) 656-406

E.R. Team Global Consultants, Ltd. provides businesses and individuals with a variety of legal services and counsel, each geared towards the creation and maintenance of new ventures in Cyprus. The firm's committed team of legal and tax specialists have considerable expertise in immigration law, accounting,...

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Law Firm in Cyprus: P.N. Kourtellos & Associates LLC

P.N. Kourtellos & Associates LLC

Limassol, Cyprus

Full-Service Law Firm in Limassol, Cyprus

Phone+357 (25) 745-575

P. N. Kourtellos & Associates, LLC provides a full gamut of legal services to businesses and corporations working and investing in Cyprus. The firmís expert lawyers have created an organization that values a low-cost efficiency and top-tier expertise, a combination that has ably served clients for many...

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Law Firm in Cyprus: Evagoras Anastasiou & Associates LLC

Evagoras Anastasiou & Associates LLC

Limassol, Cyprus

Full Service Law Firm in Limassol, Cyprus

Phone+357 25582999

Evagoras Anastasiou & Associates LLC is a fully-service law firm in Cyprus. Our diverse team of lawyers is experienced in a range of legal areas and provides a wide range of specialized legal services to local and international clients. Our firmís founding partner has over 30 years of legal experience....

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Law Firm in Cyprus: Antoniou McCollum & Co.

Antoniou McCollum & Co.

Nicosia, Cyprus

Cyprus Commercial, Corporate & Competition Law Firm

Phone+357 22 053 333

Antoniou McCollum & Co. is a top-tier Cyprus law firm specializing in commercial and corporate law. The firm delivers bespoke legal services across all major business sectors in Cyprus, supporting domestic and international clients operating in or entering the Cyprus market. The firm prides itself on...

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Law Firm in Cyprus: Economides Kranos & Co. LLC

Economides Kranos & Co. LLC

Limassol, Cyprus

International Law Firm in Cyprus

Phone+357 25 356800

Economides Kranos & Co. offers a complete range of legal and corporate services based always on the interests and needs of our clients. Our client relationships are founded on loyalty and trust and we are wholly client-centered. With a team of highly-qualified lawyers, Economides Kranos & Co.ís clients...

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  • A & G Kouzali Law Office

    Paralimni, Cyprus

    European and International Business and Property Law Firm in Paralimni, Cyprus

    Phone +357 2 3811787

    Cyprus based, international law office, with extensive experience. All lawyers are UK graduates with liason all over Europe! International Associations with weapon the integrity and always working for the best interests of clients the Kouzalis Law office is unique in many ways.

  • A. C. Hadjioannou & Co

    Nicosia, Cyprus

    Corporate, Litigation, Property, PI, Telecommunications & Contract Law Firm

    4 Alkaiou Street, Ayios Antonios Phone +357 22759170
  • A. Saouris and Associates LLC

    Limassol, Cyprus

    Full-Service Law Firm in Limassol, Cyprus

    Phone +357 253 77080

    A. Saouris and Associates LLC is a full Ė service, dynamic and emerging law firm based in Limassol of Cyprus and is ready to offer its services throughout Cyprus. We also have the skills and experience in handling all types of litigation matters and providing legal advice in criminal, civil and...

  • A.G. Erotocritou LLC

    Limassol, Cyprus

    Boutique Law Firm in Cyprus

    Phone +357 25 370101

    A.G. Erotocritou LLC is a leading boutique law firm in Cyprus offering legal services of outstanding quality in a highly personalised manner in both non-contentious, advisory and litigation matters. Any advice or representation is always provided in an individualised fashion tailored to the needs...

  • A.G. Paphitis & Co LLC

    Limassol, Cyprus

    Corporate, Commercial & Litigation Law Firm in Limassol, Cyprus

    Phone +357 25 731000

    AGP Law Firm A.G. Paphitis & Co. LLC is one of the fastest-growing, full-service, multi-awarded international Law Firms in Cyprus with a deep understanding of the legal and business realities. Our team consists of Cyprus and UK lawyers, barristers, solicitors, paralegals, corporate administrators...

  • A.I. Kitsios LLC

    Limassol, Cyprus

    Business, Commercial and Intellectual Property Lawyers in Cyprus

    Phone 357 25 361080

    A.I.Kitsios LLC, is a full service law firm founded in 1985. It is comprised of experienced and skilful lawyers acting for clients ranging from large multinational corporations to small companies and individuals.
    We have extensive expertise within a broad range of areas including Civil...

  • Agathokleous - Neophytou & Co Llc

    Limassol, Cyprus

    A Full Service Law Firm in Cyprus

    Phone +357 25 372200

    At Agathokleous - Neophytou & Co Llc, we provide and give to each client an equally high level of personal attention and service.
    Commitment of our law firm is that we are able to provide you with immediate high quality service with reliability in handling your various cases.

  • Alexopoulos Law Firm

    Larnaca, Cyprus

    Corporate, Commercial, Taxation, Property, Civil and Criminal Law Firm in Cyprus

    Phone +357 24623628

    We specialise in Ship Management and Corporate Services.

  • Ali Onay Law Firm

    Famagusta, Cyprus

    North Cyprus , Famagusta, Nicosia, Kyrenia, Solicitors

    Phone +90 (392) 366 8848

    Ali Onay Law Firm was estabished in 1979. It is one of the leading law firms in Famagusta. The firm provides a wide range of legal services.

  • Andreas A. Papadopoulos & Co.

    Limassol, Cyprus
    P. O. Box 54102 Phone +35725356400
  • Andreas Chr. Demetriades LLC

    Paphos, Cyprus

    Real Estate, Corporations & Immigration Lawyers

    Phone +357 26 954500

    Andreas Chr. Demetriades LLC is an elite business law firm based in Cyprus. We are specializing in Corporation Law, Drafting Contracts, Real Estate Matters, Wills and Administration Procedures and Banking Law. We can guide you and protect your interests at every step of the way.
    If you wish to...

  • Andreas Christodoulou

    Nicosia, Cyprus

    Full-Service Law Firm in Nicosia

    Phone +357 22210920

    Andreas Christodoulou - Lawyer and Legal Consultant is a full-service law office which advices on both domestic and international law to physical and legal/corporate clients.
    With a dedication to provide timely, viable and comprehensive solutions to all clients, all services provided are from...

  • Andreas Coucounis & Co.

    Larnaca, Cyprus
    10, Arch. Makarios Ave, Suite 101-102
  • Andreas Georghadjis & Co

    Limassol, Cyprus

    Domestic and International Business Practice

    Iris House, 3rd Floor, John Kennedy Str. Phone +357 25 590600
  • Andreas Sofocleous & Co

    Limassol, Cyprus

    Commercial & Litigation Law Firm

    Phone +357 25 746955

    Andreas Sofocleous & Co was founded by Mr. Andreas Sofocleous in 1995. The firm is now one of the largest and most successful law firms of Cyprus and East Europe. Its main offices are situated in Limassol, the offshore business center of Cyprus, with branches in Moscow, Kiev, London and Tbilisi and...

  • Andreas Y Panayiotou & Company

    Limassol, Cyprus
    4 Evagora Papachristoforou Street
    Themis Court, 2nd Floor, Offices B.201-B.206 Phone ++357 5 351688
  • Antis Triantafllides and Sons

    Nicosia, Cyprus
    Triantafyllides Building, Capital Center 9th Floor Phone 3572462925
  • Antonis Andreou & Co.

    Larnaca, Cyprus

    International Full-Service Legal Firm

    Phone (357) 24 828373/4

    Antonis Andreou & Co is a Chypriot law firm specializing in litigation.
    Mr. Antonis Andreou is a Barrister-at-Law (Linclon's Inn). Pacticing law 1973. Chairman of Larnaca Bar Association 1979-1985. Member of House of Representatives 1985-1991 (Acting vice-Chairman of Legal Affairs Committee and...

  • Apostolou & Co. LLC

    Nicosia, Cyprus

    Corporate, Banking and Finance, M&A and Tax Law Firm in Cyprus

    10-12 Grigori Afxentiou Avenue
    Ayios Dometios Phone +357 22 02 8888
  • Areti Charidemou & Associates

    Limassol, Cyprus
    21 Vasili Michailidi Phone (5) 746 103
  • Argyrou & Co

    Larnaca, Cyprus

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Larnaca, Cyprus

    1, Gladstonos Street, Panayiotio Megaro
    4th Floor, Office 405 Phone 70001033/+35724655413
  • Argyrou & Demosthenous L.L.C.

    Nicosia, Cyprus

    Domestic and International Full Service Law Firm in Cyprus

    Phone +357 22 377323

    The firm was established in 2001 and is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. The firm offers a full range of legal services to domestic and international clients. Our firm's aim is to provide the highest level of legal services in the most cost-effective manner with special emphasis on professionalism,...

  • Aris A. Aristotelous Law Offices

    Nicosia, Cyprus

    Criminal Defense Law Firm

    Annis Komninis 18 Phone +357 22 766550
  • ASC Law Firm

    Nicosia, Cyprus

    Law Firm in Cyprus

    Phone 357 22 000420

    ASC is an innovative law firm comprising of dynamic experienced solicitors and legal advisors set out to offer reliable and affordable legal, financial and tax services to our commercial and individual clients.
    Strong relationships and true collaboration with our clients are an integral part of...

  • BH Lex International Law Office

    Kyrenia, Cyprus

    Securities, Corporate Finance & Business Law, Estate Planning

    Phone +90 (39) 281-57040

    BH LEX provides legal assistance in different places of the world and especially focuses on business law, international business law, contract law and investments. BH LEX Lawyers have deep experience to assist you in your physical ventures and/or online businesses such as i-gaming.

  • Boyra Law

    Nicosia, Cyprus
    Posta Sok. No.23/1 Phone +903922275197
  • C Manolis Law Office

    Paphos, Cyprus
    10 Nikos Nikolaides Ave.
    Pittakio Megaro, Suite 301, P.O.Box 62799 Phone +357-26222215
  • C P Erotocritou & Co

    Limassol, Cyprus
    Libra Tower 4th Floor
    23 Olympion Street Phone (5) 363 665
  • CHM Lawyers-Legal Consultants

    Limassol, Cyprus

    Property and Contract Law, Wills, Company and Business Law and Business Management

    Phone +357 25 818646

    We are a team of British educated Lawyers with international experience based in Limassol. We specialise in:
    Property Law - All aspects of property law including

    Land Registry Procedures
    Property Valuation
    Property Surveying
    Property Disputes
    Wills and Probate Law

  • Chr. Chrysanthou & Associates

    Nicosia, Cyprus
    2nd Floor, Palais d'Ivoire House
    12 Themistocles Dervis Ave - PO Box 21762 Phone +357 2 2677 443
  • ChrisLaw Legal Consultants

    Nicosia, Cyprus

    Coporate and Commercial Law in Cyprus

    Athinas 2 SPE Building Office 201 Phone +357 22 720818
  • Christodoulos G. Pelaghias

    Larnaca, Cyprus
    27, Gregory Afxentiou Ae. Phone 3574654900
  • Christodoulos G. Vassiliades & Co. LLC

    Nicosia, Cyprus

    Banking Law, Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property Law, Taxation, Insurance Law and Transport Law

    15, Agiou Pavlou Str., Ledra House
    Agios Andreas Phone +357 22 556677

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