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  • Termination of Contracts in the UK: Will Reasons Later Argued Suffice?
       Provided by Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law

    Commercial contracts can be broken by either party in certain circumstances, but when can a party justify termination by a new reason given later - after the termination has taken place?

  • Authentication, Simplification, Granted IP Status in Latin America
       Provided by B&R Latin America IP LLC

    The Hague Apostille Convention of 5 October 1961 was born out of the need to simplify the circulation of documents between different states and countries in the world. The convention applies only to public documents that need to be authorized. If both countries are part of the convention, an Apostille will be sufficient.

  • Liability Cover in Marine Insurance in England: P&I Perspective
       Provided by Villagran Lara, Attorneys

    Protection and Indemnity Associations also known as P&I Clubs are the result of long time development from Mutual Hull insurers in England. One of the principles of these Clubs is to insure liabilities not covered by the Hull & Machinery policy.

  • Bankruptcy in Panama: Legal Considerations
       Provided by Pardini & Associates

    Every declaration of bankruptcy, represent certain effects over the person declared bankrupt. Some of them will generally apply to every person as of the moment of declaration, we will call those general effects, and some others will depend on other facts like the qualification of the bankruptcy.

  • Stamp Tax on Transactions by Electronic Means in Buenos Aires
       Provided by Canosa Abogados

    On January 1, 2015, Law No. 5493 entered into force, introducing amendments to the Tax Code of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (“TC”) concerning the Stamp Tax.

  • Cayman Islands Limited Liability Companies Bill
       Provided by Stuarts Walker Hersant Humphries

    It is proposed that a new law (the “Law”) be enacted, to permit the formation of a new type of vehicle in the Cayman Islands – a Cayman Islands limited liability company (an "LLC").

  • Derivative Claims in the Cayman Islands
       Provided by Loeb Smith

    What is a derivative action? A derivative action is one commenced by one or more minority shareholders on behalf of a company of which they are member in respect of loss or damage which that company has suffered. Such a claim can only be brought in certain circumstances and amounts to an exception to the rule that a company, as a separate legal person, should sue and be sued in its own name (often referred to as the rule in Foss v Harbottle (1843), 2 Hare 461; 67 E.R 189).

  • Comprehending the Legal Principles of Brazilian Labor Law
       Provided by M F Ejchel

    When a foreign worker provides services in Brazil the laws governing the contract are the laws of the country of origin or the laws of Brazil? This special article is about the foreign employment in Brazil and principles adopted by the Brazilian Labor Court on the demands arising from those relationships.

  • Franchising in Ecuador
       Provided by Romero Arteta Ponce Abogados

    Despite recent the economic crisis and downturns in several important countries in the region, Latin America still remains a crucial trading and investment area for multinationals. For after over a decade of full-blown globalization efforts by the government and international investors, Ecuador has opened to foreign investment.

  • Cuba Enacts New Foreign Investment Law
       Provided by Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group

    The Law clearly provides that foreign investment is regulated within a framework of the law, sovereignty, independence and mutual benefit, in order to contribute to Cuban economical development within a prosperous and sustainable socialist economy

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