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What is the Relevance of “Industry Standards” Under the Law?

  October 12, 2015     By
Many people have heard the term “industry standard” bandied about during legal discussions, whether in contract negotiations or during lawsuits, but most may not know what this really means. Indeed, many practitioners may be unclear on the meaning and use of “industry standards,” as well.

LG Köln: Outgoing Commercial Agent Entitled To Full Portfolio Management Commission

  October 12, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
Even an outgoing commercial agent is entitled to the full portfolio management commission. That was the decision of the Landgericht Köln (Regional Court of Cologne) in its ruling of June 30, 2015, Az.: 4 O 355/14 (not yet final).

Which supplier is More Reliable in China? – From the Eyes of a Chinese Lawyer

  October 10, 2015     By Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm
How to choose a reliable Chinese supplier in international trade business, for foreign merchants.

Non-Profit Foundations Based in Switzerland Have to Pay Tax on Income Generated in Germany

  October 9, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
Foundations based in Switzerland need to pay tax on their income generated in Germany, even if they pursue non-profit causes.

VW Emissions Scandal: VW Shares Plunge – Shareholder Damages Claims

  October 8, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
It is thought that around eleven million vehicles worldwide have been affected by the VW scandal concerning manipulated emissions test data, including models from Volkswagen’s subsidiaries Audi, Skoda and Seat.

China's New Advertising Regulations

  October 8, 2015     By MMLC Group
China’s revised Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China, effective as of 1 September, 2015, represents the first major revision since being enacted in 1995.

Transformation of a Bulgarian Limited Liability Company into a Joint Stock Company

  October 7, 2015     By Delchev & Partners
Various reasons may lead you to the resolution that a going limited liability company in Bulgaria is necessary to be transformed into a joint-stock company. Improvement of the image of the company with regard to future financing/projects, provision of certain anonymity to the shareholders, bond issue, planned listing of the company on the Bulgarian stock exchange, etc., is just a short list of the likely reasons for a Bulgarian company to be transformed.

Recovery if there Is Awareness of Insolvency in Germany

  October 7, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
If a creditor knew that a company was materially or factually insolvent and nevertheless accepted money, it can be ordered to repay this pursuant to insolvency law.

New Tax Incentives to Attract Investors in Cyprus

  October 7, 2015     By Evagoras Anastasiou & Associates LLC
The government of Cyprus has announced new amendments in the island’s tax system in order to attract foreign investment and increase Cyprus’ economic activity.

Resolving Disputes with Contractors in California

  October 7, 2015     By Watkins Firm, A Professional Corporation
Construction law in California can be quite complex, and it is important to understand the best strategies for resolving disputes with contractors.

Misleading Advertising of a Company’s Location Is Prohibited in Germany

  October 6, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
Infringements of competition law can prove to be costly. Following a ruling of the OLG Celle of July 7, 2015, this is also true for impermissible advertising of the location of a company (Az. 13 W 35/15).

Foreign Infusions into Charter Capital of the Company in Ukraine: Benefits and Guarantees

  October 6, 2015     By Kydalov & Partners
“Foreign Invested Enterprise” in Ukraine, what should we know about benefits and guarantees.

Franchising in Ecuador

  October 3, 2015     By Romero Arteta Ponce Attorneys
Despite recent the economic crisis and downturns in several important countries in the region, Latin America still remains a crucial trading and investment area for multinationals. For after over a decade of full-blown globalization efforts by the government and international investors, Ecuador has opened to foreign investment.

Buying a Car? Be Aware of Spot Delivery Scam

  October 1, 2015     By
This type of car buying scam gets its name from purchasers who are sold vehicles “on the spot.” The dealership says that the buyer has been approved for the vehicle, but he or she is later told that the financing fell through. There may be some consumer protections to help affected buyers, and there are certainly ways to avoid this common scam.

UK Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015

  October 1, 2015     By Summerfield Browne Solicitors
The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 is being implemented in the UK.

Is an Agreement Based on Duress Enforceable?

  September 28, 2015     By
Parties are usually free to contract as they see fit. However, if one party’s actions rise to the level of duress, the act of entering into a contract is no longer a voluntary process, and the contract may not be enforced.

Food Products Can only Be Advertised with Ingredients which They Contain in Europe

  September 24, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has strengthened consumer protection. Thus, food products cannot give the impression that they contain certain ingredients if this is not actually the case.

Franchise in Germany: Damages Claims By Franchisees

  September 23, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
Franchisees can assert claims for damages if they were knowingly forecast unrealistic turnover figures when everything was being explained to them prior to the conclusion of the agreement.

How to Perform a Contract in China by Contracts Law when Terms and Conditions Are not Clear?

  September 23, 2015     By Yingke Law Firm
When reaching a contract, parties are supposed to making all related terms clear. However in practice, the terms of a contract are not always ready there because of lack of negotiation, short of time, or negligence, etc. This brings out trouble and confusion when performing. Luckily the law provides repair methods.

When Contracting Fault Responsibility Applies by China Contracts Law

  September 21, 2015     By Yingke Law Firm
Contracting fault responsibility lies between the liability of breach and infringement. In practice, the liability is strictly applied. It has to meet certain standards promulgated by law.

Get Protection and Security for Your Investments in Colombia

  September 22, 2015     By B&R Latin America IP LLC
A legal framework that guarantees stability to international business is always desirable for any investor or company in any sector of the economy anywhere. Provided that each country has jurisdiction on its own territory, How to promote and protect business abroad? And how to avoid, or at least reduce, the political risk involved in doing business in a different country?

The Power of a Name as a Registered Trademark in Sports

  September 20, 2015     By B&R Latin America IP LLC
Did you know that you can register your name as a trademark in sports? Many athletes know this and they obtain many benefit from this. Radamel Falcao, know as the ¨Tiger¨ or ¨Tigre¨ from Colombia’s soccer team, has a company named, Business Tiger S.A.S., his company manages all the sponsoring contracts and profits that the trademark FALCAO earns. Radamel Falcao had many trademark lawsuits with people that tried to use and register his name without permission.

What Can I do if the Delivery Does not Match up with the Contract?

  September 20, 2015     By
Sometimes when a person or business orders goods, the items may not conform to the actual purchase order. When this occurs, the party receiving the goods has several options.

Claiming Transfer of Shares in Preliminary Relief Proceedings in the Netherlands

  September 18, 2015     By AMS Advocaten
The two shareholders of a Dutch private limited company (BV) agree that shareholder A (seller) shall sell 5,850 shares to shareholder B (buyer) against a price of €1. This means that the buyer acquires 90% of the shares. Afterwards, the seller has doubts about the sale and refuses to cooperate in the transfer. The buyer institutes preliminary relief proceedings and demands the transfer. The court in preliminary relief proceedings takes a strong line: transfer, or pay a penalty.

Compliance For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses in Germany

  September 17, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
Effective compliance management systems are not only crucial for large businesses. They are also increasingly important for small and medium-sized businesses in order to avoid unwittingly infringing laws and regulations.

New Civil Code and the Amendments to the Corporate Law Regime in Argentina

  September 25, 2015     By Canosa Abogados
On October 2014 the Argentine Congress has enacted a new Civil and Commercial Code (the “CCC”) that came in effect on August 1, 2015.

Time-Series Comparison Only Permissible as Method of Estimation Under Certain Conditions in Germany

  September 15, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
The tax authorities are increasingly applying time-series comparisons as a method of estimation in the context of external audits, but according to the Bundesfinanzhof (German Federal Fiscal Court), this is only permissible under certain conditions.

Yemeni Bribery & Anti-Corruption Laws & Facilitating Payments in Practice

  September 13, 2015     By Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Sons
An overview of the current legal framework regarding bribery and anti-corruption in Yemen followed by a discussion of the practical implications of the framework with respect to the payment of facilitating payments. Criminal code No. 12 of 1994 is a general Law addressing all matter related to crime and punishment. A more specific Law addressing bribery and anti corruption was issued in 2006, namely the Anti Corruption Law.

Testamentary Capacity Is A Prerequisite For A Valid Will

  September 11, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
A will can only be valid if the person who drafted it has the capacity to make a will. If disputes emerge amongst heirs, it is possible for this to result in the testator’s testamentary capacity being contested.

Non-Compete Agreements in Florida

  September 10, 2015     By
Some companies have their employees sign a non-compete agreement in which the employee agrees to refrain from working for competitors, setting up his or her own business or working in the same industry for a specific amount of time after the employment relationship with the employer has ended. If another company approaches a former employee who signed such an agreement, the employee may be tempted to take the new job.

D&O Liability in Germany: Minimise Personal Risk

  September 10, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
Managers and executive bodies are increasingly finding themselves faced with liability claims and criminal prosecutions. For this reason, they ought to take measures to protect themselves accordingly.

When Should I Bring a Motion for Security for Costs in Canada?

  September 10, 2015     By Wagner Sidlofsky LLP
Security for costs is the payment of money or other security into court by a plaintiff or plaintiff by counterclaim to cover future costs orders made in favour of a successful defendant.

Understanding Commercial Agreements: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business

  September 8, 2015     By Jurado & Farshchian, P.L.
The contracts that your business has with its landlords, clients, employees, vendors and/or suppliers are the components that help create the framework of your company. Everything your organization does depends on the protection and support of the terms and conditions in its contract (s).

Mergers and Acquisitions in Turkey

  September 8, 2015     By Ketenci & Ketenci
Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”) is defined as the combining of two or more companies or buying-selling or dividing of two or more companies as a part of corporate finance in order to grow rapidly in business field of activity.

Termination of Distribution Agreements under Turkish Law

  September 16, 2015     By Ketenci & Ketenci
In international or local trade relations, termination of distribution agreements especially by manufacturers come frequently to the fore.

Franchising in Turkey

  September 8, 2015     By Ketenci & Ketenci
Franchise sector in Turkey has been in a rapid growth in the recent years. As of 2014, there were approximately 1850 chain of enterprises in Turkey, 24% of which are foreign trademarks and the number of foreign investors intending to franchise in Turkey has been increasing year by year.

Partners Liable for Tax Liabilities even after the Dissolution of a Partnership Under Civil Law in Germany

  September 8, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
The partners of a partnership under civil law (Gesellschaft des bürgerlichen Rechts) (GbR) remain liable for the tax liabilities of the organisation even after it has been sold or wound up. That was the decision of the Administrative Court of Freiburg (5 K 2543/13).

M&A: Avert Stagnation through Mergers and Acquisitions

  September 7, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
The internal growth of corporate groups and companies is limited. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are intended to prevent stagnation, but there are obstacles to overcome in the process.

OLG Of Düsseldorf: Managing Director Responsible for Orderly Payment of Social Security Contributions

  September 2, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
In its ruling of September 16, 2014 (I-21 U 38/14), the OLG of Düsseldorf clarified that the managing director of a GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) [German limited liability company] is responsible for the orderly payment of social security contributions.

Liability Of Managers: D&O Insurance Policies On The Increase

  August 31, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
Executive boards, supervisory boards and managing directors are living dangerously. If the wrong decisions are made, they may be required to stand good for the loss or damage with their private assets.

UAE Rules Applicable to Joint Stock Companies

  August 31, 2015     By Karbal & Co.
Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 “The New Commercial Company law” (CCL), which came into force on July 1, 2015, replaced the Federal Law No. 8 of 1984. The purpose of the new legislation was to bringing the UAE up to speed with corporate legislation currently enacted in many developed nations. (Part II of Two part series on new CCL)

Due Diligence Review Before Corporate Acquisition

  August 28, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
Many small and medium-sized businesses are set to be faced with a change at the helm of their companies in the coming years. This can also result in the sale of the company.

Major Changes in Dutch Corporate Statute Governing Netherlands BV-Companies

  August 24, 2015     By KerkmanLaw
On October 1, 2012, major changes to Dutch corporate statute governing Dutch companies with limited liability (the so-called ‘besloten vennootschap’ or ‘BV’), have taken effect.

The Steps Leading up to Mergers and Acquisitions in The Netherlands

  August 24, 2015     By AMS Advocaten
The different steps of the process leading to a merger or company acquisition in The Netherlands. One of these steps is the due diligence investigation, that serves to provide insight in the position of the company in question. In this way, potential risks can be assessed to facilitate a well-considered decision on whether to go ahead with the transaction and to balance the terms of the purchase agreement.

UAE Commercial Company Law and Legal Reforms - General Rules

  September 1, 2015     By Karbal & Co.
Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 “The New Commercial Company law” (CCL), which came into force on July 1, 2015, replaced the Federal Law No. 8 of 1984. The purpose of the new legislation was to bringing the UAE up to speed with corporate legislation currently enacted in many developed nations.

New Amendments to Investment Law No. 8 in Egypt

  August 17, 2015     By Youssry Saleh Law Firm
Egypt in its accelerated movement towards economic reform has been emphasizing the importance of real estate development projects and large scale projects in order to restore the market and economy after its decline post Revolution of 2011.

Reform Of Inheritance Tax: Finance Ministers Still In Disagreement

  August 15, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
The only thing that is clear is that inheritance tax needs to be reformed. How it ought to be reformed remains disputed. Even a meeting of the federal and state finance ministers did not deliver a breakthrough.

M&A: Increase In Company Takeovers And Mergers

  August 13, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
Wirtschaftswoche reported on its website that Germany is the country with the largest number of company takeovers and mergers in Europe, with the trend continuing to rise across Europe.

Judicial Collection in Costa Rica: Law 8624 Calls for Expeditious Judicial Collections

  August 17, 2015     By ERP Lawyers & Associates
The Judicial Collection Law (#8624), effective in Costa Rica since May 20th, 2008, completely changed the way the judicial collection files were processed, and put in order those people who failed to comply with the payment of debts, regardless the amount.

Amendments to Corporate Legislation in Russia

  August 17, 2015     By Capital Legal Services, L.L.C.
Federal Law No.210-FZ “On amending certain regulatory acts of the Russian Federation and declaring void certain provisions of the regulatory acts of the Russian Federation” and Federal Law No.209-FZ “On amending certain regulatory acts of the Russian Federation as regards allowing legal entities to use standard charters” enter into force.

What May Happen if you Breach your Director’s Duties?

  August 17, 2015     By Summerfield Browne Solicitors
If you are a company director you have certain duties which are owed to the company. What happens if you breach those duties?

I Received a Bad Check – What Do I Do?

  August 8, 2015     By
If you have received a bad check, you may be able to pursue compensation or restitution through civil or criminal proceedings. However, state laws typically govern bad check disputes and certain elements may need to be met in order to recover the value of the bad check.

Insurance Exclusions in The Bahamas

  August 7, 2015     By Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law
If you are involved in the shipping industry, you will be only too aware of how quickly challenging and difficult legal problems can arise at sea. When you need to make an insurance claim, the complexities of maritime law can present real barriers to getting the swift resolution you need.

Dutch Anti-Takeover Measures

  August 6, 2015     By AMS Advocaten
Listed companies often resort to antitakeover schemes to prevent a takeover by a hostile bidder. A hostile bid is a nightmare for most executive directors and therefore (in their opinion) needs be stopped or at least delayed. There are many different measures to take in order to prevent or delay a hostile takeover.

Delayed Filing For Insolvency: Liability Of Managing Director in Germany

  August 5, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
If there is a delay in filing for insolvency, the managing director of a GmbH is liable. According to the German Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof (BGH)) in its judgment of December 18, 2014, this also applies to a de facto managing director.

What are Directors Duties?

  August 3, 2015     By Summerfield Browne Solicitors
Are you the Director of an English Company? If so you owe certain duties to the Company and if you do not comply with them then you are at risk of being sued.

Risk Allocation in Treaty Obligations

  August 4, 2015     By Kydalov & Partners
The specificity of commercial relationship shows that at the stage of execution of the obligation against the will of any of the parties may be circumstances (events) leading to a breach of contractual obligations. How to manage these risks.

How to Protect and Save Assets that Remained in Crimea

  July 30, 2015     By Kydalov & Partners
As a result of the illegal annexation of the Crimea by the Russian Federation, many owners of the property and assets in the Crimea have gotten quite difficult issue: how to protect and save these assets?

Family Foundation Can Ensure the Continuity of a Business

  July 30, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
A family foundation can be established as a way of avoiding inheritance related disputes. The purpose of a family foundation is generally to ensure ongoing support for relatives.

BGH on GmbH Managing Director’s Obligation to Provide Information in Insolvency Proceedings in Germany

  July 29, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
If insolvency has been filed against a GmbH, the managing director of the company has extensive obligations to provide information. He is not, however, obliged to furnish information regarding his personal assets (BGH IX ZB 62/14).

What Exactly Should a Foreigner Do, if His Obligor is a State Enterprise on the Territory of Ukraine

  July 28, 2015     By Kydalov & Partners
Many of state enterprises provided international economic activities, such as buying some equipment abroad, borrowing from foreign bank institutions and investment companies, ordering work or services. Due to the nature of its management of state enterprises, they really are not fair and binding payers on their debts, and as a result foreign contractors have to go to courts or arbitrations to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Termination Agreement – The Alternative to Dismissal

  July 27, 2015     By GRP Rainer LLP
Unlike in the event of a dismissal/termination, the employment relationship is brought to an end on a mutually amicable basis in cases involving an agreement to terminate a contract. However, for this purpose certain requirements have to be contractually fulfilled.

Debt Collectors Being Sued for Harassment

  July 24, 2015     By
Debt collectors sometimes use aggressive tactics to secure funds for their clients. However, if they overstep their legal bounds, they may be subject to harassment charges or other causes of action.

Why Should an Entrepreneur Work With An Attorney to Start Their New Company?

  July 24, 2015     By Watkins Firm, A Professional Corporation
Most entrepreneurs and new business owners are working on tight budget and simply want to spend the least amount of time and money selecting a business entity and getting to work. After all, isn’t it as simple as downloading a few forms, filling in the blanks and submitting the corporate documents to the Secretary of State? Why would the owners of a new company want to spend the money to consult with an attorney?

Resolving Breach of Contract Without Expensive and Time Consuming Litigation

  July 23, 2015     By Watkins Firm, A Professional Corporation
There are definitely reasons to consider filing a breach of contract lawsuit even though you intend to find another path to resolve the situation. Filing the lawsuit puts the breaching party on notice that you are serious about holding them accountable, and may strengthen their resolve to cooperate to find a positive solution to the breach.

Arbitration Clauses: Do They Trump Other Requirements?

  July 22, 2015     By Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law
A recent ruling in the UK’s High Court highlights the importance of arbitration clauses and agreements in commercial disputes, and clarifies when they take precedence.

California Craft Distillery Law and the Craft Distiller’s Act of 2015

  July 21, 2015     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
Until fairly recently, Prohibition-era laws have governed the liquor industry in California. As a result of amendments to these laws, craft breweries are now allowed to offer tastings and sell beer to customers. At present, however, distilleries of liquor can hold tastings, selling quarter-ounce samples, but still cannot make a direct sale of larger amounts to their customers. That is about to change if the Craft Distiller’s Act of 2015, AB 1295 passes and is signed into law.

Commercial Contracts: Implied Terms

  July 16, 2015     By Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law
No term would be implied into a contract, requiring a bank to use reasonable care to obtain the best price it could when asserting its right of forced sale of a limited partnership, the UK’s High Court has said.

Top Eight Reasons You May Need Startup Attorneys

  July 16, 2015     By Jurado & Farshchian, P.L.
Most people who have a good idea and not a lot of startup cash don’t think to involve attorneys right away because it feels like something that is expensive and can come later in the process when there is something to lose.

Dubai Court's Ruling Against Developer

Dubai Court ordered developer to compensate buyer for the shortfall in the size of the sold property and all its supplemented areas.

Legal Considerations for Operating a Home-Based Business

Almost half of the small businesses in the U.S. are operated from home, and that number is growing as the working population ages and changes careers. While the convenience of operating a home-based business is hard to beat, you need to be sure you are not running afoul of any local regulations or state tax laws while operating your business. Some considerations:

101 of Non-Compete Agreements: Everything You Need to Know about Protecting Your Business

Today’s advances – technological, scientific, and business – are all driven by competition. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you’re likely faced with a serious competition that drives you to constantly enhance and update your product and services range. Competition is healthy, as it promotes innovation – but what happens when you find a competitor amongst your own employees?

Accessory Liability and ‘Common Design’

A recent ruling in the UK Supreme Court has helped to shed light on the complex issue of accessory liability and the principle of ‘common design’. The case of Sea Shepherd UK v Fish & Fish Limited 2015 UKSC began in 2010, when a fish farm operator was transporting live Bluefin tuna.

Tax Effects of the Dissolution of Companies in Panama

Article 528-A of the Commercial Code, added by Act 85 of 2012, deals with the dissolution of companies and explains causes and effects of their permanence in time to the end of the liquidation of its assets, after collecting their debt and pay its liabilities.

Lending Out Money Safely in Kenya

The concept of lending out small loans has become synonymous among Kenyans.

Tax Deductability of Bribes in Greece

The prohibition of tax deductibility of bribes and the risk of claiming these payments as "expenses" in order to get a tax return under the Greek law.

Regulation to Avoid Double Taxation in Accordance to the International Agreements Signed by Panama

The application for the tax benefit must clearly state the provisions supporting the right for the benefit.

Family Offices

Many family offices (FO) started their business as so called single family offices, where the family owns the FO and serves only the owner family. Instead of covering the entire operative costs, many owners of single FO decided to offer its services to other families as well. This concept is called multi-family office (MFO) or multi-client family office. Only a few MFO have founded their business independently, without a large family backing it.

Commercial Contracts: Breach of Warranty

Claims under a contractual warranty must fully comply with procedures set out in commercial contracts – including where a limitation period is imposed on warranty claims. The UK courts have recently upheld restrictions on warranty claims relatively strictly against purchasers. In a recent case, the purchasers under a commercial contract were time barred from making a claim when a dispute arose.

No Cyber Liability Coverage for Knowing Refusal to Release Data

Last month, one of the first courts to address coverage under a cyber liability policy held that allegations of refusal to release data to a customer did not trigger a duty to defend the insured for technology errors and omissions liability.

Know the Rules for Hiring and Managing Interns

Many small businesses thrive with the extra help interns provide at little or no cost to the business. However, there are things small business owners need to know about hiring and managing interns.

HRC Constance on Margin of Discretion and Liability of Managing Director

Managing directors of a GmbH (German limited liability company) enjoy a margin of discretion within which they are not subject to personal liability. Even in the case of unjustifiable dealings, liability for shareholder-managing directors is not triggered until later on.

Unfair Competition in Germany: Abundance of Information and Labelling Requirements

Unfair competition harms consumers and businesses that comply with the German Act Against Unfair Competition (Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb (UWG)). Violations of the UWG can be sanctioned.

Non-Payment of Hire

In the complex and fast-paced world of the maritime and shipping industry, serious issues can arise regarding the terms of a charter – including non-payment of fees. If you are experiencing difficulties with delayed payments, whether as a vessel owner or a chartering party, you need swift, expert legal advice.

Business Succession: Small And Medium-Sized Businesses Seeking Young Professionals

Wanted: Successor! The Frankfurter Rundschau reports that, according to a study by the bank KfW, the managers of around 580,000 small and medium-sized businesses wish to retire by 2017.

When Buying from Foreign Sources, What Can You Do if the Seller Does Not Send Your Product?

Buyers large and small have begun purchasing from foreign sources. Sites like have revolutionized the international market for consumers, while the Internet in general has made it easier for companies to interface and conduct business with others around the world.

Employee Incentivisation – An Overview

Are you looking to retain key personnel? If so this article provides guidance on some of the options to incentivise your employees and therefore increase the chance of the employee staying with your company

Compliance To Prevent Losses

For their own benefit, executive boards ought to issue carefully defined rules of conduct. Compliance is an important topic both from a legal and media perspective.

Statute of Limitations for Collecting Debt

For torts, crimes and even the collection of debt, there are laws regarding how long a claim is actionable. These laws help provide a sense of finality for affected individuals so that they do not have to forever be worried about potential adverse effects.

Are Verbal Agreements Binding?

Verbal agreements are contracts even though they were not memorialized in a writing. Assuming that the contract is valid, the verbal agreement between two parties is binding. However, verbal contracts may have unique complications to them.

Concept and Purposes of Due Diligence in Spain

The due diligence refers to an investigation procedure prior to acquiring or investing in a project. The aim of the due diligence is to give the investor or buyer a full knowledge of all the costs, benefits and risks involved in the transaction, so that he can take a reflexive decision.

Minimum Wage: Principal Employer Also Liable For Subcontractors

The introduction of the national minimum wage does not only apply to direct employment relationships; general contractors are also liable for their subcontractors.

Planning for the Unplanned - Does Your Business Have an Exit Strategy?

In an another article that I recently published, "5 Common Legal Missteps That Small Business Owners Make," I provided a general overview of each of the listed mistakes, as well as some advice for how to avoid, or overcome, them. Some of those mistakes, however, including number 2 on the list – not discussing and executing a buy-sell agreement or exit strategy – deserve more in-depth treatment and discussion.

5 Common Legal Missteps Many Small Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

Whether you are just beginning to think about forming your own business, or you've been "in the game" for years, there are 5 legal missteps that anybody can make, and that are made all too often. Luckily, however, these common missteps are also fairly easy to avoid, with just a bit of knowledge and planning!

62% Take 121 Days to Settle Invoices

The Queen’s Speech confirmed a new Conservative Enterprise Bill which, for most SMEs, cannot come into play soon enough! The bill is aimed to help small business in settling late payments and disputes.

Shipping Contracts: Interpreting the Terms

The Supreme Court in the UK has recently considered a case which demonstrates the complexities that can arise from the interpretation of a contract. The judges examined the extent to which parties have the contractual power to form an opinion, and affirmed the need for decisions by contractual fact-finders to be reasonable.

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) in Egypt

Legal process outsourcing is the process of obtaining legal support in different areas of practice from an outside law firm or legal support services company. The LPO system, according to a survey conducted by evalue survey is considered one of the fastest growing industries in the knowledge of process outsourcing (KPO).

Critical Change for Serving Preliminary 20-Day Notices for Arizona Public Projects

On April 30, 2015, Arizona’s most common construction industry practice for serving a Preliminary Twenty Day Notice (“Prelim”) on an Arizona public project—first class mail with certificate of mailing—was invalidated by the Arizona Court of Appeals in Cemex Construction Materials South, LLC v. Falcone Brothers & Associates, Inc.

Outline of the New Insurance Code of the Democratic Republic of Congo

The new DRC Insurance Code represents a real revolution in this sector, which has been so far affected by the disparity of laws, which are sometimes obsolete and unsuitable to the international conventions in this matter, and by the monopoly granted to the "Société Nationale des Assurances ".

Adjudication Agreements: When are they Legally Binding?

The UK courts have ruled in an important case involving adjudication agreements, affirming the commercial reality that clear drafting of contract documentation is critical.

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