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Construction Disputes: When Is It Time to Litigate?

  February 27, 2017     By Michael L. Feinstein, P.A.
When a dispute over payment or performance interferes with a construction project or the use of a piece of real estate, all parties involved must critically assess their options with regard to negotiating a settlement or protecting their interests at trial.

Non-Disclosure Agreements for Startups

  February 27, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
Protecting intellectual property is important for a startup business, but private business information should also remain within the business. Non-disclosure agreements are one way a new startup can protect itself.

Is Your Startup Ready to Talk to Angel Investors?

  February 27, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
Startup businesses need to have their financial, regulatory, organizational, and intellectual property ducks in a row before planning for any capital fund-raising. Angel investors are offering capital funding in exchange for equity ownership. Competition for startup funding is fierce, and risk is high for investors. Below are some of the questions you can expect from investors.

Difficulties in Factory Registration in Egypt

  February 27, 2017     By Youssry Saleh Law Firm
The new ministerial decrees 991/2015 and 43/2016 issued by the Minister of Trade introduced new measures concerning the registration and certification requirements of the qualified factories/companies which export their products to Egypt.

Private Investigator on Cellphone Spyware

  February 27, 2017     By HG.org
There are all types of various private investigator tools that can help track information, including cellphone spyware. These tools may help private investigators monitor a target’s activity. However, using such programs may not always be legal.

Notarized Agreement Decisive in Germany, Not The Draft Agreement

  February 24, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
In cases of doubt, it is the notarized agreement that counts and not a draft contract whose content deviates from the former. That was the verdict of the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH), Germany’s Federal Supreme Court, in its judgment of June 10, 2016 (Az.: V ZR 295/14).

What Legal Entity to Form for Your Business?

  February 23, 2017     By Rodriques Law, PLLC
A key decision you will have to make is whether to operate your business as a limited partnership, limited liability company or corporation.

The Anti-Corruption Law and Compliance Programs in Brazil

  February 23, 2017     By M F Ejchel
The Anti-Corruption Act has been approved as a result of the international commitments made by Brazil to confront and fight major local corruption. In the same path, the implementation of Compliance Program has increasingly gain importance in the international economic scenario and started to receive major role to give the guidelines contained in the new legislation.

Labour Leasing through Members of a Sisterhood in the EU

  February 23, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
The members of a sisterhood may also fall within the ambit of the regulations pertaining to what is termed labour leasing or temporary employment. That was the verdict of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in its ruling of November 17, 2016 (Az.: C-216/15).

Liability Claims Against GmbH Managing Directors

  February 23, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
The managing director of a GmbH, a type of German private limited company, is exposed to considerable liability risks. Legal advice ought to be urgently sought to minimize these risks as well as in the event of something happening that raises the issue of liability.

Moving Your Business Forward with a Cross-Border Merger in the EU

  February 23, 2017     By Giambrone Law
During the course of 2016 there were approximately 144 mergers and acquisitions (M&As) of UK businesses by foreign companies and around 104 mergers and acquisitions by UK companies of foreign businesses. A merger or acquisition frequently provides the dominant partner with increased traction and market share in its industry sector.

Equity Shares as Bonus or Compensation for Private Startup Companies

  February 23, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
A new trend in the gig economy is to offer unusual forms of compensation for work. Private companies, as well as publically traded companies, can offer equity shares as part of a compensation package for employees and independent contractors. There are legal, tax, and accounting issues when private companies offer limited equity shares.

Nondisclosure Agreements For Technology Companies

  February 23, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
While intellectual property laws present a significant amount of protection to individuals and companies, some “creations” are not capable of being protected through patents, copyrights, and/or trademarks.

What To Do When Business Partners Do Not Agree

  February 23, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
Partnerships are one type of business entity available to California entrepreneurs. A partnership can be formed at any time when two or more individuals agree to pursue a business venture for the purposes of making a profit.

A Brand New Law On Movable Pledge Especially For SMEs To Enjoy - Turkey

  February 22, 2017     By Serap Zuvin Law Offices
Recently, on January 1, 2017, the Law on Movable Pledge in Commercial Transactions[1] (“Law”) entered into force and prevailed the Law on Commercial Enterprise Pledge Law dated, 1971 and numbered 1447 (“Annulled Law”).

Incorporation Assistance from a Business Lawyer

  February 17, 2017     By HG.org
Starting up an incorporated business often requires filing articles of incorporation, also called a charter. Some persons believe this is enough to start a business, but there are many other steps that must be completed before the company may be called such and continue to attempt to accrue revenue.

Legal Steps to Closing a Business and How a Business Lawyer Can Help

  February 17, 2017     By HG.org
Closing a business is hard work, and the processes are often difficult for the owners or managers. Many steps are often necessary with various persons that need to be contacted.

Tips from a Business Lawyer Before Launching a Startup

  February 17, 2017     By HG.org
Launching a business is often difficult and may be fraught with obstacles in the legal world, in the community the company will physically reside in and with obtaining and maintaining a customer base.

Types of Changes that Warrant Hiring a Business Lawyer

  February 17, 2017     By HG.org
The changes for business are both big and small and may warrant the need for a hiring a business lawyer before long. These changes are due to new and different laws and regulations that are anticipated to affect companies throughout the country as time progresses into 2017.

Removal and Dismissal of a GmbH Managing Director in Germany

  February 16, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
If a GmbH, a type of German private limited company, wishes to part company with a manging director, simply dismissing him won’t cut it. The managing director also needs to be removed from his post.

Affordable Care Act: The Employer Shared Responsibility Provision and Seasonal Workers

  February 16, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
The reporting requirements for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will remain in effect for the 2017 reporting period, which covers 2016. Any legislative actions regarding repeal of the ACA will have a delay in full implementation.

German Company Officially Removed from Commercial Register Due to Lack of Assets

  February 14, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
It is possible for the removal of a company from the commercial register to be instigated by the competent authorities due to a lack of assets. Those who wish to oppose such a move should act immediately.

Can You Break a Real Estate Contract in Queensland, Australia?

  February 14, 2017     By Carter Capner Law
There are legitimate reasons why you may change your mind or why a seller may decide to back out of the deal after a purchase contract has been signed.

GbR Can Terminate Tenancy Agreement if There is a Need to Make Personal Use of the Property in Germany

  February 13, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
A Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts (GbR) [a type of German partnership constituted under civil law] is able to terminate a tenancy agreement if it needs to make use of the property itself. That was the verdict of the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH), Germany’s Federal Supreme Court, in its judgment of December 14, 2016 (Az.: VIII ZR 232/15).

Conducting Due Diligence for a Merger or Acquisition

  February 13, 2017     By HG.org
Mergers and acquisitions are very important for corporations when conducting business. To ensure that due diligence is accomplished, a lawyer is usually both necessary and vital in ensuring that paperwork, documentation, contracts and numerous other affairs are in order and properly filed.

Exemption From Liability For GmbH Managing Directors in Germany

  February 10, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
The managing director of a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH), a type of private limited company in Germany, may be faced with liability claims if he breaches his obligations. That being said, it is possible under certain circumstances for him to request a full exemption from liability.

Business Partnership Agreements Best Practices

  February 9, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
Running a business with friends or others who share your vision and values can be extremely rewarding.

Employee Versus Independent Contractor: Avoid 3 Hiring Mistakes Florida Businesses Often Make

  February 9, 2017     By Apfelbaum Law
The process of hiring someone to work for you can be nerve-wracking and riddled with potential traps that can have expensive legal consequences.

Fixed-term Employment Contract Pursuant to Court Settlement in Germany

  February 8, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
Even in the case of fixed-term employment contracts concluded pursuant to a court settlement, employers need to ensure that the fixed term is effective. That was the verdict of the Bundesarbeitsgericht (BAG), Germany’s Federal Labour Court.

What is the Value of a Verbal Agreement

  February 8, 2017     By HG.org
When making a verbal agreement, it is important to understand that these are considered as binding contracts between parties for the specific topic or issue at hand. Even though the matter is not written or completed with the assistance of a legal professional, it is often binding with certain terms or stipulations.

What Is Due Diligence - A Private Investigator's Perspective

  February 6, 2017     By HG.org
Due diligence is the reasonable inquiry into a business proposal or through the process of buying or selling something of value. Through this process, individuals and businesses can often determine whether an investment or transaction may be a good deal.

Top Ways to Prevent Fraud from a Private Investigator

  February 6, 2017     By HG.org
Private investigators do not only have to be hired after some bad conduct has occurred. Instead, they can be hired as a preventative measure. They can help prevent fraud from occurring in the first place so that a person or business is not harmed by the wrongdoing of others.

Changes to Employment Contract in Germany

  February 6, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
If an employer wishes to make changes to assurances made in relation to occupational pension schemes and employees add their signatures to a relevant amendment in the employment contract, then they are subsequently bound by this.

Small Business Considerations for Crowdfunding Startups

  February 6, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
There are several important legal considerations for small business startups planning to use crowdfunding as a way to raise capital. The JOBS Act has produced a wealth of opportunity for business startups from creative micro-businesses to real estate crowdfunding to equity funding new research and development.

Guidelines for Cottage Food Businesses in Texas

  February 6, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
The rapid growth in cottage food businesses has been fueled by the presence of online commerce platforms like Etsy and the rapid expansion of the local food movement. With the growing acceptance of farmer's markets and other peer to peer commerce models, many people are taking their hobby and turning it into a small business.

What to Include in a California Business Contract

  February 3, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
Obligations and Non-fulfillment Clauses are Only the Start. California business contracts are deceptively complex.

Competition Law: Mandatory Information in Real Estate Advertising

  February 3, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
Anyone who publishes real estate adverts without the requisite information relating to the energy performance certificate is in breach of competition law. That was the verdict of the Oberlandesgericht (OLG) Hamm [Higher Regional Court of Hamm].

European Commission Proposes New VAT Rules to Support E-Commerce and Online Businesses in the EU

  February 3, 2017     By Kinanis LLC
On 1 December 2016, the European Commission has published proposals to improve the Value Added Tax (VAT) environment for e-commerce businesses in the EU. Particularly, the proposed changes, aiming to allow start-ups and SMEs, to buy and sell goods and services more easily online.

Defend Trade Secrets Act 2016: What Human Resource Departments Need to Know

  February 2, 2017     By Apfelbaum Law
The enactment of Defend Trade Secrets Act (the DTSA), brings a potential new changes to Florida contract law. According to this recently enacted Federal Law, it is now incumbent upon an employer to provide a notice-of- immunity to all their employees and contractors. This is true for all contracts or agreements with an employee or an independent contractor in relation to the use of trade secrets and other confidential information.

Opening a Russian Subsidiary of a Foreign Company

  February 1, 2017     By Avakov Tarasov & Partners
Foreign companies, which establish their offices in Russia, usually choose limited liability companies or non-public joint stock companies to organize their business because these are the most suitable forms for small and medium enterprises under Russian law.

CJEU to Rule on Holiday Entitlement Following Employee’s Death - Germany

  February 1, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
Whether an employee’s holiday entitlement continues to exist after his death is still disputed. The Bundesarbeitsgericht (BAG), Germany’s Federal Labour Court, has since turned to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) for clarity on the matter.

What is Required in a California Non-Disclosure Agreement?

  February 1, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
When your business hires a new employee, the last thing you as a business owner want is for your new employee to learn your company’s trade secrets and other confidential information and then leave to work for your competitor.

Video Recording on Private Property in California

  February 1, 2017     By Gehres Law Group, P.C.
Over the years, clients have inquired about the legality of installing video cameras on their privately owned commercial real estate or business premises. The short answer is that such recordings are legal in California. However, a more complete answer requires that legal counsel for the client determine whether such recordings violate (or may foreseeably violate) a person’s constitutional right or reasonable expectation of privacy in the recorded area.

Articles of the Civil Code of Costa Rica applied to the factoring

  February 1, 2017     By ERP Lawyers & Associates
Factoring -also known as assignment of invoices or discount of invoices- is one of the most widely used financial tools in Costa Rica. This type of financing has been practiced for many years in the country and it´s frequently used by companies that need to improve their liquidity promptly and to continue their company with normality.

The Trust in Costa Rica: A Matter of Confidence

  February 1, 2017     By ERP Lawyers & Associates
When investing money, when looking for financing, and even, when you want to safeguard your heritage or own assets for the benefit of your loved ones, there is a word that describes and motivates a person from the thoughts to the actions; that word is: trust.

Exceptional Notice of Dismissal for Working Hours Fraud in Germany

  January 31, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
Fraud relating to one’s working hours may constitute good cause justifying exceptional notice of dismissal. Having said that, a ruling of the Landesarbeitsgericht (LAG) Hamm [Regional Labour Court of Hamm] shows that for this to happen there needs to be admissible evidence to this end.

Doing Business in Russia: Choosing a Form of Legal Presence

  January 31, 2017     By Avakov Tarasov & Partners
Russian corporate law provides several options for foreign investors planning to enter the Russian market. Depending on the general purposes of business, a foreign investor can: (a) open a representative office of a foreign company (hereinafter – “RO”); (b) open a branch of a foreign company; (c) act through a Russian legal entity (limited liability companies, and joint-stock companies are most commonly-used for these purposes).

Egypt: Value Added Tax (VAT) Law

  January 30, 2017     By Youssry Saleh Law Firm
On 5th of September 2016, the new Value Added Tax (VAT) Law in Egypt has been promulgated and published in the Official Gazette entering into effect on 8th of September 2016. The new Law no. 67 of year 2016 replaces the General Sales Tax (GST) Law no. 11 of year 1991 and any other legal provision contradicting with the new law shall be annulled.

Enforcement of Italian Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters in England and Italy

  January 30, 2017     By KM Legal Net
If you have got an Italian or English judgment concerning civil and commercial matters but the defendant/debtor fails to comply with it and his/her assets is abroad compared to where the judgment has been delivered (i.e. Italian judgment and debtor’s assets is located in U.K. or vice versa) you need to start a particular procedure ruled by European Law.

Property Options Australia: "Call" and "Put" Explanation

  January 27, 2017     By Carter Capner Law
One of the common alternatives for investors is a stock option.

Severance Package For GmbH Shareholder in Germany

  January 27, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
If a shareholder wishes to withdraw from a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH), a type of German private limited company, this can give rise to disputes among the shareholders regarding the amount of any severance payment. This was the case, for instance, in proceedings before the Kammergericht (KG) Berlin (Higher Regional Court of Berlin).

Are Forum Selection Clauses Upheld in Nevada?

  January 26, 2017     By Nadia von Magdenko and Associates
Think your forum selection clause will hold up in Court? Think again.

GmbH and Establishing a Supervisory Board Later On in Germany

  January 25, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
If a GmbH decides to set up a supervisory board at a later stage, this needs to be certified by a notary and entered into the commercial register even if there is an opening clause.

Rights in a California Franchise Dispute

  January 25, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
Many small business owners choose to open a franchise for various reasons. Franchise arrangements allow a new, inexperienced business owner to experience some of the benefits of small business ownership without having to completely “go it alone.”

Company Incorporation in Bangladesh by Foreign Entity

  January 25, 2017     By FM Associates
Company incorporation in Bangladesh could be a troublesome process if the right and applicable procedure is not known to one.

Legal Structure for a Medical Practice with 50/50 Shareholders

  January 25, 2017     By Matt Dickstein, Business Attorney
The key to the structure is this: The two physician / shareholders can either work together, or they can breakup.

10 Legal Keys to Business Success

  January 24, 2017     By Schmitt Schneck Smyth Casey & Even, P.C.
Avoiding legal pitfalls that may be holding back your business, exposing you to increased risk, or preventing you from getting the greatest benefit from your attorney-client relationship.

What are the Consequences if I do not Respect an NDA I Signed with a Company?

  January 23, 2017     By HG.org
Non-disclosure agreements are often used when signing on with a company in many situations. Though these documents are used to stop the leaking of secrets or processes, they do not always stop the problem.

When to Hire an Attorney for Your California Creditor-Debtor Rights Dispute

  January 20, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
Creditor-debtor rights disputes can place a small business in a precarious situation.

Patent Ownership is Not Based on The Date of Postmark

  January 20, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
The Postmark Is Dead. [This] refers to the notion that a person could prove inventorship and a date of invention by documenting the idea and sending the document through the Postal Service with the postmark as proof of the date of invention.

Buyers Can Refuse to Pay Purchase Price Until Defects Have Been Remedied in Germany

  January 20, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
If the object of a sale exhibits defects, the buyer can refuse to pay the purchase price until the defects have been removed. That was the verdict of the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH), Germany’s Federal Court of Justice, in its ruling of October 26, 2016 (Az.: VIII ZR 211/15).

Minimize Product Liability Risk with a Well-Written Contract

  January 20, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
If your company is importing products made overseas, what is your liability for a safety or quality issue that causes harm? A well-written contract with the manufacturer can define and quantify risk.

Remedying Defects and Shifting the Burden of Proof in Germany

  January 19, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
The Bundesgerichtshof (BGH), Germany’s Federal Court of Justice, has strengthened the rights of buyers and consumers in two recent rulings in the event of defects occurring in the object of sale (Az.: VIII ZR 103/15 and VIII ZR 240/15).

Commercial Contracts in Egypt

  January 19, 2017     By Youssry Saleh Law Firm
Usually within the drafting process parties may neglect that a dispute may arise in the future regarding, for example, the validity of the contract, at this moment many questions can arise; what is the law governing this contract? To any jurisdiction parties will refer their dispute to? What will be the method of settlement in case the dispute arises?

To Be or Not to Be an Employee in Romania

  January 17, 2017     By Hammond, Minciu and Associates
Romania being Romania has a different approach to directors of companies and their relationship with such companies. It is very easy for someone not from Romania to use the word director.

Labour Leasing: Changes to Temporary Employment in Germany

  January 12, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
The legal provisions pertaining to labour leasing, also referred to as temporary employment or subcontracted work, are being shaken up.

GmbH Shareholder’s Fiduciary Duty in Germany

  January 11, 2017     By GRP Rainer LLP
Even the best of families has arguments, and the same is true for shareholders of a GmbH. Having said that, a ruling of the Oberlandesgericht (OLG) München [Higher Regional Court of Munich] demonstrates that a shareholder’s fiduciary duty does not apply in every case.

Company Formation in Jamaica

  January 11, 2017     By Yualande Christopher & Associates
Before embarking on any business venture, consider the type of company you wish to form. Weighing the Pros and Cons will give you a better idea on whether you want a Limited Liability Company (LLC). it isn't always the best fit for your business, although it's favoured by most entrepreneurs. The Article below will allow you consider all the pros and cons of incorporating an LLC in Jamaica determine if it's right for your business model.

Intellectual Property Protection for New Product Inventions

  January 9, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
New Product Inventions Require the Right Protection. Without the right intellectual property protections, your new product ideas and inventions are just as likely to benefit another business as your own.

Express Grounds for Terminating Commercial Contracts in the UK

  January 9, 2017     By Summerfield Browne Solicitors
If you want to terminate a commercial contract then the starting point is to see whether the contract includes any express right to terminate it.

Arbitration in Egypt: Myth or Reality?

  January 5, 2017     By Open Chance & Associates
The Egyptian Judicial System has traditionally been regarded as the primary and sometimes exclusive forum for the settlement of legal disputes in Egypt. The country’s judicial system has, however, become increasingly overloaded, timely and notoriously procedural complex over the past few decades, rendering it incapable of keeping up with the swift pace of modern business transactions.

Why Do Small Businesses Need an Attorney?

  January 4, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
When looking for a law firm to represent your business, look for a firm experienced in helping small business owners.

The Definition and Benefits of an LLC

  January 4, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
By becoming familiar with pros and cons of LLCs, entrepreneurs can better decide whether the LLC business entity is the right choice for their business.

Installment Buy-in to a Medical Practice

  January 4, 2017     By Matt Dickstein, Business Attorney
There are two basic elements to a buy-in: the amount of the buy-in price, and the time over which the price is paid. In this article, I discuss the latter element– buy-in to a medical practice in installments over time. I leave the first element, the amount of the buy-in price, to certified appraisers and the like.

Commercial Contracts: Are Oral Discussions Binding in The Bahamas?

  December 29, 2016     By Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law
Negotiations are a vital part of the process of agreeing the terms of a commercial contract, but when will such discussions have a binding effect on the parties?

California General and Limited Partnerships and LLCs - What’s Best for Your Business

  December 27, 2016     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
Without a written partnership agreement for a business which two or more people own and operate in California, it may well be deemed to be a general partnership with each of the partners jointly and severally liable for the acts of the others and no mechanism for resolving deadlocks which require a majority vote. Business partners should have a partnership agreement drafted by an experienced partnership attorney and should understand the differences between partnerships and LLCs.

Simplifying of Contracting Pprocedures for Services Exporters in Ukraine

  December 27, 2016     By Aleksey Pukha & Partners
From January 2017 the procedure of agreement conclusion will be simplified for services exporters.

Open the Retail and Wholesale Trading Sector in Saudi Arabia for Foreign Entities to be 100% Their Ownership.

  December 27, 2016     By Hazim Al Madani Law Firm
The foreign entities in Saudi Arabia are allowed to have 100% ownership in retail and wholesale trading sectors.

Band Agreements, Band Entities, Band Trademarks and Copyrights

  December 23, 2016     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
In order to avoid disputes later, a band needs a band agreement which states how the band will divide their profits and which provides how decisions shall be made, how departing band members will be paid and the rights to use the band name after a break up or a band member departs. With the advice of a music lawyer, the right business entity can be chosen, and a music attorney in California can be utilized to obtain copyrights, and trademarks for the band name.

Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs): Directors’ Liabilities in Case of an Offense

  December 22, 2016     By N. Pirilides & Associates LLC
The Board of Directors of a CIF shall consist of at least two executive Directors and two independent non-executive Directors. The majority of the Directors shall be Cyprus residents. The independent non-executive Directors shall be persons of reputation and good standing, experienced and well-known in the business community for their skills and abilities, who can themselves, promote the company’s goals.

Are You Making the Right Contract Decisions?

  December 19, 2016     By Nicoll Davis & Spinella, LLP
How well does your current contract management or contract administration process work? Do you know when your contracts expire or if they automatically renew? What are your termination rights if you are no longer satisfied with services or products?

Brand Protection in Kenya as Relates to Trademarks

  December 17, 2016     By Ameli Inyangu & Partners
The competitive business environment in which many businesses operate requires them to constantly explore new ways to enhance their competitive advantage over rival businesses. One way of doing this is by imaginatively making use of trademarks to differentiate the products and services they offer to the public from those of competitors in the market.

Chose the right Business Entity in Ghana

  December 13, 2016     By Swiftlaw
In Ghana , depending on the type of business you are involved in and there are 6 main business entities you can chose from. The body responsible for business entity registration in Ghana is known as the Registrar General’s Department (RGD).

Buy-in to a Business

  December 12, 2016     By Matt Dickstein, Business Attorney
There are two basic elements for when a new shareholder buys into a business: the amount of the buy-in price, and the time over which the price is paid. This discussion is about the latter element-- buy-in to a business in installments over time.

Pre-Sale Due Diligence as a Part of Normal Business Operations

  December 12, 2016     By Law Office of Vasilios Peros, P.C.
Owners of small and mid-sized businesses can spend nearly all of their time running their business, and leave little time to plan the strategy for continued growth and transition to a sale or other exit. Owners hope for a healthy selling climate when the times comes – whether when they retire, cash out and slow down, or sell and find a new venture. Yet, lack of preparation for transition to exit can have a negative impact on achieving a high sales price and successful exit.

Bulgaria: Costs and Advantages of Business Incorporation

  December 12, 2016     By Law office Dr. Cornelia Draganova
A legal entity in Bulgaria may be used as a suitable vehicle for different purposes, including for outsourcing business development, for real estate acquisition, for cost saving and planning, for starting of joint ventures and others. The process of setting up a company in Bulgaria is inexpensive. The flat tax rate of 10 %, the relatively low commercial and labour costs and the membership of the country in the European Union makes Bulgaria a strategic business destination.

ADR Services that Work Best

  December 12, 2016     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) forms can be quite helpful for business owners who find themselves ensnared in legal disputes and conflicts with customers and/or other businesses. Litigation takes time, and as the old saying goes, “Time is money.”

Five Ways to Manage Business Startup Legal Expenses

  December 12, 2016     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
Money: without sufficient amounts of it, your new business idea is not likely to get very far. When starting a business or project, it is crucial to ensure that you have enough capital to pay for your startup expenses.

Subsidiary Company or Registration of a Branch or Overseas Company in Jamaica

  December 12, 2016     By Blair Foreman & Co.
International or Foreign Companies are normally interested in establishing companies with limited liability in Jamaica. The Foreign Investors normally elect either to incorporate a Subsidiary Company or to register an Overseas or Branch company in Jamaica.

Trademark Selection and Response to Trademark Office Actions

  December 9, 2016     By Law Office of Vasilios Peros, P.C.
Trademarks help consumers to make informed decisions about goods and services that they purchase. Selection of branding for a business should include advice from a marketing professional and a trademark search performed by an intellectual property attorney. The trademark search can identify issues that should be promptly addressed and should prepare a business to either avoid a trademark office action or to develop a winning argument in response to the office action.

The U.S. Supreme Court Clarifies the Definition of Insider Trading – A Big Win for Prosecutors

  December 8, 2016     By Shustak Reynolds & Partners, PC
For the first time since 1983 when the Supreme Court issued its decision in Dirks v. SEC, the Supreme Court yesterday clarified what “personal benefit” the tipper of non-public, inside information must receive from the tippee to sustain a conviction against the tippee who trades on that inside information.

Changes in the Registration Procedure Concerning Notarization in Ukraine

  December 7, 2016     By Aleksey Pukha & Partners
In the course of the reform in the state registration system at 6 October 2016 was adopted the Law of Ukraine «On the Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine regarding the improvement of the official registration of rights to immovable property and protection of property rights» and it came into force almost one month later.

Representative Office Registration in China

  December 7, 2016     By Danos & Associates LLC
Setting up a representative office in China is an option that is becoming more and more popular for foreign companies that would like a presence in China. Although the services that can be provided by a representative office are rather limited, a representative office can be a very useful vehicle for marketing purposes and building business links.

Legal Insight - Payment of Dividends by a Cayman Islands Company

  December 6, 2016     By Loeb Smith
Cayman Islands holding companies, operating companies, and investment funds structured as companies pay dividends and make other distributions to shareholders and investors all the time, but what are the Cayman Islands’ rules governing the payment of dividends and making of distributions?

Literary Agency and Publishing Contracts: What Attorneys and Writers Need to Know

  December 5, 2016     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
A writer who signs a literary agency agreement or a book publishing contract without having it reviewed and negotiated by a literary rights or publishing attorney risks not having any idea how the terms contained in a ten to thirty page publishing contract can harm them. Scams abound in the publishing world and writers need to be aware before they sign a contract that obligates them to pay to have their book published and to purchase their own books.

Can State Law Trump Your Franchise Agreement?

  December 5, 2016     By Goldstein Law Firm, PLLC
Before entering into a franchise agreement, it is absolutely essential for prospective franchisees to have the terms reviewed and negotiated by an experienced franchise attorney.

Director of Limited Company in Germany Subject to Similar Liability as GmbH Managing Director

As in the case of a managing director of a German Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH) [private limited company], the director of a limited company (ltd.) can also be liable if payments are made after the company becomes insolvent.

Who Is the Client in The Netherlands: One-man Business or Limited Company?

  November 30, 2016     By AMS Advocaten
In commercial transactions, orders are not always recorded in writing. Negotiations are sometimes done in person, whereupon a client verbally accepts a contractor’s offer. It is possible that it is not clear who is actually the legal principal. This may cause problems, in particular if the client has not paid the invoice.

Negotiating Employment Contacts

  November 30, 2016     By Sidney L. Gold & Associates, PC
Whether you are a recent medical school graduate or a seasoned physician preparing for a change in your employment, it is important to know the basics before you sign a new employment contract.

Registration of Limited Liability Company in Ukraine

On the way of creating your own business you can face the problem of registration of the company that might seem complicated and confusing.

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