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How To Appeal a New Jersey DYFS Finding

  August 18, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Following and investigation by the DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services), they will issue a ruling of substantiated, established, not...

Common Mistakes Parents Make with New Jersey DYFS

  August 18, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
So you received a call from the Division of Youth and Family Services and they want to investigate your child’s wellbeing and care.

What Happens when New Jersey DYFS Comes to Your House

  August 18, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Getting a call from the Division of Youth and Family Services can be scary and confusing.

Florida Paternity Law: Knowing Your Rights

  August 18, 2017     By Apfelbaum Law
Paternity issues in Florida are handled by Family Law courts; which includes legal versus biological fathers, visitation, custody, and more....

Why a Credit Freeze May be Necessary during a Divorce

  August 17, 2017     By
While divorce is certainly an emotional experience, the financial impact of this transition can have long-lasting consequences. In some...

My Wife Stipulated Me as the Father on her Will to her Two Sons, but her Family is Challenging it.

  August 15, 2017     By
Family and adoption laws are often complicated in the United States. If there is no legal action taken for children to be adopted by a...

What to Look for in a Strong Family Law Expert Witness

  August 15, 2017     By
Family law requires knowledge of a broad spectrum of subjects such as divorce, child custody and even separation. An expert in these matters is...

Why DYFS Caseworkers Don’t Help You

  August 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
You are under an investigation set out by Child Protection Services. Without a doubt, you are angry, confused, worried, and scared at the...

New Jersey Child Born out of Wedlock and a Father’s Rights

  August 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Children born out of wedlock are, without a doubt, taken care of by their mother unless the mother names their father or the father himself...

How to Avoid Overpaying Alimony in New Jersey

  August 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Alimony in NJ is paid when the divorce proceedings start.

DYFS Scare Tactics

  August 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Have you found yourself in the midst of an investigation launched by Child Protection Services?

Common Pre-Nuptial Agreement Terms in New Jersey

  August 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Marriage is synonymous with trust, commitment and a long term relationship.

What Happens if my Spouse and I Don’t Agree on Decisions about Our Real Estate during Divorce?

  August 15, 2017     By
During the divorce process, the spouses may make decisions regarding their property, including how to divide it and how to dispose of it. One of...

When a Person May be Able to Seek Emergency Custody

  August 14, 2017     By
Emergency custody usually is granted when there is a danger to the health, wellbeing or life of a child in a marriage or divorce. Typically,...

Legislation Regarding Marriage by Minors in NY and NJ

  August 10, 2017     By Lyons & Associates
Marriage by minors has been in the news recently as some states introduced legislation aimed at prohibiting child marriage. Until now in New...

Hiring the Best Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Family Violence or Domestic Battery Case

  August 9, 2017     By William C. Head, PC
The crime of Domestic Violence is disruptive to both the family unit, but can bring harsh criminal consequences if not handled correctly....

What is a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity?

  August 8, 2017     By
Parents of a child may be unmarried, but they may still sign a Declaration of Paternity. This provides the legal benefits and rights of being...

Critical Things to Understand about Spousal Support

  August 7, 2017     By
One highly contentious aspect of a divorce is spousal support. Spousal support may be awarded in a divorce action which involves one spouse...

Prenuptial Agreements and Cross-cultural Relationships between Australian and Taiwanese Nationals

  August 7, 2017     By Brain Trust International Law Firm
In our modern world, it is common for foreign nationals to marry people from different countries. Such relationships occur regularly between...

When Nonpayment of Child Support is Criminalized

  August 4, 2017     By
The parent with the most income from a career or when taking on financial projects is usually the one tasked with paying child support for the...

The Consequences of Financial Misconduct on Divorce

  August 3, 2017     By
It is important to enter into divorce proceedings honestly and with as little complication as possible. This means that animosity should be...

What Can Happen if You Lie about Your Finances during a Divorce

  August 2, 2017     By
Most divorce proceedings rely on the documentation from the husband and wife, and these files need to be accurate. If there are any assets or...

Florida Criminal Law: Domestic Battery Violence

  July 29, 2017     By
Domestic violence is a serious dynamic that happens in all states and crosses all racial, cultural and socioeconomic lines. It occurs when a...

Dividing Assets and Debts in Divorce

  July 28, 2017     By
Divorce is often complicated for both parties, and any dependents involved find these situations difficult to cope through. For the assets and...

Helping Your Widowed Parent Organize Their Assets

  July 27, 2017     By Law Offices of Jayme L. Levy LLC
The loss of a loved one can be devastating, especially when it is a parent. In order to help your elderly parent cope with the passing of his or...

Do Unwed Fathers Have Parental Rights?

  July 27, 2017     By
Even though parents may not be married, they often have more rights than they are aware of when seeking some form of action such as child...

When the State Can Place a Lien on Property for Back-Due Child Support

  July 26, 2017     By
Child support is often ordered in a divorce case or paternity action so that one parent provides financial support to the other parent for the...

Can Separate Property Morph into Community Property?

  July 25, 2017     By
When a couple is divorcing, they may disagree as to which property is separate and not subject to division as part of the divorce process and...

Advanced Directives and Why You Need One

  July 24, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
No one knows what the future holds, in fact thinking about the future can be a scary thing, especially when considering your health as you get...

How Does Child Abuse Affect Custody in New Jersey?

  July 24, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
A decision to sever a marriage either by divorce or separation is not one to be taken lightly. While the disbursement of a property is often a...

Can Anti-Depressants affect Custody in a NJ Divorce?

  July 24, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
It was only a few decades ago that a minor most likely remained with their mother following the separation and divorce of their parents, with...

Managing New Jersey Parenting Time During a Divorce

  July 24, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
The divorce process is difficult for all parties involved, including children. It is important that all parties are able to be civil and show a...

Will Divorce Hurt My Credit Score in New Jersey?

  July 24, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
The divorce process in itself will have no impact on your credit score. What can however affect your credit score is the financial actions of...

Administrative Consequences of Not Paying Child Support

  July 21, 2017     By
Due to the systemic issue of many children not receiving the support that they are legally entitled to, many states have passed laws that allow...

Role of Prenuptial Agreements and Estate Planning in Second Marriages

  July 21, 2017     By
Statistics indicate that many individuals will be in a second, third or subsequent marriage. Getting married the second time around is often a...

How Is Child Abuse Determined in New Jersey?

  July 20, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Child abuse is considered a serious crime throughout the United States.

What is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order and When do I Need One?

  July 20, 2017     By
During divorce, a couple may have to make decisions regarding retirement accounts and how to divide them. Qualified domestic relations orders...

Your Guide in Family Cases in UAE

  July 20, 2017     By Hassan Elhais
The first stage of the legal process for divorce is the Family Guidance committee. In family matters, the local courts cannot be approached...

Protecting the Elderly in Texas

  July 17, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
A state's elderly residents are among their most vulnerable residents. Recent Texas legislative issues/news announces a new state law scheduled...

4 Ways You Can Hurt Your Maryland Divorce Case

  July 14, 2017     By Law Offices of Amar Weisman
Contrary to what some people may think, there are ways in which parting couples can actually hurt their divorce cases.

5 Key Steps to Take when Divorce Is on the Horizon

  July 14, 2017     By Law Offices of Amar Weisman
If you believe that a divorce may be your best option, it is important to take a few preliminary steps when preparing for the end of your...

Options Regarding Spousal Support

  July 11, 2017     By
In some marriages, the financial obligation to a spouse outlives the marriage. One spouse may be better off financially than the other spouse or...

Appeals of Family Hearings in UAE

  July 10, 2017     By Hassan Elhais
Once witnesses have given statements during the Family Court processes there is an opportunity for each of the parties to respond to the...

Spousal Support: Distinguishing Fair from Reality

Spousal support is economic assistance that one spouse pays the other spouse. This amount can be determined by a court or by an agreement...

Divorce In Jamaica

  July 5, 2017     By Law Office of Abi-Gaye White-Thomas
For divorce proceedings to start, there are certain requirements which have to be satisfied. In Jamaica, the only ground for a divorce is the...

Seeking Legal Advice in Advance of a Family Dispute Settlement in UAE

  July 5, 2017     By Hassan Elhais
It is often the most agreeable solution to all parties to settle family disputes outside of the courts; it makes things quicker, cheaper and...

Dividing Retirement Benefits during a Divorce

  June 28, 2017     By
In many cases, a person’s retirement account is the most valuable asset that he or she has, even more valuable than a marital home. This makes...

Permitted Witnesses in the Family Court in UAE

  June 27, 2017     By Hassan Elhais
The vast majority of family court cases will have recourse to witness testimony, which can be very determinative to the outcome of the case.

Processes of the Family Court in UAE

  June 19, 2017     By Hassan Elhais
The court system can be very overwhelming for anyone not accustomed to it – particularly when it comes to the family court when disputes are...

Abusing Children Via the Internet

  June 16, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Child abuse has long been a problem, but the internet has opened up doors for more abuse to occur.

Dividing Assets for Older Couples in Divorce

  June 16, 2017     By
Older couples may decide to get a divorce for some of the same reasons as younger people. However, they may also have unique considerations that...

Nursing Home Abuse in New Jersey

  June 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
A tragic fact is that sometimes there are people who are working in nursing homes, taking care of the elderly, that abuse or neglect the...

Drug Abuse Laws in New Jersey

  June 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
There is an epidemic that the entire nation faces right now and New Jersey is a location that is also suffering.

Disestablishment of Paternity: Reasons a Petition May Be Denied under Florida Family Law

  June 15, 2017     By Apfelbaum Law
Disestablishment of paternity is a process that usually begins when the legal father of a child, who is paying child support, learns new...

Immigrant Abuse Laws in New Jersey

  June 14, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
There has been a history of abuse of immigrants who come [to the United States] to work.

Reasons Attorneys for Abused and Neglected Children Must Support Juvenile Justice Reform

  June 14, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
There is an on-going issue across the States of America in how children are responded to when it comes to removing them from their family homes.

CPS Casworkers Have Too Much Power

  June 14, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Child protection services are the people that are supposed to protect children out in the community as well as support caregivers in fulfilling...

Get Rid of False Charges of Domestic Violence Against You

  June 14, 2017     By Steven J. Pisani, Attorney at Law
A Colorado domestic violence defense attorney can defend you against the false domestic violence charges against you and save you from facing...

How Do You Amend a Will in New Jersey?

  June 14, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
With life expectancy being longer and more people getting divorced circumstances can change from when your first will was created.

Legal Reasons Why You May Want to Deny a Common Law Marriage

Sometimes people who are leaving a relationship may want to show that they are entitled to greater benefits than a typical person leaving an...

Reasons to Annul a Marriage Instead of Divorce

Individuals may reach the conclusion that they no longer want to be legally married to another person. When this is the case, there are often...

Convincing the Judge You Can Get Along with the Other Parent in Custody Cases

Fighting for the custody of a child during or after a divorce is often a harrowing experience for both parents. Each feels he or she is...

Three Priorities for Women Seeking a Divorce in UAE

  June 5, 2017     By Hassan Elhais
Divorce proceedings can take an emotional toll on all parties. In our experience, it helps to have clarity of what is important in the divorce...

Preserving Your Assets after Disclosing Them

Disclosure of assets is usually necessary when in a court case where the information has been required as per the situation. However, protecting...

Prenuptial Agreements: Gaining a Financial Picture Before Marriage

  May 31, 2017     By Amy M. Levine & Associates, LLC
Everyone has their own financial personality. Your spending and saving habits may differ greatly from friends and family. According to a 2011...

Signs that Your Spouse May Be Hiding Property and Assets

  May 31, 2017     By Amy M. Levine & Associates, LLC
Some spouses may be tempted to hide assets during a divorce, so it is important for people to be aware of the warning signs.

Why Do I Need a QDRO in a Divorce?

  May 31, 2017     By The Law Firm of Mysti Murphy
Protecting retirement assets from unnecessary loss during a divorce may require the use of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

Collaborative Law Offers a New, Amicable Way to Divorce in Texas

  May 31, 2017     By The Law Firm of Mysti Murphy
The ways Americans can get divorced have increased nowadays. No longer is the norm a knock-down court battle, which in contentious divorces can...

Application of Hague Convention on Children in Romania

  May 26, 2017     By Hammond, Minciu and Associates
There have been many articles written concerning the implementation of The Hague Convention on child abduction. All countries have come into...

When One Spouse Takes Advantage of Alimony

Alimony is usually determined through a number of factors when the couple has dissolved the relationship legally. The funds that are garnered to...

What Is Voluntary Underemployment and What Difference Can it Make in the Final Outcome of a Divorce?

  May 24, 2017     By Grant J. Gisondo, PA
Remember, an accusation of voluntary underemployment must be proven in court and it takes a well trained legal mind to know how to do this to...

Consequences of Kidnapping Your Own Child

Disputes over the custody of a child often arise when there is a divorce or dissolution of a relationship between couples. The war over who gets...

Child Custody in the UAE: A Case Study

Several child custody laws exist in the UAE, but they are subject to a strong power of discretion that is granted to the judge in family court...

New Jersey Estate Tax Law

As well as paying inheritance tax if you are the named recipient in a will people of New Jersey are also subject to additional Estate Tax if the...

New Jersey Parental Alienation

Separation can be extremely stressful especially when children are involved and also affected.

Common CPS Complaints in New Jersey

Child protective services may have a fundamental goal to aid and assist families suspected of abuse or neglect, yet certain workers of CPS make...

Can My Lawyer Refuse to Continue with My Case Unless I Pay in Full?

Sometimes during the middle of representation, a lawyer and client may reach an impasse due to billing issues. In some cases, a lawyer may be...

Is a Surrogacy Contract Valid in the U.S. or Abroad?

Surrogacy contracts are often complicated to enforce. There are many terms that protect the mother until she gives her rights away.

Rights of Domestic Violence Victims in Rental Property

Victims of domestic violence suffer from various issues that stem from the abuse that has been inflicted upon them. Because of these problems,...

Undertaking a Case Through the Family Court in UAE

The family court process is one that has several layers and is ultimately geared towards resolving family disputes in a way that keeps families...

Custody: Crossing State Lines with Children

It is no secret to any practicing family law attorney that Family Court can get very ugly. It often evolves into a competition where each party...

Common Law Marriage and Dissolution

When a couple who has cohabited for a substantial time decides to go their separate ways, this is sometimes when one of the parties tries to...

Special Considerations in Divorce Cases Involving Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is rampant in the country, and it often goes unchecked because the spouse does not usually contact law enforcement or legal...

Property Division Issues in Maryland

In the state of Maryland, property is divided in divorce through a process referred to as “equitable distribution.” The intent is that each...

How to Prevent Your Spouse from Taking Your Child Out of the Country

There are many reason why a parent may need to be concerned about their child being taken out of the country.

Same-Sex Relationship Abuse in New Jersey

Same-sex relationships face the same issues that every other relationship may have to deal with, including abuse.

Prenuptial Agreements and Digital Assets: Why You Need to Plan for Them

Today’s society largely stays in touch over social media and other electronic means. Individuals may share a number of digital assets or may...

As a Father, What Are My Parental Rights?

Most fathers are unaware of what rights they have. This may be due to variations based on the state where they reside, but in certain instances,...

Facts You Need to Know if Fighting for Primary Child Custody

Fighting for the custody of a child is often a battle when facing a spouse that may appear to the court to be more suited and in a better...

How Does Domestic Violence Affect a Divorce Case?

Many divorce lawyers are aware that many cases often include domestic abuse to a varying percentage based on certain factors. However, the...

Will Dating During a Divorce Result in Any Legal Implications?

Before considering to date someone while a divorce is still being finalized or has not had the paperwork completed may risk negative...

Different Types of Child Custody Arrangements and How to Get What You Want

Child custody laws are based on state law. There are a number of different types of custody. What is best in a particular case depends on the...

Introduction to Elder Abuse and Negligence in Florida

In Florida, elder abuse and neglect is quite common, so it’s important to recognize the common signs.

Adoption in the Philippines for Non-Residents: The Hague on Inter-Country Adoption

The Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption is a treaty to which the Republic of the Philippines has already acceded.

How to Adopt a Child in the Philippines: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are basically two ways to initiate a domestic adoption in the Philippines, the administrative and the judicial.

The Best Reasons Why You Should Hire a Private Investigator

A private investigator is often useful for a number or reasons, but when a case or claim is necessary in a court of law, these professionals are...

How to Prove a Spouse Lied on Asset and Debt Disclosures

During a divorce, spouses are typically required to disclose particular information about their assets, income and debts. This is so that the...

Secret Weapons of Private Investigators

Private investigators are need for a variety of reasons, but they often have secret weapons they are able to employ in research, surveillance...

What Are the Different Myths Regarding Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a highly underrated crime. Many people do not even understand that they are facing a domestic violence at home and they...

What to Expect from a Texas Adoption Home Study

The process of adopting a child is necessarily detailed and complex. Since the home study can seem particularly frightening for most families,...

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