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What to Do if Child Protective Services Social Workers Are Investigating You

  March 23, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
If you are being investigated by the Child Protection services there are a few things that you should do to protect yourself and your child to the best of your ability.

CPS and Parent’s Rights

  March 23, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
CPS decoded: CPS stands for Child Protective Services and is the governmental agency that is responsible for providing child protection. They usually respond to complaints about child abuse or neglect.

Bullying Laws in New Jersey

  March 23, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
New Jersey constituted an anti bullying law in 2002 that was one of the first to be initiated, in 2003 New Jersey and 14 other states passed the anti-bullying laws with most of the states forming the laws, due to the vast number of high school shooting being conducted during the period of 1990s.

Elder Abuse Laws in New Jersey

  March 23, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
In New Jersey, the goal is to protect those people who are most vulnerable.

Changing Beneficiary Designations after a Divorce

  March 23, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
Divorces are never easy. Aside from the emotional aspects of it that are always difficult to deal with, there are many practical things to consider after a divorce is complete that few people think about until it actually becomes a problem.

Interstate Custody Laws in New Jersey

  March 23, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
Custody of children is always a complicated situation. Especially when it comes to cases of interstate custody and the laws surrounding it.

Grandparent Visitation Rights in New Jersey

  March 21, 2017     By Lyons & Associates
When a grandparent plays an integral role in a child’s life, that relationship is often an important source of love, support, and stability, particularly if the child’s parents are divorced.

Purchasing Immovable Property from Individuals in Russia: Why Marital Status of the Seller Is Important

  March 21, 2017     By Mosgo & Partners Law Firm
When buying immovable property or shares in a company from an individual in Russia, one should take into account the potential rights of the seller’s spouse.

Using a Private Investigators to Look for Adopted Relatives

  March 20, 2017     By HG.org
When a child has been adopted and told about this, he or she may feel like an entire world of possibilities is missing from his or her life. The idea of blood relatives may play on the mind until something is done.

I Did Not Consent to Further Use of Frozen Embryos – What Are My Rights?

  March 17, 2017     By HG.org
Frozen embryos are considered property by most states due to the both a lack of laws regarding the freezing and distribution of these embryos and the idea that they are not human until they are born.

How a Simple Assault Conviction Can Ruin Your Life

  March 17, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
What is a simple assault? Though the legal definition of simple assault varies from state to state, the broad base subscribes to it being an act of misdemeanor.

The Dos and Don’ts of a CPS Visit

  March 17, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
CPS or Child Protective Services is a government agency in the United States of America that mainly deals with cases of child abuse and neglect.

Therapist Records in a Child Abuse Allegation

  March 17, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
It is a common practice to place children in therapy, in case sexual abuse is alleged or suspected in a given situation.

Are Prenuptial Agreements Necessary in New Jersey?

  March 17, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
In New Jersey you are not required by law to make a prenuptial agreement before marriage however it is advisable to do so.

Role of Private Investigators in Child Custody Cases

  March 17, 2017     By HG.org
Many child custody cases are heated and involve allegations from both sides lodged against each other. Having a private investigator can help tilt the evidence in one direction. A private investigator can perform a number of investigative functions to gather the information necessary to prove the client’s claims.

Can I Emancipate Myself from My Parents?

  March 17, 2017     By HG.org
In some situations, a child who has not yet reached the age of 18 may want to acquire the right to make certain decisions regarding his or her own life. Emancipation from his or her parents may provide the ability to acquire this right.

How Do I Check the Status of My New Jersey CPS Case?

  March 16, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
The Child Protective Services (or CPS as it is more commonly known) is a government agency.

Liability of Employers and Payors of Funds in Child Support Matters

  March 15, 2017     By Maury D. Beaulier, Attorney at Law
Employers and Payors of Funds may face contempt and other significant penalties if they fault to properly withhold proceeds from income or payments to someone who owe child support. Understanding the obligations is critical to avoiding potential liabilities.

How Do You Change Alimony in New Jersey?

  March 15, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
After a divorce has taken place, it can leave both or one of the parties’ involved in financial problems.

New Jersey CPS Parents Rights

  March 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Child Protective Services (CPS) is the United States governmental agency responsible for child protection and acts upon complaints of child abuse and neglect.

Fighting New Jersey CPS Interrogations

  March 15, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
CPS or Child Protective Services is mainly responsible for the protection of children.

CPS Guidelines in New Jersey

  March 14, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
In the state of New Jersey, the Child Protective Services (CPS) is enforced through the governmental agency, CP & P, the child protection and permanency under the Department of Child and Family (DCF).

CPS Guidelines For Child Removal In New Jersey

  March 14, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
The State of New Jersey’s public policy considers a child’s safety and health of utmost concern.

How CPS Decides if a New Jersey Child Is in Danger

  March 14, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
The New Jersey CP & P: It is the Child Protection and Permanency under the Department Child and Family (DCF) that is responsible for the governmental Child Protection Services (CPS) in the state of New Jersey.

The Predatory Marriage Phenomenon

  March 9, 2017     By Wagner Sidlofsky LLP
At the age of 26, an actress married an 89-year-old millionaire. She called it love. Others called it a “predatory marriage.” She sued his estate after he died merely 13 months after their marriage.

Private Investigators on Teen Cyber Bullying

  March 8, 2017     By HG.org
Private investigators are often able to held identify the culprit of crimes or wrongful acts even when this individual is someone who is anonymous and hiding behind a computer screen. Discovering this information can help a concerned parent narrow in on what he or she may be able to do to protect the teen.

Modification of Child Support Arrears

  March 8, 2017     By Maury D. Beaulier, Attorney at Law
Generally, child support arrears cannot be modified by a court. However, there are exceptions which may offer solutions or negotiations that may result in reductions.

85th Texas Legislature Considers Measures to Protect Elders from Financial Exploitation

  March 7, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
The Texas Banker's Association recently prepared their legislative agenda for the new session, and at the top of the list was work on legislative authorities for banks to protect elders from financial exploitation.

Half: The Four Letter Word in Divorce

  March 2, 2017     By Stacey Rocheleau, Esq.
Do spouses, who are going through a divorce, divide all the assets and debts in half? Yes, and half is never enough for one spouse, and too much for the other. Divorce attorney, Stacy Rocheleau, explains how the courts in Nevada divide the property.

Jordanian Punishment Laws

  March 2, 2017     By Abdullah & Partners Law Firm
How much punishment is too much? This sensitive question is as old as the law itself. As well as the word “justice” and “legitimacy”.

When Can New Jersey's Child Welfare Agency (DCP&P) Take a Child from the Home

  March 1, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Having your child taken from you can be a terrifying experience. Unfortunately, many parents who are involved in child welfare cases with New Jersey’s child welfare agency (DCP&P) aren’t aware that they have rights they can defend.

What Should I Do When My Child Is Temporarily Placed in Foster Care?

  March 1, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
When your child is in foster care, he or she will be under the care of his or her foster parents. Although you no longer will be able to care for your child on a day-to-day basis, there are many things you can do to remain involved in your child’s life and contribute to his or her care.

Child Welfare Litigation Strategies

  March 1, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
It’s easy to feel as if the whole system is against you when you are fighting for your child in court.

Mothers vs. Fathers - Special Rights in Divorces

  March 1, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Many people mistakenly believe mothers always get physical custody of the child in divorce cases.

Your Rights With CPS

  March 1, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Child Protective Services (CPS) is required by law to investigate reports of child abuse or neglect. They are part of the New Jersey Department of Family and Protective Services, a state agency.

What Child Welfare Casworkers Expect from You

  March 1, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
When working with child welfare caseworkers, it is important to know and understand their expectations for you.

False Accusations Of Child Abuse

  March 1, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
When reading reports of sexual assault in newspapers and on television, it is natural to assume that they are true. However, the reality of the situation can often be different then what is reported especially in child custody and visitation matters.

Vulnerability of Child Abuse Accusations

  March 1, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Child abuse accusations are being used as a weapon by some unscrupulous individuals to taint the character of those from whom they would like to extract revenge for various unrelated reasons.

What Is Considered Child Abuse in New Jersey?

  February 24, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Unfortunately there are numerous cases each year where child abuse takes place in New Jersey.

What Are the Adoption Laws in New Jersey?

  February 24, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
New Jersey adoption laws aim to observe the rights of all persons involved, including the birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child to be given for adoption, throughout the adoption process.

Is Denying Medical Treatment to Minors Legal in New Jersey?

  February 24, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
Legally, minors are incompetent and lack the necessary experience on matters such as their education and medical care. It is, therefore, the responsibility of parents to take care of their children by ensuring they are healthy.

How Do You Transfer Assets in a New Jersey Divorce?

  February 23, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
Part and parcel of the divorce process is disclosing full income to determine the appropriate alimony and child support to be paid. In some cases, one spouse may choose to not make full disclosure, which results in much lower child support payments. Do you suspect that your spouse is withholding financial information? Enlisting an experienced Family Lawyer will help you ensure your settlement adds up.

Private Investigator: Top Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating

  February 22, 2017     By HG.org
Spouses who are concerned that their spouse is being unfaithful have options including hiring a private investigator. A private investigator can use technology and conduct surveillance in order to discover whether a spouse has been stepping out on the marriage.

Prenuptial and Antenuptial Agreements in Minnesota

  February 16, 2017     By Maury D. Beaulier, Attorney at Law
Retaining an experienced attorney is important part of negotiating, drafting and reviewing prenuptial contracts. Costly errors are not easily remedied, if they can be remedied at all.

How Is the Amount of Child Support Determined?

  February 16, 2017     By HG.org
State laws determine how much child support is appropriate and ordered. Different states use different formulas to arrive at the proper amount of support.

Can a Parent Have Joint Custody and Still Be Required to Pay Child Support?

  February 16, 2017     By HG.org
Courts generally treat custody decisions and child support as two completely different considerations. For this reason and others, a parent who has joint custody may still be required to pay child support.

Domestic Violence in New Jersey

  February 15, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
Domestic violence occurs when one’s safety is compromised. The safety in question includes one’s physical, mental, sexual, and economic, and emotional well-being.

Restraining Orders in New Jersey

  February 15, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
Anyone who is feeling like they are being harassed, verbally or physically abused, or otherwise receiving harm from a specific person can file for a restraining order through the court in New Jersey. A restraining order is essentially a form of protection that enables a victim to live safely and free from abuse, threats, stalking, and harassment.

New Jersey Marriage Contract FAQs

  February 15, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
What Is a Marriage Contract in NJ ? When two people decide to get married, this is a contract to the state as much as it is a commitment to the people involved. A marriage contract is a prewritten negotiation of the details. You may not be planning on divorcing, but the possibility of divorce exists, so a marriage contract acts as clarity on what you have agreed on before committing to marriage. A marriage contract can clearly create the course of your marriage.

Domestic Violence Laws in Colorado and Their Implications

  February 10, 2017     By Steven J. Pisani, Attorney at Law
Domestic Violence is bad in any form and nobody should accept it. Learn what could happened to you if you are caught under domestic violence law in Colorado.

Five Common Cases Private Investigators Handle

  February 9, 2017     By HG.org
Private investigators serve an important role. They often handle cases that are not taken care of by other professionals but that serve an important function in the justice or corporate system. Some of the common cases that private investigators take include:

Using Surveillance for Divorce and Infidelity Cases

  February 9, 2017     By HG.org
One common reason why private investigators are contacted is to confirm whether or not a spouse or partner is cheating. This information can be used for a number of reasons. Private investigators often have useful tools at their disposal to aid in finding out this critical information.

How a Private Investigator Can Prove Infidelity in a Divorce Case

  February 8, 2017     By HG.org
If a spouse suspects his or her partner of cheating, a private investigator may be hired to help confirm this information.

Falling on Your Sword: Better Known as the Uncontested Divorce

  February 8, 2017     By Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law
When things go bad in a marriage and divorce seems to be the only option, many people want to make it happen as fast as possible. In the heat of the moment they agree to things that may not be fair to them or demand unfair concessions from their partner. The future, with all of it's possibilities and uncertainty, is not thought of in the rush to push the divorce through as quickly and cheaply as possible as an uncontested divorce.

Adoption - Your Rights as a Parent

  February 2, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
When children are adopted, their legal guardians change from the biological parent to the adoptive parent. Once a child is adopted, the parental rights are transferred to the adoptive parent.

How Mental Health Affects Custody

  February 2, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Raising a child is a demanding and challenging endeavor. This can pose problems for parents who suffer from a mental illness.

Was Your Child Taken From You? Here Are Your First Steps

  February 1, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Take Action - If child welfare workers took your child from your home, you might be feeling helpless and scared.

Alimony: Changes in Spousal Maintenance: Cohabitation or Remarriage in Minnesota

  February 1, 2017     By Maury D. Beaulier, Attorney at Law
Changes in Minnesota's Spousal Maintenance law may affect those who cohabitate. 

Which Parent Gets the House in a Divorce in New Jersey?

  February 1, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
If you have decided to have a divorce in the state of New Jersey, knowing how to divide the property is important.

Alternatives to Filing a Guardianship in Texas

  February 1, 2017     By Kalish Law Texas
If you are the caregiver for a person who is a minor, or who has an illness or other condition that causes them to be unable to manage their own affairs, then you may have thought about filing a guardianship in a court. You should be aware that there may be alternatives.

The Right to Provide Care - Making Sure Your Child Is in Safe Hands

  January 31, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
The right of first refusal is a provision commonly included in parenting plans to ensure both parents have every opportunity possible to spend time with their child.

How to get Visitations Supervised

  January 31, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
The bond between a parent and child is strong. But when that bond is broken or damaged, it can be difficult for children to feel safe when with the parent.

Race Discrimination in New Jersey

  January 31, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
In New Jersey, it is against the law for anyone to be discriminated against because of national origin, color, or race. You cannot be discriminated against in public accommodation, housing, or in employment.

How to Terminate Joint Tenancy in New Jersey

  January 31, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
What is joint tenancy? It’s a form of joint possession of property. It’s similar to tenancy in common, however, the difference is that joint tenancy includes the survivorship right.

Understanding the Laws on Underage Drinking in California

  January 30, 2017     By Layfield & Barrett
Consumption of alcohol below the age of 21 is a criminal offense. Ensure that you are not breaking any of these other laws regarding underage drinking.

How to Modify Child Support in New Jersey

  January 30, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
In most cases of separated parents, one or the other will receive child support to help provide the child with the life he or she deserves. In some cases, however, the original child support order is not enough to sustain a quality lifestyle.

What Constitutes Child Neglect in New Jersey?

  January 28, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Child neglect is legally defined as the failure of a parent or caregiver to provide for a child’s minimum needs.

The Role of a Child Welfare Attorney

  January 28, 2017     By Williams Law Group, LLC
Child welfare cases are between the state and the parents. The dispute is over what is in the best interests of the child. For the parent, the child welfare litigation process is taxing. It will feel like it is you against a questionable child welfare system that has made mistakes in the past.

Primer - New Jersey Family Court, Mediation & Motions

  January 26, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
New Jersey family courts are under Superior Courts – Family Divisions. New Jersey Family Court has jurisdiction over family law matters like the following:

How Do You Change a New Jersey Divorce Agreement?

  January 24, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
There are many people in New Jersey that have sought to legally alter their divorce decree or agreement over the decades. It happens for various reasons, but some people are reluctant to undergo the process simply because they do not know everything that it entails.

Grounds for Annulment of Marriage in Jamaica

  January 18, 2017     By Blair Foreman & Co.
What is an annulment? Annulment is a legal procedure which cancels a marriage between a man and a woman. The legal effect of annulling a marriage is that the marriage is completely erased as though it technically never existed and was never valid.

All You Need to Know About Florida Guardianship

  January 17, 2017     By Apfelbaum Law
Assuming the role of guardianship is a big responsibility. If in any way you have plans of claiming guardianship, be aware of Florida guardianship law.

How Do You Get Full Custody in New Jersey?

  January 17, 2017     By Cores & Associates, LLC
If you will soon be entering a legal situation regarding full custody of your child, chances are you may be nervous, and moreover, unsure of whether New Jersey allows for full custody and if so under what circumstances this may occur.

Acquisition of Italian Citizenship by Marriage to an Italian Citizen

  January 17, 2017     By Giambrone Law
According to Italian law, it is not correct to state that a person born by Italian parents needs to apply to obtain citizenship because such person simply has to claim his right to become a citizen, because he has always been one. Italian citizenship is not determined by where the applicant was born but rather by family members who are citizens of the nation. Italy is one of the only countries in Europe with laws that allow for citizenship through blood that can go back many generations

Abduction of Children by Parents in the UAE

  January 17, 2017     By Hassan Elhais
Abduction of children by one parent in an estranged marriage is becoming increasingly common in the UAE. More cases of international marriage unions are cropping up, while the UAE is home to a substantial number of expatriate workers.

Consulting a Prenup Lawyer in Texas - Should Both Parties Have One?

  January 3, 2017     By McNamara Law Office, PLLC
It is a common misconception that each party is required to separately consult a prenup lawyer before signing a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. This is a misconception even among lawyers.

Calculating Maximum Child Support In Texas

  December 30, 2016     By McNamara Law Office, PLLC
It is important to be aware of Texas’ maximum child support limits. Guidelines for calculating child support in Texas changed after September 1, 2013. Under the law prior to September 1, 2013, a payer’s child support obligation was based on income up to the first $7,500 per month in net monthly resources. After September 1, 2013, child support is calculated using the first $8,550 in net monthly resources.

Assault Family Violence - What Is It?

Assault family violence is just a type of assault. It has the same elements as all other assaults. What makes it different is that a judge makes a finding of family violence if the alleged victim was a member of the accused’s household as defined by the Family Code.

Dower in Muslim Marriages

Dower, simply put, is the sum of money set at the time of marriage between a muslim man and woman as the woman's consideration of the marriage. Also known as mahr, it is the sum of money or other property which the wife is entitled to receive from her husband in return of agreeing to marry him.

Divorce in Jordan

Filing divorce case in Jordan need a legal procedure, and at the end the woman will have a divorce and shall get her financial rights.

How to file for a Divorce in Jamaica while living overseas or abroad

Individuals who live overseas or abroad and who have some connections to Jamaica normally enquire whether they should apply for their divorce in Jamaica. The purpose of this article is to provide an outline of the frequently asked questions which our Firm receive from those individuals and the advice provided in response to same so that persons can know whether they are eligible for obtaining a divorce in Jamaica while living abroad.

How Can a Person Win Back Legal Custody of Their Children?

Losing custody of your child is a heart-wrenching experience for any parent. It’s a difficult thing to accept that the court believes your children are better off with someone else- whether that person is your ex spouse, your parents or the foster care system.

Can Children Be Included In A Prenup Or Postnup Agreement in Texas?

Texas law will not enforce prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that involve children unless the agreement is in the child's best interest. The best interest of the child is based on the circumstances and decided by the court at the time the decision is made.

Minnesota's Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) and Preparation

Preparing for a Social Early Neutral Evaluation may assist parties in presenting and resolving their custody and parenting time issues at a an early stage of legal proceedings.

Adopting a Child from Bangladesh

While Bangladesh does not legally recognize adoption and is not a party to the Hague Convention, the law allows its citizens (at least one parent must be a Bangladeshi citizen) to obtain legal guardianship of children. If a prospective adoptive couple is resident of a foreign country, they are able to complete the guardianship procedure in Bangladesh and then take the child through the adoption process in their country of residence.

How to Legally Change Your Name in Florida

Legally changing your name is more than just a personal decision. To have your new name legally recognized, you must follow Florida statutory law. If you are interested in a legal name change, here is how you can do so.

Same-Sex Couple Surrogacy

Recently, a Wisconsin judge pulled a married same-sex couple from Virginia into an eleven-month long legal battle over their parental rights. A woman from Wisconsin had agreed to be the couple’s surrogate and delivered their son last year.

Civil Partnership versus Marriage in Britain

It is probable that when the British government sanctioned marriage for same sex partners and enshrined the decision in the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 they undoubtedly thought they had squared the circle of discrimination as far as equality for all life partnerships was concerned.

Grounds for Terminating Parental Rights in Georgia

Numerous factors can constitute child deprivation resulting from parental misconduct and mistreatment. For example, a parent’s conviction for molesting other children could render him or her incapable of caring for a child. Likewise, if the child has been exposed to improper sexual activities or domestic violence, such conduct could suffice to demonstrate misconduct and mistreatment.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Collaborative Divorce in Texas

Divorce is difficult, but not all divorces are created equally. Here in Austin and Greater Metro Area, more and more people are choosing to resolve their family law issues via the collaborative process. Collaborative divorce is a method of dispute resolution where the spouses agree from the beginning that they are each going to retain attorneys who will work as settlement specialists and who will not engage in court battles.

What Mediation Can Do for You in Your Family Law Case

Mediation is a fast-growing area that first began changing the face of litigation in Texas in the late 1980's. Along with other forms of alternative dispute resolution, it gives family law clients another option in handing their case. Here are some interesting facts about mediation that you may not know.

Family Court Process in UAE

1. Statement of Claim The statement of Claim is drafted by the Claimant or the lawyer. The statement of claim has to be in writing and in the Arabic language. The statement of claim should include the names of the parties, the location, and addresses of the parties along with their phone numbers, the legal grounds for the claim and the request and demand of the claimant. The statement of claim is a summary of the facts and leads the way further into the process.

Are Interspousal Transfers of Gifts and Property Taxable?

The general rule is that property and funds transfers between spouses during marriage and in divorce are not taxable, except for post-divorce alimony. Gifts between spouses during marriage are usually not taxable, regardless of the amount.

How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation can be long, boring, tiresome, and emotionally draining. It can also be a tremendous relief when a mediated settlement agreement (M.S.A.) is signed. Giving the time and effort to prepare is essential to increase the chances of a successful mediation.

I Am Healthy: Why Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

A durable power of attorney allows you to name someone to make financial decisions for you if you are not able to make those decisions yourself.

Child Abduction in Romania

The custody and control of children are under Romanian law that of the parents and to those who the courts delegate this authority. Parental authority involves both rights and obligations for the parents for the education and raising of children. The rule is that parental authority is exercised jointly by both parents, regardless of whether they are married or divorced.

Undue Influence: A Form of Elder Abuse

A proactive approach in this situation is to meet with a qualified estate planning attorney to guide the individual through the estate planning process which may help avoid some of the pitfalls of undue influence that can arise from caregivers, friends, family and others.

Prenuptial Agreements: Are They Really Necessary?

Why are your children so concerned about your new life? Are they overreacting?

Do I File For Bankruptcy or Divorce First?

Bankruptcy and Divorce can go hand in hand. The timing of which to do first can be a difficult decision and can have a major impact on your finances going forward. In this post we will discuss things to consider when deciding whether to file bankruptcy or divorce first.

LGBT ‘De Facto’ Parental Rights

Advocates for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) parents are hailing a recent decision by the Maryland Court of Appeals that overturned a 2008 ruling that limited the rights of ‘de facto’ parents.

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