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Is a Claim on a Directors and Officers Policy Made as a Consumer or Business in the UK?

  December 15, 2014     By Wright Hassall
The Financial Ombudsmen Service (“FOS”) resolves disputes between consumers and businesses. So if you want to complain about a Directors & Officers policy, clearly a ‘business’ policy, even if you are claiming in what appears to be a personal capacity, does that fall within the jurisdiction? FOS thought yes, but the broker against whom the director complained in this case asked the Court to review FOS’s jurisdiction.

Seniors Should be Cautious When Purchasing Deferred Annuities

  December 10, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
Financial Conduct Authority says the deferred annuities market is messy, so seniors and elders need to be more careful when buying.

3 Excuses Insurance Companies Use to Deny a Car Accident Claim

  November 28, 2014     By Ankin Law Office LLC
Insurance companies often deny personal injury claims with excuses that include denying fault, denying the extent of the injury, and denying causation.

Transamerica Life Insurance Co. Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policies

  November 20, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
If you're wondering whether you should buy an indexed universal life insurance policy, read to find out why you might not want to.

Potentially Misleading Advertisement for Indexed Universal Life Policies by Insurance Marketing Organizations

  November 12, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
Insurance marketing organizations may have been providing misleading Indexed Universal Life policy ads.

Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance Is Not For Most People

  November 7, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies are unsuitable for most people. Read on to find out why.

Indexed Universal Life Polices: Sales Illustrations Problems

  November 4, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
Prospected high returns promoted by Indexed Universal Life policies (IULs) sales illustrations may not be that high in reality.

Seniors and Elders Remain Alert for Annuity & Insurance Scams

  October 31, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
In the world of investment, seniors and elders are prime targets for financial scams. To protect yourself, read on to learn about the different schemes.

Indexed Universal Life Sellers Promise Higher Gains Than Actually Expected

  October 30, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
Sellers of Indexed Universal Life policies have been projecting higher gains than what buyers may actually receive.

Things to Know before Purchasing Deferred Variable Annuities

  October 17, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
Seniors and elders, are you aware that deferred variable annuities may not be beneficial? If not, read on to learn about the risks of buying annuities.

Concerns Buyers Should Know About Indexed Universal Life Policies

  October 16, 2014     By The Evans Law Firm, Inc.
Indexed Universal Life insurance policies are a rather popular type of life insurance. However, there are several concerns associated with Indexed Universal Life policies that one should be familiar with.

The US Department of Justice Joins Whistleblower Lawsuits Against UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Whistleblowers brought two False Claims Act lawsuits for Medicare fraud against UnitedHealth Group, Inc. the first in 2011 and the second in 2014. The U.S. Department of Justice joins these whistleblower lawsuits against UnitedHealth Group, Inc. for Medicare fraud.

A Touchstone in Energy Financing: Reduced Yield and Turkish Insurance Market

The effect of climate change is not only an environmental problem today as it directly relates to the resource based industries. In today’s world, the scientific assessments lead the players of energy to reflect on their project viability. In direct proportion to the growth in financing renewable projects, insurance companies and underwriters are also expected to formulate their risk assessments on resource-oriented allocation models.

Did a Life Insurance Company Wrongfully Deny a Life or Diability Claim?

Individuals and families purchase life insurance policies for one reason: peace of mind. The purpose of life insurance is to provide protection in the rare but devastating event of the death of a loved one.

How To Deal With Sneaky Insurance Adjusters

If you need compensation for injuries due to an accident, you need to be aware of one important thing—insurance companies are in business to make—not give away—money!

Wrongful Denials

Your personal injury attorney can explain the concept of “bad faith” and how insurers may conduct themselves in this manner by wrongfully denying claims.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Life Partners Will Move Forward Following Judge’s Ruling

A Texas judge has rejected a motion by Life Partners Holdings, Inc. to toss a class action lawsuit filed by investors who allege they were misled by the life settlements company. Three Life Partners executives were also named in the lawsuit, which alleges that the company fraudulently misrepresented the nature of life settlements that were sold to investors, making them appear more valuable than they actually were.

Car Accidents in Egypt with Foreigners

Be absolutely free from the driving rules - is the most popular "law" in the Egypt for car holders. There are probably only women drive carefully but that fact doesn't decrease the count of accidents with people on the streets. Car accident may happen with anyone in any country. Here an a real example of financial fraud according to the car troubles.

Rhode Island Car Accidents and Ride Sharing

Consumers should be aware of the rising popularity of ride sharing companies and their potential effect on insurance coverage after a car accident.

Aetna Disability Benefit Denial Overturned by Court Due to Flawed Vocational Assessment Report

An Arkansas Court recently overturned an Aetna denial of long term disability benefits because Aetna relied on a flawed vocational assessment report which listed jobs that the claimant was not actually qualified to perform.

MH370 - The Montreal Convention from a Malaysian Perspective

An insight for the unfortunate whose relatives were traveling on MH370.

California Insurance Agent Sentenced For Financial Fraud That Targeted Seniors

A Los Angeles area insurance agent accused of defrauding senior citizens will spend five years in jail and was ordered by the court to pay $1.2 million to compensate his victims.

ECJ Judgment Makes Revoking Life Insurance Policies Easier Under Certain Circumstances – Insurance Law

Consumers could get the opportunity to revoke their life insurance policies even some time after signing the contract by virtue of a judgment of the European Court of Justice.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is Privatizing its Insurance Sector

In September 2012, the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) submitted to the Parliament a bill of law on the Insurance Code for discussion and adoption prior to its promulgation by the head of State and publication in the official gazette in accordance with articles 100, paragraph 2 and 130 to 137 of the DRC constitution.

Insurance and Reinsurance in South Africa

In South Africa, (re)insurance companies are regulated by the Financial Services Board (“FSB”) which is the government agency responsible for the non-banking financial services industry, including (re)insurance. It is an independent body that supervises and regulates the financial services industry in the public interest.

Deflation Trends in the Assessment of Damages Under Cyprus law

The guidance of the Cyprus Supreme Court in the assessment of damages in accident claims has traditionally been founded on certain principles.

Flood vs. Water Damage Claims: Why You Need to Know the Difference

So how do you know what’s covered and by which policy? That will mainly depend on the specific wording in your policy, but there are some features that are pretty much the same in all cases. Here’s a basic breakdown of flood and water damage insurance.

What is PIP Car Insurance and How Does it Work

A detailed explanation on U.S P1P type insurance coverage and some of the areas that this type of insurance policy covers in the event of an auto accident.

Legally Speaking, What is an Act of God?

Contracts talk about them, statutes mention them, even TV sitcoms joke about them, but what are acts of God? Many people might think they have a good idea, but given that insurance is often designed to protect against most catastrophes except acts of God, how confident are you that you actually know what is covered?

Legal Considerations for Office Holiday Parties

Every year, millions of Americans engage in office parties around the traditional holiday season. Sometimes these are at the boss's house, a country club, a nice restaurant, or even somewhere at the office itself. But, is the party considered a work function? Could there legally be a consequence for not attending, even if it is after hours? And, what happens if someone is injured, either at the party or on the way to or from it?

15 Things You Should Know about Your Life Insurance Policy and Life Insurance Claims

A life insurance company got a letter from an elderly lady. It read, “I’m sorry, but I have to cancel my husband’s life insurance policy. He died last year and I cannot afford to continue paying his premiums.” Joking aside, life insurance companies often look for reasons not to pay claims whenever possible.

If You Ever Work From Home, How Protected Are You If A Disaster Strikes?

Millions of Americans work from home, either all of the time or on occasion. But, if a fire, flood, or natural disaster were to hit your home, would your insurance cover the lost business revenues, office equipment, or property belonging to your company?

Separate Cost Equalization Agreements May Be Null and Void – Germany

The Superior Court (OLG) of Karlsruhe has ruled that in spite of separate cost equalization agreements, life insurance carriers are not entitled upon cancellation to receive payment for any not yet amortized set-up and handling fees.

How an Insurance Attorney Can Help a Public Adjuster

By working together on litigating insurance claims, public adjusters and attorneys can obtain beneficial outcomes for their client. In their partnership, each will use their unique skill set to recover the maximum possible compensation for the claimant.

What To Do After a Tornado or Other Natural Disaster

When any sort of natural disaster hits, it can be terrifying. Once it has passed, though, victims are often left wondering what they need to do to pick up the pieces. Is there anything they need to do in filing their insurance claims to make sure that they will get paid soon and as much as possible? This is especially important for those whose houses are destroyed and who have lost everything.

Insurance Coverage Forfeited in Case of Wilful Deceit about the Circumstances of an Accident – Germany

If the cause of an accident is wrongfully described, insurance coverage is forfeited, even if it would have been in effect if it had been described correctly.

Insurance Is Not a Gamble - Turkey

Insurance is a contract by which the insurer commits to indemnify in case there is a risk of damage for the insured’s interest that has actual cash value or because of the events that happen in the insured’s life in return for the payment of premium. The contracts of insurance are divided into two categories as Life and Non-Life insurance contracts which are regulated in general in the Turkish Commercial Code and particularly in the Insurance Law

What is the Difference Between Short- and Long-Term Disability Coverage?

Insurance is often a very complicated topic for many to understand. Riddled with unique jargon, overlapping and sometimes contradictory concepts, and inconsistent interpretations, it can be quite confusing to the average person. One example of where this confusion may arise is in the distinction between short- and long term-disability coverage.

Long Term Disability ("LTD") Appeals and Lawsuits -- Frequently Asked Questions

If your claim for Long Term Disability ("LTD") benefits has been denied or terminated, this article may answer some of your questions and concerns.

Dog Bites: Losing Your Life in the Sunshine State

If a pit bull or rottweiler has a bad moment, instead of being bitten, often someone is maimed or killed; that has now created off-the-chart actuarial risk.

Claimant Unsuccessful in Disability Insurance Lawsuit against Boston Mutual in a Louisiana Lawsuit

In an ERISA disability lawsuit against Boston Mutual, Federal Judge upholds decision to deny Southside Machine Works employee’s long term disability benefits.

Insurance Fraud - UAE

The author present a research about healthcare, medicare, medicaid, insurance, abuse, fraud, middle east forum 2013 Abu Dhabi UAE motives, scam means.

Lien Negotiation in a Personal Injury Case

Negotiation of liens is a very important part of any personal injury case. This is particularly true in cases involving serious personal injury where medical liens may be very large.

Calculating the Redemption Value of Life Insurance Contracts According to The BGH – Germany

Following termination, the gaps arising from the invalidity of provisions are to be closed by means of supplementary interpretation of the life insurance contracts.

What Sort of Malpractice Insurance Does a Law Firm Need

Most businesses need a plan for dealing with unexpected situations. Usually, that plan includes insurance policies. But law firms and lawyers face unique circumstances most other professions never face. So what sorts of insurance should law firms obtain to best manage their risks?

Understanding Bad Faith Claims Against Insurance Companies

Insurance bad faith, also known as “insurance fraud" is the term used to describe the mistreatment of consumers and businesses by insurance carriers. It usually applies to situations in which an insurance company refuses to pay out a settlement pursuant to the terms of its insurance contract with the person or entity they claim to insure.

No Insurance Cover in the Case of Fraudulent Misrepresentation as to Cause of Damage - Germany

If a cause of damage is fraudulently misrepresented then any insurance coverage is rendered inapplicable, even if it would be issued in the face of correct representation.

Optional Car Insurance Coverage You Should Carry

Optional types of car insurance coverage that can be beneficial after a car accident include underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments, and gap insurance.

Flood Preparedness Safety Checklist

Did you know that floods are the number one most common natural disaster in the United States? Here are some tips to stay safe before, during and after flood storms.

The Highest Auto-Insurance Rates Are in Louisiana for the Second Year in a Row

Louisiana tops the nation for auto insurance rates for the second year in a row. According to an industry study produced by a website named Insure, an insurance industry website, Louisiana drivers pay an average of $2,699 annually for their car insurance. Michigan and Georgia are ranked at two and three and currently the nationwide average for insurance premiums is roughly $1,500 annually.

South Florida 2013 Hurricane Preparedness Tips

It’s time for everyone along the east coast to ready their Hurricane Preparedness Plan, and the law firm of Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A. have prepared some tips to help prevent unnecessary injuries and damage to property.

Five Most Common Bad Faith Insurance Practices

First party bad faith deals with claims made by policyholders and covers a wide range of transgressions. Here is an overview of the five most common.

Auto Insurance Laws and Regulations In Illinois

In 2009 there were more than 89,000 people that were injured in car accidents in Illinois. In addition, 911 people were killed in fatal car accidents. After an Illinois car accident, it is important to consult an experienced personal injury attorney before negotiating with the insurance company for compensation.

3 Early Signs of Parkinson's Disease

Though an outwardly noticeable condition, Parkinson's Disease stems from brain's inability to send messages controlling muscle movements.

Group Insurance Policy - Sue the Insurer? Think Again - Malaysia

Generally speaking, you are not the owner of the group insurance policy that your company states you are covered under. Here is an overview on how to go about a group insurance policy claim.

Seeing Doubles - Insurance Claim or Full Sum Damages, or Both? - Malaysia

You met with a motor accident, and your medical expanses were covered by insurance. Are you entitled to claim from the wrongdoer as well? The answer would appear to be a resounding yes, but it is not so simple...

The Democratic Republic of the Congo Is Privatizing Its Insurance Sector

In September 2012, the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) submitted to the Parliament a bill of law on the Insurance Code for discussion and adoption prior to its promulgation by the head of State and publication in the official gazette in accordance with articles 100, paragraph 2 and 130 to 137 of the DRC constitution.

The Rise of Uninsured Motorist Collisions and What You Need to Know about Your Coverage

It is estimated that one in seven drivers in the United States are consistently operating motor vehicles without insurance coverage. This article discusses the rise in uninsured motorist accidents and the need for people to review their insurance coverage to determine that they would be able to receive monetary compensation from their own carrier in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver.

What to Do When an Insurance Claim is Denied

A successful insurance claim means vital financial resources for a claimant, so what happens when insurance claims are denied?

No Claim of Indemnity for Benefits from a Transportation Insurance Policy - Germany

According to the view of the Federal Supreme Court, the clients of one of the market-leading money and transportation companies are apparently not entitled to claim indemnity.

Litigation in Dominican Republic

The system of civil and commercial liability in Dominican Republic is based on the French Civil Code of 1804. The litigious process is an adaptation of 19th Century French civil procedure legislation with a certain number of updates and modifications.

10 Bad Faith Insurance Claim Practices

Learn about some common bad faith insurance claim practices. If you are dealing with a denied claim after unfair practice, get legal help from a Denver attorney.

Life Insurance Claims in North Carolina

This Article addresses life insurance claims in North Carolina, and some issues that frequently arise in these claims, including whether the death is accidental, and whether the insured made a misrepresentation in the policy application. Life insurance claims in North Carolina are governed by the policy itself, state statutes, and sometimes federal ERISA laws.

Obtaining Long Term Disability Benefits for Mental Health Issues

Depression, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are three similar mental illnesses with defining symptoms and characteristics. People afflicted by these mental health issues are often times unable to work, making it difficult to pay bills and other expenses. In this article, we detail the challenges people face while trying to obtain long term disability benefits.

Revision of the Insurance Mediation Directive

On the 3rd of July, 2012, the European Commission adopted a proposal for the revision of the Insurance Mediation Directive (“IMD”) which is part of a wider legislative package focusing on consumer protection related issues.

Wischmeyer Professional Service Access Plans

The world of law, tax and real estate continue to become more and more complex. Costs can be a strong deterrent to a person seeking professional advice. Wischmeyer Professional Services Access Plan allows employers to provide valuable resources to their employees at minimal cost and can even benefit themselves. Access to free consultations with an attorney, accountant or real estate agent with discounts if services are needed for professional resources and services.

The Supreme Court has authorized- insurance debt based on documents, without hearing testimonies.

This is an article regarding an insurence law suit

Obama Administration Focuses on Medical Malpractice

The Obama administration has been asking individuals who have suffered improper medical care to report such instances of neglect. It is hoped that the information that will be reported will aid in an overall better health care environment for the nation.

Arizona Upholds $54 Million Reduction of Punitive Damages in Insurance Bad Faith Case

The Arizona Court of Appeals recently upheld a trial court's reduction of a $55 million punitive damages award to only $620,000 and further reduced the punitive damages to $155,000-a 1:1 ratio to compensatory damages.

First PIP Lawsuit Filed in Florida and More Litigation May Be Coming

David Glatthorn discusses the repercussions of the new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage laws and what they will mean for Florida drivers and the professionals who treat their injuries. A group of chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists have filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida regarding the new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage laws that were passed by state lawmakers this spring.

Making an Uninsured Motorist Claim in Pennsylvania after a Car Accident

Uninsured Motorist Benefits are coverage for bodily injury or damages after you were hit by another driver who either had no insurance or who left the scene and who remains unknown. Uninsured Motorist coverage is an important thing to have on your car insurance. It protects you and your family against other drivers at fault who either: (1) have no insurance or (2) flee the scene and remain unknown.

Israel - In Which Cases is the Insurer Permitted to Refuse Providing Compensation for Damage to a Shipment?

This is an article regarding insurance law. Many times, the court will be presented with a subrogation in which an insurance company that has given compensation to a policy holder for cargo damages takes his place and sues the related parties in the transportation network whom they hold responsible for the damage, for instance: the port, the marine carrier, the air forwarder, the warehouse, the international delivery company etc.

Texas Residential Theft Claims

Importance of Having an Inventory List When Pursuing a Residential Theft Claim in Texas - When theft to your home occurs, you will need to file a Texas homeowners insurance claim for the items that were stolen and the damage that may have been done to your house. If you ever have to pursue a theft claim in Texas, you may have to show proof of ownership of the items that are damaged or missing.

Texas Residential Vandalism Claims

When theft or vandalism to your home occurs, the aftermath of the situation can leave you stressed, as you may be trying to remember everything the thieves stole. Have you walked in your front door only to find that your home has been vandalized? This horrible situation may leave you feeling violated and scared for your safety. Not only are you left with the mess that this situation created, but you also have to deal with the insurance company, which can be an exhausting and frustrating process.

Texas Sinkhole Claims

When the Ground Gives Way in Texas – 5 Critical Things Every Home Owner Should Know - Sinkholes come in many different sizes - some small and others that grow up to 40 to 60 feet deep and wide. When a sinkhole develops on your property in Texas, no matter the size, it can be dangerous. Not only can a sinkhole disrupt your life, but it could also damage your home and property and injure people you love.

Hail Damage to Roofs Insurance Claims

A homes roof must be physically inspected by a person who has training and experience to determine if there is actual hail damage. Insurance companies send their adjusters to special training so they can properly identify hail damage to a home. And, the insurance company is generally NOT ON YOUR SIDE. You may be thinking to yourself that you remember a hail storm but looked up at your roof and did not notice any damage. The fact of the matter is you can’t see hail storm damage from the ground.

Mudslide Damage Insurance Claims in Texas

If you have come home from a long day at work to find your house destroyed by a mudslide, or if you wake up one morning to find that your porch and garage are not attached to your home anymore because of a mudslide, you may not know where to turn and what to do after suffering this serious damage to your house. You are most likely feeling shocked that this could have happened to you and overwhelmed about what to do next.

Texas Hailstorm Damage Claim Texas Insurance Litigation Lawyer

When high winds are coupled with larger hailstones, serious damage may occur to your home and property. Some damage is noticed right away, such as broken windows and indentations on your car, or dents to the side of your home; however, sometimes hailstones can damage things unseen. A roof is typically a good example of this.

How Insurance Companies Value Your Car if it Was Totaled in a Car Accident

The insurance company has to pay you the actual cash value of your car or truck if it was totaled in a car accident in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Insurance Law provides that you are to be reimbursed for property damage if your car was totaled. The law says the insurance company owes you for the "actual cash value" of the vehicle. This means that the actual market value of your car or truck is what they owe you.

Life Insurance Benefits: Applications, Exclusions, Denial and Payment

Life insurance seems like it is handed out like flyers on the Las Vegas strip. It’s a dirty business with insurance companies collecting premiums and hoping you don’t die before the policy expires, or looking for a reason to delay or deny payment if you do die. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of life insurance claims.

Don’t Confuse the Appraisal Process With Arbitration

The Appraisal Clause is meant to be the method for determining disputed values. Appraisal cannot be used to determine what is covered. That is for a court of law to decide. If you have dispute with the company on whether or not something is covered, then you must file a lawsuit against your insurer to get that determination. Two of the most commonly misused and misunderstood terms in the insurance world are "appraisal" and "arbitration".

9 Useful Tips for Winning Your Homeowners Insurance Claim

Tip 1 -- Don't assume NO is final - Did you know that less than 1% of claimants query the decision when a claim is denied? Yet, over 50% of those who do fight back get results. So, you've got a good chance of winning if you fight back. 10% of claims are unjustly denied, so if you are aware your claim is legitimate, and you've not indulged in any creative claiming, you have a good chance -- even if they've said no.

Damage Produced by Texas Tornados

Filing a Texas Homeowners Insurance Claim During Tornado Season - When a tornado strikes, the first instinct you should have is to get yourself and your family to safety. But what about the aftermath of the storm, when you see the devastating damage to your home and reality sinks in? In Texas, tornados have been known to leave you with wind or hail damage, broken windows, roof damage, wall damage and more.

Cargo Workers and Shipping Lawsuits

While shipowners have a duty to transport goods with due diligence in seaworthy vessels and to deliver goods to their rightful owners as set forth in bills of lading, the business of transporting goods by sea is fraught with hazards. If you have suffered a loss of cargo, it is important to consult with a lawyer with specialized knowledge in the shipping industry right away.

5 Things Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know

Insurance companies providing coverage often deny policy holders' valid insurance claims for damage, or pay as little as possible. Is your insurance company treating you fairly? Here are five things insurance companies don't want you to know. If your policy includes replacement cost, you are entitled to complete replacement of damaged property.

Arizona Court of Appeals Upholds Damron Agreement and Declares Facts in Stipulated Judgments

The Arizona Court of Appeals recently upheld as valid and enforceable a Damron Agreement in which an insured and its excess insurer assigned their rights against a primary insurer. In so holding, the Court of Appeals made the significant declaration that an insurer who refuses to defend is bound for purposes of coverage by any issues determined in a stipulated judgment that underlies a Damron Agreement.

Interpreting Insurance Contracts - What You Need to Know

Insurance law states that should there be an ambiguity or uncertainty in a policy, that issue would be resolved in favor of the policyholder and against the insurer. In the absence of a misrepresentation regarding coverage or exclusions, if the language of the policy is clear and explicit, the clear meaning will be enforced. Insurance contracts are interpreted by judges and courts to implement only the objectively reasonable expectations of the insured.

Duty to Deal Fairly

Every insurance contract contains an unwritten or implied term referred to as the covenant or promise of good faith and fair dealing. This is a promise imposed by law upon an insurance company to always act fairly towards its insureds in handling their claims. In bad faith cases, a jury is always asked whether under the facts the carrier acted reasonably.

Texas Commercial Fire Insurance Claims

In order to get the most from your insurance company, fire insurance claims need to be pursued aggressively and quickly, because owners of commercial buildings need to minimize the impact of day-to-day losses. It is important to note that insurance companies and adjustors are not your friends. This means that they will do everything to deny your commercial fire claim.

Texas Condo Fire Damage Insurance Claims

When a fire damages your condo unit and all the items inside of it, you might assume that everything will be replaced or covered by the condo insurance policy under a fire damage insurance claim. However, not all condominium insurance policies cover personal property. This does not sound fair, as you may not have been the one to even start the fire.

Why is Earthquake Insurance Needed?

Under a normal homeowner’s insurance policy, losses caused by an earthquake are rarely covered. This is why earthquake insurance needs to be purchased separately so that in shaky times your property damages will be covered. Typical homeowner’s insurance policies pay for damages that result from theft, storms, lightning, fires and some other damages that are considered “Acts of God.” So, what happens if your home is damaged by an earthquake? Is it covered?

Tornado Storm Damages

Two of the more powerful tornadoes touched down in Jefferson County, in the cities of Clay and Center Point. After a survey of the damage in Jefferson County, the National Weather Service reported that the damage in Clay, Alabama indicated that the tornado was an EF-3 with winds of 150 mph.

Texas Insurance Claims - Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Coverage

Many people get homeowner's insurance because it is required when purchasing a home. But how many actually look at what the insurance policy will cover and how much it will cover if the home is destroyed or damaged by a fire, hurricane, windstorm, hail, tornado, or other disaster? Most people believe that if anything happened to their house they would be covered because they have an insurance policy.

Texas Insurance Claims - Dos and Don’ts for Disaster Victims

When bad things happen, it can often leave people without the ability to think rationally and calmly. For example, when a homeowner sustains property damage in a windstorm, tropical storm, hurricane, tornado, heavy rain, or from hail, there are certain things to do and not to do in order not to hurt their potential residential insurance claim.

Homeowner’s Insurance Knowledge in Texas

After the Bastrop fire, Hurricane Irene and other tropical storms that have wreaked havoc on homes in the last couple months, many homeowners were left holding their insurance policies trying to figure out how much insurance they had and what was and wasn't covered by their homeowner's insurance policy.

Texas Insurance Claims - Texas Residential Disaster

Maybe a hurricane, tropical storm, or harsh rains and wind ripped across your property, destroying everything in sight. After you discover that your home and residential property are damaged, you have a responsibility to report it to your homeowner’s insurance company. However, this is not the only responsibility that you have following your Texas residential disaster.

About Hail Damage Insurance Claims

When hot and humid weather brings abundant moisture and abnormal heat, it can set the stage for a damaging thunderstorm. When large thunderstorms hit Texas and sweep across the South, the wind gusts, torrential rainfall and large hail can be so strong that it can be dangerous and damaging.

Tips to Avoid a Texas Residential Insurance Claim

While the summer is a great time to travel, it is also a perfect time to tackle the much-needed home repairs and projects around the house that you may have been putting off. However, it’s important not to put off home-related to-dos for too long, as some repairs can make your home safer and help you avoid a future Texas residential insurance claim.

Insurance Information Generally Not Admissible in Injury Cases

Why you probably can't sue an insurance company for your accident. Many of my clients ask me why I don’t file suit against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. After all, it is the insurance company’s adjuster who I have been negotiating with for months before filing suit. The reason I don’t name the insurance company in the lawsuit is that generally, Georgia law says I can’t.

Beware of “Take It or Leave It” Offers for Texas Property Damage Claims

Insurance companies hire insurance claims adjusters to evaluate property damage claims to determine the liability of the insurance company. Although the insurance adjuster’s job is to be thorough – completing an investigation on the claim by reviewing reports, examining damage and talking to eye witnesses of the incident – many insurance adjusters just try to settle the claim quickly.

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