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Looking at Anti-Bribery Legislation in Turkey and Beyond

  June 22, 2017     By Guden Law Firm
Corruption is a widespread phenomenon in international business transactions all over the World. In accordance with corruption perception index...

Admitting Expert Witnesses under Daubert or Frye

  June 21, 2017     By HG.org
It is often essential to have an expert witness in conjunction with a lawyer for many different types of cases. These professionals are...

My Daycare Did Not Take My Son to the Hospital after an Injury, Can I Sue?

  June 21, 2017     By HG.org
Daycare responsibilities are to the children that reside within the building or facility until they are discharged for the day. This means those...

Misrepresentation of Tax Procedures and Complications for Real Estate Dealings

  June 20, 2017     By HG.org
Real estate dealings often require exact documentation that specifies certain terms, conditions and details about the buyer, seller and...

Lessons from Cases that Use an Expert Witness

  June 15, 2017     By HG.org
It is important to understand what the use of an expert witness is and how best to use these professionals. However, before they may be utilized...

Daubert and its Effect on Expert Witnesses

  June 14, 2017     By HG.org
Before the use of expert witnesses changed to the standard that is known in the electronic and computer age, Daubert had to go through a case...

The Need for a Business Lawyer when Litigation Occurs with Unsatisfactory Services

  June 13, 2017     By HG.org
When someone has purchased the service of someone or an organization, it is possible to be left with unsatisfactory results. This may occur when...

What to Do When a Commercial Tenant Vacates Before the Lease Expiration Date

  June 12, 2017     By Gross & Romanick, P.C.
It is rarely welcome news for a commercial landlord to discover that a tenant has vacated its leased premises prior to the expiration of the...

International Arbitration of Global Legal Insights: Cyprus

  June 12, 2017     By Soteris Flourentzos & Associates LLC
There has been a large increase in the use of arbitration as a commercial dispute resolution method in Cyprus because of its development as an...

How Your Expert Witness Can Withstand a Daubert Challenge

  June 12, 2017     By HG.org
When a Daubert challenge is presented in opposition to an expert witness, his or her entire testimony may be excluded from being giving in...

Pennsylvania Alternative Dispute Resolution Basics

  June 9, 2017     By Archer & Greiner P.C
Pennsylvania provides numerous avenues for alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, which can help save time and...

Why Litigation Needs an Expert Witness to Explain Details

  June 8, 2017     By HG.org
Litigation is often messy, complicated and difficult to get through for all parties concerned. There are procedures, processes, stages,...

Pre-Action Litigation Dispute Considerations in English Law

  June 8, 2017     By Summerfield Browne Solicitors
Before issuing litigation dispute proceedings under English Law you must satisfy the pre-action protocol, since failure to do so may result in...

What Is Civil Litigation?

  June 7, 2017     By JGPC Business & Corporate Law
Disputes and disagreements are commonplace in the business world, and civil litigation is one method whereby these disputes and disagreements...

Why Dangerous Substance Cases Need an Expert Witness

  June 6, 2017     By HG.org
Dangerous substances have a variety of effects and hazards to those exposed to them. This could occur through inhalation, skin contact,...

Third Party Funding for Arbitration - The Hong Kong Version?

  June 6, 2017     By Angela Wang & Co.
A Third Party Funder in international commercial arbitration finances part or all of the cost of the proceedings in return for a remuneration...

Avoiding Expensive Lawsuits in Small Business Transactions

  June 5, 2017     By HG.org
Small business transactions can sometimes morph into serious and significant lawsuits. Fortunately for small business owners, there are...

9 Tips for a Successful Deposition

  June 2, 2017     By Riley Bennett & Egloff, LLP
So you received a Notice of Deposition. What is a deposition and what does that mean for you, the witness? A deposition is the legal term for a...

Expert Witness Explains Small Business Litigation with Big Business Economic Damages

  June 1, 2017     By HG.org
Small businesses operate under the fear that they will one day be sued. Today, someone can sue a company for nearly anything. Even if the...

5 Things to Consider When Hiring an Attorney

  June 1, 2017     By Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law
Typically, people don’t need the services of an attorney unless they are experiencing some type of serious issue. Those issues often involve...

San Diego Class Action Defense Strategies for Products Labelled “Organic” and “Made in the USA”

  June 1, 2017     By Watkins Firm, A Professional Corporation
Many companies that grow agricultural products or manufacture goods and provide services in San Diego and Southern California label their...

Class Action Defense in San Diego: Diffusing a Complex Legal Challenge

  June 1, 2017     By Watkins Firm, A Professional Corporation
Class action defense is unfortunately a more common reality for California and San Diego agricultural, technology and manufacturing producers....

Application of Hague Convention on Children in Romania

  May 26, 2017     By Hammond, Minciu and Associates
There have been many articles written concerning the implementation of The Hague Convention on child abduction. All countries have come into...

Mandatory Arbitration in Real Estate Disputes

  May 24, 2017     By HG.org
Real estate deals often see conflict arising based on the factors of sellers and buyers not being able to resolve the matter between them....

Executing Foreign Judgments Inside & Outside Saudi Arabia

  May 23, 2017     By Hazim Al Madani Law Firm
Over the last two decades, the globe has experienced exceptional growth in world trade. This growth is due in part to regulations and oversight...

Rights of Airlines Customers in Saudi Arabia

  May 23, 2017     By Hazim Al Madani Law Firm
A resolution issued by the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Civil Aviation No. (380-20), in 26/05/1438H, approving the Executive...

Enforcement of Foreign Judgements and Arbitral Awards in Saudi Arabia

  May 23, 2017     By Hazim Al Madani Law Firm
There are speculations internationally that, enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Saudi Arabia are still in dark. Since Saudi...

Can My Lawyer Refuse to Continue with My Case Unless I Pay in Full?

  May 18, 2017     By HG.org
Sometimes during the middle of representation, a lawyer and client may reach an impasse due to billing issues. In some cases, a lawyer may be...

What is Domicile in Divorce Cases and Why Does it Matter?

  May 16, 2017     By HG.org
Residency of where a spouse moves to after the couple have split is important when it affects a divorce case. Some states require the individual...

Litigation Finance in Turkey

  May 16, 2017     By Ketenci & Ketenci
In the event of a legal action or execution proceedings, it is the claimant party who cover the litigation costs at the beginning, in Turkey....

Expert Witness: Scientific Data and Its Use in the Courtroom

  May 15, 2017     By HG.org
Expert witnesses are often contacted for their knowledge and expertise in a field of study. This information is used to explain to the judge or...

Summary of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Intellectual Property in Saudi Arabia

  May 15, 2017     By Hazim Al Madani Law Firm
The Paris Convention applies to industrial property in the widest sense, including patents, trademarks, industrial designs, utility models (a...

Role of Medical Examination in a Personal Injury Case

  May 12, 2017     By HG.org
Accidents usually involve personal injuries that require immediate medical attention. This means that the victim of the incident is being...

False or Deceptive Competitor Advertising Hurting Your Bottom Line?

  May 12, 2017     By Watkins Firm, A Professional Corporation
There are resources and options available for business owners when competitors undercut pricing by selling inferior goods or services.

When Multiple Expert Witnesses are Needed for a Case

  May 11, 2017     By HG.org
Hiring multiple expert witnesses for a single case is beneficial when the matter is either complicated or includes more than one single aspect...

Who Is to Blame for Drunk Driving Accidents?

  By HG.org
Drunk driving incidents are the cause for severe injuries, fatalities and extensive property damage. Those responsible for these accidents are...

How an Expert Witness Explains Why Road Construction Causes Road Incidents

  May 8, 2017     By HG.org
Road construction zones are often dangerous to drivers on interstates, highways and freeways. The rate of higher speeds and more vehicles is...

Termination of Employment Contracts in Turkey

  May 8, 2017     By DAB Law Firm
The Labour Code numbered 4857 (“Labour Code”) regulates the working conditions and also rights and obligations of the employees and employers.

Enforcement of Foreign Judgements and Arbitral Awards in Saudi Arabia

  May 8, 2017     By Hazim Al Madani Law Firm
There are speculations internationally that, enforcement of foreign judgements and arbitral awards in Saudi Arabia are still in dark. Saudi...

Expert Witness Explains Electrical Accidents and Incident Reconstruction

  May 5, 2017     By HG.org
Electrical accidents often require reconstruction of the incident so that the judge or members of the jury understand what occurred during the...

Communicating Successfully with Expert Witnesses

  May 4, 2017     By HG.org
Communication is the key to all successful relationships, and this is best seen with business and legal contacts. Court cases move fast in...

Expert Witness Reports: Skillfully Avoiding the Pitfalls

  May 3, 2017     By HG.org
The use of an expert witness is often a matter of a successful or disastrous outcome in a court case.

Hurt in a Car Accident? You Don’t Have Much Time to Wait

  By HG.org
Car accidents are usually mild to severe in property damage and injuries to those involved. When an individual has been hurt in a car accident,...

The Procedure for Foreigners and Non-Resident Turkish Citizens to File a Lawsuit in Turkey

  May 3, 2017     By Ongur & Partners International Law Firm
The procedure for a foreigner to bring an action in Turkey is not very different from the procedure a Turkish national would follow when...

The Problems Facing Expert Witness Testimony and How to Avoid Them

  May 2, 2017     By HG.org
Expert witnesses can make or break a case. Strong expert witness testimony can strengthen a case and provide credibility to it. However, weak...

How Mediation Can Help Resolve Complex Corporate Disputes

  April 26, 2017     By HG.org
Mediation is often the best manner to resolve conflict when there is a dispute or argument between two parties. When a corporation has a...

How the “Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act” May Affect Expert Witnesses

  April 26, 2017     By HG.org
A class action lawsuit occurs when multiple persons have been injured in some way. They are often lumped together for evidence and compensation...

How an Expert Witness Uses Biomechanics Knowledge in Seatbelt Defect Cases

  April 26, 2017     By HG.org
Personal injury claims usually must have the elements of the case include proof that the defending party’s actions caused the incident. This...

First Day of Trial in a Personal Injury Case - What to Expect

  By HG.org
While most personal injury lawsuits are different from each other, there are many common elements that may be expected by both the defending...

General Legal Services and How They Prevent Expensive Litigation

  April 21, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
Every small business' worst nightmare is being sued for big bucks. However, there are proactive steps that every business owner can take to make...

Risky Business: Reasons Not to Handle Your Own Personal Injury Case

  By HG.org
Personal injury cases are often complicated and difficult to both understand and handle. While there are many reasons for these issues, the...

"I Want to Be a PI" - Where and How to Learn the Trade

  By HG.org
The life of the private investigator appears exciting and full of mystery. However, the reality is long nights of taking video and pictures,...

Types of Training and Licensing of Private Investigators

  April 20, 2017     By HG.org
To become a private investigator, there are various courses and skills someone must take and acquire before being classified as an experienced...

How are Damages in a Personal Injury Case Calculated?

  By HG.org
Personal injury cases often involve various periods where the case has calculated damages to determine what may be possible to recover through...

Can Part-Time Employees Receive Workers' Compensation?

  April 20, 2017     By Farrar, Hennesy & Tanner, LLC
Workers’ compensation is a vital part of our employment system. It’s a no-fault insurance that the vast majority of employers are required to...

Personal Injury Cases and Common Defenses

  By HG.org
Personal injury lawsuits can arise when a person’s negligence results in an injury to another. This may happen because of a car accident, slip...

Business Law Lawyer: Limited Time to Respond to a Civil Lawsuit

  April 18, 2017     By HG.org
When someone is affected by a lawsuit, he or she may only have so much time to react. This means that after a letter or summons to the court has...

Expert Witness Uses Formulas to Evaluate Lost Profits

  April 18, 2017     By HG.org
There are times when a company loses profits through an incident caused by an individual. This often leads to injury to the company or someone...

Suing the Federal Government for Your Injury – Legal Issues and Explanations

  By HG.org
When injured in an accident, the victim often looks to an insurance company to pay for the medical bills and ensure recovery is possible either...

What to Do after a Fatal Car Wreck?

  By HG.org
Car accidents are usually traumatic to some degree, have extensive property damage, may include injuries and at least one person is at fault....

Who Do I Sue if the Driver of the Other Car – Is the Car Itself?

  April 14, 2017     By HG.org
With advancements in technology, there has been a new type of driving procedure where the car is able to drive itself with extensive software...

Do I Have a Criminal Case, A Civil Tort Claim, Both or Neither?

  April 13, 2017     By HG.org
Many crimes committed may be prosecuted through the criminal justice system as well as civil courts so that a remedy may be provided for the...

Debt Collection in China

  April 13, 2017     By Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm
[The] collection of commercial debts in China can only be carried on by Chinese lawyers.

Collecting Evidence for an IP lawsuit in China

  April 13, 2017     By Zhejiang Xinmu Law Firm
[When preparing] a litigation action in China against opponent for intellectual property disputes, the key and vital issue of the action is...

Protecting Small Businesses from Litigation

  April 12, 2017     By HG.org
In order to protect a small business from the threat of litigation, it is important to know how a lawsuit may arise. The risks of litigation...

Damages for Breach of Contract in English Law

  April 12, 2017     By Summerfield Browne Solicitors
Where parties are in a litigation dispute relating to breach of contract, it is important to assess the nature of any damages which might be...

Commercial Contracts and Changes in Circumstances in the Bahamas

  April 11, 2017     By Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law
A failure by a contractual party to anticipate a change in circumstances before entering into a contract, could adversely affect their...

Contracts: a Change in the Illegality Defence in the Bahamas

  April 11, 2017     By Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law
Illegality on the part of one contractual party may not prevent that party successfully asserting their legal rights against the other.

Unravelling Commercial Contracts on Misrepresentation in the Bahamas

  April 11, 2017     By Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law
A contract or settlement can be ‘unraveled’ if, in the circumstances, it was entered into following a fraudulent misrepresentation.

Commercial Contracts: Are Clear General Endeavours/Good Faith Conditions Required in the Bahamas?

  April 10, 2017     By Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law
Contractual terms in a commercial agreement must be as explicit as possible if the parties wish them to mean what they intend them to mean. A...

Before You Post THAT Picture . . . How Private Is Your Facebook Account?

  April 10, 2017     By The Law Offices of Lori Keeton
If you are going to attempt to collect disability, you may want to hold off on posting pictures of yourself boating, fishing and the...

Defamation Caused a Loss in Business, What to Do?

  April 5, 2017     By HG.org
Defamation is often considered a tortious act when the other person is harmed through the words spoken or written. Even though falsehoods spoken...

Look Before You Leap! Don’t Sue for an Uncollectable Judgment

  April 4, 2017     By Gehres Law Group, P.C.
When a client walks in the door and says “I really don’t care about the money, it’s just the ‘principle’ of the matter,” the wise lawyer may...

Private Investigation: Effective Ways to Protect Yourself from Hackers

  April 4, 2017     By HG.org
Cyber-attacks are a growing concern in the electronic age. When someone has the means to learn how to hack into databases, networks and...

When a Handwriting Analysis Expert Witness Is Needed

  April 3, 2017     By HG.org
Some cases have documentation that requires verification through handwriting analysis. This means an expert is needed for analyzing the...

Why Is Antitrust Compliance Counseling and Training so Important for Companies?

  April 3, 2017     By Bona Law PC
If, like me, you have ever spoken to someone that faces criminal indictment by a federal grand jury following a Justice Department antitrust...

Patients File LivaNova Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

  March 31, 2017     By Patterson Dahlberg Injury Lawyers
More Hospitals Warn Patients About LivaNova Bacterial Infection.

How an Expert Witness Evaluates Economic Damages

  March 30, 2017     By HG.org
When an expert witness or professional is needed to evaluate economic damages, he or she has experience through several years in business...

Lost Profits: An Expert Witness' Calculations

  March 28, 2017     By HG.org
The wrongful actions of a defending party are what cause the plaintiff to seek economic damages when he or she has suffered. This recovery of...

Real Estate Fraud: Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

  March 28, 2017     By HG.org
When buying or selling real estate, there are many dangers that someone must be aware of that could lead to legal action. These red flags may be...

How Do I Get the Other Side to Pay My Legal Fees?

  By HG.org
When a lawsuit occurs, there are many litigation expenses that directly affect those funds in a settlement, determination from a judge or jury...

What to Expect at a Personal Injury Trial

  By HG.org
When an individual has a personal injury case, he or she must first find a lawyer for litigation. After the claim has been accepted as valid and...

How Does an Expert Witness Help with Business Valuation?

  March 27, 2017     By HG.org
Setting up procedures that are used to determine and estimate the financial value of the interest of a business owned by a person is business...

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

  By HG.org
Personal injury claims are almost always restricted for filing by a time limitation based on the state and the injury being claimed. The...

EPA Investigation of Dodge RAM, Jeep Grand Cherokee Emissions Prompts Class Action Lawsuits Against Chrysler

The EPA has launched an investigation into potential emissions cheating by Chrysler on Dodge RAM and Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel models. A pair...

Top Class Action Lawsuit Questions

  By HG.org
Class action lawsuits are occurring with greater frequency due to so many multiple party litigation cases. When a company has harmed or injured...

Expert Witness: Common Factors that Contribute to Truck Accidents

  By HG.org
Truck accidents are among the general vehicular incidents on the road that lead to property damage, injury and death. When a truck collides with...

Recent Updates on the Duty on Suitability and Mis-selling in Hong Kong

The Court of Final Appeal in DBS Bank (Hong Kong Ltd) v Sit Pan Jit has recently handed down reasons for dismissing Sit's application for leave...

Exclusive Dealing Under the U.S. Antitrust Laws

Are you unable to compete for certain customers because those customers are bound by exclusive-dealing agreements with your competitors? Or are...

Can an Expert Witness be Sued?

  By HG.org
In usual circumstances, an expert witness is provided immunity from lawsuit. This is due to an immunity doctrine established by the United...

Why Divorce Mediation Might Not Work

Couples do not always agree on everything when they are considering a divorce.

What Does the Average Personal Injury Case Look Like?

  By HG.org
The average personal injury case does not exist when it comes to compensation or negotiation. However, most of the proceedings are similar if...

Insurance Expert Witness: What Exactly Is Med Pay?

  By HG.org
When questions and concerns about medical insurance arise, an insurance expert witness may be needed to strengthen the case.

Discovery Options in a Personal Injury Case

  By HG.org
When a person is embroiled in a personal injury case, the discovery process provides a reasonable way for him or her to gather information....

Personal Injury Settlements – Do I Need a Lawyer?

  By HG.org
There are many different types of accidents that may occur that lead to a personal injury case. When determining a settlement, the question that...

I Want to Sue My School District because of My Child’s Injury

  By HG.org
Children are harmed in school constantly in usual occurrences where the child is just running, exercising or playing with other kids. However,...

What Are the Elements for a Monopolization Claim under the Federal Antitrust Laws?

Do you or your competitor have a monopoly in a particular market? If so, your conduct or their conduct might enter the territory of the Sherman...

Unraveling the Personal Injury Claims Process

  By HG.org
The personal injury claims process is often a long and arduous one, but with the assistance of a lawyer, the entire situation may be less...

Are Flying Drones Legal? Can They Trespass on My Property? Who Should I Call?

  By HG.org
In the age of technology, the flying drone has become just another consumer electronic that may be purchased for personal and private use.

Construction Disputes: When Is It Time to Litigate?

When a dispute over payment or performance interferes with a construction project or the use of a piece of real estate, all parties involved...

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