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Guide to Establishing and Operating a Foreign Not-for-Profit Organization in Uganda

Not for profit Organisations commonly referred to Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Uganda are regulated by the Non Governmental Organizations Act 2016. The Act was signed into law the President on 30th January 2016. S. 56(1) of the Act repealed and replaced the Non Governmental Organizations Act Cap 113.

California Startup Seeking to Hire Foreign Employee on H-1B Visa

  By Kaass Law
Whether you are a foreign citizen willing to work in the US or an US employer that wants to hire a foreign employee, below are a number of questions Business Startup Attorneys encounter regarding H-1B visa.

The Registration Of Individuals & Companies In Free Zones in Jordan

Free zones in Jordan offer investors exemptions from income and social services taxes, custom duties and import duties.

Non-Profit Foundations Based in Switzerland Have to Pay Tax on Income Generated in Germany

Foundations based in Switzerland need to pay tax on their income generated in Germany, even if they pursue non-profit causes.

After a Riot, Who Pays for the Damage?

  By HG.org
Riots have erupted all over the United States in recent years, often in the wake of racial tensions created by police activities. Often beginning as peaceful protests, these demonstrations sometimes degenerate into violent riots where people and property suffer harm, leaving innocent people to pick up the pieces. This has led many to ask who should pay for the damage after a riot?

What Are the Conditions Needed to Qualify for a Pro Bono Lawyer?

  By HG.org
Lawyers can be very expensive. They are highly trained professionals with in-demand skills that make them able to charge increasingly high fees for their time, knowledge, and services. But, some attorneys are willing to offer at least a portion of their time to help the less fortunate. So, how do you get pro bono legal representation?

Registration of a Non-Profit Organization in Bulgaria

The types and specifics of non-profit organizations in Bulgaria.

I Cannot Pay for a Lawyer. What Should I Do?

  By HG.org
Most people do not anticipate that they will need an attorney and as such do not save for such an expensive need. While many lawyers charge hundreds of dollars per hour for their services, there are a few options available for individuals who are unable to pay for an attorney.

European Economic Interest Groups in Italy (EEIG)

EEIG in Italy ("Gruppo Europeo di Interesse Economico", GEIE) is an associative organization. GEIE or EEIG can exclusively be used within European area, it encourages cooperation between companies, others economic entities, professionals and physical persons even, and its main requirement is that, at least, partners are coming from two States members of the U.E. This tool can be easily employed in the participation to tenders.

Fair Use in Trademarks

Unlike copyrights, the defense of fair use in trademark law is relatively new and not as developed.

Legal Requirements for Registration of NGOs in Uganda

Registration of NGOs in Uganda is seen by many as a complex process given the documentation involved. With the right information, the process should not be complex. This text provides an easy to read and understand summary of requirements for registration of NGOs in Uganda.

Super PACs vs Other Types of Non-Profits

Super PACs are starting up everywhere, but many of them would have been better off as a 501(c)(4). Do you know the difference? Do you know the burdensome federal reporting requirements for Super PACs? This article will give you some insight into the best way to structure the formation of your non-profit organization, given your objectives.

Legal Liability in the Humanitarian Sector

This paper provides a brief introduction to the legal issues regarding possible legal claims against international organizations for death or injury to their overseas staff. Despite the complexity of the underlying law due to the large number of possible legal claims, defenses and jurisdictions, there are several basic steps that NGOs can take to better protect themselves.

Legally Operating a Medical Marijuana Business in California

Pursuant to California law, medical marijuana businesses legally are allowed to operate in the state. However, there are conflicts in the laws and confusion about what is and is not permitted. This article provides some general information on this unique area of business law and summarizes some of the major differences and similarities between these organizations and those in other industries.

Non-Profit Organization Types and Common Issues

The author has seen a lot of the pitfalls in operating nonprofits and developed some ways to ensure things run smoothly. Following is a quick reference for non-profits.

Russian Legislation Overview, January 2012

The Russian Legislation Overview includes a brief overview of the major legal acts that came into force in January 2012. Federal Law N 353-FZ dated December 12, 2010 entitled "On amendments to the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation”. Came into legal force on January 01.2012 (excluding certain provisions).

Pressure Sores are Needlessly Killing Nursing Home and Hospital Patients

Pressure sores (also referred to as bed sores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus ulcers) are an all too common and painful problem for nursing home residents. Most pressure sores are preventable and are caused by faulty care where the nursing home or hospital does provide adequate care to prevent and treat bed sores.

Government Program Aims to Reduce Hospital Re-admissions from Problems Such as Pressure Ulcers

A new government program unveiled on Wednesday, April 27, will aim to reduce hospital readmissions by 20 percent, according to NorthJersey website. The initiative, an extension of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed March 23, will allot more than $1 billion to help fund “demonstration projects” over the next three years.

Reform on Hong Kong’s Charity Law

Introduction - There are over 6,000 charities in Hong Kong, responsible for raising more than HK$ 8 billion dollars in the fiscal year 2008-2009. However, the charity sector lacks a comprehensive framework for the establishment and regulation of charities as compared to other overseas jurisdictions.

Criminal Liabilities for Illegal Fundraising in China

In China, raising funds from public must be conducted strictly in accordance with laws to avoid criminal liabilities. China’s Criminal Law (1997) criminalize some public fundraising conducts and imposes severe criminal punishments on violators.

NFP's Can't Even Give It Away - Canada

The first and likely most recurring situation is a return of member's dues. In theory, there is nothing wrong with the organization returning amounts paid by the members to the organization. However, in circumstances where the organization has provided some (non monetary) benefits to its members the organization would have to deduct the value of these benefits from the amounts being returned to the member.

Not for Profit Bankruptcy Case Shows the Law in the Area is Clear as Mud - Canada

We are periodically faced with the unfortunate situation when a charity or not for profit is forced into bankruptcy or receivership. Unfortunately, giving clear advice in the area is complicated by the relative lack of applicable law. In one circumstance we were confronted with a situation as to whether a going concern operating as a charitable trust could make a proposal in bankruptcy.

Ghost of Disbursement Quotas Past - Canada

For the second time in six years the Federal government is changing the disbursement quota calculation for charities. Originally instituted in 1976 as a way to force charities to spend their funds on their charitable activities, the quota has turned into a cross between a math nightmare and an obstacle for the growth of small charities.

Canadian Charities Operating Overseas

Overseas operation is fundamental to the operation of many charities, especially religious charities, and so it is important for these charities to have a good understanding of the law regarding carrying out charitable activities overseas. Given that the government subsidizes registered charities to the extent that it gives tax credits for the amount donated, it should not be surprising that the CRA attempts to exert as much control over funds spent overseas as funds spent domestically.

Setting up a Nongovernmental and Nonprofit Organization in Romania

In the following we will briefly present the characteristics of Romanian nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations.

UK Tax Relief on Charitable Donations

The UK, along with many other Member States of the EU, limits tax reliefs for donations to charity to charities based in the UK. Following the Persche ruling, HMRC will have to find practical ways of recognising foreign charities, whose constitutional documents may not be in English, for the purposes of granting similar tax reliefs.

Gifts to Charity: Helping Good Causes and Good for Business

So you wrapped up your annual income tax filing responsibilities. Do you just want to put away the tax matters until next year?

Charity and Non-Profit Organization Law in California - How to Hold A Charitable Raffle or Poker Tournament in Orange County

There is a growing trend by California Charities and Non-Profit Organizations to hold raffles for dream homes worth millions of dollars and poker tournaments to increase donations in these tough economic times. However, there are a considerable number of rules which must be followed by such charity organizations and violation of those rules can lead to a charity being referred to county prosecutors as this Orange County Charity attorney explains.

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