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Closing Problems & Pitfalls

  April 15, 2014     By Pohl & Short, P.A.
Occasionally unexpected issues arise that delay, or even stop, a real estate closing. There are also situations in which a Purchaser obtains title to property, and after closing learns that the property is subject to significant problems that would have been disclosed by the advice of an attorney or the review of a survey. Here are four recent examples:

How Arbitrary and Nasty the Power of Eminent Domain Can Be

  April 11, 2014     By Kassouni Law
Seizure of the Barries' Colorado dream cabin shows how arbitrary and nasty the power of eminent domain can be.

How a Bulgarian Limited Liability Company May Validly Transfer/Purchase Real Estate

  April 10, 2014     By Atanaska Lesichkova Law Firm
The question whether the General Meeting of the Shareholders in a limited liability company (OOD) should adopt a special resolution for the conclusion of a transaction for transfer of ownership over real estate was disputable in Bulgarian legal theory and practice. The Supreme Cassation Court finally resolved this issue.

Fighting The Post-Bankruptcy Survival Of Federal Tax Liens On Property Excluded From The Bankruptcy Estate

  March 23, 2014     By DeBlis & DeBlis
The federal tax collection system is founded on the concept of voluntary compliance.[1] The United States government expects taxpayers to compute and timely pay all taxes owed. Most taxpayers fulfill this obligation. However, a minority refuse to comply. Those falling within the latter category are subject to forced collection and various penalties.

Expropriation Legislation in Albania

  March 17, 2014     By LPA Law Firm Albania
Law No. 8561, dated 22.12.1999, “On Expropriations and Temporary Posession of Private Property for a Public Interest” regulates the right of the state to expropriate or take for temporary use of a public interest the properties of physical persons or legal entities, as well as the protection of the rights and interests of the respective owners.

General Observations Regarding the Greek Real Estate Market

  March 14, 2014     By A&P Generalis Law Firm
With the support of an extensive network of professionals (tax advisors, architects, civil engineers, business consultants), a complete series of informative, practical guides focusing on the most important fields of Greek law is available to private individuals, professionals and companies.

Obtaining a Residence Permit in Greece

  March 13, 2014     By A&P Generalis Law Firm
Greek government instated a procedure to obtain permanent residence permits, which can be renewed every five years, for third-country citizens who own real estate in Greece of minimum value €250.000, adopting a friendlier stance towards those who wish to own real estate property in Greece.

The Greek Real Estate Market for Foreign Investors

  March 13, 2014     By A&P Generalis Law Firm
Our practical guide to real estate in Greece covers the entire spectrum of legal and tax issues which arise in practice when purchasing, managing, utilizing, developing and reselling property in Greece. It is addressed to both Greek nationals and foreign citizens of other European and non-EU countries who have a practical interest in legal and tax matters in Greece, with the aim of facilitating entrepreneurship and more generally the access of foreigners to the Greek market.

Ivory Coast: New Measures to Promote Enterprise Creation and Property Transfer

  March 10, 2014     By Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associes
New measures to promote enterprise creation and real estate property transfer in Ivory Coast.

Purchasing Property in Poland - Due Diligence of Polish Properties

  March 6, 2014     By Dudkowiak & Kopec Law Firm
Transactions related to the acquisition of real estate in Poland usually require a large investment funds. Potential risks associated with such transactions should, therefore, be subject to a particularly careful evaluation. The negative effects of omissions of legal defects or adverse facts relating to property acquisitions may endanger not only the viability of the project, but sometimes even the financial stability of the entrepreneur.

Purchasing Real Estate in Israel

  February 17, 2014     By Livnat, Mayer & Co.
A summary of some of the pertinent information with respect to purchasing real estate in Israel.

Taxpayer Standing Can Provide a Bulwark Against Government Overreach in California

  February 11, 2014     By Kassouni Law
In California any taxpayer can bring a lawsuit to stop the implementation of a law that she believes is unconstitutional provided that she is a resident taxpayer of the area affected and public funds will be spent to implement the challenged law.

Summary of District Regulation of DKI Jakarta Number 8 Year 2007 Concerning Public Order

  February 5, 2014     By Leks&Co
To bring into reality a living in Jakarta that is more orderly, peaceful, comfortable, clean and beautiful, a regulation relating public order is required to protect the citizens and infrastructure of the city including its accessories. Performing public order and peacefulness of the people is an obligation authorized to the provincial district government that has to be carried out in accordance with the legislation.

Summary of Minister Regulation of Housing and Settlement Number 10 of 2012

  February 5, 2014     By Leks&Co
Law Number 1 of 2011 on Housing and Settlement (“Housing and Settlement Law”) has already regulated the proportional occupancy. Under Article 34, every legal entity who intends to conduct development of housing and settlement has to implement proportional occupancy.

The Unfortunate Rise of Civil Asset Forfeiture

  January 27, 2014     By Kassouni Law
The rise of civil asset forfeiture as a means of increasing government revenues.

Registering property in Albania - Real Estate Purchase in Albania

  January 25, 2014     By LPA Law Firm Albania
Below is a detailed summary of the steps, time and cost involved in registering property in Albania. It assumes a standardized case of an entrepreneur who wants to purchase land and a building that is already registered and free of title dispute.

California Cities Can’t Avoid Constitutional Liability for A Taking by Dissolving their Redevelopment Agencies

  January 22, 2014     By Kassouni Law
For years local redevelopment agencies were the bane of private property rights in California. Until recently these agencies were clothed with the power to seize private homes through eminent domain and then give that property to private developers like Costco or Wal-Mart, all in the name of community development.

California Cities May Soon Snub the Constitution by Seizing Underwater Mortgages

  January 17, 2014     By Kassouni Law
Eminent domain lawyers analyze California cities seizing underwater mortgages through eminent domain.

Vesting Property Title 2: The Sequel

  January 12, 2014     By Pohl & Short, P.A.
John Smith and Michael Jones are two friends who enjoy fixing and remodeling homes. They decide to go into business together, to buy distressed properties through foreclosure sales, to repair and remodel them, and then to sell the remodeled homes for a profit. They shake hands and agree to proceed, with each contributing one half of all expenses, and with each sharing one half of the profits. John Smith then comes to me for advice.

Common Eviction Mistakes

  December 18, 2013     By
When renting out a property you own, it is only natural to want to make the most money and incur the least expense. Unfortunately, for some landlords, this leads to cutting corners in the legal department; a potentially very costly mistake. The following are a few common mistakes landlords make during the eviction process and what you can do to avoid them:

How Do I Throw Someone Out of My House?

  December 10, 2013     By
Ever had the house guest you just cannot get to leave? Maybe someone you thought you could share a relationship with and things did not work out, or a friend or family member who just cramps your lifestyle, eats your food, and does not contribute to the bills? Whatever the case may be, getting someone out who has overstayed their welcome can sometime be a very difficult task. So, how do you throw someone out of your house?

When a Business Folds, Who Is Responsible for Its Debts and Other Obligations?

  December 7, 2013     By
A common question among small business owners is who will be responsible for debts and other obligations if a business entity folds or reorganizes. Many things can happen in the life of a business entity, whether a corporation, LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship, and this can lead to questions about who will be left holding the bag.

Common Law Marriage and Legal Protection in Texas

  December 4, 2013     By Kalish Law Texas
Persons who are married have certain legal rights and protections that they don't even think about. However, there are other couples who have long-term, committed relationships who have things a bit more difficult. This article will show the issues that should be considered by persons who are involved in a non-ceremonial marriage in Texas, and how to prevent a problem.

If You Ever Work From Home, How Protected Are You If A Disaster Strikes?

  December 3, 2013     By
Millions of Americans work from home, either all of the time or on occasion. But, if a fire, flood, or natural disaster were to hit your home, would your insurance cover the lost business revenues, office equipment, or property belonging to your company?

Commercial Use of a Single Family Home Contrary to Lease – Germany

  December 3, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
Under certain circumstances, the commercial use of a single family home can be contrary to the lease.

Turkey Construction Contracts Which Mean EPC Contracts in Project Finance

  November 26, 2013     By Herdem Attorneys at Law
Project finance means the term applied to a variety of financing structures that have a few features in common. There are lots of participants take place in Project financing, namely; project sponsor, suppliers, contractors, bondholders and the other parties.

What To Do After a Tornado or Other Natural Disaster

  November 20, 2013     By
When any sort of natural disaster hits, it can be terrifying. Once it has passed, though, victims are often left wondering what they need to do to pick up the pieces. Is there anything they need to do in filing their insurance claims to make sure that they will get paid soon and as much as possible? This is especially important for those whose houses are destroyed and who have lost everything.

Construction Contract and Project Finance - Turkey

  November 18, 2013     By Herdem Attorneys at Law
The construction contract in an international project financing serves to give the project company a fully completed and equipped facility. In addition, it provides for delivery by the contractor of a facility that satisfies specified performance criteria, for a fixed or predictable price, and completed on a specific date.

Can Foreigners Buy Real Estate in the United States?

  November 17, 2013     By
As the real estate market in the U.S. has made a strong indication of recovery, some outside of the United States have begun to look again at American real estate investments as a possibility. This leads some to wonder, though, whether it is even possible for a foreigner to buy real estate in the U.S.? If so, are there any special laws to be aware of or taxes that must be paid?

Construction of a Superblock Area in the Special Capital City Region of Jakarta

  November 12, 2013     By Leks&Co
The increasing scarcity of land that can be used for commercial purposes in a city center such as Jakarta, requires efficient management of construction development in the city center. To realize sustainable development, and use the available land efficiently, a recently developed concept known as the superblock concept has been integrated in the urban area.

Buying Property in Cyprus Made Easier for Non EU Citizens

  October 14, 2013     By Harris Kyriakides LLC
In an effort to boost the property market and enhance the attractiveness of Cyprus for foreign investment, Cyprus has implemented measures that allow for citizens of non EU countries to acquire more than one property in Cyprus, provided that certain conditions are met.

What is the Statute of Frauds?

  October 6, 2013     By
When dealing with a contract dispute, particularly in the case of an oral contract, one may hear the term “statute of frauds” used. This does not refer to the commission of an actual fraud, but rather, whether the contract had to be in writing or not. So what is the statute of frauds and when does it apply?

Encroachments Reflected by Surveys

  October 3, 2013     By Pohl & Short, P.A.
A grant of an easement by a property owner can often resolve disputes between neighbors resulting from encroachments of fences, driveways, and roof overhangs by one property owner onto another person’s property. An easement is a formal grant of permission by an owner of land in favor of the owner of a second parcel of land, which grants the second parcel owner the legal right to cross over and/or to utilize a portion of the first parcel owner’s land.

How Should Property Title Be Vested?

  October 3, 2013     By Pohl & Short, P.A.
Clients frequently ask how they should take title when purchasing real property. This question encompasses a consideration of the goals of each client, and if appropriate, the client’s need for asset protection.

Squatters Issues Highlighted by Conviction of Former NBA Player Chris Gatling

  September 26, 2013     By
Squatting is the act of taking over custody and possession of someone else's real estate without permission. It can often be difficult to oust squatters, and in many jurisdictions, if the squatter does things in a certain fashion, they may even be able to take away ownership of the property through a process called adverse possession.

Not Every Case is Made the Same; New Jersey Dispute Settled for One Dollar

  September 26, 2013     By
Most lawsuits settle rather than going all the way to judgment. In fact, the vast majority (often estimated around 90%) of all cases will settle before a trial, and a substantial number of those remaining cases will settle before the verdict is returned.

Lost Property - Ukraine

  September 26, 2013     By Kydalov & Partners
At the first glance, the question itself seems to be a little bit absurd: how can you lose the property? But the reality is often such that absurdity can become true.

A Novel Approach to Mortgage Crisis: Take Underwater Homes Through Eminent Domain

  September 22, 2013     By
Richmond, California has developed a unique solution to the problem with homes that are underwater after the mortgage crisis. It is using the government's authority to take title to property through eminent domain to reduce the underwater mortgage debt in the city.

And You Thought Your Legal Fees Were High...Banks' Legal Fees Top $103 Billion After Housing Bubble Burst

  September 16, 2013     By
If you have ever complained about your legal fees, or been reluctant to hire an attorney because you did not think you could afford it, just be glad you are not one of the six largest US Banks recovering from the collapse of the housing market and resulting financial crisis. Bloomberg reports that together, they have amassed a whopping $103 billion in legal costs since the beginning of the Great Recession.

Absurd Animal Cases in Homeowners Associations

  September 15, 2013     By
In my former legal practice, I found that few cases were more prone to absurd happenings, bizarre government policies, or overly expensive litigation than pet cases.

When is it Okay Not to Pay Rent

  September 15, 2013     By
Leases are tricky things. They are a combination of contract laws, agreements between the parties, and laws and regulations that relate to landlords and tenants, housing standards, zoning, safety, etc. As a result, although a lease agreement may say you have to pay rent always and under every circumstance, there are plenty of times when one of these other laws may intervene.

Understanding Building Codes

  September 10, 2013     By
Building codes establish standards for the construction of buildings and other structures. Virtually every structure in a modern building is subject to at least one, and usually several different building codes.

How to Get Paid for Construction Delay Claims

  September 10, 2013     By
The single most common cause of construction litigation for non-private, residential projects is delay. Delays may cascade from one contractor or trade to another, causing a domino effect that can lead to a very expensive conclusion. After all, time is money, and delays on commercial projects can mean thousands or even millions in lost revenues to the property owner.

A Tenant’s Rights

  September 4, 2013     By The McAleer Law Firm, PC
The decision to buy versus rent is only the first hurdle in choosing your home, and placing your signature on a baited rental agreement can harm you financially. Whether you’ve spent days, weeks, or months searching for a new home, the most crucial steps begin right before you sign the contract.

Dealing with Nuisance Neighbors

  September 3, 2013     By
We have all had the situation at some point: a neighbor that cares for nobody but themselves. Stereo blasting late at night, dogs barking or attacking others, construction that causes damage to our property...the list goes on. So what do you do in those instances when reasoning with the neighbor just is not working?

How to Fight an Eviction

  September 2, 2013     By
Getting behind on rent and receiving an eviction notice can be a traumatic experience. While every state is different, most share certain characteristics, and it is important to know how evictions work in order to know what you should do.

Understanding Eminent Domain

  September 2, 2013     By
Eminent domain, or the process by which the government takes property from private owners, can be a confusing process for many. The most common use of eminent domain is to obtain title to property used for roads and other public facilities. But, this is changing. Cases have held that eminent domain can also be used for the purpose of economic development. So how does eminent domain work?

What Owners Should Know About Homeowner Association Collections

  September 1, 2013     By
If you live in a homeowners association, condominium, co-op, or other community association, you are probably already familiar with the concept of paying assessments, dues, service fees, or whatever your association may call them. But what happens if you get behind in paying your assessments? Can you stop paying these fees if you think your association is not treating you fairly?

Failing to Disclose Environmental Defects in Property Sales

  August 31, 2013     By
Have you purchased a piece of land only to discover after the sale that there was pollution on the property? Are you thinking of selling a house and wondering how much you need to disclose? Understanding the laws related to environmental disclosures can mean the difference between a costly lawsuit and a smooth transaction.

Understanding and Avoiding Construction Liens

  August 27, 2013     By
A construction (or "mechanic’s") lien gives builders, contractors, and suppliers legal recourse to get paid for their work as well as any materials or supplies purchased for a project. This recourse is in the form of a right to interfere with your ability to convey clear title to your real property and/or to foreclose the construction lien to take title to that property.

BverwG: Housing Development in Weekend Home Area Potentially Admissible - Germany

  August 20, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
A housing development for the purposes of portfolio security in an area designated in the building plan as a weekend home area is potentially admissible.

Buying or Selling a Home: Do You Need An Attorney?

  August 19, 2013     By Zakhem Law, LLC
A home is most Americans’ single largest investment. Buying your home can be a very exciting purchase; it is also a major financial commitment that comes with many legal ramifications. Fortunately, sellers and buyers can avoid many common legal pitfalls by taking a few precautionary steps.

What are Fiduciary Duties?

  August 19, 2013     By
We often hear that someone owes us a fiduciary duty, whether in a business setting, certain transactions, or even a condo/co-op or homeowners association. But what is a fiduciary duty, how does a fiduciary relationship arise, and what are its implications?

Top Mistakes Made in Foreclosures

  August 14, 2013     By
Mortgage foreclosure is the process by which the bank takes your home for not paying your loan. It can be a long, difficult, and confusing process for many homeowners, and if you are facing a foreclosure you should contact a local, qualified attorney for advice on how to respond. In the meantime, here are 10 common mistakes people make during a mortgage foreclosure:

Short Sales Increase

  August 6, 2013     By Patriot Law Group Connecticut
A short sale allows the lender to avoid the work involved in foreclosing and then trying to sell a property. It allows the homeowner to avoid foreclosure. However, a short sale can also be challenging to all involved.

Possibility of Withholding Lease Instalments during Claim for Repayment of Purchase Price - Germany

  July 26, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
If a lessee wishes to provisionally suspend the payment of installments, this requires in addition to the cancellation of the purchase agreement the enforcement of the claim for repayment of the purchase price against the supplier.

Brokerage Costs as Income-Related Expenses - Germany

  July 18, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
Brokerage costs which are incurred from the sale of a house may be included as work-related expenses for rental income under certain circumstances.

Risk Disclosure for Construction Projects by Architects and Structural Engineers - Germany

  July 17, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
Architects and structural engineers have a duty to disclose existing risks to the client relating to a construction project, according to the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in its judgment of June 20, 2013 (Az.: VII ZR 4/12).

Exclusion of Warranty when Selling a House: Claims for Damages Are Still Possible - Germany

  July 4, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
Exclusion of warranty may not be effectively valid if the seller of a house has not correctly described any existing defects; therefore, as a result, the seller carries liability in cases of false representation or claims made in bad faith that are involved in the process of the sale.

Commercial Rental Space Is Also Possible in Cases of Mixed Usage of Property - Germany

  July 3, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
The classification of a rental space as either residential or commercial conforms to the emphasis given by the lease tenancy agreement.

Leasing of Commercial Premises Also Possible Where There Is Mixed Use - Germany

  June 24, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
For the classification of leased premises as residential or commercial tenancies, the focus of the tenancy is decisive.

Commercial Rental Spaces in the Case of Mixed Use of the Rental Premises? - Germany

  June 17, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
The classification of a rental space as either a residential or commercial tenancy conforms to the emphasis given by the lease tenancy agreement.

Tenancy Termination Possible, if Landlord Would Like to Use Property for Commercial Purpose - Germany

  June 14, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
It is now permissible for a landlord to cancel a lease agreement contract if the landlord wishes to use the leased property for commercial purposes and therefore not for personal use.

Nationalization, Expropriation, Deprivation and the Protection of Foreign Investors in Cameroon

  June 13, 2013     By Legal Power Law Firm
Among the well-known commercial risk of today, expropriation seems to stand out as the most prominent. It represents the most dreadful form of measures to investors, which might be taken against foreign direct investment by a host state.

Real Estate Purchase Process in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  May 28, 2013     By Kier Joffe Law Firm
Buying property in Argentina as a foreigner is legally straightforward

Update on Foreign Investment in Ukrainian Agricultural Land

  May 22, 2013     By Frishberg & Partners
The moratorium on alienation of Ukrainian farm land has long prevented meaningful foreign investment into the Ukrainian agricultural sector. To somehow obtain access to agricultural land, instead of outright ownership foreign investors had to register Ukrainian companies that entered into lease agreements with landowners, most with a “right to buy” option if and when the moratorium will be lifted.

Immediate Tax Deducts for Accrued Property Transfer Taxes - Germany

  May 22, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
Whether real estate is being acquired entirely new in the context of property acquisition or if it was already in the partnership’s possession is an important fact.

South Florida 2013 Hurricane Preparedness Tips

  May 15, 2013     By Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A.
It’s time for everyone along the east coast to ready their Hurricane Preparedness Plan, and the law firm of Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A. have prepared some tips to help prevent unnecessary injuries and damage to property.

BGH on an Architect’s Responsibilities - Germany

  May 13, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
In a recent judgement, the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) provided a few clarifications with respect to the responsibilities of an architect towards his clients.

Architect Has to Delimit Budget with Client at Early Stage of Planning - Germany

  April 19, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
As a matter of principle, an architect has to delimit the economic framework for a construction project and consider the budget plans of the client with regards to the basic evaluation.

UAE Law - Real Estate Investor Protection Law to Be Released in 2013

  April 11, 2013     By Prudential Middle East
Real estate investors to soon get shot in the arm if developers fail to deliver. The Real Estate Investor Protection Law, which was highly expected to be issued this year, will now be released during the first quarter of 2013, a senior Dubai Land Department (DLD) official has said.

Landlord vs. Tenant - A Guide To Tenancy Management - Malaysia

  March 25, 2013     By Jayadeep Hari & Jamil
Being a landlord is not the easiest job in the world. How do you leverage your standing with your tenant? Does the law provide sufficient regulation in this area?

Seller Cannot Invoke the Warranty Exemption if There Is Bad Faith - Germany

  March 20, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
When a house is sold, the seller is potentially unable to invoke a contractual warranty exemption if he fraudulently failed to fully disclose an existing defect.

Buildings: The Matter With Copyrights - Germany

  March 14, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
Nowadays the subject “Copyright” in the case of buildings occupies architects and builders more and more.

Bad Faith in Selling Real Estate - Germany

  March 5, 2013     By GRP Rainer LLP
A warranty exemption is potentially of no help to the seller of a house who does not fully and correctly describe an existing defect: where there is bad faith, he is nonetheless liable.

CPA Real Estate Loss

  February 26, 2013     By Diane A. Nygaard, PA
There are laws in place to protect investors from unscrupulous brokers at companies looking to take their money and make high commissions with little promise of return; those laws work very well, for the most part, to protect investors from securities fraud or investment fraud. Be that as it may, because of a changing landscape, unscrupulous investment brokers and companies may still sell risky investments to investors with the promise that they are "safe" and "low risk."

Ameriprise Real Estate Investment Trust Fraud

  February 26, 2013     By Diane A. Nygaard, PA
Although touted as safe and low risk investments, Ameriprise real estate investment trust funds have been anything but that – even though brokers have insisted to unwitting investors that they are. It's been alleged that Ameriprise Financial recommended these funds to investors, resulting in significant loss to those investors.


  February 17, 2013     By Karbal & Co.
The Libyan Civil Transactions Code of 1953 imposes liabilities on both the contractor and the architect. Article 650 of the Civil Code holds the contractor and the architect (or supervising engineer) jointly liable for any minor or major collapse of the building even if the collapse was due to ground defects and/or the building had been approved and accepted by the owner.

Before You Buy or Sell, Check Indoor Air Quality

  January 11, 2013     By Manly, Stewart & Finaldi
Mold, Radon and other contributing factors to indoor air quality can significantly alter the value of a property and how well it sells. It can even constitute a claim or lawsuit.

Use of Easements

  January 11, 2013     By Pohl & Short, P.A.
An easement is a grant of permission by the owner of land (known as the subservient estate) in favor of the owner of a different parcel of land (known as the dominant estate) to cross over and/or use a portion of the subservient estate.

Purchasing of Land in Bulgaria by Foreigners after 01.01.2012

  December 19, 2012     By Valova & Angelova
Legal comments on the possibility for acquiring of land by foreign citizens following expiration of the 5-years period of prohibition

Italian Inheritance Rights Depending on Your Marital Status

  December 18, 2012     By De Tullio Law Firm
It is always a difficult topic to address when one talks about the death of a spouse: this article aims to clarify some of the issues people living in Italy may have if they find themselves in the situation of inheriting property or assets under the Italian Legal system.

Wischmeyer Professional Service Access Plans

  December 6, 2012     By Wischmeyer Law Office
The world of law, tax and real estate continue to become more and more complex. Costs can be a strong deterrent to a person seeking professional advice. Wischmeyer Professional Services Access Plan allows employers to provide valuable resources to their employees at minimal cost and can even benefit themselves. Access to free consultations with an attorney, accountant or real estate agent with discounts if services are needed for professional resources and services.

California's Homeowner Bill of Rights

  December 4, 2012     By Law Offices of Salar Atrizadeh
In January 2013, the California Homeowner Bill of Rights will take effect, providing unparalleled protection for homeowners across the state. This Bill, which is the first of its kind, will reform the foreclosure process and provide unique protection for homeowners.

As the FED Buys $40 Billion Worth of Mortgages a Month, Homeowners Need to Pay Attention

  December 3, 2012     By Oaktree Law
Will the FED's actions affect you?

I Owe More than My House is Worth and Waiting on the Bank to Threaten Foreclosure --- What Can a Homeowner Do?

  December 1, 2012     By Wischmeyer Law Office
The United States is going through one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression. Bankruptcy filings have increased, unemployment is high and home values have decreased exponentially since 2007 highs. Many home owners are finding they have a lot of debt, a house that is not worth what they owe, no ability to refinance and no ability to sell a home because they owe more than it is worth.

Buying and Selling Real Estate in Jamaica: a Guide for Locals and Foreigners

  November 26, 2012     By Banjoko McGlashan Wieslaw
Buying and selling real estate in Jamaica is marked by the absence of standardized contract. In fact, the process is attorney driven. What looks to be a simple procedure can be quite intimidating. The time for completion is usually set at 90 days if a mortgage is involved and 60 days if the transfer is a cash deal.

Government Agency Established to Curb Large Banks from Committing Fraud Is Now Targeting Homeowners

  November 21, 2012     By Oaktree Law
Learn how a federal agency, made to protect homeowners, has now turned on them.

Contractor-Friendly PA Mechanics' Lien Change

  November 7, 2012     By The Martin Law Firm, P.C.
A recent Pennsylvania Superior Court decision may have very well changed the PA Mechanics’ Lien Law dealing with repayment priority, to the benefit of the contractor, when a construction project takes a wrong turn. A mechanic's lien is a security interest that is placed on the title to property for the benefit of those who have supplied labor or materials that improve that property. 49 P.S. § 1101 et seq.

Hungary to Offer Investment-based Permanent Residency for €250,000

  November 7, 2012     By VJT & Partners
A major development in Hungarian immigration policy affecting ’investor residency’ is anticipated imminently. On 27th October, 2012 the ruling party of Hungary submitted a Bill to Parliament, which would offer permanent Hungarian residency under preferential conditions for non-EU national investors willing to buy at least €250,000 of government bonds. The Bill is currently under consideration and is expected to become law very soon.

Condominium Issues in the Purchase of an Apartment in Malta – What to Look Out For

  November 7, 2012     By Mamo TCV Advocates
If you are considering purchasing an apartment in Malta, among your enquiries you should consider what to look out for as far as condominium issues are concerned. Although this note refers to ‘apartments’, it is worth noting that the Condominium Act uses the term ‘units’ ( or ‘tenements’) and not apartments. A condominium might include a shop or an office.

The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)

  October 24, 2012     By Zorlu Law
Formation of the contract under the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1980 (CISG) in comparison with Turkish Code of Obligations. 1 – General - The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) was signed in Vienna on 11th April 1980 by the United Nations and entered into force on 1st January 1988.

Doing Business in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Legal Series

  October 22, 2012     By Hove and Associates
Introduction - The concerns of our clients are always paramount and it is for this reason we have embarked upon the “Doing Business in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago” Series of Legal Article - During this series our Attorneys will be giving you a brief insight into the areas of law which from our professional experience, touches and concerns businesses and individuals wishing to establish themselves within our borders.

Singapore Business Law - Refinancing (Money Saving Tip)

  October 19, 2012     By Chris Chua & Associates
The recent economic downturn have resulted in many of us tightening our belts. For most of us, this means having to forgo our annual overseas holidays, having to downgrade from going to restaurants to having our family meals at food court. Everyone is looking for ways to reduce their spending. We often overlook the very obvious method (and also substantial) savings through refinancing.

Certificate of Feasible Function under Local Regulation of DKI Jakarta Number 7 of 2010 on Building - Indonesia

  October 16, 2012     By Leks&Co
Building utilization is an activity of utilizing a building in accordance with the functions which is specified in the building construction license including maintenance, and periodic inspections activity. Building utilization can only be performed after the owner of the building obtains Certificate of Feasible Function.

Governor Regulation of DKI Jakarta Number 38 of 2012 on Green Building - Indonesia

  October 16, 2012     By Leks&Co
Local Government of DKI Jakarta has issued the Governor Regulation of DKI Jakarta Number 38 of 2012 on Green Building (“Governor Regulation No.38/2012“) the regulation regulates the implementation of the concept of energy efficiency and environmentally buildings. Green building means a building that is responsible against environment and resource efficiency since the planning, construction, utilization, maintenance, until deconstruction (Article 1 number 11 of Governor Regulation No.38/2012).

What You Should Know About Buying a Home

  September 18, 2012     By The Law Offices of Ira S. Newman
Introduction Home ownership can provide you with many benefits: secure shelter, a long-term investment and tax advantages. However, a home is also a major financial commitment. There are ways to avoid costly mistakes that can strain your budget and your patience. This pamphlet contains tips to help you avoid problems when buying a home.

Minors and Conveyances

  September 17, 2012     By Pohl & Short, P.A.
Mary Smith contacted me to assist her in the sale of a vacant lot owned by both Mary and her son, Michael. Mary originally went to a local title agency and was advised that she cannot complete the sale because her son is a minor – i.e., under the age of 18 years. Mary owns a 50% interest in the property, and her 17 year old son, Michael, owns the remaining 50% interest. They have a Buyer ready to purchase the lot for $25,000.00.

Judicial Foreclosure Creates Conflict for Redemption Rights and Fair Market Valuation

  September 14, 2012     By Jaburg Wilk
Arizona borrowers have two foreclosure options: non-disclosure (aka trustee sale) and judicial foreclosures. Arizona borrowers are not accustomed to judicial foreclosures, as the vast majority of foreclosures in Arizona are non-judicial. However, there are both legal and strategic reasons why a lender might choose judicial foreclosure over a trustee sale.

Buying Property in Cyprus – Guidelines to Prospective Foreign Buyers

  September 14, 2012     By N. Pirilides & Associates LLC
In the Republic of Cyprus, a foreigner can easily proceed with the acquisition of immovable property. There are three stages which have to be followed in order for such acquisition to be effected. The first stage is the drafting and the execution of an Agreement for the acquisition of immovable property.