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Car Accident in Pennsylvania: At Fault Driver Does Not Have Insurance

  May 20, 2015     By Wolpert Schreiber P.C.
If you were in a car accident in Pennsylvania and learn that the other driver at fault does not have insurance, can you still recover for your damages?

Medical Malpractice and Birth Injuries

  May 20, 2015     By Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP
Expectant parents dream of the day their happy, healthy baby comes into the world. When a baby suffers a birth injury; however, this special day becomes a parent’s worst nightmare.

UK Hospital Liable for Birth Injury

  May 20, 2015     By Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP
The family of a seven-year-old girl with severe cerebral palsy is awaiting the final award amount following a settlement agreement by the hospital where the girl was injured.

Summer is Almost Here!

  May 20, 2015     By Jay L Edelstein Attorney At Law
The warm summer air brings families outside their homes for vacations, gardening, barbeques and every day fun in the sun!

Asbestos in University Campus Renovations

  May 20, 2015     By Brookman, Rosenberg, Brown & Sandler
In a common scenario for buildings constructed during the post-World War II era in the U.S., the discovery of high levels of degraded asbestos often requires extensive removal and abatement programs before renovations can begin.

Dangers of Construction Work Zones

  May 20, 2015     By Richard DiTomaso, ESQ., PC
Construction work zones are dangerous places for construction workers, pedestrians, drivers, and passengers.

Your Abilify Lawsuit Questions Answered

  May 18, 2015     By d'Oliveira & Associates
Learn more about the drug Abilify and some of the common questions regarding the drug.

Pointers on Taking Accident Scene Pictures

  May 18, 2015     By
If you are involved in an accident, being able to take pictures of the scene can make the difference between winning or losing your case. Photographs can help provide a more objective perspective to the case, whether the accident is a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall injury or another type of injury.

What is Tort Reform?

  May 12, 2015     By
The term “tort reform” has been a favorite in the news for years, but what does it really mean? What is a tort, why does it need to be reformed, and what kind of change needs to be made?

A Website Published Embarrassing Content About Me, What Can I Do?

  May 12, 2015     By
The Internet has brought many benefits to modern civilization. Unfortunately, just as with any technology, it also has a dark side. So, when a website publishes embarrassing content about you, what can you do?

After a Riot, Who Pays for the Damage?

  May 12, 2015     By
Riots have erupted all over the United States in recent years, often in the wake of racial tensions created by police activities. Often beginning as peaceful protests, these demonstrations sometimes degenerate into violent riots where people and property suffer harm, leaving innocent people to pick up the pieces. This has led many to ask who should pay for the damage after a riot?

Struck by an Object Construction Injury

  May 12, 2015     By Grungo Colarulo
Construction workers are often confronted with risks unique to their industry, including being struck by an object or debris.

Construction Worker Killed in Mast Climber Accident

  May 12, 2015     By Grungo Colarulo
Three construction workers were recently killed, and one seriously injured, when the mast climber they were working on collapsed and sent them hurling to the ground.

Pennsylvania Statewide Spotlight on Aggressive Drivers and Work Zone Safety

  May 12, 2015     By Galfand Berger LLP
Pennsylvania has undertaken a new statewide effort for 2015 that is meant to increase driver and road worker safety across the state’s roadway infrastructure.

Infant Wrongful Death Due to Medical Errors

  May 12, 2015     By The Law Office of James R. Moyles
Negligence resulting in the death of an infant at, or shortly after, birth is avoidable.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

  May 8, 2015     By
Injured employees across the country are able to receive medical treatment and have a portion of their wages replaced after being injured in a work-related accident or becoming ill on the job through the workers’ compensation program. Employers and employees both have a number of responsibilities under the program.

What Pictures Should I Take after a Motor Vehicle Accident?

  May 7, 2015     By
After being involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is important that you or someone with you be able to establish an accurate depiction of the scene. This is so vital that many insurance companies included a disposable camera as one of the items in their emergency preparedness handouts to clients. Now, with the advent of modern technology, many people have cameras in their possession at a moment’s notice.

Preventing Drunk Driving on Pennsylvania Roadways

  May 6, 2015     By Galfand Berger LLP
The Pennsylvania Driving Under the Influence Association (PA DUI) is working hard to keep drunk drivers off of Pennsylvania’s roadways.

Fatal Collapse Accident at Construction Site

  May 6, 2015     By Grungo Colarulo
Three construction workers were recently killed, and one seriously injured, when the mast climber they were working on collapsed and sent them hurling to the ground.

The Benefits of Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents

  May 6, 2015     By Grungo Colarulo
According to research conducted at the Trondheim University in Norway, the key to a long and productive life is avoiding falls.

My Neighbor's Dog Keeps Barking; Do I Have Any Legal Rights?

  May 5, 2015     By
Noisy dogs are a common legal dispute. After all, while pet owners may feel annoyance at a dog that barks at every little noise, a neighbor has absolutely no control over training the dog not to respond in this manner. Thus, as the neighbor, what can you do legally to get the pet owner to quiet his noisy animal?

Teen Victims of Dating Violence

  May 4, 2015     By Jay L Edelstein Attorney At Law
A recent change in the phrasing of the questions on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Youth Behavior Risk Surveillance System Questionnaire has produced alarming new statistics.

Understanding Defamation ... Slander ... Libel

  May 2, 2015     By John M. DeProspo & Associates
Everyone has heard of the terms: defamation, slander and libel. But not all understand the meanings of the words or the elements necessary to bring a successful lawsuit involving those legal concepts.

Victims of Personal Injury Accidents Are at Risk for these 3 Mental Health Illnesses

  May 1, 2015     By Ankin Law Office LLC
The victims of personal injuries often live with many harmful long-term consequences. These individuals may suffer from ongoing health complications or permanent disablement. Many injury victims face challenges performing daily activities, from work to hobbies. Sadly, some victims also develop debilitating mental illnesses or disorders.

Who is Liable if a Trespasser Gets Injured on My Property?

  April 30, 2015     By
Imagine someone enters onto your property without your permission. Perhaps it is a child playing in the neighborhood, a stranger who does not belong there, or an uninvited acquaintance that has turned up on the property without permission. Now imagine that person is hurt while on your property without permission. Who is responsible? You? Them? A third party?

Are Bars and Clubs Responsible if Their Customers Get a DUI?

  April 30, 2015     By
People injured in DUI cases often sustain life-changing injuries. Frequently, these injuries mean the victims will require expensive medical attention, either for a short period of time or for the rest of their lives. Of course, individual drunk drivers may not have the resources to fully compensate victims in these situations.

WorkCover Rejected my Serious Spinal Injury Claim in Brisbane!

  April 29, 2015     By East Coast Injury Lawyers
A common WorkCover scenario that we find with hard-working clients all over Queensland including Brisbane and the Gold Coast is this: They are employed in a heavy labour position such as in mining, construction work, heavy duty cleaning or a similar demanding job. Sometimes, these workplaces may not have adequate safety equipment, training or processes to address the nature of their job.

Closed Head Brain Injury Cases Require an Experienced TBI Lawyer

  April 29, 2015     By Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni & Walsh
People who experience brain injuries have to face a lasting impairment. Whether this results from an accident, fall, sports injury, acts of violence, or medical incompetence, the victim may be able to receive compensation for loss of income, medical costs, pain, suffering and other damages.

Proposed Helmet Legislation for Ice Skaters

  April 29, 2015     By Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP
Currently New Jersey state law requires children ages 16 and younger to wear helmets when roller skating or skateboarding.

Possible Child Safety Seat Law Overhaul

  April 29, 2015     By Grungo Colarulo
According to AAA New Jersey, car accidents are the leading cause of death for children over six months of age.

Trot Selection and Bicycle Accidents

  April 29, 2015     By Jay L Edelstein Attorney At Law
With the congestion and traffic in the city of Philadelphia, as well as a growing trend toward “going green,” more and more people are turning to bicycles as their preferred method of transportation throughout the city.

Concussions Caused by Contact Collision Sports

  April 28, 2015     By The Law Office of James R. Moyles
The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one half of the one million sports injuries that occur are among middle school children.

Infant Brain Damage

  April 28, 2015     By The Law Office of James R. Moyles
Damage to the delicate infant brain can have devastating effects on the life of the baby, as well as the lives of those who love and will care for the child throughout their life.

Use of Zofran During Pregnancy Linked to Heart Defects and Other Birth Defects

  April 28, 2015     By Heygood Orr & Pearson
The FDA has warned that women who use Zofran during pregnancy could be more likely to give birth to a child with heart defects or other birth defects. Families whose children were born with birth defects linked to Zofran have already filed lawsuits against the drug's manufacturer in two states.

How Is My Automotive Insurance Claim Affected If I Was Partially at Fault?

  April 28, 2015     By
The individual who is found to be at fault for the car accident is the party who is ultimately responsible for paying for the damage that was caused by this individual’s negligence. However, when fault is not clear or two or more parties were at fault, fault may be apportioned between the negligent parties. A further analysis under the comparative or contributory negligence laws under the state is also necessary.

Trip and Fall Accidents on New York City Sidewalks

  April 26, 2015     By Fundaro Law
If you have been injured on a sidewalk in New York City, there are many factors to consider when considering who is at fault and whom the claim needs to be brought against.

Injured While on a Bus, Who Is at Fault?

  April 23, 2015     By
Buses are generally thought of as fairly safe forms of transportation. Otherwise millions of school children would not ride buses to school everyday, millions more commuters would not use them to get to and from work, and others would not use them to take cross-country trips or go on tours. They also tend to be in fewer accidents than cars and motorcycles.

Filing an Injury Claim Against a Company

  April 22, 2015     By Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC
Filing an injury claim against a company is much more complicated and challenging than filing a claim against an individual. You don't want to go rushing after an injury and file a claim against a business or commercial establishment. You first need to gather evidence, make sure that you meet all the criteria for your claim, and only then take the first step forward to contacting either the business or the insurer.

Safety Tips for the Motorcycle Season

  April 22, 2015     By Herrling Clark Law Firm Ltd.
As the weather warms up, more and more motorcycles are coming out of the garage, with riders ready to hit the road. Before you hop on your bike, remember to put safety first.

Victims of Bicycle Accidents

  April 22, 2015     By Richard DiTomaso, ESQ., PC
Riding a bike is a popular means of travel with good reason.

Construction Accident Injuries

  April 22, 2015     By Richard DiTomaso, ESQ., PC
Every year thousands of the over nine million construction workers in the United States are injured at construction sites throughout the country.

Sexual Assault Prevention on College Campuses

  April 22, 2015     By Jay L Edelstein Attorney At Law
For high school seniors and their parents, Spring can mean the excitement of learning which colleges and universities they have been offered admission to, and which new campus communities they may become a member of in the Fall.

Ebola Nurse Lawsuit Against Employer

  April 22, 2015     By Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias
The deadly Ebola outbreak that has been plaguing West Africa hit home in October of 2014 when a nurse in Dallas was diagnosed with the disease.

New Jersey Lawmaker Proposes New Helmet Law

  April 22, 2015     By Grungo Colarulo
In an effort to reduce the number of concussions and brain injuries resulting from ice skating accidents, one New Jersey legislator has recently proposed a new law requiring the mandatory use of protective headgear for juvenile ice skaters.

South Jersey Wrongful Death Lawyers Report on Energy Drink Litigation

  April 22, 2015     By Grungo Colarulo
The popularity of highly caffeinated energy drinks is well known for its ability to provide a quick lift and increased energy levels.

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Parity Bill

  April 22, 2015     By Shein Law Center, Ltd.
Pennsylvania House legislators voted overwhelmingly to pass a bill that will equalize patients’ out-of-pocket expenses for oral and intravenous cancer treatments.

Reinstatement of Ship Worker's Asbestos Care

  April 22, 2015     By Brookman, Rosenberg, Brown & Sandler
A New Jersey Appellate Court has reversed an earlier judge’s decision in a case involving a former ship worker who died from mesothelioma caused by exposure to asbestos at work.

Construction Accidents

  April 22, 2015     By Grungo Colarulo
Construction industry workers face dangerous working conditions every day.

What Do I Do If Attacked In A Public Place?

  April 21, 2015     By
Many find it surprising to know that violence has actually been on a steady decline for decades. Unfortunately, it does still happen. Often, altercations occur in a public location, such as a bar or club, a store, or a park or public street. When an attack occurs, what can you do to defend yourself and who is liable for any harm you suffer?

What Is the Difference between No-Fault and At-Fault Insurance States?

  April 17, 2015     By
Whether your insurance policy is governed by a no-fault or an at-fault regime can have a direct and significant impact on how your claim is handled and the possible compensation that you may receive after being injured in an automotive accident.

Hit and Run Accidents - Why and How to Protect Yourself

  April 17, 2015     By Lem Garcia Law
Almost half of all car accidents in Los Angeles involve a hit and run driver. Don't be a victim and shoulder the damages on your own. Learn how to protect yourself.

What to Expect when Meeting Your Attorney for the First Time

  April 16, 2015     By Johnson Law Firm
Despite what some popular jokes insinuate to the contrary, lawyers are people, too. They understand that it’s common for potential clients to be nervous or anxious when meeting for the first time. Try to remember that attorneys are there to help you. Knowing what to expect can ease your mind.

Car Crashes Involving Bicycles

  April 15, 2015     By Richard DiTomaso, ESQ., PC
The warmth of the spring weather is almost upon us. This brings many people outdoors after being cooped up in the house all winter to enjoy activities such as walking, running, and riding bicycles.

New Study Focuses on Dangers of Energy Drinks

  April 15, 2015     By Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP
A recent study conducted by the pediatric chair for Wayne State University and DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan reveals that energy drinks may be dangerous and even deadly.

Class Action Lawsuit Claims Dangerous Levels of Arsenic in Wine

  April 15, 2015     By Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP
A class action lawsuit was filed in California Superior Court on March 19, 2015 claiming that 28 wineries produced and sold wine containing dangerous levels of arsenic and failed to warn consumers about the potential risks.

Contaminated Children's Medication

  April 15, 2015     By The Law Office of James R. Moyles
McNeil-PPC Inc., a division of Johnson & Johnson, has pled guilty to knowingly distributing tens of millions of bottles of children’s medication containing metal particles.

Crush Injuries in the Workplace – Preventing Work Accidents

  April 15, 2015     By Laffey, Bucci & Kent
Work accidents often result in catastrophic injuries, such as crushed limbs. Understanding the most common work accident scenarios which result in crush injuries can help prevent these devastating injuries.

Ricon to Pay 1.75 Million for Selling Defective Wheelchair Lifts

  April 15, 2015     By Galfand Berger LLP
The U.S. Department of Transportation recently slapped a penalty of $1.75 million on the Ricon Corporation for continuing to produce and sell defective wheelchair lifts, despite issuing a recall of the product.

A Car Accident Lawyer is a Specialized Personal Injury Lawyer

  April 14, 2015     By King Aminpour Law Firm
A personal injury lawyer is someone who provides legal representation to those who claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity.

Makers of Children's Tylenol to Pay $25 Million to Settle Case

  April 14, 2015     By d'Oliveira & Associates
Manufacturers failed to take immediate steps to resolve issue of metal particles found in Children’s Tylenol medicine.

Is a Medical Malpractice Attorney the Same as a Wrongful Death Attorney?

  April 14, 2015     By King Aminpour Law Firm
If you or someone you know has recently lost a loved one due an incident of ‘Medical Malpractice’ – you may be wondering what your legal options are, and what type of attorney to consult with in order to get the legal advice you need. There are two types of attorneys you might want to consider and should contact in order to get the necessary legal advice to decide your best course of action.

Common Areas to Slip and Fall

  April 13, 2015     By Rivas Law Group
In some cases, people enjoy falling: falling in love, falling asleep, falling in with good fortune, etc. Most of the time, however, falling is an unpleasant, jarring experience. It's unfortunately one of the leading causes of injuries in the United States. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits, accounting for 21.3% of all causes.

Do I Need an Attorney to Handle my Personal Injury Case?

  April 9, 2015     By Griffith & Roberts
The top 3 mistakes people make trying to handle their personal injury case themselves.

What is a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

  April 9, 2015     By King Aminpour Law Firm
If you or someone you know works in the medical field, you may have heard the term ‘Medical Malpractice’ – and you may be wondering “what is a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?”

What you and your Personal Injury Lawyer Need to Know when Filing a Lawsuit

  April 9, 2015     By King Aminpour Law Firm
You need to take immediate action by hiring a personal injury lawyer if you have been involved in an accident or suffered an injury. Keep notes about the incident and your injuries Preserve and protect any evidence you may have and take pictures as well. Get a copy of the police report and use it. Most importantly, meet with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

To Hire an Accident Attorney or Not to Hire an Accident Attorney

  April 8, 2015     By King Aminpour Law Firm
An auto accident attorney knows all the ins and outs of filing a personal injury claim. You should not have to deal with the stresses of legal paperwork while you work to piece your life back together after a serious auto accident. Although the benefits of hiring an accident attorney go far beyond the reaches of legal paper work.

Injured While Water Skiing, Who Is Liable?

  April 8, 2015     By
Water skiiing is a lot of fun. The thrill of “standing” on the water, whizzing along at incredible speeds, and the inevitable splash at the end. But, what happens when something goes wrong and someone is injured while out there water skiing?

What Is a Lien?

  April 8, 2015     By Console & Hollawell P.C.
As your personal injury claim nears its end, you will sign paperwork and prepare to collect the compensation we have recovered on your behalf. One word you will encounter during this process is lien. Lien is the legal term that refers to money you owe at the time of disbursement, or the time you sign paperwork listing your costs and receive your money.

What Is Lumbar Fusion?

  April 8, 2015     By Console & Hollawell P.C.
The impact of a collision or a fall can put too much force on your spine, particularly in the lumbar region, also known as the lower back. Lumbar fusion, also known as spinal fusion, is a surgical procedure used to treat painful back conditions usually stemming from damage to discs or vertebrae in the spine. The procedure is relatively invasive, so medical professionals often consider it a last resort for patients who haven’t seen significant improvement from other treatment methods.

Bellwether Case in Federal Court Settled Mid-Trial

  April 7, 2015     By d'Oliveira & Associates
A settlement was reached between Ethicon and the woman whom was injured from one of its Transvaginal Mesh devices.

When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

  April 4, 2015     By
People are injured in accidents every day. When this occurs, individuals are often dealing with a number of stressful events at one time. They may have suffered injuries and are missing time from work to recover. They may have sustained damage to their only vehicle and not have an alternative form of transportation.

3 Questions to Ask after Your Car Accident

  April 3, 2015     By Ankin Law Office LLC
In 2013, about 2.3 million people in the U.S. suffered injuries in car accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These accidents are often traumatic, so it’s not surprising that many people don’t know how to react afterward. Unfortunately, a poor response to a serious accident may later prevent a person from receiving compensation for any associated injuries.

Plague of Stealthy Arbitration Clauses Erodes Legal Rights of Unsuspecting Public

  April 2, 2015     By Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni & Walsh
The findings of a study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau show a disturbing trend underway by corporate america – blanket credit service contracts with arbitration agreements to prevent the public's ability to sue.

Exposure to Naturally Occurring Asbestos

  April 1, 2015     By Brookman, Rosenberg, Brown & Sandler
There are various safeguards that have been established to protect those who work around asbestos, because the risk of developing mesothelioma is so high when exposure occurs.

Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice Lawyers Discuss Automated Pharmacy Refills

  April 1, 2015     By The Law Office of James R. Moyles
Many Americans today suffer from some sort of chronic illness.

Modified Guardrails are Defective and Potentially Deadly

  April 1, 2015     By Grungo Colarulo
A former guardrail installer from Virginia is making it his mission to travel the country and bring awareness to what he claims are defective guardrails on our nation’s highways.

Deadly Superbug Infection in Pennsylvania Hospitals

  April 1, 2015     By Galfand Berger LLP
Hospitals in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are among others in Illinois, Seattle, and Los Angeles that have recently been hit by a superbug that has claimed the lives of two patients and left hundreds of others exposed to an antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Hackers and Data Privacy Issues with New Cars

  April 1, 2015     By Galfand Berger LLP
The Driverless Car of the future may have unwanted passengers. Modern cars are heavily dependent on electronic systems but safety regulations have not kept pace.

The Role of Social Media in Injury Claims

  April 1, 2015     By Jay L Edelstein Attorney At Law
Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow us to live in a constantly connected world.

Things You Need to Know Before You Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

  March 31, 2015     By
Not every personal injury is the same. Likewise, not every personal injury attorney is the same. Before you go through the expense of hiring a personal injury lawyer who is not a good fit, consider these issues.

How California Lawyers Will Assess Autonomous Self-Driving Vehicle Accident Liability

  March 30, 2015     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
Now may be the most dangerous time in the short history of self-driving autonomous vehicles when automakers are testing their autonomous self-driving vehicles on the roads and highways in California, across the country and internationally to work the bugs out of their systems. But how will California autonomous self-driving vehicle accident lawyers assess and prove liability in accidents involving these cars once more of them are on the road? This article begins to examine just that.

Dos and Don’ts after a Car Accident

  March 29, 2015     By
While car accidents are often traumatic events, the things that people do and don’t do immediately after a collision often have a dramatic impact on the outcome of their car accident claim. Here are a few things to do and not to do after a car accident to keep in mind if involved in a car accident.

What Are Georgia's Booster Seat Laws?

  March 26, 2015     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
Parents all know that if they plan to drive their child, they will need a car seat. To help keep our children safe while in a vehicle, there are laws all parents should be familiar with.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Residential Pool Owners

  March 26, 2015     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
Thousands of homeowners in and around Atlanta have swimming pools or hot tubs on their property. While these amenities can significantly increase property value and can provide hours of entertainment and relaxation, they can also pose a risk of serious injury to people who use them.

Ways to Prevent Child Drowning Accidents in Different Environments

  March 26, 2015     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
Parents should always be aware of the high risk of drowning–especially for very young children–and should always take precautionary steps to keep their children safe in or around any type of water, no matter how shallow the water may be.

Infant Brain Injuries Caused at Birth

  March 26, 2015     By Goldstein & Hayes, PC
Brain damage during the childbirth process has been associated with many different serious disorders that can cause lifelong difficulties for the child in question.

Crane Accidents for Construction Workers

  March 25, 2015     By Grungo Colarulo
The construction industry consistently has one of the highest rates of workplace injury each year.

Surprising Ways You Can Get Poisoned: A Lesson in Poison Prevention

  March 25, 2015     By Kaplan Lawyers, P.C.
For most of us, the word “poison” conjures up fairy tales and fantasies — Snow White’s poisoned apple, Captain Hook’s medicine in Peter Pan, the Wicked Witch’s poppy field in The Wizard of Oz. Or, for readers of a certain age, maybe “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” comes to mind.

Negotiating the Best Possible Settlement in a Slip-and-Fall Case

  March 25, 2015     By d'Oliveira & Associates
Slip-and-fall accidents have the potential to result in serious or even fatal injuries. They may lead to permanent injury or disability ranging from chronic pain to bone fractures or even paralysis.

What To Expect at a Workers' Compensation Trial

  March 24, 2015     By Law Office of James M. Hoffmann
If your workers' compensation case is in dispute, your case may need to resolved through a workers' compensation trial.

What Is a Disbursement?

  March 24, 2015     By Console & Hollawell P.C.
Once a case is settled, the final steps to receiving the money damages you have attained include filling out the necessary legal paperwork. One such piece of paperwork is a disbursement. A disbursement is a document that outlines all of the deductions from your settlement.

Cottage Food Operations under the California Homemade Food Act

  March 23, 2015     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
The California Homemade Food Act which went into effect January 1, 2013 has created a new category of food production called a cottage food operation. To qualify for a permit, aspiring food manufacturers need to attend a food safety class, pass an exam, learn how to label foods, pay a fee and submit to inspections. They can’t smoke or keep pets in their kitchens, certain hazardous foods are prohibited, and there is also a revenue limit.

Don't Be Prevented from Recovering for Injuries

  March 23, 2015     By Jay L Edelstein Attorney At Law
In most instances of personal injury, you know right away or within days or weeks that you are injured.

Mesothelioma Novel Biological Therapies

  March 23, 2015     By Shein Law Center, Ltd.
Chemotherapy is often the first line of defense for patients suffering from mesothelioma. Many mesothelioma patients are not eligible for surgery at diagnosis, so chemotherapy is the best option for increased survival rates.

Hire an Accredited Asbestos Professional before Repair or Remodeling

  March 23, 2015     By Brookman, Rosenberg, Brown & Sandler
Homeowners are constantly faced with routine maintenance and repairs, and many like to modernize their homes with extensive remodeling projects. While these types of upgrades and repairs are necessary, there could be hidden dangers for unsuspecting inhabitants.

What is Emotional Distress and How Can I Prove It?

  March 23, 2015     By Dan T. Matrafajlo, Attorney at Law
If you choose to file a claim with the Division of Workers’ Compensation, you should hire an attorney to help with your claim. The legal system can be confusing and overwhelming, and there deadlines to be met. An experienced Personal Injury attorney will guide you through the process.

What Consumer Protections Apply to Defective Products?

  March 20, 2015     By
If a consumer is injured by a defective product, he or she may have a variety of avenues available to protect him or her.

Crime Victim Injuries – Legal Rights in the Criminal & Civil Courts

  March 20, 2015     By Laffey, Bucci & Kent
Victims of crime are often misinformed about their full legal rights. There are many differences between the criminal and civil justice systems. Learn about crime victims’ full legal rights.

Recent Product Recalls Consumers Should Know About

  March 19, 2015     By Salvi & Maher, LLC
Thousands of products are recalled every year due to manufacturing defects, poor product design that creates unsafe conditions for users, or a lack of adequate safety information about the product included with its packaging.

Construction Workers Injuries and Fatalities

  March 19, 2015     By Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias
Construction worker injuries and deaths in construction work zones happen all too often. Just a few months ago, a construction worker in Chester County was hit and fatally injured by an automobile when he was putting down cones. This is one recent news story among many involving the death of a construction worker in a highway work zone.

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