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Assault law deals with the consequences of the wrongful act of causing fear of physical contact to another person. It is treated as a crime and a tort, meaning offenders can be prosecuted by the government, or sued for civil damages by the victim, or both. The purpose of assault law is to deter people from exhibiting aggressive, threatening behavior toward others, even if physical contact does not actually occur. If contact does occur, the act is usually treated as the separate offense of battery.

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San Joaquin Family Law

San Joaquin Family Law

Stockton, CA - Law Firm near Lincoln Village
Family Attorney in Stockton, California
Phone(209) 478-2700

San Joaquin Family Law serves clients in Stockton and Manteca, California in all matters of family law. The firmís result-oriented legal team emphasizes communication with their clients as they aggressively pursue each case. The firm is dedicated to putting the interests of their...

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Bird & Van Dyke, Inc.

Bird & Van Dyke, Inc.

Stockton, CA - Law Firm near Lincoln Village
Stockton, California Criminal Law Lawyer
Phone(209) 390-8834

Bird & Van Dike, holding an office at Stockton and Tracy California, is a home of local well seasoned attorneys for the residents of Central Valley. With well-experienced, well-driven, trained, and well informed local lawyers, you are assured of the best legal representation...

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Leon J. Mezzetti, Jr., Attorney at Law

Leon J. Mezzetti, Jr., Attorney at Law

Stockton, CA - Law Firm near Lincoln Village
Northern California Criminal and DUI/DWI Defense Lawyers
Phone(209) 694-4158 or (877) 791-1836

The law firm of Leon J. Mezzetti, Jr., is an experienced, dedicated criminal defense law firm located in Northern California. We have been defending clients throughout the East Bay area for over 30 years.
Since opening our doors in 1979, we have helped thousands of people in the...

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  • Alford & Coston P.C.

    Stockton, CA - Law Firm near Lincoln Village

    Family Law, Bankruptcy, & Criminal Law Firm

    Phone (209) 463-3800

    Alford & Coston P.C. is located in Stockton, CA. Our areas of concentration include family law, bankruptcy, and criminal law. Our lawyers have 20 years of combined experience so you can be assured that your welfare is our first priority.

  • Curtis Legal Group

    Stockton, CA - Law Firm near Lincoln Village

    Business Law & Personal Injury Attorneys in California

    Phone (209) 472-3462

    Curtis Legal Group is one of Northern Californiaís oldest law firms serving the area from our offices in Modesto, Sacramento, Stockton, and Patterson. We provide legal services to individuals, families and businesses.; The attorneys at Curtis Legal Group are here to help. We are dedicated to...

  • Law Office of Tim F. Tuitavuki

    Stockton, CA - Law Firm near Lincoln Village

    California Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney

    Phone (209) 390-8859

    At the Law Office of Tim F. Tuitavuki in Stockton, California, we represent clients in all types of criminal defense and family law cases. We have extensive experience in these matters, and we work diligently to reach the most favorable possible outcome in your case. We take our responsibility to...

  • Law Offices of Ben Roberts

    Stockton, CA - Law Firm near Lincoln Village

    California Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, & Criminal Defense Law Firm

    Phone (209) 522-7500

    The Law Offices of Ben Roberts is a Modesto law firm representing clients in personal injury, bankruptcy, criminal defense and DUI defense.

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