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Burglary law refers to the prosecution and defense of crimes in which the defendant is accused of entering into or remaining inside a structure with the intent of committing a theft or other serious illegal act. The offense is usually treated as a felony, meaning that convicted individuals face a year or more in prison. Many states impose enhanced penalties if the structure entered into is a home, or if it was occupied at the time the crime was committed.

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Burglary Lawyers and Law Firms in Lincoln Heights, OH

Burglary Lawyers

James S. Arnold & Associates

James S. Arnold & Associates

Cincinnati, OH - Law Firm near Lincoln Heights
DWI-DUI-OVI Charges, Criminal Defense, & Bankruptcy Lawyers - Cincinnati, Ohio
Phone(513) 984-8313

At James S. Arnold & Associates, we provide the best-quality legal advice and representation in a client-focused and service-intensive manner.
Although the practice of law often involves negotiation, compromise, and concession, we believe there are times when it is necessary...

Other Offices: Loveland

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Raymond T. Faller Co., LPA

Raymond T. Faller Co., LPA

Cincinnati, OH - Law Firm near Lincoln Heights
Cincinnati, Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyers
Phone(513) 579-1266

At Raymond T. Faller, Co., L.P.A. we defend against all misdemeanor and felony level charges.
Raymond T. Faller is an experienced Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer. Before starting his own criminal defense practice he was an assistant prosecutor for Hamilton County for several...

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Suhre & Associates, LLC

Suhre & Associates, LLC

Cincinnati, OH - Law Firm near Lincoln Heights
Cincinnati DUI and Criminal Defense Law Firm
Phone(513) 592-3291

At Suhre & Associates, LLC, each of our attorneys are familiar with all courts and judges in Hamilton, Butler, Clermont, and Warren County, Ohio, as well as Campbell, Kenton and Boone Counties in Northern Kentucky. When we are asked to assist a client outside of these counties,...

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  • Adam Boyd Bleile

    Cincinnati, OH - Law Firm near Lincoln Heights

    Ohio Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Phone (513) 564-0088

    The law firm of Adam Boyd Bleile has been dealing with a number of matters related to criminal law. It handles various types of sex related crimes, such as rape, sexual assault with children, Internet sex crimes, sexual battery, public indecency, and much more. The law firm also represents in...


  • Ganote Law LLC

    Cincinnati, OH - Law Firm near Lincoln Heights

    Ohio and Kentucky Traffic Violation Attorney

    Phone (513) 739-5634

    Based my clients' specific circumstances, I will inform them of the likely results of their cases and their options. I also provide insight to the courts that will hear their cases. Some are open to amending a ticket. Some are not. Whether prospective clients retain me or go to another lawyer, I...

  • Godbey & Associates

    Cincinnati, OH - Law Firm near Lincoln Heights

    Ohio Family Law, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Phone (513) 241-6650

    Godbey & Associates is a full-service law firm, representing individuals and small business in a variety of legal matters, including auto accidents and other kinds of personal injury cases divorce, dissolution, adoption and all other aspects of family law bankruptcy and debt consolidation...


  • Law Office of Lisa Wenzel

    Mason, OH - Law Firm near Lincoln Heights

    Criminal and Domestic Relations Attorney in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

    Phone (513) 260-3635

    Lisa Wenzel, criminal defense attorney in Ohio and Kentucky, has extensive training and experience in criminal law. She knows exactly what's needed to defend your case successfully, and she has the passion and caring to make sure your rights are fully protected.; As a former Felony Prosecutor, Lisa...

  • Luftman, Heck & Associates LLP - Cincinnati Criminal Defense

    Cincinnati, OH - Law Firm near Lincoln Heights

    Cincinnati, Ohio Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney

    Phone (513) 338-1890

    Luftman, Heck & Associates, LLP is a law firm located in Cincinnatti, Ohio which has offered criminal defense representation to clients across the state of Ohio for more than four years. The firm devotes comprehensive attention to each case, whether the matter is a traffic ticket that could...

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