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Collaborative law refers to a new method of solving legal disputes that avoids traditional court proceedings. Rather than filing a lawsuit, each side voluntarily agrees to a series of sit-down negotiations between the parties, their attorneys, and any number of experts and therapists trained in the subject matter of the dispute.

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Collaborative Lawyers and Law Firms in San Francisco, CA

Collaborative Law Lawyers

Lvovich, Volchegursky & Szucsko, PC

Lvovich, Volchegursky & Szucsko, PC

San Francisco, CA 94111
San Francisco Real Estate, Corporate, Probate and Family Lawyers
Phone(415) 392-2560 or (866) 779-9739

Lvovich, Volchegursky and Szuesko LLP in San Francisco, CA, provides legal advice in a number of areas. Regardless of the issue, the firm stands ready to protect clients' rights and assets. The firm can handle real estate, corporate, probate and family law questions for clients.

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Law Office of Lorna Jaynes

Law Office of Lorna Jaynes

San Francisco, CA 94111
Divorce, Family and Mediation Attorney in San Francisco, California
Phone(510) 795-6304

The Collaborative Law and Mediation Office of Lorna Jaynes has dedicated many successful years to helping couples in divorce avoid the pain and staggering cost of the courtroom. Lorna Jaynes has brought resolution to countless clients both from her office in Fremont and all across...

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Lerner Poole, LLP

Lerner Poole, LLP

San Francisco, CA 94133
San Francisco Family Attorneys
Phone(415) 508-3566

Lerner Poole, LLP is a San Francisco, CA based family law firm providing counsel and representation to clients throughout the Bay Area. With a combined 45 years of experience between them, attorneys Esther R. Lerner and Stacey Poole are dedicated to handling all types of family law...

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Silverman & Silverman

Silverman & Silverman

San Francisco, CA 94104
San Francisco, California Family and Divorce Law Firm
Phone(415) 906-4142

Silverman & Silverman is a family law firm based in San Francisco, California providing legal representation and counsel to clients throughout the surrounding areas of northern California. The firm was founded over 20 years ago with the goal of providing high quality legal services...

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Jones & Devoy LLP

Jones & Devoy LLP

San Francisco, CA 94105
Full Service Law Firm in San Francisco
Phone(415) 615-0879

Jones & Devoy, LLP is located in San Francisco, California. Our attorneys handle personal injury, estate planning, business law, divorce and family law matters.
The philosophy of Jones & Devoy LLP is to provide practical legal solutions. This is because the greatest service...

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Law Offices of Wallace C. Doolittle

Law Offices of Wallace C. Doolittle

San Francisco, CA 94104
Divorce, Business Law & Intellectual Property Litigation Lawyers in Hayward, California
Phone(415) 568-2249

The Law Offices of Wallace C. Doolittle always look out for their clients' best interests. This is achieved by taking the time to fully understand each client’s situation and goals and then by providing the necessary advice and representation to achieve them. There are no shortcuts...

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Lawhon Law & Mediation, PC

Lawhon Law & Mediation, PC

San Francisco, CA 94102
San Francisco Divorce Mediation Law Office
Phone(415) 398-3400

The Law Office of Paula M. Lawhon is trusted by parties and attorneys to provide experienced and balanced perspectives in mediation and to be compassionate yet thorough and persistent in helping parties reach informal resolution of their disputes without having to go to court.

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McDonald & Mannion

McDonald & Mannion

San Francisco, CA 94105
San Francisco Bay Area Family Law & Divorce Mediation Attorney
Phone(415) 956-0211

At McDonald & Mannion, we believe that mediation results in a better outcome for all parties, and leads to more long-term satisfaction than resolutions achieved through litigation. Many of the clients that come to our law firm in San Francisco with marital or family legal issues...

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Mediation and Law Offices of Vivian L. Holley

Mediation and Law Offices of Vivian L. Holley

San Francisco, CA 94123
San Francisco Divorce & Mediation Attorneys
Phone(415) 474-1011

Mediation and Law Offices of Vivian L. Holley has been helping clients achieve peaceful and just settlements in family law matters - including Separation and Divorce - Vivian Holley is one of the most experienced, accomplished and resourceful practitioners in the field of family...

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  • Blacker, Sammis & Blacker

    San Francisco, CA 94111

    San Francisco, California Family Law Firm

    Phone (415) 397-3222

    The Law Offices of Blacker, Sammis & Blacker has extensive experience in the resolution of complex relationship, custody and asset issues. Our attorneys construct finely honed pre- and post-nuptial agreements for complex relationships. Our litigation, mediation and private judging experience...

  • Bradshaw & Associates, PC

    San Francisco, CA 94104

    San Francisco Real Estate Lawyer

    Phone (415) 433-4800

    Bradshaw & Associates believe in providing prompt, highly personable, and efficient client service that achieves your goals as quickly and inexpensively as possible. With highly developed negotiating skills informed both by a solid understanding of the law and a grasp not only of the facts but...

  • Law & Mediation Office of Sara MacDwyer

    San Francisco, CA 94123

    San Francisco, California Family Law and Divorce Attorney

    Phone (415) 503-9653

    Sara MacDwyer has more than 25 years of experience as a family law attorney. She has concluded that people make their best choices regarding divorce when they resolve conflict through negotiation. This lowers tensions and affords those involved greater control over the outcome. It also provides the...

  • Law Offices of Benjamin S. Lee

    San Francisco, CA 94111

    Divorce and Family Law Law Firm in San Francisco

    Phone (415) 735-0311

    The Law Offices of Benjamin S. Lee is a boutique family law law firm dedicated to guiding people through some of the most significant changes in their family. Whether it is divorce, legal separation, child custody and child support, division of assets, or spousal support, we thrive to attain the...

  • Liaise Divorce Solutions LLC

    San Francisco, CA 94111

    Best Divorce Mediator/Lawyers in San Francisco, Oakland, Bay Area California

    Phone (415) 399-8824

    Liaise Divorce Solutions divorce mediators are dedicated to providing Professional, High Quality Divorce services at very reasonable rates. We assist in the management of every aspect of your divorce.

  • Millstein & Associates

    San Francisco, CA 94105

    Business Litigation, Family Law, and General Practice

    Phone (415) 348-0348
  • Moradi Saslaw LLP

    San Francisco, CA 94111

    California Family Law Attorneys

    Phone (415) 593-3990

    Moradi Saslaw LLP attorneys are able to help clients resolve any family law problem, whether the matter relates to divorce, dissolution of domestic partnership or child custody. We know the legal process is unfamiliar to most people. We guide clients through complex issues such as prenuptial...

  • Schapiro Thorn Inc.

    San Francisco, CA 94102

    California Divorce and Family Law Attorney

    Phone (415) 431-5772

    Schapiro-Thorn is a family law firm handling all aspects of divorce, marital dissolution and legal separation. While we always work to achieve settlements through negotiation when possible, we aggressively litigate to protect our clients’ interests when necessary. Our firm also provides advice and...

  • Sena Family Law

    San Francisco, CA 94105

    Family Law Firm in San Francisco, CA

    Phone (415) 863-5300

    Sena Family Law’s San Francisco, California family law attorneys have extensive experience in high conflict child custody cases. We have also performed successful mediations in many areas of law including divorce, visitation and home ownership.

  • Sideman & Bancroft LLP

    San Francisco, CA 94111

    Business and Real Estate Law Firm in California

    Phone (415) 392-1960

    At Sideman & Bancroft, our clients are assured of our honest assessment at every phase. Successfully representing clients in negotiations and court proceedings requires that respect be earned and given to everyone involved. We pride ourselves on acting professionally and respectfully. We try to...

  • Thomas Hogan Law Office

    San Francisco, CA 94103

    Bankrupty, Divorce, Family, Tax Lawyer, DUI, Personal Injury

    Phone (415) 727-9001

    The Thomas Hogan Law Office has vast experience when it comes to handling bankruptcy, divorce, family law, tax, DUI, and Personal Injury cases. The Thomas Hogan Law Office is a family owned and operated business for over 25 years. You are not just a number at our office. We make it a point to meet...

  • Van Voorhis & Sosna, LLP

    San Francisco, CA 94104

    San Francisco Bay Area Family Law Firm

    Phone (415) 274-2530

    Van Voorhis & Sosna, LLP is a San Francisco family law firm representing clients in divorce, child custody, child support and prenuptial agreements.

  • Law Office of Alexis Malone

    Daly City, CA - Law Firm near San Francisco

    California Bankruptcy, Immigration and Family Law Firm

    Phone (650) 755-7000

    The Law Office of Alexis Malone provides thorough and effective legal representation and personalized service in the following areas:; • Bankruptcy; • Immigration Law; • Family Law

  • Law Offices of Elaine J. Harrison

    Alameda, CA - Law Firm near San Francisco

    Family Law and Divorce Attorney in California

    Phone (510) 629-4045

    The law offices of Elaine J. Harrison have expertly and successfully represented people charged with cases like physical and emotional abuse, domestic violence, accusations of overreaching and all issues related to California Family Law. Their practice areas also include divorce, spousal support,...

  • Law Offices of Leigh E. Johnson, APC

    Richmond, CA - Law Firm near San Francisco

    Family, Divorce, Child Custody & Support Law Attorneys in California

    Phone (510) 245-2468

    Leigh E. Johnson is a strong and effective advocate who places great emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. The Law Offices of Leigh E. Johnson is dedicated to listening to your needs, assessing the current law, and obtaining the results you want. We are skilled at assisting our clients in...

  • Law Offices of Michael Marquez

    Burlingame, CA - Law Firm near San Francisco

    California Estate Planning and Family Law Attorney

    Phone (650) 425-3286

    At the Law Offices of Michael Marquez, we focus on providing responsive representation with a high level of personal attention. We are lifelong residents of the Bay Area, and are neighborhood lawyers who understand your needs and concerns. We work hard to be available whenever you need answers to...

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