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ERP Lawyers

ERP Lawyers

San Jose, Costa Rica
Full Service Law Firm in San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone+506 (309) 2520-1122

ERP LAWYERS & ASSOCIATES is made up of a team of entrepreneurial and innovative lawyers who seek to provide personalized legal services in the different areas of law. Our main focus is on corporate and real estate law, but we are a full service law firm which delivers innovative...

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Facio & Cañas

Facio & Cañas

San Jose, Costa Rica
Legal Services in Costa Rica
Phone+506 22565555

Facio & Cañas was founded in 1942 by a group of attorneys who shared a deep commitment to high ethical standards and quality professional services. Today, because of their commitment, Facio & Cañas is the largest and most prestigious law firm in Costa Rica.
Our attorneys...

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Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP

Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP

San Jose, Costa Rica
Global Corporate Immigration Law Firm
Phone+506 25884900

Fragomen is recognized as the world's leading immigration law firm. Immigration is not just a practice area within our firm - it is our only practice. We provide comprehensive immigration services for short- and long-term international assignments, permanent transfers and the local...

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Pacheco Coto

Pacheco Coto

San Jose, Costa Rica
Business Law Firm

Pacheco Coto, founded in 1939, is one of Costa Rica's oldest and most reputable law firms. It is widely recognized for its solid international experience and for maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards. Its echelon of lawyers is composed by professionals from three...

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  • AB&P Legal Advisors

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Full-Service Law Firm In Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 2811617

    AB&P jurists are experts in different law areas with the ability, willingness and needed knowledge to satisfy customer expectations. Permanent training and assessments allow us to be updated in different areas and offer unbeatable service. Since 1997, we provide comprehensive legal counsel...

  • AG Legal

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Full Service Law Firm In San José, Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 2570006

    The best full service - law firm in Costa Rica. AG Abogados is a law office devoted to resolving all your legal needs in an efficient and responsible manner whether here in Costa Rica, the rest of Central America or in the Caribbean.

  • André Tinoco Abogados - Lexincorp Central America

    San José, Costa Rica

    Central American Law Firm with Regional Service in all 5 Jurisdictions

    Phone +506 22833070

    André Tinoco Abogados (ATA), a law firm in Costa Rica, was established in 1988 and developed to a high quality full services specialized Law Firm based in San José, Costa Rica, covering all fields of law. In 2008 ATA joined Lexincorp-Central American Law Firm, with offices in Costa Rica, El...

  • Arias & Muñoz

    San José, Costa Rica

    Full Service Law Firm in Central America

    Phone +506 22047575

    Arias & Muñoz is unique in Central America, for it operates as a single firm rather than as an alliance of firms and currently has eight, fully-integrated offices in five countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It has become, today, not only a solid, but also an...

  • Arturo Blanco Law

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Real Estate, Litigation Law Firm, Estate Planning And Probate In Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 2832020

    I provide personalized legal services to foreign investors and developers who want to secure their investment and avoid local pitfalls.

  • Breedy Abogados

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Business, Real Estate, And Litigation Lawyers In Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 337203

    We service all corporate needs. We have established a well recognized, fully experienced staff in Corporate Law. Managed by the senior partner attorney Adolfo Rojas Breedy, we successfully help small, medium, and large companies get settled and do business in Costa Rica, and in Central America...

  • Bufete Sigma

    San Jose, Costa Rica
    Phone 506-283 5690
  • C&S Law Group

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Attorneys at Law

    Phone +506-2291-6593
  • Central Law

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    IP, Banking, Corporate & Business Law, Investment and Real State Law Firm

    Phone +506 22247800

    Central Law is the only regional law firm in Central America and the Caribbean, with eleven offices in seven countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Dominican Republic. ; The distinctive characteristic of Central Law is multinational organization that allows...

  • Central Law: Quiros Abogados

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Full Service Law Firm In Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 247800

    At CENTRAL LAW / Quirós Abogados, we have laid the foundations of our growth on the integrity, professional excellence, the quality of the service and a full commitment to the needs of our clients. Our firm currently offers twelve fully developed practices led by more than twenty committed, highly...

  • D&N Outsourcing Services Costa Rica

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Corporate & Commercial Law, Real Estate in Costa Rica

    Phone (786) 228-9789 in the USA
  • Daniel Bolanos Law Firm

    San Jose, Costa Rica
    Phone 506-297-4006
  • Doninelli & Quintana

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Corporate and Commercial Law

    Phone +506 2800303
  • GLC Abogados

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Foreign Advisory Legal Firm in Costa Rica

    Phone +506 2 524 0932

    GLC is the premier legal & business consulting firm in Costa Rica. Founded in 1999, GLC was created to provide individuals and businesses with comprehensive investment solutions. Our web site is designed to help you to easily navigate through our main services and informational pages on Costa...

  • GLC Abogados Consortium

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Foreign Advisory Law firm in San José, Costa Rica

    Phone 506 2524-3176

    GLC Abogados Consortium LLC S.A. is an experienced full service Costa Rican law firm which specializes in protecting the interests of individuals and companies that conduct business in Costa Rica. Our qualified team of Costa Rican attorneys at law has a clear understanding of the local legal and...

  • GT Abogados

    San José, Costa Rica

    Real Estate, Commercial, Civil Litigacion, Arbitration and ADR

    Phone +1 506 88414472
  • John Aguilar & Asociados

    San Jose, Costa Rica
    Phone (506) 222-3838
  • Lacle & Gutierrez

    San Jose, Costa Rica
    Phone 50625735534
  • Lara, Lopez, Matamoros, Rodriguez & Tinoco

    San Jose, Costa Rica
    Phone 506-223-1628
  • Larbeck Consultores

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +506 22227526

    Intellectual Property Law; Patent Law; Trademarks; Corporate law; Notary services

  • LBA Abogados

    San José, Costa Rica

    Real Estate, Trusts, Contracts, Corporate, Banking & Finance Law

    Phone +506 2280 5656

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