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Credit and Mortgage Attorneys

  • DiTocco Law Group, PLLC

    Coral Gables, FL - Law Firm near Richmond West

    South Florida Bankruptcy Lawyers

    Phone (954) 566-9000

    DiTocco Law Group, PLLC offers debt relief assistance to clients in South Florida. The firm was created by founding attorney Tony DiTocco in hopes of offering a unique experience to individuals and families undergoing the Chapter 7 process. To accomplish this goal, we have assembled a team of...

  • Harrington Law Associates, PLLC

    Doral, FL - Law Firm near Richmond West

    Int'l Business, Real Estate, Immigration & Bankruptcy Law Firm

    Phone (561) 253-6690

    Harrington Law Associates, PLLC ("HLA") is a firm in Florida's Tri-County practicing business law (including bankruptcy), real estate law, immigration and personal injury. The firm is multilingual and international business law is its niche. ; If you are a homeowner dealing with mortgage...


  • Marlyn J. Wiener, P.A.

    Coral Gables, FL - Law Firm near Richmond West

    South Florida Real Estate & Business Law Firm

    Phone (305) 777-0482

    The law office of Marlyn J. Wiener, P.A. provides full business formation, business transaction, business finance and real estate legal services to South Florida. We are a small, focused firm uniquely qualified to solve your full commercial, lending, development, and real property legal challenges...


  • Matthew E. Mazur, Jr., Esq.

    Coral Gables, FL - Law Firm near Richmond West

    Coral Gables Bankruptcy Attorney

    Phone (305) 779-4805

    Many of my clients come to me only after putting themselves through a lot of unnecessary personal turmoil about seeking the protection of the Bankruptcy Court to relieve them from the bondage of debt. So not only are they suffering financially, usually due to circumstances outside of their control,...

  • The Besu Law Firm

    Coral Gables, FL - Law Firm near Richmond West

    Business Law, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Litigation

    Phone (305) 854-6363
  • The Roca Law Firm

    Doral, FL - Law Firm near Richmond West

    Mediation, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Litigation, Commercial Litigation Law Firm in Miami, Florida

    Phone 305-500-5559

    Dedicated to helping clients create strategies that ensure success. The Roca Law Firm represents individuals, corporations, professional organizations and other institutions throughout the Florida and across the world. With offices in Miami, Florida, we are fully competent in all areas of...

  • Tramont Guerra Nunez, P.A.

    Coral Gables, FL - Law Firm near Richmond West

    Stock Market Loss and Commercial Litigation Attorneys

    Phone (888) 834-2171

    The attorneys at Tramont Guerra & Nuņez are problem solvers, facilitators and advocates capable of combining balanced measures of tenacity and finesse for the successful resolution of their clients' legal problems. Our approach is based on a simple, traditional and pragmatic truth: the client...