Criminal Defense Law

Criminal defense law consists of the legal protections afforded to people who have been accused of committing a crime. Law enforcement agencies and government prosecutors have extensive resources at their disposal. Without adequate protections for the accused, the balance of power within the justice system would become skewed in favor of the government. As it is, fair treatment for criminal defendants often depends as much upon the skill of their defense attorney as it does the substantive protections contained in the law.

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Criminal Defense Lawyers and Law Firms in Istanbul, Turkey

Criminal Defense Lawyers

ADMD Law Office

ADMD Law Office

Istanbul, Turkey
Corporate, Tax Controversy and Litigation Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey
Phone+90 (212) 269-5661

The ADMD Law Office serves businesses, corporations, investors, and individuals of all shapes and sizes with an internationally-recognized team of seasoned lawyers, each an expert in both the legal minutiae of tax and corporate law and litigation as well as the complexity of corporate...

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Akkas & Associates

Akkas & Associates

Istanbul, Turkey
Turkish Law Firm, Istanbul Hukuk Bürosu
Phone+90 (212) 275 47 96

Akkas and Associates Law Firm in Turkey helps clients who are doing business in that country. The firm is dedicated to customer service and cost-effective legal advice. The practice handles commercial transactions for Fortune 500 companies around the world that is doing business...

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Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP

Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP

Istanbul, Turkey
Full Service International Law Firm
Phone+90 212 266 9977

Curtis established the Istanbul office in 2007 to provide legal counsel to clients operating in the Middle East, South Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Situated on the main thoroughfare of Istanbul's midtown business district, the office coordinates closely with Curtis teams in Almaty,...

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  • Akcan Hukuk Burosu

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (216) 3504646

    Akcan Hukuk Burosu was founded in 1974, is a period of more than thirty years, real and legal persons of private law offer legal advice to the professional level. Our law firm, the law in almost every area of specialization own attorney staff with the help of, believes that the professional...

  • Ali Yuksel & Hilmi Ozalp Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Intellectual Property, Debt Collection , Corporate , and Tax Law Firm

    Phone +90 212 2666565

    Ali Yüksel & Hilmi Özalp is a reputable full service law firm which provides the best legal services to its clients. Our firm's main practice areas are patent law, debt collection , corporate law , trademark law and tax law. Our lawyers have distinguishable international experience in all kind...

  • Atamer Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Criminal Defense and Divorce Lawyers in Istanbul

    Phone +90 212 296 78 93

    Atamer Law Firm specializes in criminal law and family law and provides legal consultation, representation and legal services in Istanbul and all around Turkey. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our practice.

  • Avukat Kenan Uysal Hukuk Ofisi

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm In Istanbul

    Phone +90 21 22245700

    Our Law Firm is located in Istanbul Şişlid provide national and international legal services and legal advice to the client. Young, dynamic and experienced team, our office; not only through litigation, apart from disputes to reach the solution by trying alternative methods, such...

  • Avukat Ruya Beril

    Istanbul, Turkey

    International Family Law Attorneys

    Phone 90 212 236 33 63

    Att. Ruya Beril Çetintaş and colleagues work for foreigners who needs residency and working permit in Turkey or other countries.

  • Elmadag Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Turkey Commercial, Banking, Finance, Intellectual Property, Criminal and Real Estate Law Firm

    Phone +90 212 465-8865

    Elmadağ Law Firm ("Elmadağ") is a leading international and domestic legal full-service practice that offers full-time law service to its clients. Elmadağ has first begun to operate in 1995, in Sultanahmet, Istanbul. Subsequently, from 2003 to 2008 the firm has continued...

  • Guneli & Koc Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Intellectual Property and Commercial Consultancy Firm

    Phone +90 (212) 327 92 24

    Guneli & Koc is an exclusive law firm located in Istanbul, Turkey specializing in IP and ICT matters such as corporate & commercial counseling and litigation, business setup including start-up consultancy, contract management, cyber law, cyber security, digital evidencing particularly...

  • Gungor & Demirkaya Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 212 2425079

    Gungor and Demirkaya Law Firm (G&D) is a boutique legal firm specializing in several key areas of law and legal advisory practice for us to enhance the level of expertise and specialist advice in the legal fields of real estate related matters. And we know what's considered appropriate behavior...


  • Kabaali Law Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Business Law for Midsized and Large Companies

    Phone +90 212 266 6256
  • Karakaya Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Criminal, Human Rights, Media, Communication and Intellectual Property Law Firm in Turkey

    Phone 90 212 2747141

    Karakaya Law Office provides full service of attorneyship and consultancy in all aspects of private and public law fields especially in Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, Media and Communication Law, Economic Criminal Law, Intellectual Property Law fields, to juristic and private persons and law...

  • Kaya & Partner, Lawyers and Consultants

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Insurance, Personal Injury, Transport Law, Aviation, Travel, Real Estate, Business, & FDI Contract

    Phone +90 212 2388307

    As an Istanbul based Turkish law firm we provide comprehensive and efficient legal advice for domestic and international companies and individuals seeking legal advice on Turkish law. We also assist and advise Turkish citizens and firms that are seeking legal advice in foreign countries and Turkey....

  • Kocali Law Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Intellectual Property, Business, International Trade & Patents Law Firm in Turkey

    Phone +90 212 2195055

    Kocali Law Office was established by Lawyer Mr. M. Kaan Kocali in 1997. Kocali Law Office currently maintains its activities in the centre of Ankara at Kavaklidere and continues to serve domestic and foreign clients with its experienced staff in their respective fields.; Kocali Law Office serves in...


  • Koksal & Partners Law Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Technology, Media and Intellectual Property Law Firm in Turkey

    Phone +90 216 700 1833

    Koksal&Partners Law Office was founded by Mehmet Ali Koksal in Ankara in 2005. Beside Mr. Mehmet Ali Koksal, Mr. Gurkan Ozocak, Ms. Simin Yalçıntaş and Mr. Çağlar Ersoy are working as attorneys; Ms. Seçil Özdikmenli is working as Ankara attorney and Burcu Burtul,...

  • Kuran Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Advocacy Bureau in Turkey

    Phone 90 (216) 7001304

    Kuran Law Firm is an independent Turkish law firm. Our law firm provides legal services for civil and criminal disputes with professional attention and care. We work with devotion to provide our clients the most effective solutions.; Within the scope of legal consulting, we also provide...

  • Mutlu, Halacoglu, Yalcin, Ayaz Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Finance, Banking, Consultancy, Arbitration, International Law

    Phone +90 (212) 356 42 42
  • SB Attorneys at Law

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Securities, Corporate Finance, Business and Trade Finance Law

    Phone +902 12 258 0100 / 231 8031

    SB Attorneys at Law is a genuinely independent law firm and has been established by Mr. Sanli BAS who had a strong capital markets experience at the sole regulatory body CMB(SPK) for more than ten years . Having considerable experience in the aforesaid fields of law, located at the finance and...


  • Sevgi Law Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full-Service Law & Consulting Office in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 212 2883767

    Sevgi Law & Consulting Office is founded by Mr. Emrah Sevgi in Istanbul / Turkey.

  • Tan Avukatlik Burosu

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 212 2554599
  • Turkish Legal Centre

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Local and International Expertise in a Wide Range of Law

    Phone +90 2 12 250 1268
  • YUKA Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Office Providing Legal Services Based in Istanbul and Denizli

    Phone +90 212 219 30 82

    YUKA is a full-service boutique law office with general practice Turkish Law Office providing legal services to its local, national and international corporate and individual clients.; YUKA provides a wide range of Turkish legal services to businesses and individuals throughout the world via its...

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