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Criminal defense law consists of the legal protections afforded to people who have been accused of committing a crime. Law enforcement agencies and government prosecutors have extensive resources at their disposal. Without adequate protections for the accused, the balance of power within the justice system would become skewed in favor of the government. As it is, fair treatment for criminal defendants often depends as much upon the skill of their defense attorney as it does the substantive protections contained in the law.

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Criminal Defense Lawyers

Lawler Brown Law Firm

Lawler Brown Law Firm

Marion, IL - Law Firm near Carterville
Marion, Illinois Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Law Firm
Phone(618) 993-2222

Lawler Brown Law Firm is located in Marion, Illinois. The attorneys specialize in personal injury cases and criminal defense. They offer a professional yet personable approach for your individual needs and goals. You will receive personalized attention, quality service, and skillful...

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  • Law Office of Daniel A. Orloski

    Carbondale, IL - Law Firm near Carterville

    Serving the Citizens of Southern Illinois

    Phone (618) 521-4328

    In order to help the citizens and area businesses of Southern Illinois, my practice offers a broad range of legal services, with a focus in appellate proceedings, education law, government regulatory actions, criminal defense, personal injury and commercial real estate.; I strive to provide the...

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