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Dinova Rusev & Partners

Dinova Rusev & Partners

Sofia, Bulgaria www.drp-legal.com
Full Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone+359 (2) 943-4350

Dinova Rusev & Partners is a full service law firm, based in Sofia and serving clients across Bulgaria in the areas of banking and finance. We represent banks, corporations, lending institutions, investment funds, and private and institutional borrowers. Our firm is proud to...

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Delchev & Partners

Delchev & Partners

Sofia, Bulgaria delchev-lawfirm.com
Full-Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone+359 (2) 933-0979

Delchev & Partners is a Sofia-based independent Bulgarian law firm founded in November 2001. Delchev & Partners offers a full range of commercial law services with a specific focus upon corporate/commercial law, mergers & acquisitions, real estate, taxation. This intense...

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Sofia, Bulgaria www.ssrbj.com
Company & Business ( ITC, Online Betting & Gaming), Property, Divorce Law Firm

SSRBJ Law, SSRBJ Law (Bulgaria), SSRBJ Law (Italy), SSRBJ Law (Hong Kong) and SSRBJ Law (Libya) are 5 independent full service Law Firms offering services in their respective jurisdictions. All 5 Law Firms collaborate between them and hence are in a position to offer a more broad...

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Borissov & Partners

Borissov & Partners

Sofia, Bulgaria www.borissov-law.com
Business & Corporate Lawyers in Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone+359 (2) 8117751

Borissov & Partners is a business and corporate law firm located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The firm was established to meet the unique needs of a country in transition to democracy and market economy. The firm follows the best practice principles and abides by professional ethics of...

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Martinez-Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers

Martinez-Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers

Sofia, Bulgaria
Full Service Law Firm in Spain
Phone+359 2 4019510

Martinez - Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers is, since its establishment, in 1983, an office whose bet for quality and professional excellence have made up the pillars on where the company is known in all the locations where it has seats - national and international - because...

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  • Apostolova & Slavov Law Partnership

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Business Law and Real Estate Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (888) 461-323

    Apostolova & Slavov Law Partnership is entered under registration no. 23 as of the Register of Sofia Bar Association. Our firm develops law practice in almost all fields of Private Law with accent on Commercial and Real Estate Law.

  • Dimitrov Ivanov & Partners, Attorneys at law

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Business Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (88) 768-6889

    Dimitrov Ivanov & Partners (DIP) is a law firm which strives to be one of the leading legal practices in Bulgaria. We provide legal assistance only in areas in which we have appropriate qualification and experience, including corporate law, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), real estate &...

  • Dyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Business, Infrastructure and Construction Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 986-7907

    Dyulgerova & Penkova has served Bulgaria's businesses and entrepreneurs with the combined legal expertise of two seasoned law firms, each with decades of experience and the detailed knowledge of business and corporate law to help builders and investors succeed in the country's growing...

  • Elevat Ltd. Legal House

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Business Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (02) 4832408

    Elevat Ltd. Legal House is a professional legal and financial consulting company based in Sofia, Bulgaria with more than 16 years of practice in the sphere of international law, corporate law, real estate, civil, administrative, financial and maritime law.

  • Foutekova, Hristova & Tomeshkova

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Sofia, Bulgaria Corporate Lawyers

    Phone +359 (2) 9370170

    Foutekova, Hristova & Tomeshkova quickly built a solid reputation as one of the country's leading law firms, thanks to its highly competent lawyers, specialized in providing legal services to corporate entities.

  • Georgi Popov & Co.

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 9542571

    At Georgi Popov & Co., we are able to serve our clients in a variety of targeted practices throughout the Balkans, the nation, and abroad. We have attorneys who are professionals in their fields and are highly sought out for their knowledge and experience to develop creative legal solutions to...

  • Gugushev & Partners

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    International Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 815-7510

    Gugushev & Partners is a rapidly growing law firm that successfully takes a position between the leaders on the Bulgarian legal market by providing high quality legal services to Bulgarian and international corporations, financial institutions and the Bulgarian government.

  • Hari Vladimirov & Elmira Ismail

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Penalty, Family and Torts Lawyers in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 963 26 26

    Hari Vladimirov & Elmira Ismail has extensive experience in penalty law, torts, labor law commercial law, administrative law and family law throughout Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Harizanov Law Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Corporate and Commercial Law Office in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (887) 397106

    Harizanov Law Office offers full package of legal services regarding registration of all types of companies, settled by the Bulgarian legislation – limited liability companies, joint stock companies, sole traders, etc. We can help you choose the proper company, register your enterprise branch and...

  • Kalaidjiev & Georgiev

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 980-4021

    Kalaidjiev & Georgiev was incorporated in 1995 (formerly Eastlaw). Since mid-2006 it has been reorganized as Kalaidjiev, Georgiev & Minchev Law Firm in compliance with the new Bulgarian Advocacy Act. Our firm provides consulting services on legal matters as well as complex legal advising...

  • Kaloyanov, Gergiovski, Petkova & Co

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 981-1166

    Kaloyanov, Gergiovski, Petkova & Co, established in July 2007 in accordance with Bar Act, is known as an assignee of the Civil Partnership “Kaloyanov, Gergiovski, Petkova & Co”, founded in 2002. Our firm could offer to your disposal a team of lawyers with experience in different areas of...

  • Kostadinov and Dimitrov Law Firm

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 860-3221

    Kostadinov and Dimitrov is a law firm that offers its clients support in business negotiations, litigation proceedings, prepares contracts, legal opinions, statements, business plans and other documents. The law firm recruits experienced internationally educated lawyers with a proven track record...

  • Law office Dr. Cornelia Draganova

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Corporate, Real Estate, Commercial Law and Litigation in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 876 92-6006

    The law firm of Dr. Cornelia Draganova renders legal services in core legal areas to corporations and private individuals in Bulgarian, German, English and Romanian languages on an international level and at a high professional standard. ; In the process of advisory we aim to provide our best and...

  • Milka Yordanova, Attorney at Law

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Family Lawyer in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (879) 850-950

    Attorney Milka Yordanova has been in law practice for almost 30 years being focused exclusively on family law. For 15 years until 2010, she was a Judge of the Family Division of Sofia Regional Court. Previously, she worked as an Attorney at the Sofia Bar Association, General Counsel and Legal...

  • Mussala Consult Ltd.

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Business and Property Lawyers in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 8395262

    Mussala Consult Ltd. provides complex legal and accountancy services and support to Bulgarian and foreign enterprises in the Bulgarian market and investors in real estate property in Bulgaria. We assist private and public legal entities in Bulgaria to develop and implement projects under the EU...

  • New Balkans Law Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full Service International Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 4031900

    New Balkans Law Office is a Bulgarian law firm offering high quality assistance at mid-market price levels.

  • Sheytanova & Co Law Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Bulgaria Business & Private Law Practice

    Phone +329 885 089 800

    The Law office is founded by Malena V. Sheytanova, an Attorney at Law at the Sofia Bar Association. It offers legal advisory services and representation of local and international businesses and private individuals. Practice areas include Trade and Corporate law, Energy law and RES, IT law, and...

  • Tocheva & Mandazhieva

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Finance and Real Estate Law Firm in Burgas, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 9883646

    Tocheva & Mandazhieva is one of the first companies established and registered in accordance with the new requirements for joint law practice set in the operating Bar Act. The company is established to recreate the spirit of the lawyers’ profession as it happens nowadays – more and more...

  • Tzvetkova & Partners

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Corporate, Real Estate and Intellectual Property Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 9814050

    Tzvetkova & Partners is a diversified law firm with an emphasis on banking & finance, corporate, real estate, intellectual property, litigation and arbitration, bankruptcy, international trade and regulatory matters. The firm is nationally recognized for providing high-quality services and...

  • Yordanova, Rizova & Partners Law Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Tax and Legal Services in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 2 9508360

    Yordanova, Rizova & Partners was founded in 2004 as a partnership. The firm was established by its two name partners - Svetlana Yordanova and Milena Rizova shortly after they left their management positions at Deloitte Bulgaria to start an independent private practice. Since its establishment,...

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