Extradition refers to the transfer of an accused criminal from one country to another. In the best of circumstances, extradition reflects a fundamental agreement between civilized nations that sufficiently serious crimes must not go unpunished. However, extradition is often used for political purposes, not just legal ones.

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Dudkowiak & Kopec Law Firm

Dudkowiak & Kopec Law Firm

Helsinki, Finland www.dudkowiak.com
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DK - MK (Dudkowiak and Kopec - MK) Law Firm in Helsinki, Finland helps clients retrieve debts or deal with real estate in the country. For more than 20 years, the firm has served clients who have debtors in Finland or who own property. The firm also can help businesses know the Finnish...

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  • Law Firm Lakituki

    Helsinki, Finland

    Finnish Law and Regulation for People and Firms

    Phone +358 (0)9 4289-2934

    Lakituki Ltd is a Helsinki based Finnish boutique law firm providing high-quality and cost-efficient services both to company and private customers. We are a dynamic and trustworthy partner in most fields of corporate law. We possess a vast experience of various assignments relating to assisting of...

  • Tavio Law Oy

    Turku, Finland

    Full-Service Law Firm in Turku

    Phone 0408457270

    Situated in centrum of Turku, we provide all legal services in English.

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